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Subject Re: Maven build problem
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 05:14:12 GMT
Hi Geert,

Yeah, we know for the felix depencymanager. I've updated ace-pom to use apache pom 8 (which
provides the snapshot repo) but the dependencymanager snapshot is not available. We 've discussed
with Marcel to upload one.

For the maven poms, which ones are you talking about ? I made a big cleanup commit last week,
maybe I forgot some ;)

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From: "Geert Schuring" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 23:06:24 
To: <>
Subject: Maven build problem

Hey folks,

I run into a build problem building the trunk without using any profile. 
Dependency manager 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT cannot be found in any repo. Is this a 
known issue? Should I build depman locally first, or is there a problem with 
the apache snapshot repo?

Also, I've noticed some inconsistencies in the maven pom files so I get the 
impression the transition to maven is not fully done yet. I've got several 
years of experience with maven builds so if I can help out in that area let 
me know.

(Some context: I'm a servicemix developer and would like to use Ace to 
provision a Servicemix 4 Cloud.)


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From: Premek Brada
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: updating bundle-target mapping

Hi Angelo,

thanks for replying, I serve only as a proxy to the developer :( so I
have forwarded your suggestions to him and will wait for a response.


On 3.2.2011 21:39, Angelo van der Sijpt wrote:
> Hi Premek,
> Hm, it should be enough programmatically create the links, let the 
> StatefulGatewayRepository generate the new deployment version (you could, 
> for instance, start logging events to see whether that actually happens), 
> and commit the RepositoryAdmin.
> You are using the API's provided for this, e.g. the GatewayRepository and 
> friends? Besides, did you remember to either approve the gateway, or to 
> turn on its AutoApprove property?
> Angelo
> On Feb 2, 2011, at 3:35 PM, Premek Brada wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> while working on an IDE for Apache ACE (see 
>>, we ran into an 
>> interesting issue: We are able to build a bundle from its Eclipse PDE 
>> project, and store the resulting new bundle version into ACE repository 
>> (server started off Eclipse). Then we successfully update the 
>> bundle-feature-distibution mapping and distribution-target mapping by 
>> manipulating the corresponding xml config files, but are unable to find a 
>> way to programmatically update the bundle-target mapping config which is 
>> (strangely?) also needed. The new version of the bundle therefore cannot 
>> be automatically pushed to a configured target.
>> (In other words, we are able to modify these ...
>> http://localhost:8080/repository/checkout?customer=apache&name=shop&version=XX
>> http://localhost:8080/repository/checkout?customer=apache&name=gateway&version=XX
>> ... but don't know how to modify this
>> http://localhost:8080/repository/checkout?customer=apache&name=deployment&version=XX
>> )
>> Currently therefore we resorted to a "solution" to bring up a popup 
>> window in Eclipse, instructing the user to run the Web UI and click 
>> "retrieve" and "store" so as to update the bundle-target mapping.
>> Surely there must be a better way :) or at least so we think (a "hidden" 
>> API or at least a well-defined URL on the repo/server). Could someone 
>> enlighten us please?
>> Thanks,
>> Premek
>> PS: If you think an ACE IDE could be helpful to you, please feel free to 
>> try it; we need feedback and ideas for its further evolution.
>> -- 
>> Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
>>   Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
>>   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
>>   University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ
>>   <<   brada at | | +420-377-63-2435>>

Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
   Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
   University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ
   <<  brada at | | +420-377-63-2435>>

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