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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject Re: ace-target-devgateway up and running!
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2010 07:21:25 GMT
Hi Marcel,

after a missing dependency issue (I added a maven repo to avoid this), I 
made the same as you mention and it works fine.


Marcel Offermans wrote:
> After all the work that has already been done on the Mavenization, I took some time to
get the ace-target-devgateway up and running. In the end, two minor fixes to the Bnd files
were all it took.
> I'm running this target against the dev-server-webui as created by the Ant build.
> To do this yourself, in a shell (with a full checkout of the sources):
> ant release (which basically runs the full ant build with all testing and packaging)
> cd deploy/target/dev-server-webui
> sh (now the server should be up and running, browse to http://localhost:8080/webui/
to validate)
> In a second shell (from the base checkout dir) as also explained at
> mvn clean install
> mvn clean install -Ptargets
> cd ace-target-devgateway/target/ace-target-devgateway-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT-distribution/ace-gateway/
> sh
> Now in the web UI you should see the gateway showing up in the last column.
> I would appreciate it if anybody could confirm they get this far. Next up will be a bigger
task, getting all server side bundles working.
> Greetings, Marcel

Jean-Baptiste Onofré (Nanthrax)
BuildProcess/AutoDeploy Project Leader
PGP : 17D4F086

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