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From Bulu <>
Subject Remote target configuration with ACE
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2014 07:39:50 GMT
Dear ACE users

I have a test setup running with a target and (allinone-)server. I'm 
using the server GUI to interact with the target.
I have the following questions regarding ACE. :
- when the agent gets installed on a framework which already has running 
bundles, is it possible to retrieve the information, which bundles are 
installed and update them using ACE? Can I also uninstall bundles which 
have not been provisioned through ACE?
- how can I assign a bundle start level to a bundle deployed by ACE?
- how can I choose the initial frameworklevel to which the framework 
should start (on next startup)?
- for specific bundles which are provisioned by ACE, is it possible to 
define ConfigAdmin properties and update them later? How should I do this?
- with respect to the above - except for the server URL which obviously 
is needed on startup, can I configure the agent remotely using the 
ConfigAdmin method above (ie. set the identifier, the update interval 
etc.) after it was installed?

Thanks in advance

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