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From Premek Brada <>
Subject Re: Archiva interest in ACE (or: cross-pollinate opportunity for maven repo OBR)?
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 08:07:38 GMT
Hello all,

On 4.11.2010 22:18, Marcel Offermans wrote:
> Hello Steve,
> On 4 Nov 2010, at 17:08 , Steven Siebert wrote:
>> In previous discussions with Brett Porter (CC'ed) he I and I discussed
>> working together on exposing the archiva jackrabbit-based maven repo through
>> an OBR interface.  In what we discussed this afternoon, I think there could
>> be an opportunity to cross-pollinate across the projects, just based on the
>> commonality (without looking at the code yet).  I just spoke again to Brett,
>> and before I forget, I figured I would send an email out on the subject. =)
> That definitely sounds interesting. The "OBR" that is included in ACE consists of a couple
of bundles. By default we include these as part of the ACE server. They can also be deployed
in a stand-alone OSGi framework. Option number three is not using them at all but instead
hooking up to an external repository that exposes the same OBR metadata.
> ACE actually contains code that scans a directory and (re)generates OBR metadata based
on its contents. Maybe that code could be used to do the same for the archiva jackrabbit-based
maven repository?

Coincidentally, I had a discussion yesterday with a student of mine who 
is working on a diploma project using ACE OBR, which for our purposes 
would need the indexer core (that re-generates OBR metadata) to be 
extended.  We thus thought of factoring the indexer code out into a 
separate bundle/service.

Would such a refactoring help to use OBR interface with the archiva 
repo?  If yes, we could offer some help.


Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
   Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
   University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ
   <<  brada at | | +420-377-63-2435>>

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