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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject Re: Use j2ee servers as target
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2017 09:26:32 GMT
Hi Guillaume,

> On 24 Jul 2017, at 10:41, Guillaume Durand <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to manage a group of j2ee servers (tomcat) as targets.
> Each of these servers hosts a home-made framework that allows to manage the
> web apps available to a user, etc.
> A typical artifact would be a tar.gz containing a war and a config file.
> The war would be copied to the webapps directory and the config file to a
> config directory, and a call would be made to my framework to register the
> webapp.
> I would like to embed the management agent into my framework, without all
> the OSGi machinery.
> By looking at the code, I see that the customization of the deployment
> could be done by implementing my own DeploymentHandler or my own
> DeploymentAdmin. The latter seems to be the better way because it re-uses
> Ace's code the most.

It is certainly possible to use an alternative agent in combination with ACE.

For ApacheCon 2016NA, I’ve created a simple Go-based target/agent that allows
you to deploy Docker images (see [1]). There’s the agent itself you need to
write, but also a “repository/artifact helper” that would be able to detect
the WAR and configuration file in order to extract metadata from it and show
it along with any other artifacts in the client. There’s an example on that
as well in my bitbucket repo.

There’s some plumbing you need to recreate if you go for a different language,
but other than that, the logic for the agent itself is simple. Given that you
want to use Tomcat, you probably can reuse most of Ace’s logic already.

> What would you advise? Is there another way to customize the deployment?
> Can the agent be embedded in such a way? Is this a use case that is
> intended to be supported or does it look like a hack that may break if a
> new Ace version is released?

It is certainly possible, as you can see from my sample project. The APIs for
ACE are pretty stable and I do not see them changing soon, so you won’t be
rewriting stuff once a new version of ACE is released.

That said, I’m pretty interested in your resulting agent code. It is not the
first time that we had this kind of question, so maybe we can leverage your
code to be part of a more generic agent framework or something. Would you be
interested in assisting in that?

Hope this helps, if not, do not hesitate to ask!


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