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Subject svn commit: r471940 - /incubator/activemq/activemq-cpp/trunk/activemq-cpp/readme.txt
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 00:16:05 GMT
Author: tabish
Date: Mon Nov  6 16:16:04 2006
New Revision: 471940

Cleanup CMS Files for planned release.


Modified: incubator/activemq/activemq-cpp/trunk/activemq-cpp/readme.txt
--- incubator/activemq/activemq-cpp/trunk/activemq-cpp/readme.txt (original)
+++ incubator/activemq/activemq-cpp/trunk/activemq-cpp/readme.txt Mon Nov  6 16:16:04 2006
@@ -90,10 +90,8 @@
 Notes for Windows users
-The builds support using the GNU compiler on Windows, we used the MinGW
-package.  There is an issues still outstanding with this in that the sockets
-break for no reason when built this way.  We therefore suggest that you
-stick with using the MSVC compiler when on windows.
+The builds support using the GNU compiler on Windows, we used the Cygwin
+package.  However we also support using the MSVC compiler on Windows.
 There are a couple or things that you will need to setup to ensure that the
 MSVC compile succeeds.
@@ -112,53 +110,3 @@
   Platform SDK libs.
   i.e. LIB = D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\lib;D:\Program Files\Microsoft
Platform SDK\Lib
-Maven Builds
-The pacakge currently supports building the library only using maven.
-The Mojo Native plugin (from the MOJO maven plugins site) is required.
-On the windows platform is was necessay to download the source for this
-plugin and build it locally, this shouldn't be necessary on non-windows
-platforms, but if you have problems, try that first.
-You can get the latest source via subversion:
-svn co
-Once you have downloaded the source, install the plugin into your local
-repository via: mvn install
-Using Maven with activemq-cpp
-* type mvn package
-This will build the library using the default target for the platform 
-you are on, which is release, and the gnu compiler for unix platforms, or
-the MSVC compiler on windows platforms.
-Makefile Builds
-The Makefile provided requires some env variable to be set
-OSTYPE:  This is the OS you are on and is reflected in the names of the
-         makefiles.  Currently your choices are Linux or Windows, both use
-         the GNU compiler.  
-CONFIG:  This is the build Mode you want to execute, i.e. debug or release.
-MAKESUPPORT_HOME:  Path to the folder where the Makefiles are stored.
-There are three targets available in the Makefile, lib, test, and integration
-whose output is fairly obvious.
-Using the Makefile:
-* type make to build all targets: lib, tests and integration
-* type make < Target Name > to build only the target you need.
-* type make clean to remove all of the object, library, and executable files.

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