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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject Re: What is the ordering of the resources in the deployment package manifest?
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2017 12:03:02 GMT
Hi Guillaume,

> On 24 Jul 2017, at 17:33, Guillaume Durand <> wrote:
> The order in which bundles and resources are processed by the
> DeploymentAdmin is important, e.g. a resource depending on another should
> be deployed after it.
> This may be well managed for osgi bundles and configuration, but when
> working with arbitrary resources, this order must be set somewhere.
> For instance, if I want to deploy wars on a servlet container, I want to
> deploy the associated configurations (possibly templated) before the wars.
> How is determined the order in which the resources are listed in the
> deployment package manifest? And how to change it?

The deployment admin spec is written specifically for a situation in which
an OSGi environment is to be provisioned, as such it makes a clear distinction
between bundle and non-bundle resources. Ordering between non-bundle resources
is considered as they are always processed *before* the bundles are started.
The idea behind this is that bundles are either the consumer of non-bundle
resources, or that the non-bundle resources are self-contained.

Now, ACE uses the deployment admin as primary means for installation of
deployment packages on a target. As such, ordering in non-bundle resources is
not guaranteed, nor changeable at the moment. It is an interesting idea, and
would make ACE be usable in a much generic context than it currently would be.

I’ve created <> for that, and
implemented a first approach already on the trunk of ACE. So, you can give it
a go if you want.

Basically, you can register your own ArtifactDataHelper service that will be
called right before the deployment package is created. It allows you to tweak
the order in which the artifacts are to be included in the deployment package.

Hope this helps,

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