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Subject svn commit: r878196 - in /websites/production/activemq/content: cache/docs.pageCache cms/cms-api-overview.html
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:23:55 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Sep 12 18:23:54 2013
New Revision: 878196

Production update by buildbot for activemq


Modified: websites/production/activemq/content/cache/docs.pageCache
Binary files - no diff available.

Modified: websites/production/activemq/content/cms/cms-api-overview.html
--- websites/production/activemq/content/cms/cms-api-overview.html (original)
+++ websites/production/activemq/content/cms/cms-api-overview.html Thu Sep 12 18:23:54 2013
@@ -88,11 +88,6 @@
 <p>The first interface you will generally use in the CMS API is the ConnectionFactory.
 A ConnectionFactory allows you to create CMS Connection objects which maintain a connection
the some Messaging service, e.g. an ActiveMQ broker.</p>
 <p>The simplest way to obtain an instance of a CMS ConnectionFactory is to use the
static method <b>createCMSConnectionFactory</b> that all CMS Provider libraries
are required to implement.  The code snippet below demonstrates how to obtain a new ConnectionFactory:</p>
-<div class="panel" style="border-width: 1px;"><div class="panelHeader" style="border-bottom-width:
1px;"><b>Creating a Connection Factory</b></div><div class="panelContent">
-<p>std::auto_ptr&lt;cms::ConnectionFactory&gt; connectionFactory(<br clear="none">
-        cms::ConnectionFactory::createCMSConnectionFactory( "tcp://" ) );</p>
 <div class="code panel" style="border-width: 1px;"><div class="codeHeader panelHeader"
style="border-bottom-width: 1px;"><b>Creating a Connection Factory</b></div><div
class="codeContent panelContent">
 <script class="theme: Default; brush: java; gutter: false" type="syntaxhighlighter"><![CDATA[
 std::auto_ptr&lt;cms::ConnectionFactory&gt; connectionFactory(

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