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From Toni Menzel <>
Subject Re: ACE-62 analysis
Date Fri, 01 Jan 2010 14:36:06 GMT

On 01.01.2010, at 15:11, Marcel Offermans wrote:

> Hey Toni
> On Jan 1, 2010, at 13:09 , Toni Menzel wrote:
>> Happy New Year everyone !!
> Happy New Year!
>> As suggested by marcel, some kind of reporting would be nice for our ANT to MAVEN
convert task to ensure bundles are "about the same".
>> Have a look at [1]
>> I am still adding new data to be compared, but it should already give a hint of whats
still to do for ACE-62.
> That looks interesting. Am I correct in interpreting that it currently:
> - compares files
> - compares manifest entries
> and reports any differences it finds?
Kind of, yes. The tooling around is a bit more "general" (inspired during playing around with
MapReduce principles). But yes, in this case yes, there are two "Reporters":
On cares about the classcontent, the other about osgi manifest headers.

> "No objections found." means the files in both archives are identical?
Yes, the "reporters" have not reported a single objection. (in their limited view of things)

> One suggestion: would it be possible to also report what it found in both archives? So
a list of files and manifest entries. I feel that that would make it easier to see the whole
picture and placing the differences into context.
Now it does:
> Greetings, Marcel

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