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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject Re: Some clarifications about ACE template config engine
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 13:32:48 GMT
Hi Robert,

> On 21 Mar 2015, at 05:25, Robert M. Mather <> wrote:
> Using the template engine
> <>,
> would a metatype.xml inside a bundle (ie in the OSGI-INF/metatype
> directory, per the spec) be processed and the variables substituted, or
> does the metatype need to be deployed as a separate artifact.

By default, the ACE templating system only works on metatype resources deployed
as separate files. The idea behind this is that you generally want to have a
“standard” set of bundles which can be configured individually per target.

> Just for my understanding, where does the interpolation actually take
> place? I've been assuming it's a process at the client/target…

The processing is done at the server side right before the deployment package
is transferred to the client. This way, each client can get its own “unique”
deployment set including the proper configuration files.

> If the same "tag" key gets set at multiple stages (ie artifact, feature,
> dist, and/or target), is the a "last one wins" rule or something when the
> interpolation takes place?

IIRC, the last ones wins indeed, but I’d need to test that out myself...

> And finally, is this example metatype.xml the right idea for adding the
> ${context.blah} variables (in the content field)?
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><metatype:MetaData
> xmlns:metatype="">
>    <OCD id="ocd" name="ocd">
>        <AD id="server" type="String" />
>    </OCD>
>    <Designate pid="org.amdatu.conf" bundle="org.amdatu.sample.bundle">
>        <Object ocdref="ocd">
>            <Attribute adref="server" name="serverurl"
> content="${context.serverUrl}" />
>        </Object>
>    </Designate></metatype:MetaData>

Almost: the bundle-attribute needs to be prefixed with “osgi-dp:” to make
it clear that the configuration PID (org.amdatu.conf) is for a bundle
that is part of a deployment package. The AutoConf resource processor used
by ACE does not allow configurations to be provisioned to bundles that are
*not* part of a deployment package.
Apart from that the example metatype is correct, including the template

> I'm using declarative services with bnd(tools), which is generating
> metatype from my @OCD annotated interfaces, so I'm trying to find the
> best/most automated way to prepare those for Apache ACE with template
> variables.
> Any thoughts on the right way to do that would be much appreciated, I'm
> hoping I'm not the first person to want to do something like this!

Its been a while since I played with the metatype support of Bnd, but
I believe it will embed the metatype resource files inside the bundles,
which (as I written above) are not considered by the ACE template
processor. If you want to keep using Bnd for generating metatype
resources (which I can understand, given its great support) you could
separate the actual configuration (read: Designate) from its definition
(read: OCD): the metatype spec does allow that. This would mean that you
provide the designates in separate files (which the ACE template
processor can act upon) while the OCDs are created from your Bnd build.

Hope this helps,

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