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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject Re: ACE server was unavailable, application was impacted strangely
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2015 10:58:43 GMT
Hi Robert,

> On 29 Jun 2015, at 11:49, Robert M. Mather <> wrote:
> Our hosting service where the ACE server runs was down for maintenance, so
> our clients couldn't contact the ACE server for an extended period of time.
> I've logged in to a few client sites (we have around 100) and I'm seeing
> that the agents eventually blacklisted the server IP and stopped checking
> there for updates, even though that's the only one we have. Once the server
> came back online, they still didn't resume sychronizing with it. Is this
> the correct behavior? Shouldn't the agent detect when the server is back
> online and connect to it again?
> I now see the "agent.discovery.checking" option, which I guess we should
> set to false in the future.

IMO, this is a bug: it makes no sense to blacklist a server when there is only
one the agent can talk to. Could you raise an issue for this on JIRA?

(The idea of blacklisting is to create a crude form of failover: suppose you’ve
multiple ACE servers up and running, a client could try each one of them in
case on of them is not accessible.)

> The troubling part is that we have a DS component running in our client
> application that pings the server periodically, but the clients all stopped
> pinging after the server outage. In every log I checked, the pings stopped
> immediately after the ACE agent blacklisted the server IP. The ping is just
> a task running under the standard Java ScheduledExecutorService that POSTs
> to our server every few minutes using the Apache HttpClient. Is it possible
> that the ACE agent could interfere with that somehow? The service running
> the ping task doesn't log that it got stopped or failed in any way. Other
> services on the client are working normally.

How does your job obtain the server IP? Through the DiscoveryHandler of the
agent itself? If so, than this might be the culprit as it no longer returns
the IP of the server since it is blacklisted, and there are no alternative
server IPs to return...


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