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Subject [airavata] branch staging-temp created (now 3c783ac)
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2019 21:32:00 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

dimuthuupe pushed a change to branch staging-temp
in repository

      at 3c783ac  Overriding default allocation project number

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 97eb7fa  reorganizing svn
     new fbe4b54  applied patch contributed by Lahiru for AIRAVATA-18, tested the build and all is well
     new 8941392  applyied and verified patch from Lahiru to fix AIRAVATA-19
     new 8118f98  accepting contributions from Lahiru to fix AIRAVATA-20 and AIRAVATA-21
     new 87abdfb  applying patch for AIRAVATA-22 and AIRAVATA-24. thanks for the patch Lahiru.
     new 0ffd5d7  fixing the build. MessageBox -> messagebox
     new 0e5d498  Review and committing the patch conributed by Lahiru for AIRAVATA-27,AIRAVATA-28, AIRAVATA-29, AIRAVATA-30, AIRAVATA-31, AIRAVATA-32, AIRAVATA-33
     new 2039fda  adding mysql mesage box scripts. We need to retain support for mysql although derby will be used by defualt
     new ab91258  removing duplicated resources directory from messagebox/resources
     new 5cddbb7  copying the script to common location where users can keeps their scripts for messagebox db.
     new 45b7bf4  adding messagebroker mysql script to database_script directory.
     new c91ddf5  reviewed and committing Lahiru's contribution for AIRAVATA-34
     new 71aa338  minor fix - JDK6 compiler complained
     new c507033  reviewing and checking patch from Lahiru for AIRAVATA-37
     new 1e7d5ef fixing current known issues with Eclipse build
     new 63fd012 fixing current known issues with Eclipse build
     new 36b2ea4  Applying patch in Airavata-39. Thanks Lahiru for the contribution.
     new 67031fa  Added a parent pom for all the project to build/test all the projects. This also helps to import all the project using Eclipse M2 plugin. Right click on Project explorer > import > Existing Maven projects and select truck location.
     new d1310af  added parent pom location variable
     new 27b217d  removing all eclipse specific stuff to address discussion on AIRAVATA-38
     new e7bd1ac  This patch fixes issues AIRAVATA-42,AIRAVATA-43,AIRAVATA-47,AIRAVATA-46
     new f7b114a  fixing an error in sample
     new 5a5a967  applying for-each patch for Jira task AIRAVATA-13
     new 7c7ff0d  Changing the naming uniformly across the project to match the discusison of AIRAVATA-43
     new c01dcc6  removing old license and left over author tags
     new c652c62  finished cleaning up all legacy licenses
     new 05c6b9f  added support for Derby and removed mysql driver. Will add instruction to configure mysql
     new 672f2d3  added support for Derby and removed mysql driver. Will add instruction to configure mysql
     new 3dab8ad  removed duplicate files
     new d7f92d4  Fixed AIRAVATA-44 missing property file error.
     new 8ad1307  Deprecated support for mylead catalog to fix AIRAVATA-51
     new 8bef738  Deprecated support for mylead catalog to fix AIRAVATA-51
     new babf944  Updating the properties to use Apache Airavata to address AIRAVATA-45
     new a587902  changed the properties in pom and add setups to configure MySQL in README.txt
     new f85dfeb  Fixing issue
     new 702ac57  unifying ws-messenger client implementation, removing deprecated client and use new client in all the locations including samples and test.
     new 5c7e33c  creating the new structure for samples, next step is to add the samples in to default build system.
     new 1e6b1e3  reorganizing svn according to AIRAVATA-58
     new e0ae8d6  deleted a stale external property
     new afd863a  updating module paths
     new 0e458cc  Stop build tracking as part of messenger. Need to break tracking library into schemas and clients.
     new 278b9e7  workflow tracking schema
     new 2d98c10  deprectaing the old tracking library
     new 6f4cddb  gfac schemas changed to airavata namespace AIRAVATA-68
     new cbf336e  validating and applied contribution from Patanachai to address AIRAVATA-70
     new 2a3bc80  adding refactoring for workflow interpreter.
     new 3f3858d  fixed the duplicated created by earlier commit to fix AIRAVATA-70
     new 0c18b32  accepting test cases from Patanachai to resolve AIRAVATA-71
     new f533fd0  Deprecating the support for Karma client as discussed in AIRAVATA-60
     new b9c7941  moving tracking library to commons area as this will be used by all modules AIRAVATA-61
     new 946e50f  updated notification types schema to address AIRAVATA-61 and deprecated query tracking for calder as discussed in AIRAVATA-63
     new cecf6a7  chaning ws-messenger client and replace the consumption of ws-messenger client in xbaya to the new client notification funcationality. Minor fix for karma removal.
     new 06fa205  fixing build issues.
     new a243aa5  accepting patch from Patanachai to address AIRAVATA-71
     new d71b6b7  accepting patanachai contribution of JCR implementation to address AIRAVATA-73
     new 5d76fd3  missed some patches in AIRAVATA-73
     new 1c8ad94  correcting groupId of messagebox.
     new 5174960  applied patch for AIRAVATA-74 by Patnachai
     new 91f784f  applied patch for AIRAVATA-76 submitted by Patanachai
     new 9380481  adding gfac-axis2-artifact module and gfac-axis2 modification with a message Reciever
     new 80c4d53  accepting patch from patanachai to address AIRAVATA-56
     new 1cc035f  Started some editions to schema
     new 1800caf  minor modification to gfac-dispatcher code
     new 66922e7  implementing the message reciever with invoke and getWSDL method handling
     new a8b01f8  applied patch for  AIRAVATA-77 by Patnachai
     new 035787c  applied patch for  AIRAVATA-77 by Patnachai
     new c605e76  applied patch for  AIRAVATA-77 by Patnachai
     new f6287bd  fixing class loading issue and getWSDL operation issues.
     new 8d163f2  fixing compilation error.
     new a8aada6  fixing compilation error in gfac-schema.
     new ef1e201  integrating with JCRRegistry implementation.
     new 4c9caa1  adding new constructor to JCRRegistry.
     new dbad483  fixing classloading issues when deploying gfac-axis2 service.
     new 6aed8ed  fixing issues when running a gfac service.
     new 988b1ad  fixing class loading issues when deploying in axis2 container.
     new 4af5dcd  fixing compilation error and reading file from classpath rather reading from exact location.
     new 9d3fa57  fixing xbaya-test failures.
     new 73ba379  fixing test failure.
     new ef7fe7c  Make a loading registry service from registry as an optional parameter in property file. Invoker can set it as parameter in invocation context.
     new 3a4a063  Remove old gfac-schema from build file
     new 1c61dc0  Create better log message.
     new 5125a7f  fix the error logic on registry initialization
     new b5de7b5  Add default username and password for JCR
     new 02430a0  changing the default file.
     new 75da367  Change database_scripts directory loader to Classloader instead of FileInputStream
     new 6d0cefb  Add saveWSDL and getWSDL to registry API
     new 0854a52  fixing the input message structure in gfac-axis2.
     new 8f2bd57  fixing xbaya subscription issue.
     new 7dc7c59  sample math services to try xbaya - resolves AIRAVATA-67
     new fb25be8  Adding the license header
     new 2227e23  Check null to prevent empty header SOAP
     new a6812e9  Add properties for MyProxy and SSH providers
     new 4a6abde  Parameter validation in the service
     new 49b083d  removing old workflow-tracking dependency from xbaya-gui.
     new 02169bd  fixing xbaya notification implementation.
     new 36e7c10  Clean up Invoker
     new 0f732c3  Remove remote invocation in DynamicWorkflowRunner and add notification
     new bd1011b  fixing issue
     new 6b2117b  Fixing message delivery order to queue mode. Messages will be delivered like a queue.
     new aeb247e  fixing workflow tracking bug.
     new cd58466  adding sample for new workflow-tracking schema.
     new 0a3d54b  moving distribution directory in to modules which is the normal convention.
     new ad5d717  prototype Notification Interface
     new 197a080  adding first version of distribution creation for airavata.
     new 6af8dbb  adding airavata distribution to build system.
     new 32ea21f  Change interface method to use String instead of Axis2 EPR
     new 3ca6e9d  Change interface method to use String instead of Axis2 EPR
     new b04e4f4  Add the workflow tracking notification service
     new 3232cff  Add JCRRegistry support to XBaya
     new 46e6a83  Fix compile bug in Xbaya pom
     new 9581661  adding gfac axis2 service and jackrabbit dependency in to distribution build.
     new 12a405e  adding xbaya-gui axis2 service in bulid and distribtuion.
     new 402037e  Implement search service method
     new c805bf1  Fix Gfac path calculation bug
     new 800c66d  CLeanup
     new a73f5fb  Code Cleanup:
     new 59fd851  Code Cleanup:
     new b21f1aa  Code Cleanup:
     new de031f9  Remove Apache common logging from GFAC-Core
     new 158851a  Change Util to use slf4j
     new d8bf07e  Make test case to use loggingNotification insteadOf DummyNotification
     new 614800d  adding gfac-axis2 getWSDL changes to give a full wsdl and an abstract wsdl.
     new 0ecf443  adding getAbstractWSDL method.
     new 286afdd  adding jackrabbit standalone same version in to distribution.
     new 3f328c4  fixing minor issue.
     new 68284c8  Fix test error and move working directory to target folder.
     new 7886d1c  (Airavata-93) Some review comments about the context directory organization.
     new c98c386  (RAVE-93) Some comments about package naming conventions that I found confusing.
     new 372240e  Clean up and change packages as suggest in REVIEW
     new c65cf1d  Fix test error
     new 6986702  delete folder in commons
     new 9c552f3  delete folder in commons
     new c837367  delete context/impl
     new b04852f  (Airavata-93) More review comments, prefaced with TODO so that they will show up in Eclipse.
     new 1ae857b  Fix classloader and input/output problem
     new 1e4faa0  GFac invoker create concrete WSDL to use with other invoker
     new d220d6e  Fix classloader problem
     new c8a3e9d  Code cleanup
     new d15b0c4  Code cleanup
     new ba0dcad  Change input/output constants to methods
     new 7c0d997  Change input/output constants to methods
     new 0c1862d  committing the feature of getting concrete wsdl from an abstract wsdl.
     new 40971a5  changing package names.
     new e77dbdf  removing utils.
     new b7380d9  pom structure changes by using parent poms.
     new 63b5af2  allowing custom scripts to parse arguments.
     new ecda53c  Remove building concrete WSDL part
     new 25b9dec  cleaning up the pom files in the project.
     new 126e0d5  fixing and more build structuring work.
     new f97395a  adding common utils package.
     new 9e17099  Redefine Exception
     new f8dc8d4  fix pom
     new c1e50c5  changing slf4j verison.
     new 7f5a19c  update SSH version
     new 124dc0a  removing duplicated variable.
     new ae17b20  using some of the components added in to common.util package.
     new 1fe86c5  (Airavata-91) Fixing minor typo in slf4j version.
     new c4e8e0b  Change to Apache Commons Configuration
     new 91c2a91  removing BrowserLauncher and use utils class.
     new 51f9c2b  changing jackrabbit version
     new d347dd8  fixing build issue.
     new 1bce9c4  Update to use only one property file
     new 890fe67  fixing build issue.
     new 340b1b0  fixing build issues.
     new ae719d4  Adding workflow test case and adding capability for engine to run without the notification system
     new affb78d  removing common classes.
     new 7c199e0  using classes in common/utils.
     new ea75727  using common utils classes.
     new 5948c6e  using all the common/utils classes.
     new f1a40f6  removing the classes used in common utils.
     new 7685ca5  Code cleanup
     new f04968a  (Airavata-93) More review comments, prefaced with TODO so that they will show up in Eclipse.
     new 18c0870  adding echo service to start during test run, to use with workflow interpreter test.
     new 1e8da39  Redesign concurrency in Gram job listener
     new fb3494a  Change Notification Interface
     new 28797bf  JavaDoc comments
     new 441e03a  creating new registry api module and use that in other locations. Update the distribution creation accordinly.
     new ece9ca7  Update property file
     new 8a53eca  Fix NullPointer Exception
     new de24fe5  Patch is applied by Saminda
     new e6d3c1f  deleting the stale schemas dir
     new 12b0dcd  temporarly removing xregistry from defualt build while JCR integration is tested through
     new c71267d  fixing the error when invoking gfac service using xbaya.
     new d4c6c13  committing teh patch given by saminda for issue
     new 7947534  changing default url of repository to work with airavata pack.
     new 3779df3  changing structure of ws-messenger pack.
     new 49b85c7  fixing bad commit
     new 7ab8deb  adding workflow execution context to address AIRAVATA-100
     new 7e2ee3a  minor changes to xbaya test.
     new 449d83e  Schema refinements
     new b58dac6  New provider interface
     new bfafd46  Code cleanup and change package name of Providers
     new 4e82afb  adding notification funcationality to gfac-axis2.
     new d625f18  adding notification funcationality to gfac-axis2.
     new ec4a6dc  Add WS-Messenger Client module
     new 5aa6955  Add Ws-messenger Common
     new 8132078  Remove common from WS-Messenger
     new d26f35d  Change class to use ws-messenger-commons
     new 83d3f4e  Change classes to use ws-messenger-commons
     new 26cbe8c  Put commons and client into distribution
     new 0d14b12  Remove package and unused class
     new d517e6e  Change Workflow Tracking to use new messenger client
     new 937c04c  making all the gfac-notificaitons to be displayed in xbaya.
     new d8aab23  Fix name typo
     new 8a506ef  fixing the password field from normal text field of jcr-registry add.
     new 362d36a  refactoring gfac-core.
     new c25673a  refactoring notification implementation in gfac.
     new 4c418e3  (AIRAVATA-101) move more classes to commons package. Also, try to rewrite SQL related class. Might fix (AIRAVATA-49)
     new a7a9950  AIRAVATA-101 fix lock table bug from the previous commmit
     new 03c2756  AIRAVATA-101 change common class to utility class (static methods)
     new cfb3eb5  AIRAVATA-101 Remove unnecessary classes, add code inspection
     new 4933e22  AIRAVATA-101 Clean up on Database check method
     new e137e82  AIRAVATA-101 fix synchronization problem by using AtomicInteger instead of Integer Object
     new 3a7c92b  AIRAVATA-101, AIRAVATA-107 Remove unused codes and change to SLF4J
     new 4ef0ca1  fixing
     new bdaceb4  fixing
     new 9b9ef31  fixing
     new 3478b0c  AIRAVATA-82 fix synchronization and always release table lock
     new 1e514e1  AIRAVATA-101 Move WS-Messenger sample classes to correct file path as declare in package name
     new 3628ff4  fixing issue
     new dec415e  fixing issue
     new 7564da4  fixing
     new 0d204ee  fixing
     new 9464a11  fixng
     new 444b666  applying 	AIRAVATA-104-UM-API-JackRabbit-Impl.patch provided by saminda.
     new 6ee6d85  applying samindas patch for
     new 6756763  AIRAVATA-101, AIRAVATA-107 Improve code in messagebox modules and remove log4j
     new 32f9f22  Fix messagebox samples error from modified package name
     new c0cee2a  AIRAVATA 101 Adding Service class to service.xml (removed by previous commit)
     new eba467e  committing saminda's patch for AIRAVATA-104.
     new 926cfef  AIRAVATA 101 Create better SQL statement for deleting MessageBox
     new 54b4c79  AIRAVATA 101 fix test case for messagebox
     new cf37cf3  AIRAVATA-108 remove log4j from maven dependencies
     new a3b2852  AIRAVATA-108 remove log4j from ws-messenger
     new 532807d  Update the imlementation for
     new b410bd9  work related to
     new dd543eb  related work for
     new 8e2667a  fxing build issue.
     new 4d0a3bb  AIRAVATA-101 Namespace clean up
     new ff52574  AIRAVATA-105 XML Schema from the current POJOs
     new e9830d3  AIRAVATA-101 Fix class name change compilation error
     new 969118f  AIRAVATA-101 change ws-broker test package name
     new 70df3c2  Fix test case with Dialect attribute
     new 5597ffd  AIRAVATA-101 change messagebox namespace and fix test cases
     new d87b2e0  Add missing class in previous commit
     new 27a738a  Remove unused import that causes compilation error
     new c043321  AIRAVATA-101 clean up on database connection
     new df1a3af  AIRAVATA-101 add queue initialization
     new 79ccc70  AIRAVATA-101 Change Thread Pool in FixedParallelSender to Standard Java Thread Pool.
     new 8933d20  AIRAVATA-101 Fix build error
     new 45a1159  AIRAVATA-101 Change FixedParallelSender and ParallelSender.
     new 2f060b2  AIRAVATA-101 Correct synchronization problem
     new 6cc8328  AIRAVATA-101 Add shutdown step for message broker
     new 02d4d4b  committing saminda's patch for issue:
     new 4557d8b  AIRAVATA-101 revise concurrency in ConnectionPool
     new f2d4a1c  committing saminda's patch for, and committing the fix for
     new 0b4aff7  fixing
     new 3a871cc  Add more shutdown method to WS-Messenger
     new 1997933  fixing
     new c8ed3ca  fixing issue
     new ab9af79  fixing issue
     new 59f4dc7  fixing issue
     new 75aadd6  Fix address url error from Axis2 EPR
     new 9cd3607  fixing
     new 5b4b6cb  AIRAVATA-101 remove log4j
     new 72fb9eb  code cleanup and fixing
     new addc266  fixing xbaya-gui/src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/xbaya/monitor/gui/
     new e8de0de  Remove unnecessary log message
     new ecf3708  fixing compilation error.
     new 722822b  fixing
     new 3c78ccd  AIRAVATA-129 Read subscription as InputStream instead of String
     new 72fecdd  AIRAVATA-107 replace logging with SLF4J in commons and gfac-axis2 module
     new 649175a  AIRAVATA-109 change to SLF4J
     new 003296d  AIRAVATA-107 change to SLF4J
     new 3ab88db  fixing
     new c14364c  fixing
     new 782e03b  fixing
     new 6c17a0b  fixing
     new cc27d3d  applying patch given by saminda for issue
     new 39ace70  Correct Project name
     new ad20596  fixing
     new 1b92b0f  Fix name typo
     new 68797ba  fixing
     new 1cd2fdc  AIRAVATA-134 add output register extension to GFac-Core
     new 996831f  fixing
     new 747ce65  fixing
     new 2f39adb  fixing
     new d98a263  fixing
     new f63ee64  fixing
     new 36488da  fixing AIRAVATA-123-BE-2.patch
     new b8fd2e9  AIRAVATA-123 change field name in description to identifier
     new 59c5940  fixing AIRAVATA-123-BE-3.patch
     new 4757d6a  AIRAVATA-137 implement a simple version of generate WSDL from ServiceDescription
     new 5551e4a  AIRAVATA-137 Change Util class name and fix close tag bug
     new 48c6fe1  AIRAVATA-107 Remove common-logging
     new 7c59d4c  AIRAVATA-107 Remove common-logging
     new 8ffce10  Enable Dynamic Phase adding in GFac instead of using axis2.xml
     new 035f9fc  Enable Dynamic Phase adding in GFac instead of using axis2.xml
     new bd822fa  merge gfac-axis2 with gfac-axis2-artifacts modules
     new eee2841  AIRAVATA-107 Remove common-logging
     new 1a2d68c  Remove XSUL from GFac Axis2
     new 974942d  renaming to keep the consistency.
     new 87e4564  fixing
     new e31561a  fixing
     new 7753f7c  New DataType System
     new 4a75889  New DataType System
     new aa06178  Fix build error
     new b8b27fa autogenerate wsdl & save when creating a service description
     new 08d4cd0  AIRAVATA-137 fix build error
     new 0cc599b  AIRAVATA-137 fix build error etc.
     new 5aee0d8  remove buggy code
     new dac0cd2  removing XRegistry items from menu and fixing build error:
     new d540201  fixing
     new 24c1e32  AIRAVATA-142 increase Consumer Address to 255
     new 447a34c  AIRAVATA-119 add more step in saving Application Deployment Description
     new fdffe78  Fix bug in gfac-core
     new 028dc77  Fix bug in LocalProvider
     new dd1ca9a  Fix bug in Gfac-Core
     new 4d6056c  Add for tutorial
     new bb7f3db  Change file name
     new 229f489  Change file name
     new 992cb9f  remove
     new 1f7718f  add with new file permission
     new eff3b35 AIRAVATA-123-GUI-3.patch
     new 99ffe1c  deprecating xregistry to address AIRAVATA-144
     new 131d9a3  Deprecating all XRegistry access in XBaya fixing AIRAVATA-140. Also partially addressed AIRAVATA-145 for gpel client support.
     new 9d23582  AIRAVATA-105 parameters
     new da209f8  AIRAVATA-105 change name
     new ec8b5dd  AIRAVATA-105 add element type for autogenerated document
     new 804c8c9  Adding globusonline transfer api client to maven
     new 575f495  Removing unused streaming
     new 17ac169  Removing unused streaming
     new 9c43211  Removing unused streaming
     new 7610567  Removing unused streaming
     new a9379cf  Removing unused streaming
     new fff25df  Removing unused streaming
     new dbea311  Removing unused streaming
     new 4628d1a  Removing unused streaming
     new b9d6c79  Removing unused streaming
     new f15dddb  Removing weps dependency
     new 09447cb  Removing weps dependency
     new d3c1c94  Removing weps dependency
     new b4973f1  Removing weps dependency
     new 30baaca  Removing weps dependency
     new 8a038a1  Removing weps dependency
     new bebb29c  Removing weps dependency
     new f098e51  Removing weps dependency
     new dcbd306  Removing weps dependency
     new a667b42  Removing weps dependency
     new 41a68b0  Removing weps dependency
     new 5817151  fixing
     new 91afbcc   code cleanup of xbaya
     new 472c2da  code cleanup in XBaya.
     new 05e01a9  code cleanup of xbaya
     new 395412e  infite loop issue filling the table
     new 79a5131  adding globus-transfer-client into distribution.
     new ac23404
     new 037adb1  Adding constants and formatting code.
     new 65bbe67  removing utils class until teh schema is changed
     new 4cf01e9  fixing .. not yet completely fixed.
     new 8d3ec46  fxing AIRAVATA-150.
     new 1b500ff  Committing the patch for AIRAVATA-151. Thanks Heshan for the contirbution.
     new 0843927  fixing AIRAVATA-150.
     new 90a9e29  Committing the patches for AIRAVATA-143 & AIRAVATA-146. Thanks Heshan for the contribution.
     new d56ff14
     new 2604f12
     new 29d4c96  Applying patch for AIRAVATA-105. Thanks Heshan for the contribution.
     new 6adbd24  Removing user name and password from message body. If any security credentials are needs, they will be passed along in the context header.
     new 49f42f2  adding new class for new ContextHeader.
     new 55dbb7e  changing the schema.
     new c2143f4  adding workflow-execution-context to build system.
     new e1cbd95  Improved context header schema to have flexible workflows to address AIRAVATA-152
     new c487176  adding new wrapper for workflow-execution.
     new 1f98a29  removing everyghing.
     new 4618ae3  adding new code.
     new aa98c86  remvoing resources.
     new 8083574  removing schemas.
     new 3ad0449  removing.
     new 3e7774f  fixing build error.
     new 83b3b15  minor changes.
     new b0d24e4  adding correct package.
     new 49001a0  removing wrong package.
     new 7f420b9  addng util method to compare.
     new 006560a  Applying the patch (patch-to-fix-build-break.difffor the issue AIRAVATA-105 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 0cf7bdc  adding workflwo-execution-context in to build.
     new 6cb69b0  Applying the patch (AIRAVATA-153-patch-ver1.diff) for the issue AIRAVATA-153 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new ff2190d  Applying the patch for the issue AIRAVATA-154 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 3924ea0  using workflowcongextheader.
     new f814e3b  Applying the patch for the issue AIRAVATA-155 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 7dc73bc
     new dcc0876  Applying the patch for AIRAVATA-156 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 94da078  Applying the patch for IRAVATA-156 Thanks Heshan for the contribution.
     new f078b99  fixng an issue with XBayaService.
     new 6a1be28  Code formatting as per
     new 546a6d9  version number in about menu and minor xregistry clean up
     new fc592ac  implementing input registering feature at
     new ce70a87  fixing xml comparison function.
     new 7f5094e  Applying the patch for AIRAVATA-165 Thanks Heshan for the  contribution.
     new bc0ab42  implementing
     new 0df1d3f  fixing
     new 2e2803a  Applying the patch for the issue AIRAVATA-166 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new aca6b46  Applying the patch for the issue AIRAVATA-168 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 83d3f1f  Applying the patch for the issue AIRAVATA-167 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 7b6fed9  AIRAVATA-170 change throw out exception and implementation to XMLBean object
     new 797895d  Applying the patch for the issue AIRAVATA-169 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 451b200  AIRAVATA-170 change XMLBeans generated objects
     new 2d38395  AIRAVATA-138 simple test case
     new ba4db24  AIRAVATA-138 pom.xml with JUnit test dependency
     new 5787b0f  fixing build error
     new 18a4fc3  Airavata-170 fix build error
     new 53bcd0e  AIRAVATA-138 fix build error
     new 943bd64  fixing minor issue with output data saving.
     new 9525976  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new ed3e102  Airavata-170 fix build error
     new 420af38  Airavata-170 Change toXml and fromXml for subclass
     new 53175f6  AIRVATA-170 Revert back for stable built
     new 52501a2  AIRAVATA-170 remove unused method
     new 35fa811  AIRAVATA-170 Change XBaya to support generic interface
     new 48cf831  AIRAVATA-138 service test case for JCR
     new 2a3d853  adding parameters to cnofigure workflow provenance persistence.
     new de0cd86  allowing users to provide arguments to xbaya.
     new 8305581  fixing build error.
     new 531a99f  adding new methods to registry api to save inputs and outputs.
     new d4c274d  fixing the structure of input/output of the workflow.
     new 56be945  AIRAVATA-170 fixed save Parameter problem
     new 4c1ae36  AIARAVATA-170 fixed build error
     new 83c0163  test main class
     new d2cad96  fixing build error.
     new 6496f8d  fixing bug.
     new 420d10f
     new 5a671c0
     new ed41ff9  AIRAVATA-171 initial version
     new b868ca1  AIRAVATA-171 Xbaya updated to XMLBeans
     new 5174fa6
     new 4540266  enabling test cases in ws-messenger.
     new e50bd74  AIRAVATA-171 update parameter model
     new cda1a04  AIRAVATA-171 Add mapping from application to Gfac
     new 41f3cac  AIRAVATA-171 fix new package
     new 116e10b  minor changes to gfac-core to get Gramprovider working.
     new f75a16d  adding test suite to airavata.
     new a4246e2  minor fix.
     new 538c315  revert.
     new 440efbd  adding test suite.
     new 3464c2a  fixing build warnings.
     new 452a18c  adding tests to utils.
     new 0e7552e  more changes to unit tests.
     new 3b15882  moving tests in to test-suite.
     new 72a7c15  fixing test errors.
     new ca542d8  AIRAVATA-171 all new schema
     new 9a2185f  AIRAVATA-171 xbaya with new schema
     new 27f9032  changing xbaya according to new gfac schema.
     new 856c77e  fixing build error.
     new d364592  adding test-suite to build without tests.. to makesure it compiles properly.
     new 3f5f0f7  AIRAVATA-138 deployment description save and load test
     new 1e4bdb6  fixing minor issue.
     new 94ad58c  getWSDL function to use getServiceDescription instead reg browser parameter type
     new 899729a
     new 2391b23  triggerObservers when descriptors are deleted from the jcr registry
     new 3fd156a
     new 2efdcad
     new 532ddff  fix error on saving on the wrong workflow IO tag + change to save input node rather than document node in workflow data
     new d119bb0
     new 7ddf76c  adding required fields to run gramprovider.
     new ffa2821  logic error in servicedrescription name match
     new 2b599d9  Adding GSISSH Host Type, improvement for AIRAVATA-161
     new b026330  Adding WSDL generation utilities to address AIRAVATA-163
     new ddd8c34  Testing and Applying Heshan's contribution for AIRAVATA-177
     new d68fda8  Applying Heshan's contribution for AIRAVATA-17
     new 1719ac0  release preparation: header checks, code formattings and cleanups
     new 6f78b66  fixing NPE during gfac-service invocation.
     new 4144992  change of property name.
     new 0bdf761  adding documentation to distirbution.
     new 6e87575  fixing minor issue in readme.
     new 6408dcc  Applying the patch provided by Heshan for the issue AIRAVATA-178
     new 31e3a4a  Couple of methods to write test cases for generate wsdl
     new 56857d6  AIRAVATA-171 WSDL generator
     new 948cd5b  WSDL generator
     new 80a1daa  Fix testcase error
     new 1acf493  change way to save service description
     new 03bc880  Type mapping
     new 084d12b  Fix WSDL Generator
     new a1400a1  reverting a bad commit.
     new 34fb029  WSDL Generator
     new a7318ab  Namespace WSDl
     new a375c29  fixing axis2 error during gfac service invocatin.
     new 2159b87  Committing the patch given by Heshan for AIRAVATA-179
     new ee16476  Applying the patch provided by Heshan for issue AIRAVATA-178
     new 57c54cb  removing usage of getservicelocation function in Registry API from the scheduler
     new 929b57f  doing a minor fix.
     new fab77bd  Patch given by Heshan for AIRAVATA-176
     new 99a1d0b  Applying the patch given by Heshan for AIRAVATA-147
     new 3874326  fixing gfac-service invocation issue.
     new fc6069e
     new e0e6423  ui improvement
     new b05f9ef  Change return type
     new b8c6233  reverting the change of return type.
     new 08fcc62  fixing minor issue with multiple nodes.
     new 7d5a75a  fixing more issues with gfac service invocation.
     new 4285099  considering input given by user is xml when needed.
     new edb1f87  Applying the patch for AIRAVATA-177 Thanks Heshan for the contribution
     new 5d6d043  save the table data to the model when lost focus
     new 8cebb16  fixing issue with class casting when having different types of parameters.
     new 1daebbf  Adding missing license header and project description in README
     new c5acc2a  Applying the patch given by Heshan for AIRAVATA-182.
     new babed81
     new 6b552c1 etc.
     new 53ab63b etc.
     new ca7d928  wrong root model set as jcr browser tree root node + caption update on import options in the xbaya menu
     new 41538ca  adding version 0.1 changelog
     new 438d58c etc.
     new d860431  Minor UI change.
     new 42c3468  typos
     new e3a4a6c  adding import wsdl from url  option
     new 1bae1b4  dependencies clean up
     new 414de25  POM clean up
     new a3bb63b  POM clean up
     new 9e15ba5  POM clean up
     new 7e2afbd  remove Child class loader
     new 662859e  Checking the commit rights.
     new 21cbc66  changing the port from 5555 incase it is blocked on test machines.
     new 2e61b78  Fully populated changelog
     new 430f2ae  Mandatory Notice, disclaimer and license files
     new dd50022  Trying few trial and error ports to make jenkins happy.
     new 41a55a5  including notices and licenses for dependency library files
     new 64c0dd2  Skipping tests as Jenkins randomly has issues with starting ports.This should be handled as discussed in AIRAVATA-184
     new 489bd8b  Moving files to trunk and updating binary assembly
     new 2012584  Added license header to adress AIRAVATA-188
     new 98640ed  deleting 0 byte empty files
     new ea371ff  Adding missing license header to address AIRAVATA-188
     new b033177  Adding missing license header to address AIRAVATA-188
     new a256633  Adding missing license header to address AIRAVATA-188
     new a3453fc  Updated workflow to the old echo service
     new 000a2df  Updating instructions before the branch.
     new 7a6c28c  fixing startup script issues.
     new b5b9d85
     new 38fd36e  addressing AIRAVATA-197, AIRAVATA-200, AIRAVATA-199
     new 16273fe  addressing AIRAVATA-196, AIRAVATA-197,AIRAVATA-198, AIRAVATA-199, AIRAVATA-200
     new eb7a376  removing a settings file
     new c4ac333  adding license and notice files specific to binaries.
     new 0b8bc39  Updating license files to seperate source and binary notices to address AIRAVATA-186
     new a07cc22  Updating license files to seperate source and binary notices to address AIRAVATA-186
     new aa377ab  changing package name to please maven javadoc pluggin
     new 8887279  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.1-incubating
     new cbdcb7f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 11d2b94  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of airavata-0.1-incubating
     new b79b166  Fixing the build by removing the overriding source location. Now the defualt source assumes src/main/java
     new d9919ac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.1-incubating
     new 40987a6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 06bad6b  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of airavata-0.1-incubating
     new f13eec0  updating group ids and parents in pom
     new 2e83b87  updated release date
     new fdeb24b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.1-incubating
     new faaae6b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5cfd24e
     new 135467b
     new 47870f9  Adding the initial version of the EC2Provider(AIRAVATA-202)
     new 9dd61ac  Adding the license header.
     new e572c75  enabling tests in ws-messenger.
     new 4d7301e  Adding EC2 host description to the HostDescription schema.
     new 9494168  chanign test cases to pick port dynamically.
     new ff9c5fa  changing ports to pick dynamically in messagebox testcases.
     new 29b9a0a
     new 7ad316b  fixing a test case.
     new 2e2960e  fixing
     new 47ca9a2  fixing
     new 3a753c6  changing default log level of airavata and fixing issue
     new 90b9b86  save on close workflow tab + refactoring
     new ad81315  adding source plugin to create source pack for airavata.
     new 9bbcdca  removing unnecessary stack trace.
     new c4425ef  disabling unimplemented menus.
     new 0a5c462  Fix for AIRAVATA-214.
     new 111de34  Fix for AIRAVATA-215
     new 6815ea0  Fix for AIRAVATA-215
     new 9aee10d  Updating a dependency.
     new f510dbd  Updating the EC2Provier and the Schedular. AIRAVATA-202
     new 3e5ded2  Fixing some test failures in the PropertiesBasedServiceImplTest
     new 5ee74b4  Adding AmazonEC2Menu to the XBaya GUI.
     new 10ddf45  fixing issue
     new 66e7761  fixing
     new ed03e8c  fixing
     new 36afece  fixing findbug issues.
     new 22dda67  fixng findbug issues.
     new 9cc7ca1  fixing build error.
     new 0096683  fixing wrong logic when saving globusHost description.
     new 71f47b1  fixing some methods.
     new e2bf603  fixing findbug error.
     new 5dcf8ff  fixing findbug issues.
     new 1549f16  Making the repository name more meaningful
     new bd84825  Fixing an issue while running the GlobusFileTransferWindow.
     new c981bef  Removing the amazon ec2 menu from the xbaya menu.
     new f226b16  fixing issue when saving Host Description.
     new c83b1e3  Updating dialogs with xbaya components instead
     new 67edcc9  adding new elements to schema.
     new cda3c41  fixing required element for notifications.
     new 2cc3bb7  fixing issue with owrkflow opening.
     new 1e382df  fixing gfac to work with normal gram job.
     new 78077bf  minor change in gfac-core.
     new 009e3bc  fixing issue when creating RSL parameters.
     new 9653faa  handling asynchronous call from Xbaya.
     new 6537ce3  setting trusted key location in gfac-axis2, and read it from a properties file.
     new 4ea2c64  adding asynchronous service call to xbaya.
     new 40dd168  remove unnecessary header element from workflow exectuion context.
     new 3de410b  removing unused import
     new 0692667  updated icons for jcr browser/menu
     new f29ce97  updating application icon + updating about dialog
     new a19b28c  adding ogce-xbaya changes to airavata.
     new 294b1df + saving as globus host correctly
     new 82f254e
     new 8f4b612  ask to reset/stop previous run b4 running another workflow
     new d8a237f  pop up message to clean previous workflow execution retrieve myproxy settings from the messeagereceiver context
     new f1d07aa  Disabled Jython menu item to address AIRAVATA-227
     new 5cc91f8 + globus settings when registering a app descroption having a globus host
     new 6756045  REmoving GPEL components
     new 1292768
     new b34d1b1  Fixing
     new 228d723 + some gui improvements
     new 3efcf84
     new 566c052
     new 22d88bb
     new 15e0273
     new a88d844
     new 3758f47
     new a01e809
     new 5b13ece
     new a433867
     new 282127e
     new dc103e3
     new efba469
     new 43f3adc
     new 83eac2f
     new 84b9910
     new 077458d
     new a8e860d
     new 0eb2a88
     new 81c8746
     new 40e4d9a
     new 3b558e9
     new 661dacf
     new de26d46
     new 6376662
     new 8d0b655
     new 120c08c
     new ee85e1f
     new c64ad72
     new 6da30ac
     new 714f939
     new 7928c48
     new 8cf876e
     new b22ddb4
     new c12cb8a
     new cee2d74
     new df0b21a
     new 3049d43
     new 40b306a
     new 484763f  on cleanup set execution as stopped
     new 1f320af  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 158a808  fixing
     new e31e03a  AIRAVATA-231
     new 4970ab5  AIRAVATA-231
     new a63a5f4  AIRAVATA-231
     new 897a3e1  AIRAVATA-231
     new 4efe498  AIRAVATA-231
     new a4d1f0d  AIRAVATA-231
     new 8b2cabb  AIRAVATA-231
     new 2f6c861  AIRAVATA-231
     new 640bc76  AIRAVATA-231
     new 55f4602  AIRAVATA-231
     new a39364e  AIRAVATA-231
     new bc9ce9d  AIRAVATA-231
     new a2973f2  AIRAVATA-231
     new 447e93f  AIRAVATA-231
     new d7e079e  AIRAVATA-231
     new 35d5e11  AIRAVATA-231
     new 6da4ecb  AIRAVATA-231
     new 036c8c1  AIRAVATA-231
     new 61fc9b4  AIRAVATA-231
     new 09d236c  AIRAVATA-231
     new bb32bad  AIRAVATA-231
     new db99e0c  AIRAVATA-231
     new b410866  AIRAVATA-231
     new 589606e  AIRAVATA-231
     new 4b962b4  AIRAVATA-231
     new c396685  AIRAVATA-231
     new c107a53  AIRAVATA-231
     new 2c5d5e0  AIRAVATA-231
     new ca5f2b7  AIRAVATA-231
     new d856814  AIRAVATA-231
     new 4ea2cc9  AIRAVATA-231
     new 5557263  AIRAVATA-231
     new 848c5fa  AIRAVATA-231
     new 04af0c3  AIRAVATA-231
     new fb0bd38  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 3a2c2a9  Updating workflow with Stream deprecations Bugfix
     new e0cc395  Removing streaming package
     new a187791  Fixing findbugs issue. Nullpointer dereference.
     new 7d838f2  Fixing a findbugs error.
     new 6c36b85  fixing testcase failure.
     new 2547b8b  adding new tests.
     new 761760c  Fix for the issue AIRAVATA-234
     new 90de773 fixed for service descs
     new 90c8403  updating host desc dialog to use it self as the dialog class
     new fa69eeb fixed for appl descs
     new 508a8b9  adding registry restart test.
     new 76c8d8f  removing working dir field (no longer required) workflow import from registry from reg browser + save workflow to registry updates saved status of the graph canvas
     new 5be38ad  adding getter method for repository.
     new 3385562  adding registry Delete test.
     new 81940d6  etc
     new e3307a6  Fix for issue AIRAVATA-234
     new b8febdf fixed for host descs
     new e7e2e23  Adding the sample for fore-each cross product AIRAVATA-225
     new 6880f38  Adding the service to calculate LevenshteinDistance AIRAVATA-225
     new cf369b5  Adding a test case for for-each Cross Product AIRAVATA-225
     new f049e24  Updating WorkflowTestUtils AIRAVATA-225
     new 1aca751  Updating license headers.
     new 7089c7d  Updating the Levenshtein Distance service. AIRAVATA-225
     new a4d5f62  Updating the workflow to fix an issue with input types AIRAVATA-225.
     new 827bd36  Stop button + menu to stop a running workflow
     new 406a023  Stop button + menu to stop a running workflow etc.
     new 65a4edf  fixing an issue when try to run workflow again and again.
     new 016a9f7  AIRAVATA-225 Adding SimpleMath workflow.
     new 5d8e47d  AIRAVATA-225 Adding ComplexMath workflow.
     new dbaa609  AIRAVATA-225 Adding MathService to utils.
     new 19ac6e3  AIRAVATA-225 Adding AdderService and MultiplierServices for the test workflows.
     new 79782ec  Refactoring LevenshteinDistanceService.
     new 4849195  Adding math service inorder to be used with ComplexMath workflow.
     new f89ae64  Adding simple-math workflow test. AIRAVATA-225
     new d321f9b  Adding complex math workflow test. AIRAVATA-225
     new 4bbd534  Adding the workflow AIRAVATA-225.
     new 37409b0  Removing the following as they are not used in the tests now.
     new 20ee2b3  dding tests to xbaya to test workflow tracking.
     new aabfb9b  Fix for AIRAVATA-244
     new 676cae0  Fix for AIRAVATA-245
     new bb81850  Removing unused inputs.
     new b2aba00  Removing Multiplier workflow as it is not used now.
     new 0c02ea0  Adding license headers.
     new 9f26065  Adding the missing license headers
     new 47cd88d  adding tests for scheduler
     new c616b3c  Updated the CrossProduct workflow.
     new c52372d  Updating the port id of axis2server used in test samples. AIRAVATA-248
     new a7a28b0  adding more tests and changes to registry-api
     new 023c1c3  Adding complex-math-service for the samples AIRAVATA-248
     new 1d93193  Adding levenshtein-distance-service for the samples AIRAVATA-248
     new e083c07  Renaming the MathService to ComplexMathService. AIRAVATA-248
     new 03af5ab  Adding the samples to the root pom. AIRAVATA-248
     new 3489695  Fixing a build failure.
     new 2a8fd04  Fixing a test failure AIRAVATA-248
     new 8342c2a  Fixing a minor issue of build order AIRAVATA-248.
     new de80a85  ading SearchTest.
     new 47a9bae  fixing compilation error.
     new b5d16c7  Fixing endpoint urls in service wsdls AIRAVATA-248
     new b64e7a4  fixing complex math service.
     new eaf420e  Fixing an issue with the .aar while deploying AIRAVATA-248
     new 0e8034d  Fixing an issue with the .aar while deploying AIRAVATA-248
     new 4e9ef18  dding more tests.
     new d6e2e66  Copying workflows to samples directory in distribution. AIRAVATA-248
     new 9cd1b7d  Fixing a regression.
     new 2c99306  dding more tests.
     new c4d3a40  Adding missing license headers.
     new 25bb75a  Removing the apache licenses being copied to standalone-server/lib directory
     new 62313d0  Updating the licenses.
     new 3bcca84  Updating license.
     new 4f93a06  Updating LICENSE
     new 18c854e  not disabling monitoring icons when the workflowinterpreter is null bcos the user sohuld be able to monitor a workflow which is not started by xbaya
     new b8ca79f  Updating the licenses.
     new cd54769  fixing issues in xbaya workflow Interpreter. Fixing
     new 4640144  removing layout-*.jar. only xbaya seems to had any ref through pom.xml but no classes were using it.
     new 5be14a5  Adding license for puretls.
     new 2bf64e5  Removing the dependency to jsr173_api. AIRAVATA-257 To verify this change did not break existing functionality; 1. Ran all the samples -- Success 2. Build run with test -- Success
     new 81a5638  not creating jar in assembly.
     new 11bb622  moving schemas to resources directory.
     new 1daf804  moving workflow-tracking schemas to resource folder.
     new 6cc2303  removing xregistry url.
     new 02bcc07  fixing a bug in monitor configuration menu.
     new 4608bd1  allowing Xbaya client to invoke multile requests efficiently.
     new d5c9339  fixing a bug when invoking gram service.
     new a95c1c0  removing from gfac-axis2.
     new 166e526  adding to distro.
     new fff9ec0  fixing issues when try to invoke GFac service in ranger.
     new 977ca6b  fixing issues comes when executing workflow with description documents create using xbaya.
     new 3132ac4  fixing issue with running gfac service only using xbaya.
     new db2fedc  setting standardINput if its "".
     new 829931b  fixing minor issue with setting Gram properties.
     new 3a90a1b  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new be5121a  fixing workflow interpreter service to work with gfac service invocation.
     new b3579bb  adding to build.
     new 7a1e2f4  changing workflowinterpreter service to read gsi credentials from properties file.
     new ed6780e  changing the parent pom to a custom parent pom.
     new 6eba54c  Fix for AIRAVATA-260.
     new 5c41277  fixing NPE during invocation of interpreterservice.
     new d86bba5  fixing issue when loading owrkflow with given arguments
     new bd7ec0c  correcting resources location.
     new ef45295  correcting resources location.
     new 39ef224  correcting interpreter servcie url.
     new 6c36ceb  adding workflow status saving methods to API.
     new 0d52614  adding workflow status update in to interpreter.
     new 32839d1  adding provenance feature to workflowInterpretor Service.
     new 2e1106b  adding default settings for properties files to make sure tutorials works out of the box.
     new f231d6d  reverting the parent pom change to fix the build issues until comeup with a proper solution.
     new 9f5a6d0  fixing NPE in WorkflowInterpreter service.
     new 565f14f  fixing NPE in Interpreter service.
     new ab2448b  refactoring registry api
     new 38bf6fa  refactoring registry api etc.
     new ecadf22  fixing test cases not to try to write to registry if provenance is turned off.
     new d49e0ed  adding new profiles to build samples.
     new f02ad19  adding api methods to save workflowOutputs.
     new 96814da  output save api impl
     new 893fd41  update api to throw exception
     new 3bfbb2d  adding workflow output data saving feature.
     new ff48b5f  fixing unwanted properties from Node.
     new 3a9c4fd  adding more methods to registry api to query using regexs rather giving exact names.
     new 34de37c  Adding thread in Service Lifecycle.
     new 55ffe14  adding new parameter to
     new 0be648b  allowing users to configure runInThread for WorkflowInterpreter Service.
     new e4dc21a  Updating airavataregistry api
     new 06799fb  Updating airavataregistry api etc.
     new 3dd202d  typo
     new 89b869b  udpating the AiravataRegistry api to return executions based on user
     new 93471c3  saving user info once the workflow is executed
     new 80370e2  Fixing a test failure.
     new 165f369  Fix for AIRAVATA-263
     new 8477d68  updating airavata registry api to save metadata
     new 674e160  updating airavata registry api to save status through the enum
     new 4b6ca87  Adding multiple port support for forEach.
     new fa553cd  fixing NPE hwen invoking GFac service.
     new 3a07103  commenting out the XBayaClientTest
     new 783fdc7  fixing minor issue with XBayaClient.
     new 2857867  changing property name.
     new f919573  change a parameter name.
     new 86959dc  check property exist user, status, time for workflow execution
     new 2209f9e  adding jobType.
     new 61ef490  dding jobtype to UI.
     new 963714c  jcr node property checks + typo on returning null fix
     new b86d1b8  updating api typo in airavata registry and adjusting api in xbayaclient to allow loading workflow execution through topic id
     new 0bf3ce0  Fixing issues with multiple EndforEach
     new 7cf2e2c  fixing unnecessary commit.
     new 1ccbdf3  adding workflow failed data.
     new c34cf50  changing workflow status to failed.
     new 28256aa  minor fix in saving workflow output data.
     new 10ab7fd  fixing an issue with foreache.
     new 63edf11  fixing CCE.
     new ff2d32a  fixing some threading issue which harm the long run of WorkflowInterpreter service.
     new 69f70c1  Adding additional methods to the Service.
     new 0616133  Additing two methods for tests.
     new 5104b81  Fix for AIRAVATA-266. Added a test suite to run all the tests. Earlier simple axis server was started each time for each test. This removes it.
     new 93f1268  Fix for AIRAVATA-266
     new 78fbb84  Updating tests.
     new ae0906d  adding multiThreadedHttpConnectionManger for MsgBox Client calls.
     new 36bf37f  reverting the commit to add MultiThreadedConnectionManager.
     new bbf76d1  fixing issues with forEach handling.
     new 37caee2  fixing
     new 5b99f1c  Setting an xml element in to output node rather setting misleading XmlElement.toString value.
     new b8b2c4b  do the cleanup right time avoiding workflow Rerun error.
     new 4c49f7b  fixing AIRAVATA-271,AIRAVATA-270
     new 69a5002  Updated test.
     new 7b51312  Updated test logs.
     new a3416af  Updated the tests with logging.
     new 443a906  Enabling the tests in the test suite
     new c043d22  Adding files to contain NOTICES.
     new e499670  Updating the notice.
     new aa76aa1  Updating the JCRRegistry api implementation to support reuse session variables & nodes based on a renewable and expiring ttl TODO: need to cache node children when node children are requested (this is not done yet bcos there is no way to know if the node children/properties changed in order to figure-out to throwaway the cache and retrieve the data again)
     new 942d231  adding Licnese copying assembly plugin.
     new 74edb5b  Fixing indentation of the annotation
     new cc33e5d  Adding the LICENSE and NOTICE files.
     new 7c95166  never mind... found it
     new a71c991  fixing build error.
     new 6ce5ec3  null chks for session and concurrent count + forceFileStagingToWorkDir attr saved in service desc
     new f18de6f  Updating the LICENSE/NOTICE files with missing licenses and notices.
     new 8fcb1df  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 032c8eb  session active chk
     new 1cb1cac  cleanup test
     new e9a37c3  Updating license/notice files.
     new a04634f  session check in test
     new cfdac00  session check in test etc.
     new ff75617  Updating licenses.
     new a3955d0  moving LICENSE/NOTICE file out of resouces directory
     new 8aed140  Fixing the build error.
     new db7f3d3  fixing
     new 5a926df  increasing default timeout value for messageBox client.
     new 9bc2647  adding ws-messenger for the xbaya-gui profile.
     new a5c7c5a  changing the trunk to 0.3
     new 3537419  moving messenger to attic as discussed in AIRAVATA-285
     new e5ec02b  fixing
     new 0a56603  fixing
     new 7fa0312  fixing
     new a42f340  fixing issues with running interpreterservice without a listener.
     new c922a0e  adding registry-api for xbaya build profile.
     new 22907af  fixing build error.
     new a253d2b  fixing
     new 236c158  fixing
     new efaef67  Checking porttype & method is null
     new bebf4e6  removing qname
     new f06d745  size update function
     new 2f93740  Updating licenses.
     new 266239c  Updated license.
     new d5e1529  Updating license/notice.
     new 3b55b38  Update notice.
     new c3f64c0  update NOTICE
     new 8066ab7  Update.
     new 931d9b4  update.
     new 3db83a3  AIRAVATA-299 Removed default values stored in the Globus File Transfer Window.
     new 3543683  desabling registry test until it get fixed.
     new 6bcb8d0  nodeproperty change cache not cleared issue fix
     new 61ad705  adjusting window sizes to support linux
     new ca39f36  fixing
     new bd94d50  removing the JCRConnection after serving the request.
     new c7eeb71  fixing
     new 660245a  fixng
     new b36aceb + session check in registry BE
     new a9333bc  commenting out the sys outs
     new 5c78eb1  fixing
     new e6a49c5  adding cross product for for each + repeating parameter issue fixed
     new a23cbe1  Fixing a test failure.
     new bf41c0b  changes to the build system.
     new e2f83e8  fixing test failure and NPE.
     new 859a724  fixing registry-api tests.
     new 84bf535  fixing a build issue.
     new 36ca830  adding validation to client site to validate the given URL's.
     new 44c47e9  AIRAVATA-309 Adding the initial version for the registry migration tool.
     new e43ad3b  AIRAVATA-309 Introducing a util class.
     new 89f36bf  Fixing NPE
     new 8776ab3  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 191d8c2  AIRAVATA-309 Fixing the save order.
     new 8604bd8  Fixing NPE
     new 967c8a6  Adding the registry-migrator to the root pom.
     new 9042b9e  AIRAVATA-309 method efactoring and adding few debug souts.
     new c1f750b  AIRAVATA-319 Airavata-client module.
     new d7049b5  adding new service to system, by exposing registry api methods as a service.
     new f9131c6  adding new component in to the pack.
     new ff70794  AIRAVATA-319 Moving XBaya Client to a separate module.
     new 45f3a56  AIRAVATA-319 Renaming the client.
     new 06436e0  Copying airavata-client to lib directory.
     new 225e082  removing unwanted test.
     new 02fa85c  adding codegen to airavata-client to create registry-service stub.
     new 015b091  Connecting to a remote registry.
     new 6bf3877  Reading the configurations form a properties file.
     new 51feb87  AIRAVATA-309 Adding constants class
     new a27d808  AIRAVATA-309 reading the credentials through a properties file.
     new 6ea1fb3  AIRAVATA-309 Fixing NPE when accessing a remote jcr registry.
     new 6cb1119  Fixing concurrent modification excpetion.
     new 5750daf  Refactored XRegistryMigrate.
     new 9e26d94  Renaming the class XRegistryMigrate to XRegistryMigrationManager
     new b4516e4  Getting the properties file from the script.
     new 38c4463  Fix for AIRAVATA-326
     new dc49474  Fix for AIRAVATA-327
     new eec0b72  Removing setting of default values to application description.
     new 0f139a7  AIRAVATA-328 Setting the inputs to service.
     new c5939b1  AIRAVATA-328 Setting the outputs to service.
     new 8a02228  Setting parameter type to the service description.
     new 9831f53  AIRAVATA-328 Fixing an issue when setting the inputs.
     new b34975b  AIRAVATA-328 Fixing an issue when setting the output types
     new 910db7e  removing the reduandant method.
     new 2f37c0a  Adding documentation to methods.
     new 870b57b  Adding missing license headers.
     new 4175c6a  AIRAVATA-309 Moving the deployserviceonhost logic.
     new eb5d6a1  AIRAVATA-329 Adding a util method
     new 9dc1abb  AIRAVATA-329 saving app descriptions with the same name in Airavata Registry(By saving under a different unique name ie.originalName_id)
     new 55ee13c  AIRAVATA-329 Additing a util method to create a service description from a given name and a bean
     new 0aa17d4  AIRAVATA-329 If there are multiple service descriptions with same name, the latters ones are renamed while migrating to Airavata Registry.
     new 300f3ea  AIRAVATA-309 Migrating the gram applications.
     new b361cd1  Fixing NPE
     new 9aa14fa  AIRAVATA-309 improving a util method.
     new b6d5976  Fixing a NPE
     new c687e6a  Populating the project name of the gram description.
     new 85491e9  AIRAVATA-327 Setting walltime,min-memory,Processor-count
     new 12b7b90  Fix for AIRAVATA-334
     new 5668c97  Adding StdOut and StdErr to the gfac-schema. These were mapped to xsd:String schema type. TODO: Need to find a better way to map this to xml schema type.
     new 301c36f  AIRAVATA-336 Adding exception handling with proper error messages.
     new a118157  AIRAVATA-336 Adding the Exception class.
     new fbdb5bc  AIRAVATA-336 Adding log messages.
     new 442a144  Adding missing license header.
     new 9f435f7  Removing redundant method.
     new 37e8d9e  AIRAVATA-309 shell script for running the xregistry migration tool.
     new e788bf7  Copying the registry-migrator jar to standalone server dir.
     new 82c8623  Updating the migration script.
     new d9e31d9  Fixing NPEs.
     new fe55038  Updating the migration script.
     new c858670  Adding dependencies needed for xregistry-migration-tool.
     new d214d80  Refactored the xregistry-migrator module.
     new c66eb48  Cleaned up unused dependencies.
     new ea3cc6d  Intorudced util methods.
     new 53721fa  Fixing the build error.
     new 041af49  AIRAVATA-348 Build profile for airavata client.
     new c1847b6  AIRAVATA-348 build profile for registry-api.
     new d06442c  Fixing xbaya profile build.
     new a84a1f3  updating airavata client to list workflow ids, list inputs, run workflow given the workflow templateid & inputs
     new d504676  just comments...
     new 5ad2539  throw exceptions
     new b0a845b  set wsdl b4 retrieving workflow inputs
     new 0374820  overloading runworkflow to include user & metadata
     new ee88daf  adding applicaton mock location
     new 13ad398  a rough template for application description
     new 2147100  AIRAVATA-332 Sample test case to run a MPI job on Ranger
     new 79296d4  AIRAVATA-332 Adding the sample hello world mpi application.
     new 2b33ec0  AIRAVATA-332 Adding the schedular script(PBS)
     new b139fc1  Adding license header
     new a4183cb  Making the util method public as it can be used from other modules.
     new 00332cf  Fixing a minor issue in the GramProviderMPITest.
     new 17ca2e7  Adding the dependency to registry-migrator module as the MigrationUtil methods can be used in this module.
     new b2578a1  allow initializing the gfac service on a thread in order to let rest of the webapps to start (jackrabbit webapp needs to start for the initialization to work). also added 10 sec delay of init just in case
     new 60c15c0  adding thread initialisation for xbayaservice + adding delayed retry for gfac url registering service if url registration fails with a registry exception (can happen when the content repository is not yet available)
     new ea34398  script to setup airavata & jackrabbit on a tomcat
     new 901d0c1  help update
     new 1ad4a07  handling the case where the root node session has expired
     new 7a1cdf3  handling the case where the root node session has expired etc.
     new 5880d4f  Patch for AIRAVATA-331.
     new f2c28ee  Adding a readme for sample mpi application.
     new c9e288e  Removing the schedular script - scheduler_sge_job_mpi_helloworld
     new 816553b  AIRAVATA-298
     new 7ceb281  fixing xbaya multiple refresh for single action issue
     new c29b6a4  return the original url after validation
     new 24b177f  adding input value update from properties file functoin
     new 788bd3f  saving and loading the env variable from the model obj
     new f9fb8cc  Test csae for Pwscf service on Ranger.
     new a41761c  Adding MPI Test case for Ranger.
     new c00d113  removing a redundant test case.
     new 4d25e52  adding temporary scratch dir, to be removed later when the sandbox for airavata is created
     new 5520e97  initial dump of xbaya-web poc
     new e4025a3  refactoring WorkflowInterpreter Code.
     new c9d6b1f  have to do this to update my password. will remove the file
     new d09b593  Creating GFac API so that it could be used in Interpreter too.
     new a86e8bf  using newly added GFac API in GFac Axis2.
     new e7a6f38  adding Util method.
     new 1f938bb  putting method in to Utils package.
     new 9e3d7a3  adding embedded gfac feature to WorkflowInterpreter.
     new e910adc  adding configuration parameter to run in embedded mode.
     new abc7223  removing unnecessary parameter.
     new e87d6c2  fixing build error.
     new a4bbac9  loading preconfigured hostDescriptions.
     new e3e749a  Increasing the sleep interval.
     new 1f4e294  Updating the readme.
     new ffe98f2  adding new configuratoin files to build.
     new 11b3622  Fixing NPE during embedded mode of XBaya.
     new eb5572c  adding minor changes related to gfac/xbaya embedded mode.
     new afc9e80  fixing errors during startup.
     new fab4836  Fixing NPE during embedded mode invocations.
     new f6f38ea  Fixing more issues with Embedded version of xbaya/gfac.
     new 9cf47a4  removed the import
     new 73eeb88
     new 143e49b  minor feature improvements with embedded interpreter feature.
     new 3368bb5  fixing issues with invoking workflow Interpreter service using XBaya menu.
     new f1ca0a9  fixing some test failures..
     new 7b6f21d  commented host configuration for steele and forge as need to test before exposing.
     new 25e245d  updated trestles description
     new d88b4fb  fixing
     new 0bd4637  Fixing
     new e3ccfff  we remove the undefined AppDescriptors.
     new 702ce27  fixing
     new 80f3f95  Fix for AIRAVATA-378.
     new 248d68a  Fixing a test failure.
     new 3877d74  gram advance options ui update + temp dir autofill when exec filled in app description
     new 47dab03  Adding a sample xregistry file that can be used for the XRegistry to Airavata Registry migration.
     new 893a943  Adding file to the distribution.
     new 6a2a1db  fixing
     new 5511d9e  fixing
     new 38788e2  moved newinput out of the loop as there can be other type of inputs. AIRAVATA-381
     new 3423fff  fixing an isssue when using forEach with gfac service.
     new 4f7938c  fixing
     new 83518c1  fixing
     new 0e770a4  renaming the file to template, so can have local files with changes
     new 9a6aae8  updating hosts with ember and adding template information.
     new 170bc45  AIRAVATA-371 using "echo.bat" for testing when compile on windows
     new 44b55c0  Adding a testcase to test file transfers
     new d02d401  Setting the type for input
     new d68429a  fixing
     new b3e65f6  fixing
     new b8e763a  Adding option to add maximum memory to address AIRAVATA-389.
     new 2e86dde  deleting the target added by mistake
     new 4c20bfa  fixing
     new c061ea2  fixing gfac-invocation error.
     new 322f218  Moved yfilter to ogce archiva maven repo and removing this extra repo.
     new 2c5b87a  Moved yfilter to ogce archiva maven repo and removing this extra repo.
     new 42db756  fixing a testCase.
     new 5177ef1  to fix AIRAVATA-394
     new e76ac42  fixing the type issues in FileBreedGramTest
     new f6f81ac  supporting ArrayTypes.
     new 7b2970f  fixing issue with arraytypes.
     new 8e9852b  fixing
     new 50ff854  removing unncessary repos
     new 00378aa  reverting commit 1329916, this breaks the invocation of the next node after a endforEach, during output reading.
     new 5b8d038  Fix for AIRAVATA-399
     new 9afc3ca  fixing
     new 20c3066  Removing some non-printing characters that were in the INSTALL file.
     new 1d6a055  introducing xbaya execution mode
     new c05cd59  Fixing
     new cd1d5c6  fixing
     new a17eba2  fixing
     new 7a8d2b6  disable workflow mouse click editing in monitor mode
     new 96ea398  Updating info to build a jnlp
     new ccce11a  Updating webstart pluggin version and formatting pom
     new 899ba50  fixing jnlp generaiton issue with xbaya-gui.
     new 8bb9b8f  Updating deployment configuration in JNLP
     new 5f54916  Adding commented improved jglobus jars, when everything tested we can uncomment them.
     new cc28d87  Updating all pom's to ensure all modules will use a airavata- prefix. Addresses AIRAVATA-407
     new 1bc63ce  Changing the jar names in bin assembly as well to fix the jenkins build.
     new b10def5  Removing unncessary legacy wsmg jar dependency.
     new 400254f  Updating trunk with releases 0.2 branch
     new edd914c  changing the WorkflowInterpreter Service API.
     new bab9ce3  fixing AiravataClient to sync with WorkflowInterpreterService API changes.
     new 2a9be85  monitor function update
     new be97aea  monitoring with a listener + keyboard+popup_menu delete disabled in monitor mode
     new c6aafd1  Doing more changes to use Worfklow-Context header in Airavata Client.
     new 44a6735  fixing test failure due to recent changes.
     new 30583bc  minor changes to the client to work with a gfac service.
     new d1d8809  refactor for future benefit
     new cc36adc  comment on a exception
     new e5fcbb7  gfac url from registry + creating builder after clientconf setup & refactoring it
     new 5864e38  removing duplicate dependency
     new 7b638f3  updating distribution license and notice files from the release branch
     new e6805ed  Updating module pom's so all skipTests flag is read from parent pom. test-suite is an exception. Also disabling ws-messenger distribution from default built as the parent distribution includes messaging components.
     new 6f0742f  Fixing Context header.
     new 8ff37d2  supporting ContextHeader to parse to WokflowInterpreter from the client code.
     new 3dd505d  Changes to fix Airavata Client failures.
     new 71499bc  samples binary aar files are already bundled with standalone server. The source is added by mistake. Addresses - AIRAVATA-398
     new e147a12  Removed the unncessary include. Instead this should use org.apache.airavata.common.utils.XMLUtil
     new 4b6f333  Updating meta files with 0.3 release info
     new 68eda3c  fixing a test failure.
     new 0baaf6f  adding the workflowContextHeader in to ThreadLocal.
     new 8d1b79f  reading the outputStaging directory and do output Staging if use specify a directory for output Staging.
     new b32f5a9  Bumping trunk to 0.4 version
     new 5267d77  fixing output Staging support.
     new d31854b  Minor fix to Interpreter Skeleton.
     new adbaf08  toolbar group existance & button check + new workflow graph for a graph canvas set editability update call
     new d991fb5 - Decoupling model from controller/view step1 [removing gui obj from node & rearranging classes to different packages to isolate model objects]
     new 2813339 xbaya refactor- workflow model refactor step 2 [splitting classes rearranging functions]
     new 48451c2 xbaya refactor- workflow model refactor step 2 [splitting classes rearranging functions] etc
     new 8adf9e5 xbaya refactor- workflow model refactor step 2 [splitting classes rearranging functions] etc
     new 80df06c xbaya refactor- workflow model refactor step 3 [package renaming]
     new a65926b xbaya refactor- workflow model refactor step 4 [refactoring model packages to new maven module]
     new 761c4bc xbaya refactor- workflow controller/view refactoring step 1 [package renaming]
     new ccbee13 xbaya refactor- workflow controller/view refactoring step 1 [package renaming] etc.
     new ef4ca6a  applying patch by lahiru
     new 9e2f214 patch by milinda
     new f6a63b6 xbaya refactor- workflow controller/view refactoring step 2 [package rearranging, class rearranging]
     new a809642  removing empty packages
     new ed57856 xbaya refactor- workflow controller/view refactoring step 2 [package rearranging, class rearranging, adding compoenent registry controller class]
     new afa38fc xbaya refactor- workflow controller/view refactoring step 2 [package rearranging, class rearranging, adding compoenent registry controller class] etc.
     new 405d2d5  renaming workflow-model module to workflow-model-core
     new ca5ae9b  moving workflow-model-core module to a nested maven module (so that i can introduce workflow-model-ui later)
     new fea17ab - patch by Pedro (pedrorcs)
     new 833d787 xbaya refactor- workflow controller/view refactoring step 2 [moving all gui related functions off from xbayaengine to xbayagui class]
     new 4e87cfe  adding experimentID to owrkflow-tracking-context.
     new 6c50f61  creating the sandbox area and moving trunk/scratch into it
     new 7e04e11  fixing
     new 2721745  adding input File staging support for URIArray Type.
     new fef4348  more fixes with input file stagin.
     new 6dace9a  sending failure notificaiton during exception occurances.
     new 05c40cb  removing xbaya engine from workflow interpreter
     new b731bc9  remove myproxy credentials off from workflow interpreter + wrapping some of the parameters to the configuration object
     new d7ffbe3  NPE issue fixed (engine.getGUI() is not set yet)
     new 14c05f7  fixing the test run issue (wrapping the mode details -server/gui- in to the configuration since now the constructors for the xbaya are shared among server/gui invocation of workflow interpreter)
     new 3d974db  adding rest of the parameters to the workflow interpreter configuration object
     new 575576f  fixing
     new 20e2fcb  fixing
     new 5ced7ec  fixing file staging issues commited to branch.
     new 2624d4e  supporting of changing the size of the xbaya ui positioning.
     new cec5283  patch by lahiru on 29.05.2012
     new 9472646  handled output directory generation. AIRAVATA-432
     new 57ce948  Fixed the variable constant. AIRAVATA-435
     new 75330b3  typo on embeddedgfac parameter + getting registry object from credentials in properties file + fixing offline to true by default
     new d1f8199  fixing in trunk.
     new c10460d  Added method to gridftp server directories. AIRAVATA-436
     new dfef0db  Added null check incase output is not provided in stdout.
     new fed5508  Fixed AIRAVATA-436 to handle URIArray output types and AIRAVATA-442 for gram errors
     new 64947a5
     new f7eaef6  fixing
     new 29cf6a8  patch by lahiru for new feature
     new 61e87a9  removing extra notices as per dsicussion on legal-discuss
     new 8f5358a  removing unneccesary 0 byte notice files
     new 81a1f05  remove unnessary assembly, dist and resources directories within modules
     new 17b1928  adding the missing disclaimer configuration
     new 13ef5e6  deleting the unused notice file
     new 21ce430  fixing test failures.
     new a523e17  patch by lahiru
     new b55f68b  branch patches applied to trunk
     new ff0ce1b  fixing
     new 184c805  Applying patch given by milinda for jira
     new 05fe41a  Fixing a NPE.
     new 3719e21  Fix for AIRAVATA-470
     new 0e37845  fixing cpu usage issue with xbaya.
     new b1d9189  AIRAVATA-471 Adding a sample workflow.
     new 352f0c8  AIRAVATA-471 Adding a sample workflow.
     new 5cc546c  commit discussed on mailing list and AIRAVATA-444
     new e96c87e  commit to fix for-each in case of outputs are produced in output folder. AIRAVATA-444
     new 311d85d  AIRAVATA-472 Adding a test case to cover foreach use.
     new 8467050  AIRAVATA-472 Adding the for each test to the test suite.
     new a724f6d  AIRAVATA-472 Committing ComplexForEachWorkflowTest.
     new ad3a6ad  Adding a test case to the test-suite
     new 1aeef7b  Adding a ForEach testcase to the test-suite.
     new 8c9ac85  Adding missing license header.
     new a762e89  Addince missing license heades.
     new e7ee96a  AIRAVATA-476 Workflow to demonstrate echo on Ranger.
     new f2afc5b  Fixing a typo that will result in running a wrong workflow.
     new def80a6  branch fix applied to trunk - updating optional params
     new cd8ecd5  removing mode and introducing the interactor
     new 1d42814  removing the duplicate derby notice.
     new 5c6b331  Updating the README
     new 3a9fafc  cpu 100% issue fixed
     new 705774e  fixing workflowInterpreter notification failure.
     new 21e137e  notifier issue for when running on interpreter server + refactoring
     new 31ffa7d  Providing a temporary solution for logging issue in gfac-core.
     new 0998c29  saving messagebox service url + workflow interpreter url to the registry + updating airavataregistry api
     new c007680  saving message broker url in registry
     new 969c3b2  adding constructor use registry to fill its config values automatically
     new c9fbd52  fixing gfac-core test failures.
     new 9906edf  Fix for AIRAVATA-483.
     new 630fb63  Removing the plugin from the default profile as it would not be needed to be built during the default build.
     new d5b6392  fixing
     new 523c2c6  airavata api update + some api interfaced implemented + refactoring
     new 7052f9b  API impl
     new 7223d73  API impl contd.
     new bd263d6  adding few api docs.
     new d4cddb4  Workflow model changes for DoWhile. AIRAVATA-492
     new 35c1f62  fixing
     new 009d3ab  For AIRAVATA-491 adding node gui to Xbaya and dowhile components
     new 91b8245  added do while handler and changed workflow interpreter to call the handler.
     new 238d388  Changed the DoWhile model. AIRAVATA-492
     new 925ba12  fixing minor bug with scheduling implementation.
     new 07001cb  removing unwanted code.
     new a50ef0d  commented security context handling check as its not handled in Xbaya currently. AIRAVATA-494
     new a02f5b8  Adding new method to Airavata Client to getWorkflowServiceNode Names.
     new 0c85bea  fixing build error.
     new c3579ea  Adding the method to fix the test issue.
     new 61911c3  fixing build error.
     new efa29b6  fixing build error and adding api documentation.
     new ff5733a  Changing the version.
     new 396d47b  Updating the script with updated jar names.
     new c45655d  Removing obsolete jar.
     new 71f600d  handle Do while. AIRAVATA-277
     new ff24178  updating logo +
     new 2e5da42  Updating airavata-tomcat properties
     new 720fd5a  updating the script to allow dir creation when single file copy if the dir is not available
     new 847c30e  updating the host desc dialog with remote protocols + rearranging host to the bottom in app desc dialog + menu rearrangin in xbaya main menu for new workflow/app desc/host
     new d9f8fc2  Updating the properties file.
     new f123a54  Removing the registry-service from the build.
     new 8d77cb7  Removing airavata-registry-service from the build.
     new b91a85e  organized imports and fixed AIRAVATA-505
     new 33a3e6c  Fix for IRAVATA-502
     new 0036a7e  fixing
     new 83ce9ba  fixing NPE during gridjob submission.
     new 6ac1bac  updating meta files
     new 71d4126  handled parsing of output XML to get output value. AIRAVATA-499
     new 87d5132  fixing a test hangout in trunk.
     new c44400f  updating UI labels etc.
     new fb640c6  merging branch api changes with trunk
     new 7d95b27  minor change in echo sample operation.
     new 882cb76  wrong variable was set as output.AIRAVATA-499
     new 087cdfa  Fixed the object comparison.
     new bae773d  Adding the missing license header.
     new 82d2dc6  Removing unused files.
     new 47dc526  Adding missing license.
     new 4f8e727  Adding missing license.
     new 96f4cd6  Adding missing licenses.
     new eadc450  Adding license.
     new c0695db  Adding license.
     new bf74bfb  Adding license.
     new d7062c3  Adding license.
     new 17d8667  Add license.
     new 615048a  Adding license.
     new 5d5daca  Adding missing license.
     new 44a8fa1  Adding license.
     new 8733e81  Adding license.
     new 1a8aa5d  fixing issue with AiravataClient.
     new 2bf4744  Fixing issue with WorkflwoContext Header parsing from XBaya to Gfac.
     new e9efb35  picking host from Worfklwo context header even thought its not set in ot that service.
     new 972b0ec : fix globus host data not showing when editing host desc issue
     new fb8fb0b : fix globus host data not showing when editing host desc issue etc.
     new 91d09dc : fix globus host data not showing when editing host desc issue etc.
     new 08370c3  fixing Error during gram job invocation.
     new 951b134  adding API docs for AiravataAPI.
     new ce5fcf1  Fix for AIRAVATA-510.
     new 2b890cf  Copying the host.xml to the proper location.
     new 148dcc2  Updating the ports of the copied files.
     new d856e2e  Copying the to a new location.
     new 074690d  Updating ports of the copied file.
     new 3d00905  changing deployment description dialog
     new cad899e  removing app node from reg browser
     new 6e043a4  Adding liceance header.
     new 0a5580e  remove app edit
     new bd0c85b  validate presence of urls in registry
     new 5fe51c1  udpating texts
     new 27ad851  udpating tree node
     new 37db75f  setting queue name from application description.
     new db13392  updaitng registry tree with new configuration nodes
     new 9709e19  Fixing a NPE while testing tutorials.
     new 0f2faec  adding config icon
     new 69bffcb  updating API
     new b399b2c  adding context header builder passing to the API run workflow
     new 6a7dbad  updating the names of th eAPI
     new dd09ed9  Changing the successful application registered Message.
     new 53abdea  updating text labels + picking up interpreter service url from registry
     new 1774f74  introducing the version object
     new a520c52  delete existing apps before updating service desc
     new 10b0642  delete apps for service desc when service desc is deleted
     new 27ce8a0  AiravataAPI object retrieving location change + disallowing creating airavataclient object by 3rd party
     new 50cb2ff  adding comments
     new e2d79ec  Adding jnlp.
     new 675d49a  Commenting the webstart-maven-plugin
     new 2b5a0e1  Fixing build failure.
     new 47bee1b  Removed unused dependencies.
     new 9a74cfa  Updated the image.
     new a24da3c  Commenting the execution class as it is removed.
     new 9883312  Adding the jnlp module.
     new 1f9a611  Adding the jnlp module.
     new ca9c592  fixing an issue with Workflow getting.
     new 5427812  adding comments & overloading getAPI function to allow backward compatibility
     new 009460d  adding comments
     new f76708a  updating the API version to airavata version + NPE in host desc dialog when saving
     new 26b269c  Adding a method to the api to return a ExecutionContext.
     new a2a2001  updates on labels and some refactoring
     new ccc5f0a  allowing pluggable proverance registry handler + refactoring
     new 9eb7239  Remove the dependency.
     new 1495d09  fixing a NPE during startup.
     new 94560c8  adding comments to the abstract class
     new 18f09df  adding provenance handler sample
     new 4dd0164  proper comments & reordering the functions for better readability
     new fa1ee7b  removing the jnlp module, fixing the xbaya-gui build to have a jnlp
     new c89def0  fixing test failures
     new 97532f7  removed the reference to jnlp module
     new 8aabb5e  Fixing the Monitoring URL issue.
     new 6ce289f  removed the stale dependency
     new 8ade3fb  fixing test failures.
     new 81a327e  updating the API to save/get the workflow instance name
     new d0d388f  Fixing a bug.(Noticed this while running a workflow through InterpreterService).
     new 67d64d0  removing simple-math-service from the build.
     new 20687db  provenance issue + msgbox&eventing url issue
     new e644c75  chk for stdout type and assign directly
     new 27b4a73  advance option update
     new b4e50f8  providing stdOut support.
     new f53194f  supporting stdOut and StdErr.
     new 20fc633  double click to edit + color chk using equal
     new f6b0a68  copy content menu
     new 02ed756  parameter view action
     new 423c884  show status in experiment
     new a25d8ee  Updating the JNLP template.
     new f2ddf34  Adding XBaya JNLP to the build.
     new 196abf7  Fixing the test failure.
     new b2c4084  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 0eebb42  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 8c076ed  Cleaned up the pom.
     new fb68502  Pointing to the registry url to the publicly accessible registry instance.
     new 1964e89  Updating url.
     new 1427fac  throwing fault notification when ProviderException is thrown
     new 476db37  Fix to resolve the jar signing issue, when starting the jnlp.
     new 5133190  trim parameter values in browser node + allow specifying a workflow instance name
     new 2ab9d75  updating menu caption
     new fe5ad80  make experiment name blank initially & make it compulsory
     new 606fb38  updating captionning based on workflow data availability and showing experiments eventhough workflow node data is not present
     new ac72b12  load ursl when reg was specified in commandline
     new ce94280  Fixed if output params are stdout/stderr only. AIRAVATA-520
     new e07fb0f  Reverting pom to 1340614. The JNLP additions were improperly inherited from a stand alone pom.
     new 6b73d67  Updating the release notes to 0.4
     new 2f54b15  adding the missing header
     new 9f40d36  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.4-incubating
     new 4b07284  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 00f3ad8  xbata workflow editor UI changes
     new 1038316  Adding Kraken host description.
     new 639eb51  reverting back to old body color
     new 74f822e  equal check for color and draw update for edges in workflow graph
     new fb15d09
     new 0be7459  Removed the unused import
     new cff42e0  Removed extra notices
     new b4faf13  Removing additional notices.
     new f0ceca7  Removing additional notice.
     new 0a7cf76  Removing additional notice.
     new 6a138ca  Renaming the sample workflow to a more readable name.
     new b55a7c7  Enabling tests for default build.
     new 97f2a0c  Updating the pom version.
     new db1df17  Removing unnecessary URLs from the POM. These wont be needed for the JNLP as these are populated through the registry URL.
     new 698464e  Fix for AIRAVATA-533. Thanks Amila for the contribution.
     new 15c113d  Fix for AIRAVATA-533. Thanks Amila for the contribution.
     new 48c69b3  Applying patch given by Bathiya.. Thanks Bathiya for the patch.
     new c42ec8b  Applying patch given by Bhathiya for issue
     new 3f865a8  fixing build error.
     new bbe8f49  it is evident that we seriously need someone as a QA
     new cbd93eb  logic updates
     new 2f644f3  showing true/false in control ports
     new f74354d  adding modification to cope with AiravataProvenanceRegistry interface.
     new a5d719f  supporting new Provenance Data architecture and new ProvenanceRegistry design.
     new 11d0d59  Adding patch provided by Ye for AIRAVATA-456.
     new 6ccfad9  Committing Ye's patch for AIRAVATA-546.Y
     new 91d5a67  adding new methods to put workflowInstaneID.
     new 365a5b3  Adding nodeType
     new 9141a85  Adding workflowStatus
     new d2a7992  Adding toString methods for enum values to be used hwen saving in to repo
     new ca8ea3e  Chaning names in to workflowInstanceID in correct places.
     new e472318  Committing teh patch added by Ye for AIRAVATA-456.
     new b49c074  moving registry migrator to attic as it is not actively used, if needed, the module can be checked out from attic and used
     new 1a87bbd  removed dependency for registry migrator
     new e6270a8  changing the enum type to remove call to migrator
     new fa01bf2  Removing references to legacy xregistry
     new 5cd0346  changing the sql and minor fixes to provenance-impl
     new ed0de59  moving the tests to java.
     new 877e0a4  fixing build error in provenance-registry component.
     new ccc8205  Patch for AIRAVATA-338 Thanks Bhathiya for the contribution.
     new 9ffb450  Applying patch provided by Ye Fan for issue Thank You Ye for teh contribution.
     new b225954  verified and applied Chathur's patch for AIRAVATA-559
     new 00d6250  Fixing some issues with provenacne impl
     new 0b30b79  fixing build failure.
     new a8e0921  removing sling integration classes & some refactoring
     new bb17dbe  patch by bhathiya (getServiceDescription_2.patch)
     new 05d8205  Applying patches given by Chathuri Wimalasena for issues AIRAVATA-544 and AIRAVATA-545.
     new da67e06  minor chnages to handle notification before storing data in to db using provenance registry.
     new 5b1a346  Fixing some isssues in ProvenanceRegistryIMpl.
     new 8f4c048  Adding provenance Registry in to build system, but this will not be the default usage.
     new 4a73c46  moving persistent.xml and adding commented information to with how to configure provenance registry.
     new 8b95272  removing stale libs folder
     new c8c697b  Adding OpenJPA NOTICE to binary notice file.
     new 1307e50  adding license header
     new cdca9e3  AIRAVATA-563. Changed to use bash shell
     new da55f92  fixing issue with updating configuration urls during first run.
     new e8631f6  implementing the getWorkflowStatus method.
     new 5a5c588  adding new registry API for review
     new 4c76dad  adding initial dump for jpa registry
     new e4703ab  introducing AiravataRegistryFactory class
     new 11b5fd8  adding configuration registry & resourcemetadata
     new c2ca0c5  update api after review
     new 620f247  commiting another getter method which will be used in xbaya-gui.
     new 5f40172  committing the patch provided by chathuri in
     new c2d9ad9  fixing build error.
     new 82f284d  Adding new JPAREgistry implementation.
     new a153d35  Addnig missing class.
     new 63cdbf4  implementing AiravataRegistry2.
     new daee0c2  Applying the patch provided by Chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 5e5420a  adding more implementation methods.
     new 3afd5fb  adding more implementations.
     new dfc7ff9  applying a patch from Chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 90454ea  more methods  implementations.
     new 8cb84c4  More implemetnation methods.
     new 1d953aa + refactoring
     new e5fdaa7  add few more config methods
     new 6912500  overloading save method
     new 4b52803  removing the save overload & adding remove function to config remove
     new 7e0b88f  updating gatewayResource class
     new afda311  using new AiravataRegistry2.
     new 149caba  adding patch from chathuri
     new 8114d5c  new reg api integration
     new 5551943  new reg api integration
     new e6334e1  new reg api integration
     new 4c8a208  new reg api integration
     new a4dae53  applying patch from chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new ee3797d  fixing a compilation error
     new 6fcd14e  committing some refactoring code.
     new 982981d  more refactoring.
     new 9e67000  moving some mothods to utils
     new a7016a4  minor changes to new structure
     new 1789806  updating xbaya to support new registry api
     new 1546e24  updating airavata client to support new registry api
     new 35105f3  AIRAVATA-564. Incase of single element and single string we run one time
     new 3546625  AIRAVATA-548. Added stringarray to handle multiple outputs in STDOUT
     new 1512e3d  AIRAVATA-548. Changed exception to give proper message
     new 2f5ab5b  applying patch from chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 81e87f7  adding Util method to registry.
     new 0e5dfb8  using new registry implementation in gfac-core
     new a6f0da1  using new AiravataRegistry2 in gfac-axi2.
     new f5b4122  using latest implementation of registry in broker and messagebox.
     new 881db19  updating jpa models
     new bfcf59f  fixing and more changes to use new registyr-api
     new d736785  adding new jars in to build system.
     new ca2ae59  commenting the tests.
     new d64cbec  fixing build errors.
     new 67fc20f  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 81fce1d  adding new regstry-service to handle regisry initialization.
     new 9f377d1  fixing null pointer exception
     new 53c7812  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new a354c81  applying patch from chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 23b70a9  more changes to new registry-service.
     new 88a33da  fixing build eror !!!
     new 06e9346  committing more changes to registry-service.
     new 3ccc5bc  changind default values of
     new 59ff284  adding isactive method nad removing closeconnection method
     new b5e697f  adding patch by chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 7c58cd6  adding properteis file for xbaya.
     new 31a748d  ADding data during startup.
     new 024af90  fixig error during xbaya startup..
     new 963e44e  adding derby script.
     new e497ea9  fixing configurations not saving issue
     new 7232202  applying patch from chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 71f52bc  updating isExist method of GatewaiyResource
     new 58d31ee  fixing entity manager not being set issue
     new 6970604  fixing a issue in getServiceDescriptor and getDeploymntDescriptor methods.
     new 8490bd7  applying AIRAVATA-562.13.patch for AIRAVATA-562
     new 4e7be3b  updating existing resources to the database
     new c1312c1  fixing user not saving issue
     new bc26f36  updating models
     new 6c5ab97  fixing gui issues when updating descriptors.
     new 084d395  fixing data retrieving issues in jpa implementation.
     new 06abd81  applying patch from Chathuri for AIRAVATA-562
     new 7b3df03  fixing gfac url retrieving.
     new 42938f2  fixing minor issues encountered while running hellow world workflow.
     new cc5d0c7  Fixing more issues in gfac sdie
     new abb2032  change the database script and modified the model and resources accordingly, applying patch AIRAVATA-562.15.patch by Chathuri
     new be34e25  applying patch from Chathuri for AIRAVATA-575
     new 0ed4e01  make provenance data to be saved ini to registry.
     new cd4f7c6  fixing exception thrown during data saving.
     new 7393d65  adding provenance registry sql
     new e485fcf  fixing shutdown issues.
     new b97361c  applying patch AIRAVATA-546.patch by Chathuri
     new 2a1b8a0  updating provenance registry api
     new d4ea612  updating provenance registry api etc.
     new de3aefb  fixing an issue during restart.
     new 334e420  adding missing exception.
     new d9181c2  completing provenance registry api changes, its impls & usages
     new bfc169d  fixing unnecessary parameter set
     new 02b8338  aplying patch AIRAVATA-546.1.patch
     new b876a82  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 6bee146  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 06ff6ea  change varchar fields of some tables to BLOB and update the model accordingly
     new 227c40f  Airavata TLP graduation
     new 039f167  tetsing airavata commits and updating AIRAVATA-577
     new ef5c2f1  test commit
     new 2940b0a  refactoring class names & updating airavata API to reflect the new experiment data structure
     new be72769  applying AIRAVATA-581.1.patch
     new 49727d3  removing auto increment field from Project table
     new 1bdefd7  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 44a671f  applying AIRAVATA-581.2.patch for derby support
     new 9efd276  fixing the issues in provenance data save, adding default project & adding experiment and workflow instance if not present
     new 15b2991  save the experiment name
     new 7226ed0  applying AIRAVATA-582.patch
     new d301be9  fixing compilation errors
     new d558677  updating poms
     new 6f9e285  create experiment if it exists
     new 5e8797f  create node data if not present
     new 6ccfec7  change mysql db script
     new eaa5b9f  supporting creating the node instance when it is not present
     new 95632cb  change published_workflow table
     new 25c1144  user workflow pk model class update, few typo fixes in api + jpa resource classa
     new 7593d34  fiixng interpreter issue.
     new 245d0e5  updating pom's to remove incubating to address AIRAVATA-577
     new c965a82  commenting the tests to get the builds going, need to update the tests to registry upgrades
     new 5302246  calling save() on status update & fixing typo errors
     new 459a642  removing run button from launch dynamic wf
     new b445d4e  fixing issue in experiment data
     new 26af8da  fixing registry browser to load experiments
     new 2654251  chking status is null b4 setting it
     new cab7faf  removing invalid experiment name update + null check for parameter data
     new ffa1c0c  save template name
     new c627c73  applying AIRAVATA-556.3.patch
     new c15ced0  removing jersey dependencies
     new e540ea8  build fails randomly due to a missing version in jackson-core-asl. This dependency comes from amazon sdk. Bumped the amazon sdk version to mitigate the issue, the amazon funcationlity is due for a spin anyways
     new c5af55a  adding aar pluggin to webservies to deploy to comcat
     new 3b58208  added a method to check file extension and set trasfer type. AIRAVATA-584
     new cf44654  fixing axis2 anonService creation.
     new e8b8e27  fixing axis2 anonService creation.
     new 0128aad  allowing 3rd party registry connection data provider
     new b0c4e84  allowing 3rd party registry connection data provider etc.
     new 5b3da91  removed Jackrabbit dependency. (AIRAVATA-589)
     new 9fa74a4  fixing array index output of boudn exception.
     new f041507  Fixing Array index outof bound
     new 7f73f44  stopping unnecessary property file loading + check to see value exist for the key b4 trying to access it
     new cef88ea  updating the xbaya version
     new 078f8ff  fixing error handling issue in airavata.
     new 6d4aabf  allowing default gateway & user specified from a 3rd party class
     new a7f8444  allowing default gateway & user specified from a 3rd party class etc.
     new 5375232  allowing default gateway & user specified from a 3rd party class etc.
     new 2908f75  Temporary fix for WA for JNLP dependency issues caused by parent pom. Adding a stand alone pom to build a JNLP.
     new 0e1ed93  applying AIRAVATA-591.patch and some other improvements
     new 2740484  more changes with new registry implementation.
     new 3476c51  applying AIRAVATA-594.patch
     new c74a347  Adding property files as discussed in - AIRAVATA-383. The code needs to be changed to reflect these properties.
     new 879bb06  chk to see if hte host descriptor exists b4 saving
     new 629752e  convert the printstacktrace to a log warning
     new 6e25add  temporarily reverting patch in rev 1394252
     new 947157f  fixing missing space in the sql query - AIRAVATA-594.2.patch
     new 6575d40  adding run icon to run on interpreter menu item
     new 394a932  fixing
     new acedc32  retrieving experiment meta information only
     new 0175939  implementing getExperimentMetaInformation and getAllExperimentMetaInformation in ExperimentDataRetriever class
     new cbafc87  adding reg ex to select query
     new 35c8597  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 9af18a6  null chk for service name and host name when adding/updating application descriptor
     new f093361  increasing default timetout in client.
     new 0785e11  allowing start monitoring on users choice + allow launching the workflow on a thread or not
     new af56195  Fix for test failures.
     new f00686b  allowing users to set timeout value
     new 1a106cb  missing exception class
     new ba36d34  adding logs to methods
     new c19ab82  fixing all nodes not being shown in monitoring panel
     new 8721908  refactoring ExperimentDataRetriever
     new 1159266  wait for the registry to contain experiment data before returning from the launch function when launched in thread mode
     new cc048ff  fixing build failure
     new 470bd8f  fixing the issue when run a workflow
     new 73b5d98  do launch pre tasks out of the thread
     new 0c2b610  Fixing Failure scenario.
     new f0e9536  whenever you update the node status update the workflow status update time as well
     new c38b261  Adding version tags to missing dependecies.
     new 2b2318c  AIRAVATA-517 Fixing the jar signing issue of the jnlp.
     new b80e4ce  Its better to have all application option writable.
     new 5edf5fa  changing the wrong static working directory.
     new 0697360  fixing
     new 2c815a0  Fixed AIRAVATA-597 to add junit jar version
     new 43e3f3b  adding tests to jpa registry resources
     new a6b282f  fixing AIRAVATA-601
     new 5fd2f89  hiding registry url from launch workflow dialog
     new 19b64ad  fixing host descriptors panel not updating with edit host descriptors and add new host descriptors
     new 1d2db31  start derby in the in memory mode for tests
     new e7b19e4  start derby in server mode with in memory
     new 6512355  fixing build failure
     new 3e4715c  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new fdf9230  adding abstract test class and extend all the other test classes from it
     new 4ab15cb  Removing airavata-registry-migrator from the bin-assembly as it is not there in the trunk build any more.
     new 829835f  removing multiple records in getList()
     new d357a4d  fixing build issue
     new d14336e  update test cases
     new be84b93  updating application description dialog withnew field
     new af823d1  updating application description dialog withnew field
     new 456acad  Updating nodecount ordering
     new 53a063a  increasing default timeout value
     new cbf9c12  Updating the interfaces to have unique method names. If it didn't have unique names, the rest services will start complaining stating media type conflicts.
     new 5eedfd4  Fixing an issue with overriding context header values
     new 020377f  Adding junit version in main pom as well
     new 76df4ba  Adding derby client for conveniance of standalone xbaya launch
     new c780916  adding test for registry api
     new 9c9a8d3  move common/registry-api to registry module and get rid of old registry API and its implementations
     new 47a3842  increase the width of nodes when the node header font is bold
     new 55a4bb9  Unified the property files and removed all duplicates as discussed in AIRAVATA-383
     new e795b3e  changing the defualt configuration to derby.
     new d68022c  adding start derby property
     new be8411b  giving proper error message when parameter doesn't exist
     new e6cf3d6  fixing AIRAVATA-611
     new 90c3e33  readProvenance method is not used. Changed reviewed with Lahiru. AIRAVATA-601
     new d52846d  Fix for AIRAVATA-595.
     new e8a5e55  fixing logs issue in standalone mode.
     new 7bd5ac3  Error was getting masked and now displayed coming to logs. AIRAVATA-612
     new 59179ae  change the log file locaiton.
     new 0eadcd0  adding method to registry API to check whether experiment name exist and make experiment name field blank in xbaya
     new 284a9a3 & part solution for
     new bd8e251  remove unwanted comments
     new 25dce16  fixing parent form not set for add application dialog and add host dialog
     new 70b5962  changng logging in to log4j.
     new 1b41aec  removing the deprecated ember machine descriptions.
     new ca1c7c4  Revert commit 1400294
     new 0fea435  Remove m2e added by eclipse
     new e197fb5  Remove airavata-common-registry-api
     new 55bb034  Use JCL as default logging library
     new 758b8ec  replacing the left over loggers with slf4j
     new 090fd5e  further cleaning of logging dependencies, the test cases could have used the sl4j-simple, but ensuring all of airavata modules use log4j and any appenders specified. Dropping in slf4j-jcl for routing any dependency logging based on jcl or commons-logging.
     new 6cff9ea  * Addressing AIRAVATA-613, AIRAVATA-614 and removed myproxy dependency in Xbaya. * Cleaning up assembly and removed distribution dependency on ws-messenger distribution * removed the jackrabbit binary repo
     new 954248b  reverting the aar plugin's added for convenaince. This reduces the binary from 115MB to 52MB
     new e463a1e  Adding 0.5 release notes.
     new 4d28702  fixing AIRAVATA-615
     new 817dff0  removing provanance registry module from commons module
     new 1541dda  Error was not thrown if property file don't exists.AIRAVATA-617
     new ccda037  removing dynamic workflow invocation from the Run menu.
     new 478a24b  derby starting scripts back
     new 83493c7  fixing build error
     new cdcbe37  including startNetworkServer script to bin folder
     new 9ffc260  add missing jars
     new 1518911  fixing errors during shutdown.
     new 7c56097  changing the logging levels
     new 4d4ecf7  removing error during shutdown at the middle.
     new 26e2850  refactoring thread classes in services
     new 6c72f9a  fixing AIRAVATA-618
     new a30d2ea  avoiding errors during ctrl-c before successful startup.
     new 2a4e5b6  minor fix to handle proper shutdown.
     new 6a152d3  fixng shutdown issue.
     new 5332026  removing unwanted code piece from interpreter
     new b3f8575  removing boolean return types from update methods of registry API
     new 749bcc1  fixing date does not updating successfully in congfigurations and other tables
     new 71fbad1  ascii art for airavata start script
     new a74df6b  updating the assembly to include logo.txt
     new b03eb24  fixing
     new aaf72e2  set start derby by default
     new a665ad3  branching 0.5 to open trunk for development
     new 11eeb94  bumping the version in trunk, so development can move foreward towards 0.6
     new 6de090a  adding missing license header and excludes for rat check
     new 7a40062  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.5
     new ea68cdb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e08d05e  reverting release prepartion to update scm tag
     new 3df9fbe  Update the SCM to point to branch for release plugins to work.
     new 1bd143e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.5
     new 9fe4def  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 740a8ff  Merging release branch changes back to trunk.
     new 7dcf5b7  reverting the scm tag to trunk, and formatting
     new e303768  fixing exception during workflow execution end.
     new 217c430  Code cleanup for airavata client. Improved exception handling etc. AIRAVATA-626
     new 15ff6b0  fixing AIRAVATA-628
     new 4edd81b  add functions to the API to return workflow inputs, return all workflows (published & private), work with published workflows from airavata api, search experiments by their name
     new d36c02c  add functions to the API to return workflow inputs, return all workflows (published & private), work with published workflows from airavata api, search experiments by their name etc.
     new 37bca58  add functions to the API to return workflow inputs, return all workflows (published & private), work with published workflows from airavata api, search experiments by their name etc.
     new 257611e  adding annotations
     new c93ec86  adding annotations to support serialization/deserialization + some refactoring
     new 738ac45  adding annotations compatible with REST service
     new 5fd54da  allowing interpretor service to work with a simple xml input, without workflow context header.
     new 9160312  Updating jnlp pom to have missing dependency.
     new 4c0231c  Adding the full airavata-server properties to this file. If these are not there and if we build with just the default properties file, airavata tomcat deployment will start complaining with NPEs because we have not added them to the configuration file.
     new 7b0746d  Reverting to 1407479.
     new 16d5477  fixing issue during workflow run.
     new 9506888  reverting bad commit done by Lahiru.
     new 7ade103  removing boolean return type from update methods of registry api
     new 8582008  adding airavata rest services to trunk
     new 6052bdf  updating pom
     new 67112f0  updating descriptor client
     new a9ec57d  changing workspace project class map with REST implementation
     new 65ba160  updating rest client methods
     new ebf853b  committing amilas patch for
     new 5bdffde  adding amila's commit for issue
     new 1e9d672  adding missing file for amilas patch for issue
     new 6a9c236  updating publish workflow client methods
     new 3b90cd1  committing part of amila's patch for issue
     new 65fdc73  updating provenance related client methods
     new c039b04  Applying the patch given by amila for Thanks Amila for the contribution.
     new be56a0c  Applying patch provided by Amila for issue Thanks Amila for the contribution.
     new 2eda2da  adding basic methods to getGateway, getAiravataUser
     new 704cf01  adding seperate module for REST client
     new c8b3bf2  updating rest service methods
     new c7f81dc  deleting client classes from REST service
     new 85cc04c  replacing Airavata Client from REST client
     new 8a5fcf6  adding new module for all the REST related sub modules
     new 6c3eeaa  deleting rest client
     new c9656cb  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 22922db  cleaning poms
     new 7be50dc  deleting rest service from top module
     new f780903  refactoring monitor & stub out of xbaya
     new bdb6584  adding monitoring module
     new 6249b09  integrating security with REST client
     new b5f9cee  Applying patch given for
     new 2170917  removing wrong configuration put for default configuration.
     new 7e91e0e  adding airavata client initialization method with callback impl
     new dd5ff56  fixing
     new bf18d2b  adding all client methods to a single class
     new cb5df95  Appying amilas patch for Thanks Amila for the contribution.
     new 8cfc7da  adding get service version
     new f7d3e2d  refactoring jcr component registry out
     new 3e24e24  updating poms to have the new jar
     new 80fb7e0  decouple node body color dependency in workflow execution
     new 1599a01  refactoring the workflow interpreter - let the games begin
     new 8815aa6  updating airavata client
     new 60edbd2  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 798f4f9  move Callback interface to registry-api
     new 4010022  updating airavata client
     new 775fcdc  updating API
     new 6ac9d3c  changing xbaya to use airavata client
     new 4314ccf  updating API
     new f820c29  refactoring Airavata API to a factory class & overloading to get API object without credentials
     new f5f4266  Applying amilas patch for
     new 1ff9753  committing amilas patch for
     new 6451d81  updating service methods to have a pool of airavataRegistry2 objects from the context
     new 7fa8e7f  commenting mysql dependency from pom
     new ff52824  updating rest client classes to get serviceURL
     new 84f8a02  updating interpreter util to hv nodeexecutionstate
     new a804a78  setting config on initialize and call initialize at client api object creation in facotry
     new cbf8f7d  updating client
     new 245c3d7  add the registry url to config
     new 28f2f1c  Changed exception handling
     new 30975e2  Changed exception handling
     new 42d4813  handle the case we do not provide the registry url
     new 7eef8d8  fixing AIRAVATA-664
     new 4b721bb  applying amilas patch for AIRAVATA-666.
     new f1cd3e2  Changed exception handling
     new cf63f85  ServerSettings for Airavata
     new d26e0cc  introducing file & registry settings class
     new e3d91de  fixing the test suit break
     new bd2281a  fixing AIRAVATA-665
     new 38c11cb  fixing xbaya issues
     new d267291  allowing file in conf
     new de9c2f4  overload getsettings to have default val
     new 9db5187  overload getsettings to have default val
     new bcca64c  update reading property files
     new 8f49ad7  removing dependency
     new b05ef56  fixing test failures
     new 02830f5  common util dependency
     new 6c2fd9e  fixing issues when starting the server
     new c9dd494  fixing build failure
     new f7b14b8  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 00ee79f  allow reloading jcr component registry when airavata api object set
     new 3d6eab5  adding new host and app to support jdsl.
     new 636b376  Adding jdsl Provider.
     new 97f2173  Adding unicore repository to the build.
     new 744e84a  updating pom
     new 3dff27b  fixing hosts not saving
     new 6bc681f  update the workflow launch to use airavata api
     new e7006a6  Fixing workflwo to run rather breaking before start running the workflow.
     new b6acd3b  updating airavata client
     new 68dca93  updating client
     new 52b40cf  updating REST service and client
     new f1ce83b  fixing experiments not showing in the registry view
     new e0ba978  retrieve the port seperately
     new 2011141  Removing repository in module pom files
     new 5e4b99e  Removing repository in module pom files
     new de3ac2b  addressing AIRAVATA-671. Removed GRAMDeploymnetType in application description and renamed batch application to HPCApplicationDeploymentType.
     new a519412  updating schema name spaces to resolvable web locations
     new ec9e717  adding xml tags for all schemas
     new d6c3ccc  updating schema import location
     new edcc77a  adding new server module to handle embedded tomcat startup.
     new 6b85f90  new paramter to to handle embedded tomecat.
     new b25dd38  using same servlet-api version.
     new f95e95c  changing the build to have embedded tomcat as default server.
     new 41e3968  changing the property name.
     new 66de05f  changing property name to port.
     new 03e5b44  keeping session when authenticating
     new 80e88ee  updating schema namespace constants
     new ccd3777  updating schema constants for wec and wft
     new cd9d318  updating rest service
     new 03376c6  move registryListner class to common module
     new 9d9b2a8  making rest service a jar so that it can be used in the pack.
     new 425df3f  adding rest service in to the pack.
     new e48c836  adding rest service in to embedded tomcat instance.
     new 0136b52  create a seperate web app for rest service
     new 4b5a18d  adding authenticator.xml to the build.
     new 47397fa  removing unwanted repository which makes online build fail.
     new 8764591  change service context and port
     new 59c2635  updating distribution
     new 2b118a2  updating assembly
     new f596eb3  fixing class not found error coming from distribution
     new 4d8f409  fixing error when running 10 minutes article.
     new 2991c45  copying distribution changes.
     new 7e2bf90  set of changes to distro.
     new 589d7b6  unifying all three packs.
     new 8d908fe  applying patch by amila for AIRAVATA-668
     new db5260b  changing xbaya-gui distribution.
     new 3a08400  adding constants
     new 0ff2bca  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 27a47a9  adding more changes in to new pack building.
     new e151ef8  Fixing build errof
     new bd249c9  changing distributioin artifactId names.
     new 00d17fa  changing names of distributions.
     new 227fd5e  fixing paths
     new 9078785  fixing paths in xbaya distribution
     new 058131c  cleaning up poms
     new 14d82cc  removing unnecessary files from distribution packs
     new 2a33d4f  adding new sample for airavata-client use-cases.
     new 9f10dd0  fixing sample failure
     new a7391b4  adding correct samples to airavata client.
     new 01096a0  removing unnecessary dependencies from xbaya distribution
     new aa18857  more changes to newly added samples.
     new 3bc908f  removing unnecessary dependencies coming from axis2
     new b46d6b7  Initial stab at updating L&N files. Still needs more verification.
     new 646848b  fixing the gridftp client invalid destination host/port issue
     new a5a423d  adding more changes to samples.
     new 786ee15  update api version to 0.6
     new ad19f8b  updating REST client and REST service
     new 8f7988e  refactoring
     new 6b57897  updating experiment data retriever
     new 7b0d5a2  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new c429ba4  Adding integration test, thanks amila for contribution.
     new ba86f42  Fixing paths in pom.xml
     new 8ed3dfd  temporarily excluding the integration tests
     new 482d199  direct access to WorkflowInstance from ExperimentData
     new 1330a91  adding code to save input node data in to database.
     new dba6529  adding output Node data in to provenance data.
     new 10068c9  fixing issues in registry browser view
     new 7c0738f  adding actions to copy workflow information and experiment information to registry browser view
     new fb71401  add missing dependency for REST web app
     new b356b82  updating workflow instance data to retrieve workflow inputs and outputs
     new 0ff7e27  refactor + add getId()
     new 7ab1f4e  add get id functions
     new 5e23e68  updating workflow instance node type
     new 830c032  updating registry browser view
     new 4e44893  Fixing issue AIRAVATA-674. Thanks Amila.
     new e03ee9f  refactor
     new fb7dd0b  Adding comments to registry-api classes.
     new 4041407  review & refactor API objects
     new 30b3c80  udpate class import list
     new 473ad9c  setting interface for WorkflowExecutionData & NodeExecutionData instead of their impls
     new 8bd6826  updating rest service to have interfaces
     new b0d3e82  Fixing AIRAVATA-673. Also cleaned up integration tests bit. Thanks Amila
     new 4b6c2ea  changing the location to store database scripts.
     new 10b57ca  removing NodeExecutionData interface since cannot be deserialized when using REST
     new f4008f6  fixing startup issue.
     new b212926  fixing build issue
     new 4ed5e85  fixing node name not saving when workflow node saving
     new 34d19e8  changing the artifactId of airavata-server.
     new b049c2c  fixing out of memoryerror when deploying on tomcat.
     new 58163dd  Fixing AIRAVATA-676 and AIRAVATA-675. Also cleaned up some code related to integration tests and rest services. Thanks Amila
     new d68b2ca  removing abstract keyword
     new 8bbc910  Fixing AIRAVATA-678. Fixing integration test failure
     new 6aeb311  adding ExperimentAdvanceOptions interface
     new 5b028e7  adding ExperimentAdvanceOptions interface etc.
     new 82cacfb  Fixing AIRAVATA-681. Thanks Amila.
     new 78da9bf  adding gateway to request
     new 0a8083f  adding execution advance options impl + updating the API + api impl
     new f8910a1  enabling phoebus in Airavata backend
     new 9f7bdde  Fixing AIRAVATA-682. Thanks Amila.
     new 478b586  moving phoebus code to a different maven module
     new a685c57  refactoring REST client classes
     new 902b445  fixing host descriptor not desplaying properly in XBaya
     new 305e23b  WorkflowScheduling settings API interface
     new be656ec  Fixing AIRAVATA-683
     new 848603a  Fixing AIRAVATA-685. Added necessary functionality workflow manager.
     new ffe84ba  change ApplicationDeploymentDescription to ApplicationDescription and change method signatures
     new 95619c8  fixing database not creating issue when using mysql
     new 95e9403  workflow scheduling settings API update + impl
     new 74c0001  workflow output data settings bean API
     new 04d41d1  workflow output data handle impl
     new 2c3f710  adding media type
     new d41392a  Fixing AIRAVATA-687. Also removed redundant dependency entry from integration-tests pom
     new 3c17149  Fixing issue AIRAVATA-688
     new 8daeeac  updating mysql sql script with latest changes.
     new cc31ce5  updating the API to use experimentadvanceoptions & updating the integration tests
     new ae4244d  update monitor listner & update the integration tests
     new a994575  updating stop triggers & adding comments to the monitoring listener interface
     new 70b2bfa  updating mysql script
     new 57d9963  removing duplicate table creation
     new 8cf8be9  Fixing AIRAVATA-691
     new 7696946  allowing wait functionality until monitoring completes
     new 7cd4a4e  fixing AIRAVATA-692
     new f23a9d5  updating dependencies for jackson + refactor integration test case + stop monitoring one workflow terminated
     new 895e95f  Fixing AIRAVATA-695
     new 3e15392  fixing AIRAVATA-692
     new 0b41264  Fixing AIRAVATA-697.
     new 0de6270  retrieve registry settings from ariavata-client/server properties files if file is not present
     new 9da2112  adding the server properties back since it is needed for the maven tests
     new e6fcba0  updating airavata-client properties file with registry settings
     new 5aab102  fixing AIRAVATA-694, AIRAVATA-692 and AIRAVATA-690
     new 1baa22c  JIC
     new 71cb27d  Fixing samples and adding samples to main build
     new 519fa1b  temporary fix for experimentdata interface not picking up the impl
     new 6fdd0fc  fixing issue with fail notification sending in gfac-core.
     new adeb20d  fixing AIRAVATA-702
     new a70d008  fixing AIRAVATA-699
     new e58a59b  fixing AIRAVATA-705
     new 8a20722  adding some of missing status checks
     new f4ea954  fixing error during startup with tomcat.
     new 6cf580b  updating xbaya to use new API in airavata api runExperiment + refactoring monitor event class names + adding comments & fixing exceptions thrown in workflowmanager
     new eca0c99  changed the log level to debug for usability. AIRAVATA-704
     new a93b296  adding wait for experiment termination funtion to the API
     new a187a11  update the run workflow sample + update default registry settings to use the rest client
     new d9ae7e6  updating the airavata-client sample
     new 4dd07fd  Cleaning up samples. Removing un-necessary files from client distribution.
     new 1484883  refactoring the Monitor API
     new c5c91c43 Cleaning pom and removed copying jars to tomcat lib
     new 6511388  Fixing few memory leaks
     new 27d91dd  fixing AIRAVATA-700
     new 3c6bf8d  cleaning up airavata client
     new a4b175e  Stopping monitoring if one is already started
     new a99e24a  refactoring monitor
     new 646af5a  motnitor listener udpate/refact + execution manager api improvement
     new 145bf0d  fixing AIRAVATA-643
     new 0ed9285  fixing
     new 22b64c7  fixing
     new 6083208  removing copying configuation files to lib direcotyr.
     new d4ad23b  adding security settings - however not supported for 0.6 release
     new 4237ed0  Fixing AIRAVATA-709
     new ad18e84  reverting input value
     new 8d5b89e  refactor custom registry intiating function
     new bb5246b  updating parent pom relative path
     new 7d453e8  updating parent pom relative path etc.
     new 9deef1c  Picking tomcat distribution from local repository if available
     new f097e66  Making tests fail if returned lists are empty
     new 36841ae  fixing AIRAVATA-709
     new e2aec82
     new c4b7ccb  fixing EmbeddedInovoker.
     new 4d4388e  refactoring server settings + adding client settings + ability to update & persist settings
     new d8b114f  fixing AIRAVATA-713
     new 95f6bdd  registry service set app as server + fix import + add setting exist function
     new 4c78d48  updating to log.debug where necessary
     new 9dfa690  fixing startup.
     new 93bf9d6  println to log.debug/info
     new 2298b0f  fixing AIRAVATA-710
     new 5fadd0a  fixing
     new b967e96  removing unwanted reg properties files
     new c3e94e8  removing unwanted reg properties files
     new 749a1d23 Adding jnlp distribution, also removing jnlp related configurations from xbaya-gui
     new 303843b  removing unwanted reg properties files
     new 8c1ddf1  removing unwanted reg properties files & updating properties files
     new f924978  adding our own unimplemented exception for the api
     new d44ebb7  removing from xbaya distribution.
     new 6906279  adding again.
     new 39bff77  refactor
     new 8905ce3  Fixing AIRAVATA-719. Enabling client to work over HTTPS
     new 009379e  Adding some logs in to info level which is useful to monitor grid job submission.
     new 83b7947  changing Node_data table to have execution index
     new a56a7ee  adding category_id field to configuration table
     new 2243020  fixing AIRAVATA-716
     new 644e4ee  Removing jnlp build from main build for the moment. Its acting in a weired way. Need to figure out why.
     new 7164d46  fixing AIRAVATA-680
     new 3576ab5  fixing
     new 27735e0  fixing
     new 18d29a1  committing somre more required info level logs in backend.
     new 128c811  fixing failure notificaton errors with embedded mode.
     new d219571  Fixing failure notification error in embedded mode.
     new 0a6ab74  fixing integration test failure.
     new 36ec3c4  replace saveHostDescriptor with addHostDescriptor
     new 2deced8  Properly fixing jnlp build
     new 915e9f8  Add code to create tar.gz distribution as well
     new 4a223cf  fixing
     new 4e63f52  fixing an error during embedded gfac execution.
     new f579474  fixing embedded mode issue, with notification failure.
     new ab5883b  Fixing jnlp distribution issues
     new 9b7ea7e  fixing
     new e5369e6  saving previously typed registry url for next time
     new 586501a  overloading context header builder outputdata handler function to have node id as well
     new df0ddd5  introducing node id to the output data handler settings
     new d67f23f  fixing
     new 4e34f75  adding jnlp image
     new eac7b50  read port from existing tomcat if present + create airavata server WAR + install artifacts to maven repo ( +
     new 7632316  updating overload method to support nodeId as well
     new fbcd894  fixing embedded invoker.
     new 948d115 etc.
     new fe696ac  merging xbaya jnlp distribution with xbaya distribution
     new d138bc6  removing souts.
     new d6a877b  changed the log level to info for required logs
     new 61444ea  updated log message for download method
     new 1bbbb58  boolean was set as null.. was giving nullpointer error.
     new cd10e8b  node id was not set from the constructor.
     new 7b16ab7  making workflow stop when error occurs.
     new bcb7e10  fixing bugs on API function parameter types allowing Boolean & Integer instead of boolean & int + fixing adding new outputdatasettings function
     new 3bf5d76  makding embedded mode as the default mode.
     new cbf29ab  removing old xbaya jnlp dist
     new 49eed39  fixing custom registry check missed in AiravataJPARegistry
     new ea82909  fixing errorness scenario to make the node red.
     new b23bb3c  Fixing ssl issues related to jnlp
     new 3d23215  adding release artifact distribution for ease of collecting the artifacts for a release
     new 496014b  fixing AIRAVATA-729
     new eebef37  Correcting default authenticators.xml and removing user name password from jdbc url
     new a73f31d  fixing unwanted properties.
     new cab8be7  fixing AIRAVATA-730
     new 21d04a7  send Service error as notifications. AIRAVATA-736
     new 071a15b  fixing
     new 3215b6e  adding project for registry migration
     new 8dca9dc  fixing
     new fbffe37  fixing
     new 55c6912  fixing an eror message.
     new 9c904a3  updating to have scripts instead of JPA framework
     new 111e46e  updated to get registry password from user
     new 06f16fa  adding script to run database migration
     new 166c639  create zip/tar.gz from the wars
     new ac62918  keeping same
     new 2da38ca  removing old scripts
     new 58b664f  updating DB scripts
     new 5072d94  updating versions
     new 75cd574  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new cd46a3b  Added sample for Job monitoring. AIRAVATA-650
     new 13dd637  updating registry tool
     new f3719c6  updating root pom
     new 4b8218a  rename registry-migrate to registry-tool
     new 3e00a37  enabling to read parameters from command line
     new aa30954  adding amila to pmc list
     new de38868  Adding back the rat check which looks like was removed. This pedantic profile is needed to check lisence header. Also bumping the apache parent pom to latest release 13.
     new 1c73b3a  Adding the missing license headers
     new a192583  Adding the missing license headers
     new 3b47322  Updating the copyright year to 2013
     new 40e1ff1  verified all license files
     new bad68e7  adding README INSTALL files for all the distributions & updating RELEASE_NOTES
     new dbb379d  Fix for AIRAVATA-741.
     new 9b0d002  updating INSTALL/README/RELEASE_NOTES files
     new 34bd489  updating README with distribution descriptions
     new 41e78c1  Updating README files
     new 5afe1f0  adding release notes to the war dist
     new 986862a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.6
     new ba7311b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9864280  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of airavata-0.6
     new 52f399c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.6
     new 29fc5c0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d93840a  Adding Registry prefix to the URL.
     new b2e6c57  committing milinda's patch for
     new ef8bfea  adding a test case to test LocalProvider with new gfac changes.
     new 8bf3e45  fixing AIRAVATA-750
     new 2f0c0d8  adding more changes to new gfac architecture.
     new 42773c0  adding GramProvider in to new gfac structure.
     new 3654065  fixing a bad commit.
     new f96bbfe  fixing test failure.
     new a2044e4  removing unnecessary code from test.
     new 2aa31d6  fixing a test failure for GramProviderTest.
     new 8cc629f  adding file staging in to new gfac architecture.
     new 121a88e  Adding test case to test input file stagin.
     new d4efab1  AIRAVATA-202 Adding logic necessary to make ssh connection with the Amazon instances (Required by the EC2Provider). I'm waiting till Lahiru finishes the GFac refactoring. Once it is done will use the refactored classes with the EC2Provider. Then I can start testing the EC2Provider with Airavata.
     new f42790f  Adding credential-store to repository
     new 1535be0  Adding client.xml and other acs meta information
     new 0eaccbf  fixing myproxy lifetype not picking issue.
     new 1ba4587  adding required method to ApplicationSettings.
     new 444a9a3  adding new set of handlers.
     new 8e19137  more changes to new gfac implementation.
     new 034fbea  more changes to TestCases.
     new 65fa1b5  more changes to gfac-core.
     new 557a1aa  removing gfac-url dependency.
     new 382acc0  integrating new gfac with xbaya.
     new 69ae183  integrating new gfac with the build.
     new 3f0cc90  adding new dependency to xbaya build.
     new 9428eda  makesure we dn't do myproxy authentication for all the gridftp transfers.
     new 0296dd0  removing GFacService, updating API & removing gfac service
     new 8eb7f2a  fixing integration test.
     new 97a2b09  comitting new gfac-config.xml.
     new aa59f01  Removed the job cancel part from finally. We don't want to cancel the jobs on gram errors. There can be communication error with gram server but PBS job need not to be cancel. AIRAVATA-764
     new 1b0126c  Added support to get file output from outputData folder. AIRAVATA-765
     new 3f8ad4d  adding workflowcontext header processing.
     new 2546342  adding workflow context header support.
     new a3c8c03  commiting shabhaz's patch, and thank you very much for your contribution.
     new e0023b9  committing shabhaz's patch.
     new 0490920  committing shabhaz's patch, thanks for the contribution.
     new a12bb2e  commenting unnessasary code.
     new eadb74e  fixing logging issue during build.
     new 7f106f1  Applying Danushka's patch after oral review. Could not validate this on my mac, needs testing on windows
     new 07ee784  committing danushkas patch on fixing windows xbaya start up - AIRAVATA-773
     new 00294df  changing gfac-schema to support cloud bursting.
     new 9a61117  Addding cloud bursting code to trunk.
     new b6dbf06  changing default gfac-config in tests.
     new c6489e4  adding cloud bursting jars in to build.
     new 12c42d8  Applying the patch from Shahbaz for unicore provider. AIRAVATA-770
     new ec8efb1  AIRAVATA-202 Moving the EC2Provider specific code to the new package hierarchy (as the core.gfac package will be removed.)
     new 68cddff  Moving the existing AmazonSecurityContext class.
     new 6e68f3a  AIRAVATA-775 Updating the EC2Provider to use the new GFac architecture. TODO: Have to do more work on the EC2Provider as it depends on SSHProvider. Have to wait until Raman commits his changes/fixes to SSHProvider.
     new 8866c2d  deleteing old code from svn.
     new d1ad8a1  fixing build error in tools.
     new 17cc3b3  removing obsolete test cases, similar test cases can be found in gfac-core tests.
     new 457ebc6  Adding EC2Provider to schedular.
     new 67c9499  Fixing build failures due to removal of gfac.core package.
     new fa9267c  Commenting out the SSHProvider as it should be updated and tested against the new gfac.core architecture.
     new 73edb60  Adding the missing jar dependency which made the build failure.
     new b872a33  Commenting out a line which uses an api method which is not in the jar.
     new 44d6317  Removing a IDE specific file from the svn.
     new 19cfaa4  AIRAVATA-202 Refactored and removed the redundant logic from the EC2 Provider.
     new c9e0366  AIRAVATA-202 Bundled the logic into methods in such a way that it looks cleaner. I am going to implement the EC2Provider in a such a way that it no longer requires SSHProvider to run jobs. By now all the references to SSHProvider is removed.
     new f533664  Minor refactor.
     new 1ceec90  AIRAVATA-202 implementing the execute method.
     new 5ab0481  AIRAVATA-202 Refactored code. Extracted out constants and reading AMI instance's id dynamically.
     new d2c2dc6  AIRAVATA-202 Adding notifications.
     new 1a2a55a  AIRAVATA-202 Removing the unused classes. The new implementation of EC2Provider does not depend on SSHProvider. Therefore removing the reduandant classes.
     new aa47f38  Adding a new element to support EC2ApplicationDeploymentDescription. Earlier, we've been using the Generic ApplicationDeploymentDescription for this, but when it comes to a EC2 Application, most of the fields in the generic scema is reduandant. Therefore, adding this type.
     new 740c24d  AIRAVATA-781 Adding a test case for EC2 Provider usecase. This test is focusing on a gene sequence alignment using smith-waterman algorithm.
     new f69cc18  AIRAVATA-202 Adding proper exception handling and a missing license header.
     new 4382927  Minor updates to the test.
     new 8c8f667  Updated gfac-config to have handlers.
     new 07009cb  Fixing NPE.
     new d1e9717  AIRAVATA-202 Fixing a nightmaireish bug related to keys which prevented me from submitting jobs to EC2.
     new cdb3ccd  AIRAVATA-202 Executing the job on EC2 and adding the result to jobContext.
     new 18d1d2c  AIRAVATA-202 Fixing an issue in the provider.
     new 9eea560  Adding a method to generate the shell command.
     new 8b63a82  AIRAVATA-782 Adding code for EC2 scheduling algorithm. This is a greedy algorithm which monitors CPU, memory utilization of running instances to schedule the next compute job. Based on the scheduling decision, the next job will run on the instance which is unter-utilized. These, are not yet being used by the Workflow Interpreter. Once, the UI components for EC2 are added to the trunk, we can integrate these to the Workflow Interpreter.
     new 318cfe1  removed the unused package
     new 2336ccc  Added SSH provider type
     new 56d0bf0  Added support for SSH provider (AIRAVATA-752) and multiple security context
     new c636dc3  Multiple security context (AIRAVATA-780)
     new 7d788df  Add support to add multiple security context
     new 8f7ee84  Added SSH provider to called from airavata service
     new 36a307b  changed for multiple security context (AIRAVATA-780)
     new 7c52fa8  added ssh and unicore host types. AIRAVATA-787
     new 3c412b4  added ssh and unicore host types. AIRAVATA-788
     new 6f0a377  include ssh api jar.
     new 5a4ff09  adding host name to workflow-context-header.
     new d52cdf7  use workflowcontext header host and give higher preference for that.
     new e7ed8a5  Attempting to fix continuous build failures
     new 2007337  removing the empty package.
     new 4bcbc31  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 4ab2a48  adding new method to store job specific data to registry.
     new 0f6c231  adding job specific info to registry.
     new 2120783  Fixing issue AIRAVATA-742
     new b18d20b  Removed tostring comparison as it might have platform dependent issues. This is failing in build server
     new 1483d80  fixing integration tests.
     new 7c0b644  AIRAVATA-775 Adding ec2 menu to XBaya.
     new 82acb6d  AIRAVATA-775 Adding EC2 menu to XBaya menu.
     new cd201ef  Refactor to use the constant.
     new 7c16822  trying jenkins build issues without credential store
     new 1c04caa  fixing
     new 3531702  Uncommenting temporary disabling of credential store
     new ec3e7e5  Extracting a method and putting it into a Utils class, so that other Providers will be able to reuse the same logic.
     new 498ea2d  AIRAVATA-803 Generating the command dynamically.
     new c939946  Fix for AIRAVATA-804 . Ran the test cases to verify the build with fix.
     new e94a5a8  AIRAVATA-804 Updating setters and getters.
     new a1a54f2  setting security context
     new af89a15  npe chk
     new e0a6fbd  null chk for context
     new 1a2c265  AIRAVATA-803 Handling the AWS secret key and access key from input form.
     new afed7a3  AIRAVATA-804 Fixing a minor issue in setting the AWS keys.
     new 04759d9  AIRAVATA-803 Flipping the boolean expression.
     new 86de17f  AIRAVATA-803 Minor refactoring.
     new 1806e4b  adding echo.bat file to samples
     new e185a5e  setting ec2 type for host descriptor, remove application descriptors when deleting service/host descriptors
     new 67cf6ff  Removing unspported menu items (for 0.7 release) from the EC2Menu.
     new 082c769  updating ec2 host descriptor mapping in rest mappings
     new 09d5ca4  AIRAVATA-803 Fixing a runtime No class def found exception while running a ec2 workflow through xbaya.
     new c9357a9  AIRAVATA-803 Fixing the WorkflowInterpreter to use the EmbededGFacInvoker while running the EC2 workflows.
     new 0538d4a  AIRAVATA-803 Fixing some issues when extracting the result from the remote shell. TODO: Have a timeout just in case if the user forgets to properly configure the application descriptor. In that case job should return with an error.
     new d6c1853  AIRAVATA-803 Extracted a method.
     new a8f8a1a  AIRAVATA-803 Adding missing dependencies.
     new 0db9d10  AIRAVATA-803 Fixing Run time NoClassDefFound exception.
     new 2618b0c  Fixing an issue in the test case.
     new d5de803  Fix for the issue AIRAVATA-809
     new c7b1c73  Minor UI fix. Fixing the labels.
     new eeda792  updating license files related to cloud bursting jars.
     new 38bf2ff  updating other license files too
     new 69e3add  Fix for AIRAVATA-815.
     new 93e5dd1  Adding unicore licenses.
     new 66ae048  updating versions
     new 90f6d99  updating the client sample
     new 553e1f2  Fixing an exception in sample applicaiton registration.
     new d9c0a11  changing the readme.
     new 76d311e  removing unwanted empty line.
     new f2fa557  updating README file for 0.7 release
     new f8f2e46  Adding missing license headers
     new 60173c1  removing addressing-1.5.mar.
     new 14fcffe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.7
     new fdbbed6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 406135b  reverting the RC5.
     new b49a34a  updating release notes
     new a827dd9  updating install file.
     new e10e1f3  fixing version.
     new cfb702a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.7
     new 4d5aa38  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 057a7bc  adding initial version of gfac-archives.
     new 702fc0c  added setters for HPC and host settings. AIRAVATA-818
     new 430eca8  fixed passing of context header and reading node settings to set application configurations. AIRAVATA-824
     new a5549e0  fixed context header issue reported by Sanjaya. AIRAVATA-824
     new f9c26a6  Adding JSDL schema's to utility so GFac can make use of these generated beans as discussed in - AIRAVATA-656
     new 3bad8f7  We need to only set the remote path in the target application. AIRAVATA-826
     new 18b9756  Delay in JobSubmissionListener was because statusChanged was not synchronized. AIRAVATA-450
     new d36f235  fixing AIRAVATA-83.
     new a41cca7  fixing a minor issue with application specific provider feature.
     new b79d1d1  fixing
     new 31b3ce9  fixed AIRAVATA-832. Its not application name its service name not to be set in gfac-config
     new 8bba905  organized imports and removed unused variable
     new c59bb89  Fixed output handling AIRAVATA-833. There are lot of problems with output data handling. I fixed it best according to current design and will start a mail thread with the problems to get it fixed for 0.8.
     new eaf10f8  Fixed AIRAVATA-829.
     new aaaeecd  Testcase was failing with nullpointer as Airavata API object is null and now the listener responds quickly.
     new f9e0eb4  added job id type event for jobid reporting
     new df7e2b4  fixed AIRAVATA-832. Its not application name its service name not to be set in gfac-config
     new 22fe407  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new f40ec25  undoing a partial committ committed by mistake in eclipse sync
     new 47b1b67  renaming init to initProperties to keep the consistancy with Provider interface.
     new b051e2e  making schedular completely depend on gfac-config.xml.
     new cb6e223  changing gfac-config to sync with new features.
     new da9987f  Fixed AIRAVATA-836. I am not able to find the reason of this code so i just commented context setting code. getting the output staging dir is done in GramOutputHandler
     new 8c6d7e5  fixed AIRAVATA-834 for output data staging
     new 3d523b5  invoking initProperties.
     new 4a50faa  organized import
     new 5eb015e  fixing
     new 3d93bd7  using the jsdl schemas bundled with gfac-schemas. Incrementally removing external dependencies.
     new 78dae3f  Removing unused dependency to jsdl jar
     new a8f827f  Changing the name to UnicoreBESEPR to remove ambiguity with native unicore port configuration
     new 6a498bc  Changing the name to UnicoreBESEPR to remove ambiguity with native unicore port configuration
     new 0130090  Tests pass fine without the wsa4j dependency. The BES security still needs to be refined.
     new 66e05b0  Added name-value pair setting to workflow context. This can be used to set dynamic provider or handler level parameters. AIRAVATA-827
     new 177218a  Fixed AIRAVATA-837. Code was getting called twice.
     new a7fdd25  fixing job retry thing.
     new 407c3c5  throwing an error if error codes are other than 24.
     new df4a6fb  in case outputList is coming empty
     new 2f65d1d  fixing thread synchronizing issue with concurrent node execution of workflow.
     new 3958ab1  fixing a handing of workflow run.
     new 7848bca  ifixing unsubscription issue.
     new 6168c9e  removing threading with each node due to unstability
     new 5fc414b  fixing
     new 006432e  testing svn commit
     new f024623  updating xbaya version to next release version
     new 977151e  Generalized the credential store so that it can store other types of credential than certificates. Refactored tests accordingly
     new c605f2e  minor fix for parallel node execution in workflow engine.
     new e3ced6e  Storing more fine grained job specific data.
     new f62f957  adding node error table
     new a29556b  fixing test failure
     new 18c0765  adding new job specific statuses.
     new d2836a6  updating migration scripts
     new 63b3423  updating db script
     new 0046a0a  Fix for AIRAVATA-851
     new ef5a426  updating execution error table
     new 8cae264  AIRAVATA-850 Decomposing the EC2Provier into seperate util classes. Then, these can be used in other parts of the code as well. Therefore, making them Util classes. I have grouped them in such a way that the classes will have some sort of a logical grouping of functionality.
     new 4c78333  Fix for AIRAVATA-850
     new 1954733  Fixed credential store issue. Update myproxy and gsi-security code to read store credentials
     new 9f31f8e  enabling dbcp connection pooling by default.
     new 61e8d85  removing wrong openjpa property.
     new 57a5d52  adding error functions to the API
     new 152dc76  Let the API invocation error message be the original error message of the exception
     new 5b8f1e3  Adding logging configurations
     new 049fb4e2 making validationQuery configurable.
     new 0814099  fixing compilation error.
     new 2f66788  committing correct validationQuery.
     new dc58960  fixing wrong validationQuery sql.
     new 226922a  updating REST service with new API changes
     new 674e82a  updating REST client with new API changes
     new 7a12320  Fixing an issue with GSISecurityContext
     new 5162917  Added code to initialize credential reader only if security context is present.
     new 5413329  Adding credential store to airavata server distribution
     new f23aac1  Changed error logs to debug so that it will not print a big stack trace when password credentials are used
     new e300f1c  fixing error during error saving to regsitry.
     new 167d148  updated for trestles.
     new 74e462d  add code not to create credentials again and again
     new b1b7798  fixing a NPE during error saving.
     new 8d3af1b  Fixing AIRAVATA-856
     new 7115013  Fixing an ad-hoc test failure
     new 15fb7ca  adding testonBorrow property, so that it will run the validationQuery and return the connection.
     new d8b2c9c  adding testOnBorrow property.
     new 7bb1100  adding incompatible version exception and update registry API impl
     new bb63b01  allowing users to give jpa connectionproperties in file.
     new ccb9efc  updating registry migration tool
     new f8a5690  Fixing some db transaction issues, Fixing an incorrect way of initializing credential management service in gfac invoker
     new 095c55c  fixing error data not retrieving issue
     new 15f586e  Correcting table name to have the same case as in the script
     new 2151978  fixing getExecutionErrors method
     new 638b475  allowing users enable https.
     new 62f1360  adding new property enable.https.
     new 515c522 + refactoring phoebus code + refactoring deprecated code
     new e001a6e  fixing the url protocol missing issue + fixing a function name typo
     new 177f821  updating for the https url to have the complete path for the service
     new f7c3442  renaming wrong method names.
     new 3d9aed8  adding GFac_Job_Data related changes
     new d52268e  removing obsolete code.
     new 11e8852  taking the port from
     new 677bc08  adding host Scheduling method.
     new d782a4d  adding migration scripts to 0.8 release
     new 91c06e5  refactoring exception classes for the API
     new 67ae741  refactoring exception classes for the API etc.
     new 0c36ea0  refactor
     new 43b5f32  Temperory integration test port, until we fix AIRAVATA-860
     new 0454bdf  adding REST service side changes to AIRAVATA-859
     new 607d5c5  fixing getTomcatPort method to get https, http ports accordingly.
     new 9324c08  fixing compiliation error.
     new 9bf6407  adding REST client changes related to GFac Job data
     new 688b810  updating exception throw order
     new 6340c72  avoid logging exception
     new 6dfb991  updating exception order
     new df28424  updating exception order etc.
     new 9ad7285  updating catch exception
     new b46d30a  updating registry migrate tool with Gfac_Job_Data changes
     new 2b61c63  adding gfac job authoring impl + updating gridftp conf handler interface
     new 0e0cd0c  adding gfac job authoring impl + updating gridftp conf handler interface etc.
     new f94d4e6  fixing
     new 4c3cc7b  added instructions for JPA accessor. See AIRAVATA-857 for more details.
     new cb159f8  redirecting data of old gramdata function in the registry api to the new gfac data table + improvments to the phoebus integration
     new 54c4c73  refactoring to have the name application instead of gfac in the API
     new 822a67e  renaming completedTime to statusUpdateTime
     new 18c94b4  saving gram data with the new API
     new 82f2b6f  renaming completed_time to status_update_time in GFacJobData table
     new fbb521b  updating JPA impl class
     new 5f5ed01  fixed AIRAVATA-864.
     new a0582de  updating migrate script + gfac enum status obj + refactor
     new 05fc677  updating migrate script + gfac enum status obj + refactor etc.
     new 507023b  supporting null parameter for workflowinstance Id and node id to support for getting application job data
     new 6cdd192  adding test class for GFac Job Data
     new ae26372  updating id validation locations + updating db migration scripts
     new e5b89be  adding application job data save for local provider + additional chks in integration tests
     new ea8610f  ignore chking node present in registry when running application job
     new f03622a  updating erroneous paths
     new f9efdd2  fixing AIRAVATA-865
     new a6578a4  updating status more frequetly
     new 839f66a  commenting out new validation from integration tests for now
     new dcf50a4  fixing 406 error for application job data retrieval
     new cd1d84f  fixing to use the correct registry api function
     new 3f93347  converting empty to null
     new 26e2f46  application job data persistance for BESProvider + refacting
     new a43e26a  application job data persistance for SSHProvider
     new a2209f1  application job data persistance for EC2Provider
     new fe5aa86  fixing AIRAVATA-867
     new d41db5d  API updates to saving the status history
     new 4cf3e33  fixing AIRAVATA-868
     new 5de9df0  updating registry migration tool
     new f543d55  invoking out handlers if error cmes in provider.
     new 6f63edd  removing abstract keyword
     new bee005d  fixing
     new 2824437  Adding the missing license headers
     new 2cc0295  Updating Release notes in preparation for 0.8 release
     new a4075d0  Addressing OGF copyright as described in AIRAVATA-874
     new d19b990  Addressing AIRAVATA-875. Not sure is annotaion is the right way to preserve a copyright and still can add a ASFV2 license header. This is a temporary solution while we wait for legal guidance.
     new 3dd54e2  Adding the missing license header
     new c97cc94  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 49f12fc  Bumping downs xmlbeans to 2.5.0 as the 2.6.0 has issues as discussed in AIRAVATA-877
     new fcf46e2  Increasing the defualt size of javadoc memory
     new f25c616  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.8
     new fa81f4a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3268823  Fixing issue AIRAVATA-879
     new 9f6c725  rolling back the version for 0.8 release rc4
     new 01183f4  Fixing the context issue in webapp and stand a lone server. Also fixing xbaya connection issue
     new a3c9ca4  Increasing wait time out period
     new a2d350b  Further increasing timeout period, as we are experiencing more delay in initializing DB
     new 1f23e94  fixing ClassCastException thrown from JPA
     new c7e3b35  including the echo.bat sample in the binary
     new 0dfc1bb  Adding the missing license header
     new 8e89ec9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.8
     new 68c5d71  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 88f54cd  committing Viknes's patch for AIRAVATA-881
     new e2f9718  Creating a defualt profile which address AIRAVATA-884
     new 28a5e57  reverting trunk as there are no updates since last RC
     new 7e07fee  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.8
     new 9555b86  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 17f9569  Removing the lingering jnlp directory from release artificats
     new 4d75d9a  Addressing AIRAVATA-885. Removed duplicate use of plugins and also organized the needed multiple use of antrun into different profiles. Now to build a jnlp pack, invoke multiple profiles as mvn -P default,jnlp,zip-jnlp clean install
     new ec1be5d  rolling back for a new RC
     new 0a608d0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.8
     new b842f60  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 65e5a55  Fixing issue AIRAVATA-882. Commiting initial changes. More changes are on the way.
     new bca5297  Fixing AIRAVATA-887. Patching rest service interface. Thanks Shameera for contribution
     new 3924583  applying AMQP patches, thanks Danushka for the contribution
     new 3cff229  updating product versions + registry version compatibility chk + backend halt/pause/resume of workflow execution in the interpreter
     new 5c5b0c9  updating integration test pom to use m2 repo hosted tomcat 7.0.35 version
     new b36d219  initial dump for execution rest service
     new f223ec1  fixing AIRAVATA-886
     new 6af342f  updating registry migrate tool
     new 003e878  updating registry rest service context
     new cc8c04c  fixing build failure
     new 8e75280  applying patch from Shameera for AIRAVATA-898
     new 289ab6f  fixing
     new b086d03  updating parameter window to have the content as url clickable
     new 17993b3  adding browser open to context menu
     new 7d4bb98  adding browser open to context menu etc.
     new 80e10cf  adding browser open to context menu etc.
     new 0afd312  adding browser open to context menu etc.
     new fa9bf42  fixing
     new 73fe015
     new a65c993  Moving extreme lab jars to maven central addressing AIRAVATA-406
     new 81e675d
     new d147975 - fixing foreach issue
     new 58aed9d  fixing the issue when the node port data value is a comma seperated value
     new 0e26e2d  Moving XSUL5 to maven central version.
     new 0b0b1b6  Removing dependency on xutil
     new 74f0608  updating xpp3 dependencies to maven central jars
     new 8906f5e  updating rest contexts and paths + introducing server management service
     new 1eaa69b
     new 8ff1f9a  removing the use of wsdl to validate the input data to the workflow
     new 2ac97ef  Bumping version of xpp and xsul libraries to make them compatible with java6
     new 2a287b0  Migrated to use the maven central version of  atomixmiser
     new db2b45b  Migrated to use the maven central version of  yfilter
     new 2168b01  Migrated to use the maven central version of jython
     new c5049c3  removing dependence on legacy extreme lab amazon mapreduce client. This might break EC2 funcationality within XBaya but should not effect Gfac ec2 provider.
     new a4b0d00  Disabling Globus-Online transfer api support in XBaya. Will need to work with Globus team to have a transfer-api java client jar in maven central and resurrect this feature in airavata.
     new 6611a31  removing dependency on cryptix and puretls jars
     new 5729d5d  removing ode deployer weps client as it is not actively supported
     new a6b9663  Addressing AIRAVATA-406 - all extreme lab dependencies are now in maven central and unsupported features have been deprecated or removed.
     new 7ccccff  array split for foreach using delimeter and consideration of using quotes
     new 64b4c21  adding functions to quote and create deliemetered strings out of arrays
     new ff97940  updating delimiter use & data array creation using manual parsing
     new 4e11c1c  fixing context header loading issue + scheduling context object improvements
     new ba84c4f  fixing context header config remove function issue
     new bfebc73  fixing
     new 553e311  ForEach integration test
     new 859246c  removing unwanted import
     new 06a1bb2  making the script executable
     new 2be86e4  additional test cases for foreach
     new e53e9f0  removing the hardocded filename
     new ec87913  fixing
     new d470b75
     new b469348  adding new methods to string util to return a merging string from an arrya.
     new b3f65f2  fix of escape quoting + overloading to support new delimiter
     new d9e3d2b  Adding initial version of sample gateway. Did some improvements related to providers and credential store
     new af4676c  updated the BouncyCastle jar to fix Airavata-888
     new 2892477  Adding jglobus jars to war distribution
     new dcf91ac  Adding missing globus jars to distribution
     new 7f29adf  adding updated sample workflows and updating integration tests to use war disctributions
     new 925ec53  fixing AIRAVATA-907
     new fa16325  updating the context
     new b011428  updating the context
     new b6e992a  updating service input parameter name
     new 235beec  samples distribution
     new e4696b2  samples distribution etc.
     new d9b0918  removing workflow samples from xbaya module
     new ed4b6b2
     new de2948e etc.
     new 0aa4398 comment out failing workflows
     new 3e8d4b2  Fixing resource bundle loading issue
     new 88f500f  updating endpoints
     new ce47d29  adding the samples dependency to the xbaya
     new 7438c08  adding samples dependency to the allow reordering the build order
     new 9786b5c  update parent pom
     new d41911f  setting the type of the sample dist in the dependency artifact
     new 3168890  updating jglobus to version 2.0.6-rc3. integration tests pass, but further testing is needed.
     new 2af1f44  adding the missing jglobus-all to the local temporary repo
     new b393872  adding full jglobus distribution to temporary repo
     new fac3929  add registry connection timeout for jpa + updating samples version dependency in poms
     new eac7a61  stop asking to clear monitoring data if no longer worklfow running + clear existing monitoring data when running new workflow
     new f56c49d  chk if the application was saved b4 trying to save again
     new faf7a2b  fixing in
     new 2939ef6  fixing issue with airavata client samples
     new f8247d8  adding missing jars to client distribution
     new 1698a9e  giving buffer time for registry service startup + moving the code of adding gateway+user data at db creation time
     new eaf4f3f  added stampede host description
     new 8558b78  fixing
     new ffc1865  fixing AIRAVATA-738
     new bf6ddf8  removing hardcoded gateway id
     new fd8ff5e  checking if the gateway is registered in airavata
     new 683d08c  checking if the gateway is registered in airavata etc.
     new 91737d5  moving jglobus to release version
     new bca78bf  removing the local temporary repo
     new 46697d0  Adding changes relevant to sample gateway.
     new a8d8f9a  rearranging the gateway id validation test after db validation
     new ed1d746  removing the REST execution service bcos it adds transitive dependencies to the final webapp which is close to 100MB
     new 322941d  revert commit 1520672
     new a18f981  fixing the issue when there is no input for a node
     new 8acbfe8  additional registry service completed validations
     new 994b786  Attempting to fix AIRAVATA-914. And also adding some improvments made to sample gateway
     new fd52df9  Disabling a grid job
     new a1a04a0  removing final name
     new 014dbdd  Changed encoding of password string
     new 506ad26  updated the trestles gridftp server URL
     new c0a71ca  adding default user info each time server starts
     new c120e27  Commiting changes necessary to prepare 0.9 release
     new e5f485c  Fixing licensing issues in files
     new ffd87ff  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.9
     new ad38a38  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 11c2f7d  committing Viknes's patch for AIRAVATA-345
     new 666ea76  Applying Viknes's patch for AIRAVATA-880
     new 9d7af00
     new ff2f17c  fixing AIRAVATA-920
     new 8ca8def  committing viknesh's patch for AIRAVATA-870
     new aa13472  double click the port to add input/output nodes and connecting them
     new d0cac1d  adding gsisshhost to system.
     new 1e404df  adding GSISSHProvider.
     new 73eaa2f
     new b72f68c  fixing a compilation error.
     new 3aa7271  adding new propoerty to AD
     new aca119d  enabling ssh and gsissh in gfac-core.
     new 8a7ee4a  minor chanages to host and app descriptors.
     new 40705ff  adding ssh capablity to gfac-core.
     new f16b9f4  associate new changes with gfac-core.
     new 96a78f6  updating xbaya to suppose gsissh and ssh
     new 26d094d  fixing the build.
     new 0b7c784  fixing a build error.
     new d789097  fixing issues in sshpanel
     new e493f74  change mapping from schema changes.
     new 7a81a9a  updating hostdescriptor pojo
     new 09c940b  updating the class to support ssh with hpcresource to have hpcapplication
     new f341523  removing unused fields of gfac & interpreter url
     new 6d2ff21  adding new data to mapping.
     new c56f834  moving to the maven central version of the bcgss jar
     new 2ad169d  Modifyin credential store interface to take secret key dat to encrypt credentials. This is mainly used when ACS is used as a separate component.
     new 0d9a4da  Modifyin credential store interface to take secret key dat to encrypt credentials. This is mainly used when ACS is used as a separate component. Common code
     new 12db975  adding ssh hpc support to gfac-core.
     new a97c842  adding ssh hpc support to workflow interpreter.
     new a6455b8  adding new gfac dependencies to the build.
     new 2b069c3  changing host.xml reading and adding bigred2 and other hosts as default hosts.
     new b019438  moved the library
     new 72f0b46  removed certificates
     new d6e182a  fixing gsi ssh integration and refactoring.
     new 0365706  GSISSH library to address AIRAVATA-759
     new 4db0c87  updated gsissh dependency
     new 912af9e  updated description.
     new 36ff4e5  updated gsissh dependency
     new 4984417  issue with hosts not getting added + NPE in host desc dialog + removing unused import + making samples optional in xbaya jar
     new 9f1d8a2  updated the bcgss dependency
     new 15ed13e  fixiing bigred 2 issues.
     new aafab70  adding scroll bars to host advance options + jobtype serial as default
     new 053e5d7  fixing some moreissues in gsissh.
     new 39852ac  fixing minor issues with gsissh support.
     new 97d1e8c  moving to the build
     new 2052db4  gsissh tool to handle standard out and standard error and give higher preference to standard  out.
     new a7f3953  Fixing AIRAVATA-930
     new 63981f0  removed stampede and lonestar from GSISSH support
     new 6aa8e5c  disabling the execution REST service
     new 1a44c40
     new bcf8ff0  Simplified the regex to support spaces AIRAVATA-933
     new b48ff90  organize imports for old ssh library
     new 8c2efe2  fixing issue
     new 5eb253a  rearranged the properties and added some descriptions to fix AIRAVATA-744.
     new 4b62299  removing phoebus from gfac-core and updating the phoebus-integration library
     new fdf4841  removing the stale lib directory and ncsa-lcrypto jar
     new 636fa5c  updating the use of property system.gateway
     new 5aa7c5a  Fixed AIRAVATA-947.
     new 8b0d60f  updated for 0.10 release.
     new 400a0e6  updated to fix AIRAVATA-946
     new 70074d4  Updated the licenses for GSISSH library dependencies.
     new 3760a22  excluded the runtime logging dependency for Jboss logging.
     new 7282643  removed the GNU license
     new fe94f41  code review and moved cleanup to finally block
     new 4cc4615  excluded mysql dependency
     new 84f0b86  Updated release notes for 0.10
     new 2a8314e  Removed the XSEDE certificates.
     new 1d0a3ce  updating registry version
     new b905396  registry version update
     new 37a17fe  added license to root folder
     new b6a394e  added the apache license
     new 590d7ad  added the apache license
     new 10d7f63  added the apache license
     new 7215d2c  update the apache license
     new 67c6f70  added the apache license
     new d4df837  added the apache license
     new 7081387  Removing the run time dependencies from the source LICENSE file addressing AIRAVATA-912
     new 176c744  added exclude for integration test log
     new e2b3929  changed the log location to target directory to avoid local modification
     new 7ec1433  rollback exclude changes for integration test log
     new 2e5af75  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.10
     new 0595430  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b6f6c17  updating registry versions
     new 8c3bad1  initial thrift commit
     new eddedc8  integrating thrift client with airavata client
     new 3a2cad3  adding thrift dependencies to distribution
     new 350e6f5  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 7a2afc4  applying patch from Viknesh - AIRAVATA-925
     new e099a89  allowing thrift impl class configurable using the client properties
     new 262b1ca  fixing sendingResults message.
     new f5aa617  fixing standarerror reading during error and notify that back to xbaya.
     new 2b1bb18  Adding preliminary files for email notifier in credential store
     new 5d88f4f  restructuring gfac-core.
     new 7c5f11e  changing build.
     new 8b5e735  more fixes.
     new faad789  ading pom for gfac.
     new 1703136  fixing build failures
     new d05b29d  adding gfac-ec2 for the distribution.
     new f176123  updating thrift files
     new f443a16  removing thrift integration from airavata api
     new 2a013ef  thrift service implementation module
     new 1d29b77  adding GO dialog
     new 7b48433  updating gui layout
     new 966ac91  updated to fix AIRAVATA-965
     new 2120205  updated to fix AIRAVATA-965
     new 25132c7  applying Sachith's patch for AIRAVATA-963 with some improvements
     new d46ed70  Fixing AIRAVATA-952. Thank you Viknes for the contribution
     new 23edda6  fixing AIRAVATA-941
     new f014c76  addressing AIRAVATA-953 to build JNLP with release
     new cae02da  rolled back to use JGlobus 2.0.6 version
     new cd878ba  updating release notes
     new f1d190e  rearranging release notes and update README
     new b8a1dca  updating versions to 0.11
     new ff490e3  updating release notes
     new 3e3ab13  fixing issue
     new 1b5eabb  adding licence
     new 77c3503  removing GO file transfer window
     new ac5de4a  updating release notes
     new 13b297e  removing duplicate mvn plugin
     new 8ea3ffe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.11
     new fb8b3d6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 909e4c1  Attempting to fix AIRAVATA-972
     new c14bef5  Another attempt to fix AIRAVATA-972
     new faca9e1  Fixing AIRAVATA-974
     new defe4dd  Cleaning up sample gateway. Does not affect the release
     new 0d4bf8d  Updated install, readme, license files to reflect latest versions
     new cf71bc3  Updating pom versions to 0.11-SNAPSHOT
     new 3e47958  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.11
     new 1965aa2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new cc311af  Wrapping up credential store work. Completed notifier. Updated encryption methodologies
     new 1656987 - patch submitted by Shameera
     new fe2f865  fixing
     new a4d6e4b  adding new orchestrator component.
     new b7ec31f  more orchestrator related changes.
     new 715bd18  fixing build error of orchestrator component.
     new 32c8c4a  fixing build errors.
     new 2dadd84  orchestrator data
     new 2a62434  adding embedded gfac submitter, fixing
     new d5c7532  data model
     new 6e852db  data model
     new 1d105fe  orchestrator data rescource
     new bfb89a0  more orchestrator-core changes with test cases.
     new 8abaaee  changing the JobRequest object with more parameters to that.
     new d0966c6  orchestrator data tables
     new 3bc2944  adding new worker to handle hanged jobs.
     new 9126194  more design level changes to orchestrator.
     new 923bbd7  added registry call to save experiment data
     new 7b8af1b  added unit test for orchestrator data persistence
     new 712d6b8  adding test case for orchestrator-core.
     new 4d1735c  adding required configuration files to resources.
     new 0853dbc  adding
     new ae9acba  fixing build error.
     new 5d46292  remove
     new f608e82  updated database and function calls
     new 1a9827a  added unittest for create and get
     new 7777ea5  updated database as user is reserved word
     new 4ce9325  fixing test cases in orchestrator-core.
     new de74d55  making noUserId test work.
     new 567295b  modifying local provider to support orchestrator.
     new fae85a8  fixing tets failures.
     new 5c8dc27  adding another test case without sending descriptors along the request.
     new f15458a  gfac changes to incorporate orchestrator integration.
     new 9ac4bbc  Orchestrator data changes to pass application and job request
     new 290432d  changing ochastratorDataResource
     new 841478e  implementing registry API methods related to orchestrator
     new 81c6b8c  an initial partial commit of thrift files to address AIRAVATA-990. The data structure will follow
     new c6e6e59  updates to method singatures of airavata execution api methods
     new a387daa  applying AIRAVATA-985 patch
     new 32332d0  Including several review comments on the orchestrator code with the FIXME keyword so that they are easily found in Eclipse
     new 3198ccd  draft data structures
     new 327524e  changing method starting letter to lowercase
     new 58f25fc  updating thrift interfaces
     new c38812a  did refectoring of orchestrator data and executor
     new db5f4eb  getting rid of optional parameter at service methods
     new 6f7f252  added request header model
     new 9e5c9a1  removed local thrift
     new 2e9a04a  update input-output varables
     new ea18cec  removing unused orchestration thrift file
     new f908ec2  applying patch for AIARAVATA-997 from Shameera
     new 49b3fdf  updating scm to git and testing git commits
     new f5b74ed  testing git jira integration with a test commit to AIRAVATA-991
     new 8233604  [AIRAVATA-998] Testing git
     new aa49420  fixed orchestartor-core test failures
     new ab892f7  fixing integration test failure and orchestrator test failure
     new c750c23  changing the names to camel case
     new 361c2ff  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f42c75f  partial experiment model for AIRAVATA-994
     new 528d3ff  updating the AiravataManager API to include retrieving custom config data of gateway
     new 0d42fea were out of sync. Fixed AIRAVATA-1001
     new 05ba6ea  Initial draft of airavata data model, please critique on JIRA AIRAVATA-995
     new 72f55e9  Updates to Experiment Model to address execution API needs AIRAVATA-994
     new 5cf0a0f  fixing the namespaces and re-ording struts
     new 4cfc32e  implementing orchestrator cpi
     new 926cd91  adding validation mehtod
     new 0f06c3c  creating gfac cpi,
     new 10b41d8  Adding data models for execution - AIRAVATA-994 - Integration test failures can occur
     new f2eaba0  more changes to orchestrator cpi creation,
     new 45df543  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 43524f0  fixing a build error
     new 25cc251  initial commit to AIRAVATA-1006
     new 68f57ff  Rearranging orchestrator code AIRAVATA-1011
     new be56384  minor change to thrift interfaces
     new f747fff  commiting the pom file for registry-cpi
     new 1ebc29b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7b68f89  removing local dependency
     new 92bcd53  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8f457cb  fixing build failure
     new a1b1ff9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 176acc2  more code for AIRAVATA-1011
     new da4c153  adding the missing imports
     new b8152e3  adding thrift generated classes AIRAVATA-994
     new 4626b43  adding airavata-api parent pom
     new a52692e  implementing add and update methods for experiment basic metadata and configuration data - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 3070c3d  Moving Airavata-API to top level as discussed in -
     new 77d4925  Removing the proof of concept interpreter thrift implementation.
     new 57d3cf8  starting on thrift generation scripts, will need more work.
     new 03bd52d  adding more implementation of registry cpi - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 6282fa3  build issue
     new fac34c0  edits to thrift script
     new 8697b2d  Added a script to generate data model as java beans and add the license header and check changes files. Addressing AIRAVATA-991
     new 3833de5  returning identifier from add method of registry CPI - AIRAVATA-1006
     new f950dea  adding the generation of model beans, java client and server to the script - AIRAVATA-991
     new 299872a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a977952  changing adding license header to not preserve backup files
     new 85f9528  updating script to use rsync for sycning generated code
     new 28ac4b7  adding generated code for API AIRAVATA-991
     new fc927c6  Mock airavata api server and client for AIRAVATA-991
     new b949a5c  Entered new developer entry to parent pom to add myself as a airavata committer
     new cf0d15d  First draft for a simple mock api - AIRAVATA-1013
     new e7ab721  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 37a21a8  updating get function implementation - AIRAVATA-1006
     new a0f437c  updating get function implementation - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 728e04b  adding new get methods AIRAVATA-1006
     new c6284b3  Adding orchestrator test by consuming registry-cpi
     new 0eae773  changing orchestrator-cpi
     new 098896a  Removing method from orchestrator-cpi AIRAVATA-1011
     new c8a6811  fixing input data not saving AIRAVATA-1006
     new e4a12c3  completing registry cpi for experiment - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 1d0dada  fixing erroneous return type - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 9b59fb0  fixing erroneous return type - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 4635268  AIRAVATA-1011 - writing test cases for orchestrator cpi
     new 548a0ba  fixing erroneous return type - AIRAVATA-1006
     new b1c3603  Merge branch 'master' of
     new daa536f  adding util classes to create experiment thrift models - AIRAVATA-1006
     new dea7937  fixing AIRAVATA-1011
     new cb78c92  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7456b46  reading thrift version from a property in parent pom
     new f6db439  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dff075c  updating directory paths
     new b766421  Added monitoring data model. AIRAVATA-1018
     new 47a7c15  removing unwanted jobRequest class : issue AIRAVATA-1011
     new f78c0e1  fixing build error after removing JobRequest and cleaning the OrchAPI - AIRAVATA-1011
     new 45aeb1f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8d163f4  Removing fetchJobs method : AIRAVATA-1011
     new 02606da  changing orchestrator to use new gfac-cpi
     new 029e604  Adding new GFac cpi method AIRAVATA-1011
     new 0a1da56  Updated data model for application details and date type to i64 for timestamp.AIRAVATA-1018
     new 8ee1188  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6f60464  more changes to new gfac-cpi and orchestrator usage - AIRAVATA-1011
     new e59e25e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6555180  adding database start up while server starts - AIRAVATA-1020
     new e31e00d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 41da886  Fixing the build error AIRAVATA-1011
     new 99538d8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5dd4019  experiment generated model - AIRAVATA-1017
     new c4f80ab  Fixing test case with orchestrator job - AIRAVATA-1011
     new 3c3040d  refactoring gfac - AIRAVATA-1011
     new 11191ef  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f52dc3b  Adding more test cases to fix AIRAVATA-1011
     new e7849ef  Updating experiment models to address the data management needs discused in AIRAVATA-1017
     new 7d9ab4d  Refining experiment models to change statuses, creation times - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 6269881  Refining experiment models to change statuses, creation times - AIRAVATA-1017
     new f94f9f8  Disambiguating use of AiravataExecution. Renaming it to Task as an umbrella term for gfac execution. - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 997d5ef  data model for AIRAVATA-1017
     new 719cbf9  Commiting the generated data-models for modified experiment model. - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 7d5d102  data model for AIRAVATA-1017
     new ce90264  adding more test cases with gram and gsissh
     new cb3a8a5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b0421a2  changing gfac to suite with new airavata experiment mode - AIRAVATA-1011
     new 0cd438c  build errror
     new a0c1cbd  new datamodels for AIRAVATA-1017
     new 7126528  Adding data models for within workspace and parent to experiment  and defualt values for all id's- AIRAVATA-1017
     new b46488d  Commiting the generated data from modified models - AIRAVATA-1017
     new a584c2c  adding resources to data models - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 0e2e21c  adding resources util methods to data models - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 4066c47  added resource functions
     new e8ac038  merged resource changes and add resource methods for input/output objects. AIRAVATA-1017
     new af9cd3b  orginized imports. AIRAVATA-1017
     new b66eba9  Adding a resource usage field for the Job Details Object - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 867cfee  adding data model resources - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 136cfea  adding resources - AIRAVATA-1017
     new fe40a1d  Regenarating the server implementation against new data models - AIRAVATA-1017
     new a6200bb  Regenarating the server implementation against new data models
     new e264716  Adding basic structure to monitoring component - AIRAVATA-1021
     new f0f2906  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b1a6edc  removing moved files from the repo - AIRAVATA-1021
     new 985151f  inital commit to registry cpi - AIRAVATA-1006
     new abb05c8  Adding new implementation for monitoring, AMQPbased monitoring : AIRAVATA-1022
     new a7baac5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a27cb89  Updated the model to fix setup errors. AIRAVATA-1017
     new 1996507  fixed the data models and created experiment test. AIRAVATA-1017
     new 4d30958  fixed the data models and created experiment test. AIRAVATA-1017
     new 7d603e5  fixed the data models and created experiment test. AIRAVATA-1017
     new 6cb5d82  merging experiment resource changes
     new ed47131  fixed build issues. AIRAVATA-1024
     new 64e2cc4  add and update methods for experiment and experiment config data - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 59c77d3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ca3f8c4  Fixed experiment data model and helper classes for unit testing. AIRAVATA-1025
     new c28577e  get, remove, isexists methods for experiment and experiment config data - AIRAVATA-1006
     new afddb4c  Fixed experiment data model and helper classes for unit testing. AIRAVATA-1025
     new 3628126  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 757fbb6  Registry thrift CPI Service - AIRAVATA-1006
     new f8c7451  pushing basic AMQP implementation with a simple test case with amqp monitoring - AIRAVATA-1022
     new 0c58b97  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d91a013  fixed the models and utils based on unit testing and added new tests. AIRAVATA-1025
     new 3b77227  fixed the models and utils based on unit testing and added new tests. AIRAVATA-1025
     new 9b85852  adding add method to data objects - workflow node, task, experiment outputs etc - AIRAVATA-1006
     new eeddc5b  completing a test case for monitoring amqp - AIRAVATA-1022
     new 16d6d17  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8462257  adding more methods to registry cpi impl AIRAVATA-1006
     new f2445c2  adding another thread to handle unregistering: AIRAVATA-1022
     new 197daf1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a7f35a3  Removing the stale orchestrator service directory
     new 5c7fa2d  implementing add method for child objects - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 34d6c26  Committing basic  Qstat implementation: AIRAVATA-1023
     new 81faafb  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bd217f8  fixing build error to make qstat work - AIRAVATA-1023
     new dd5dbbd  adding update method to child elements
     new 94aee74  Initial version of the Orchestrator Thrift Service - AIRAVATA-1007
     new 2ffc36c  implementing get method for child elements - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 102ee17  implementing get list method for child elements - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 23ed503  A simple test case - AIRAVATA-1007
     new ee2824e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 49bb748  adding remove and isExists cpi implementations - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 605ffaa  adding util methods to create thrift model objects - AIRAVATA-1006
     new b5d57f8  adding error details - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 5f6d80a  Adding API Methods to create and fetch basic experiment status - AIRAVATA-991
     new 204aab1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new db954ff  add unit tests - AIRAVATA-1025
     new 7849212  integrating orchestrator-core wth orchestrator service - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 2a52bd7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ec63576  Changing gfac-cpi to deal with taskID
     new e202140  fixing some issues with registry jpa models - AIRAVATA-1025
     new cb4b7a3  fixing build error
     new adeba77  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 82be00b  fixing build error - AIRVATA-1029
     new 548c2eb  registry startup while airavata server starts
     new 5d7cf00  fixed build error. AIRVATA-1029
     new bc954ec  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3a453bb  added ConfigurationData support. AIRAVATA-1032
     new 67d283f  set ConfigurationData to GFac context. AIRAVATA-1032
     new 7f4e406  adding default constructor to registry impl and fix some build issues
     new e0e1c97  airavata server implementation for registry functions - AIRAVATA-1013
     new 6ed27b9  adding airavata server handler implementation - AIRAVATA-1013
     new 7322247  updated to use data models. AIRAVATA-1032
     new 57ccaa5  Removing the model from stubs jar. Now the API stubs will only have API methods and will need a dependency on the model. - AIRAVATA-991
     new 04a8b5e  adding client to check airavata server functions
     new 8aa06df  Removing the Gfac reference to api-stubs to avoid any future ambiguity
     new 650b457  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 312a8ef  changing the factory class
     new 0d5baf1  Only selectively syncing the API classes - AIRAVATA-991
     new 505971a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2d2be14  added method for backward compatibility. AIRAVATA-1032
     new fa2601a  Implementing initial version of orchestrator-service
     new c9b9575  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a33b8c6  fixing testcases - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 0aecca7  client sample to get experiments
     new bead7c8  Adding orchestrator test methods - AIRAVATA-1028
     new cd8d891  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2eabd51  test class to orchestrator
     new 48b0c5e  More work to integrate orchetrator-core with orchestrator-service- AIRAVATA-1028
     new d29a148  fixing test case
     new ab54c7d  Adding NPE fixes - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 93545e1  fixing build error
     new 66c88f6  checking NPEs
     new 6228daa  fixing build error
     new 99297f9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bf11984  fixing issues from registry side for AIRAVATA-1028
     new 8041908  More fixes with integration - AIRAVATA-1028
     new a021324  fixing issue during integration test - AIRAVATA-1028
     new a4c0adc  more changes for integration - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 955dfe7  Initial draft of Host description model. This has to be improvised referring to the OGF Glue2 Schema - AIRAVATA-1015
     new 1262568  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4bd8af6  adding throw statements to registry cpi impl
     new 9f338e1  adding new registry exception
     new cce56e3  Removed airavata-interpreter-service-client from Airvata client module
     new 049ca17  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5549c1d  Updated the models for TransferState and JobState enums.AIRAVATA-1038
     new cb2a389  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f75fa7e  adding generated data models - AIRAVATA-1038
     new 0a470ce  adding unit test to registry resources and fixing some issues in the cpi - AIRAVATA-1006
     new 3f8457a  committing more changes with orchestrator-registry integration - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 22cd1a0  fixing merge
     new 8252ea5  fixing a issue
     new ec41727  fixing a todo after output data saving is fixed by chathuri - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 47afa39  changing the monitoring to work with dynamic host configuration - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 8a615ec  Save JobDetails and use task details. AIRAVATA-1043, AIRAVATA-1042
     new 5fb684b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 119f754  Fixing bouncy castle version issue
     new 2736d75  Fixed AIRAVATA-1043.
     new 1dc04ce  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 46b17de  adding client sample to orchestrator client
     new c897d30  adding sample to create and launch experiment - AIRAVATA-1039
     new adc3cc5  Providing monitoring to the sample - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 44fb8f9  checking status
     new 5e851e6  Removing duplicated configuration - AIRAVATA-1028
     new 3cf487e  rename AiravataServer as AiravataAPIServer
     new d6b6693  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bad1273
     new b7b8018  Changing the sample to monitor the status- AIRAVATA-1039
     new 5b62ef6  AIRAVATA-1049
     new 0ec292f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 592f102  Added error detail registration. AIRAVATA-1043
     new e0eb89a  Fixing issue with multiple calls in airavata-server
     new 4d6dbbe  Merge branch 'master' of
     new cead776
     new 893156a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new edd26be
     new 7cf63c7
     new 1860a8c  adding the properties file temporarily so that the IDE's can run the server
     new 9081328
     new d4ed9c5  change job details to CLOB instead of varchar - AIRAVATA-1049
     new 79cb0ef  AIRAVATA-1049
     new e40016d  AIRAVATA-1052
     new d0617ee  Created method to generate Ultrascan descriptors. AIRAVATA-1059
     new 5a80778  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 76c31db
     new c6d450e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1a94608
     new ad03762
     new 8fa0405
     new e581557
     new bada8e4  log4j was added to dist through transitive dependencies earlier, however its not happening since we removed unwanted jars. so manually added the log4j jar to assembly
     new f452dab
     new 50af1b0  Some minor FIXMEs to the Airavata API server code.
     new 2d07714  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0233dcf  Removing test file
     new d707fc2  Fixed the script. AIRAVATA-1062
     new 8718d94  removing unnecessary sql files
     new 5e3f0cf  updating document creator method signatures
     new 28f0b42  fixing NPE on AIRAVATA-1052
     new 880003b  update local providers - AIRAVATA-1061
     new 59cc938  Fixed the table name. AIRAVATA-1062
     new 59dcfaa  server distribution need apache-commons-io
     new 65d26eb  refactor to read the port from config file
     new f986e09  refactor to read the port from config file
     new b358106  Implementing slurm support - AIRAVATA-1057
     new 532f269  merging changes
     new 0315de4  More changes to slurm implementation - AIRAVATA-1057
     new c57378b  More changes
     new ccf48b2  updating integration tests - AIRAVATA-1054, AIRAVATA-1055
     new 4ecf18e  Adding SLURMTEMPLATE to the build- AIRAVATA-1057
     new 4523bd9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9c4f64a  Adding a test for stampede too - AIRAVATA-1057
     new 219063e  adding missing resource files AIRAVATA-1055
     new 0a89a10  minor changes to the test case and fix test failures - AIRAVATA-1057
     new dda627b  fixing
     new 83dd7b0  fixnig a merge
     new 3dd2bf0  fixing timestamp issue while saving data - AIRAVATA-1062
     new 21040ae  Added samples for Ultrascan MPI Jobs. AIRAVATA-1059
     new ae4adec  Fixing more issues with slurm monitoring - AIRAVATA-1057
     new 8b8451f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0f7a194  Modifying more monitoring - AIRAVATA-1057
     new 2ea8b5c  Merged clients for MPI samples. AIRAVATA-1059
     new 99dd1ba  Merge branch 'master' of
     new de5aa33  FIXING slurm monitoring issues - AIRAVATA-1057
     new c45875e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d8d2945  removing unwanted messages - AIRAVATA-1057
     new 4932605  fixing AIRAVATA-1062
     new 9e71880
     new 1f298ea  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1d7671e  adding integration tests to stampede - AIRAVATA-1055
     new 856da92  Removing unwanted dependencies from job-monitor component
     new 9295006  Added test for Ultrascan for stampede. AIRAVATA-1059
     new afcd6e3  Updated for localhost testing. AIRAVATA-1059
     new e54c7d0  support overriding server settings via commandline args
     new 708f6a4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7b61c48
     new 53acbbd
     new 5b3c75f
     new 0b6e1e5
     new 74a5d2a
     new de76d89
     new 8c0287e  Only selectively syncing the API classes - AIRAVATA-991 Create and Get Projects and Get Expeirments added to API - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 659600d  Only selectively syncing the API classes - AIRAVATA-991 Create and Get Projects and Get Expeirments added to API - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 5920f22  Only selectively syncing the API classes - AIRAVATA-991 Create and Get Projects and Get Expeirments added to API - AIRAVATA-1017
     new 78365f4  adding implementation to get experiment list - AIRAVATA-991
     new 5331b94  adding rabitmq library
     new 85cde27  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4ee0852  adding rabitmq library
     new 24babee  fixing issues with job monitor - AIRAVATA-1027
     new 7124930
     new 1a86ed9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 68a5589  fixing build error
     new 1263b2b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 35da602  Adding more fixes to Monitoring - AIRAVATA-1022
     new eb3ae31  fixing experiment name not set issue
     new 67195e5  Fixing server hanging issue -
     new 2a813b8  support forced shutdown
     new e5901e8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 29e1221  support forced shutdown etc.
     new 2e8dbe1  Adding a more logs to investigae - AIRAVATA-1072
     new 58872ce  fixing monitoring issue - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 583ed30  Adding more logs to monitor
     new 4d254f1  more logs for monitoing - AIRAVATA-1023
     new f7dba4e  more logs to monitoring - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 44ec4d3  adding project data to cpi - AIRAVATA-991, AIRAVATA-1006
     new 4c50cab  more improvements to monitoring - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 4c6f73d  Fixed document creator. AIRAVATA-1074
     new fc64bd0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 12dd3c6  fixing node status empty issue when getting experiments
     new 703a92b  NPE in saving error details
     new bbbc35d  Adding glue2 schema and add more changes - AIRAVATA-1023
     new c00025f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e181bfb  updating file clearing on start and stop
     new f9b95c9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fc8f968  Fixing issues regarding failured submission - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 86bf411  fixing error details not saving issue
     new 258b5a7  temperory fix for AIRAVATA-1073
     new 3a38bdf  More changes to qstat monitor - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 6d1797d  Adding more graceful shutdown operations to airavata - AIRAVATA-1072
     new b32cb52  Adding more changes to do proper threading - AIRAVATA-1072
     new 4a0571d  changing logging level to info by default
     new 9b4dedf  updating server force stop to have kill commands at unix level
     new 13c67c4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 744b546  Fixing directory creationg issue in gfac
     new bb988d3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 922686b  changing transfer description to CLOB
     new 86d2b62  dont remove process files
     new cb6b7a8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 199004d  making threadpool server as default value
     new 56e65c1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 95fb3eb  fixing app descriptor issue with workign directory is wrong
     new ef3e2e4  fixing possible issue when retrieving job details
     new 576729b  updated the descriptors and created client. AIRAVATA-1059
     new 77758cb  Generated C++ Client SDK - AIRAVATA-1075
     new 457e20d  fixing updating and getting job details
     new 47be5d4  updated documentcreater method. AIRAVATA-1059
     new 8c6f9b5  updated documentcreator method. AIRAVATA-1059
     new c4bac75  PHP Client SDK - AIRAVATA-1064
     new e8a6d41  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c0f2084  fixing issue with output data handling
     new 0c08b94  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 53977e3  updated the input/output directory name for ultrascan. Fixed the Launch experiment.
     new 57c8aae  supporting customized output path
     new cbf5b68  Fixing output handling in gfac
     new dde86a5  Fixing monitoring with new state - CG as completed - AIRAVATA-1023
     new c9f9254  fixing adding advance input data handling
     new 705dc59  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 89ac4f9  updated the direcotry location. AIRAVATA-1076
     new 0b6de06  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 05de4b4  saving default error details enums
     new 367a0ff  Handling Slurm output error scenario
     new f558dee  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7a8838f  adding error type for exceptions
     new 9643198  Fixed output data reading. AIRAVATA-1077
     new 0a46c0c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1f7a8d9
     new eeb00a3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bf37ea8  Adding more precise logs to gsissh operations, so invokers doesn't always have tlog
     new 1441a83  Improvements to the PHP Client - AIRAVATA-1064
     new 5b6e610  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1c06fe0  Type of stdout and error coming as string so added extra check. AIRAVATA-1077
     new dfb51fc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b424dfe  Stdout/err was not handled.  AIRAVATA-1077
     new 5d12010  fixing listDirectory error
     new 1638e26  fixing build error
     new a096056  fixing output downloading
     new a6451c9  fixing scp output
     new cec965b  fixing scpout
     new b568db9  fixing scpout
     new 1c4433a  fixing scpout
     new 615820a  fixing advanced output hadnling
     new 60c77db  fixing advanced output hadnling
     new 30b04ca  fixing advanced output hadnling
     new b1b5178  Fixed reading the input from remote.
     new 7437e11  removing space of the experiment name while creating exp Id
     new 25e5e91  Added output folder properties.
     new 12c6054  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 49e74f5  fixing session timeout related to ssh operations
     new 96c1155  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 783a26a  Updating php sample with application values - AIRAVATA-1064
     new 23df890  Initial commit
     new c889112  cloning php sample from airavat repo
     new 5afba8e  fixing factory class issue
     new 5d9bb84  Adding outputs to experiment config
     new 230c700  Test commit.
     new d3ad23a  adding \n for command line testing
     new 444f2df  Fixing input moving error -
     new 5467488  Fix experiment state printing.
     new 713359c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 005c88b  Add second file for tasks not related to experiment creation.
     new ab1ab84  Updating Copyright Year to 2014
     new c2d006e  moving the job-manager to tools
     new 0edfa86  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e58a442  fixing build with the move of job-monitor
     new 31f3883  stated using Jcraft for SSHprovider communication. AIRAVATA-1082
     new 0599edf  Adding myself to committer's list
     new 6b90e64  Fixing Localprovider support
     new a052f5b  Supporting user based monitoring with pull - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 098992d  Implementing user based pulling for slurm - AIRAVATA-1023
     new 8d9a5ca  Adding amqp message parsing - AIRAVATA-1022
     new f60565b - fixing
     new cb826d3  fixing
     new 6435ad3  more improvements to amqp monitor - AIRAVATA-1022
     new 9825ab2  More improvements to amqp monitor
     new dc01f7c  fixing test cases
     new c1f3429  removing wrong files
     new 04c502b  Added tests for SSHprovider and fixed bugs. AIRAVATA-1082
     new 98519a7  more improvements to amqp monitor - AIRAVATA-1022
     new 7e845c1  merged the changes
     new 007a111  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 52e0fd3  applying patch from Sachith to AIRAVATA-1055
     new 8f70e58  Test got messed up with marge. Fixed to use right test.
     new 85f20a6  fixing php factory class issue
     new 460da0e  fixng AIRAVATA-942, no scheduling activity is there in gfac at this point
     new 192cd28  removing duplicate tests, related to Commit: 8f70e58aed3bf5061688b8328e20521a442198f3, AIRAVATA-1082
     new d68afe9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 80cbc3e  Fixing a NPE during error scenario and fixing the code to show proper error message
     new b47a807  removing duplicated, AIRAVATA-1004
     new 346a3f5  Fixing AIRAVATA-762, adding support to SGE
     new b57c333  adding xslt to the build system, AIRAVATA-762
     new c7a9c8e  changing the build to get new xslt for SGE,AIRAVATA-762
     new 74556fe
     new b20d2f2
     new 42a4d2b
     new 9c55545  Fixing the build to handle grid test cases
     new 1301e2a  adding api folder to README
     new a2dcc36 + disabling some test cases that fail due to unsupported workflow for this version
     new 9ab16b9  fixing the merge
     new f2a7fc3  new files
     new e083a8f  fixing the build
     new 56eea3b  updating parent pom artifactid
     new ea57ef5
     new de61d51  load external settings and supporting system properties AIRAVATA-1121
     new e161738  fixing build for gridTests profile
     new fa32f4d  fixing test cases
     new f01ea07  Fixing gsissh tool test cases
     new 8b27819  fixing gfac-tests
     new a8d53cd  fixing gfac-core tests
     new 848874c  Add .gitignore for PHPStorm project files.
     new a5def09  fixing test cases and changing the property names
     new 5940988  AIRAVATA-1121
     new 0e2c10f  AIRAVATA-1124
     new 9c47eec  AIRAVATA-1124
     new e488180  testing git push
     new 43dfd1d  renaming some of the airavata-server.peroperties
     new 96aad52  test
     new bb0f710  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b7122a9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b1bdbd9  Adding new tests to monitor-tool
     new 3330060  fixng Qstat test to work with maven
     new 2c186f6  Update AiravataClientFactory. Remove buffered transport to get experiment- fetching methods to work.
     new bc390e7  testing git password
     new 00ce4a8  AIRAVATA-1140
     new 3858717  updating distribution directory structure
     new d3fb569  updating distribution directory structure etc.
     new 46205e6  AIRAVATA-1143
     new 4903770  AIRAVATA-1144
     new 03e4030  AIRAVATA-1143
     new dd7617f  updating client dist name
     new eeb2c0d  adding php and cpp sdks to the build and release AIRAVATA-1143 AIRAVATA-1144
     new 603897c  Fixing the test cases to stop threads properly
     new 9edda85  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0c0b6d4  refactor to load monitor listeners to load from the server settings
     new 56574dd  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 20306cd
     new d4e3985
     new 3d229e2  updating the samples path
     new 18ee7cd  fixing AIRAVATA-1145
     new 832a715  throw exception from AiravataClientFactory when unable to create a client + refactor integration tests
     new 6fe3d3a  cosmetics to integration tests
     new 3013e74  adding 'CENCELING' status
     new 6791031  checking in data model changes to AIRAVATA-433
     new aed31d3  AIRAVATA-433 + fix client sample issue
     new 5381d59  moving ssh implementation out of gfac-core
     new f2b5df4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 67b44a1  introducing workflow node status updater + refactor
     new 49eea6f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 71de72f  fixing qstat monitor exception handling
     new dd3b3f1  fixing the double node entry issue and some refactoring
     new b4e4164  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ede5898
     new ab89c88  AIRAVATA-1141
     new d2814f6  AIRAVATA-1139
     new 0364b65  reverting commented SSHSecurityContext code
     new b023084  merging monitoring with gfac-core, later this will be separated
     new 34a8147  fixing monitoring issue with async submission
     new 9c75294  Create separate files for 3 problem functions: getAllExperimentsInProject, getAllUserExperiments, getAllUserProjects. Increase TSocket timeout to 5 seconds.
     new b6c7c41  fixing most of the error during job execution
     new a6245bd  fixing test cases with gfac-ssh implementation
     new 740bf8c  adding new integration tests to retrieve project and experiment related data
     new 3361df3  separating gsissh package
     new 2f14186  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e524d7e  removing gfac-monitor
     new 8c6a9a5  fixing the build error
     new 55ff3ae  updated the test to use admin user until we have api function to create users
     new 053ce56  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 13b505a  creating gfac-bes and gfac-gram out from gfac-core
     new 7be9dae  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ec1d2b8  addign new jars to the build
     new 989a1fd  seperate out gfac-local from gfac-core
     new cb0db78  Seperate out gfac-local from gfac-core
     new 216e2d6  seperate gfac-local from gfac-core
     new 761b81e  seperate gfac-local from gfac-core
     new 1852d79  seperate gfac-local from gfac-core
     new 9a78730  seperate gfac-hadoop from gfac-core
     new 3a4dfd0  adding sachith to the developers
     new 61a312a  fixing AIRAVATA-1161
     new d0ff925  test
     new a2307f9  Merge branch 'temp'
     new bca756a  adding unkonwn status to most of the possible places
     new c1f69ae  fixing the build break
     new 64c6657  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e218fc0  fixing gsi ssh job execution error
     new e8453e2  Fix missing Project class bug. Add getExperimentStatus and terminateExperiment.
     new 418480c  test client for create project.
     new 596a1e9  Fix AIRAVATA-1170.
     new 322fc06  Hard-code values in createProject. Add var_dump to getAll*.
     new 8f8212e  Simple create experiment.
     new d9d0814  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 42b29f3  Add scripts for clone, getexperiment, get outputs, terminate, update.
     new d4f7930  Launch a hard-coded experiment.
     new 0eabb93  Fix updating of Experiment and Task status. AIRAVATA-1164
     new 553caa0  Separating gfac-monitoring implementation
     new b203064  fixing issues with new changes
     new 0da5982  fixnig minor issue related to status updators
     new 9bb8c2b  changing package names of gfac implementations
     new 49b6987  moving gfac-bes classes to new package.
     new 6209ee0  fixing more packaing issue
     new fc70a07  Hard-code experiment name, user, project.
     new e38a901  use ExperimentNotFoundException
     new 39370c5  moving common monitoring classes to gfac-core
     new 14c1841  Fixing the build and more issues related to gfac
     new 9be225a  Fixed output population. AIRAVATA-1185
     new ee79b70  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c11651b  Removed extra imports. AIRAVATA-1185
     new 70846f3  Changed the thrift model. AIRAVATA-1199
     new 04269ff  Changed the Registry DataType to RegistryModelType. AIRAVATA-1199
     new a9e022b  fixing errors came during gridTest run
     new 79750b7  fixing AIRAVATA-1182
     new 7ec932b  fixing
     new 86f4641  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 96fed6e  generate code and update references - AIRAVATA-1199
     new 3132bf0  adding tests for validator functionality in orchestrator - AIRAVATA-1200
     new b7fea71  updated for AIRAVATA-1199.
     new bee2dac  Updated to handle project changes. AIRAVATA-1182
     new c1c8237  Filled additional experiment details.
     new 93db370  creatExperiment works. Other files updated the hard-coded expId. To be fixed.
     new 956e8d5  adding another test validator
     new f11b02d  fixing integration test failures
     new 4b4bd90  generating php and c++ source and fixing bug in generate-code script
     new fd93ec3  datatype changes
     new 4e76188  added datatype
     new 501b43d  make experimentID as command link arguments.
     new 6c1fa83  get outputs
     new 2fce90e  Updated Compute Resource for discussion - AIRAVATA-1015
     new 6dbe34e  Refer GLUE2 schema for terms - - AIRAVATA-1015
     new cd8250d  adding job submission protocol structs
     new 483a0f5
     new 011ec5e
     new c18a52f  fixing validatorTest
     new 6328bea  Adding validation funcation to thrift service - AIRAVATA-1200
     new 3ba8cfa  Exposing the orchestration validation functions from Airavata API and also validating before launch - AIRAVATA-1200
     new 5e6040c  fixing clone experiment issue - AIRAVATA-1207
     new b2e3fd9  fixing unwanted task creation
     new a5e6967  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 131d967
     new 7147780  Removing username from createProject and validate whether project has required fields in the API implementation - AIRAVATA-1221
     new f05dd0f  adding a result object for validation
     new d76c9d5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 22d0a6f  change cloneExperiment method to have previousExpID and updated experiment - AIRAVATA-1207, fix issues in appcatalog thrift files
     new 7d0ce7d  adding generated code for app catalog
     new 88e16cf  fixing AIRAVATA-1205
     new abc9134  Edit scripts to take command-line arguments instead of hard-coding values.
     new bf702a5  updating clone experiment method
     new 8790244  remove unwated thrift file
     new c1a1bad
     new da94101  fixing some possible places where state can be set as empty
     new 84294a7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 939f7be  fixing AIRAVATA-1227
     new 12e2869  passing experimentid argument
     new aa31eff  library changes
     new d48d67e  library changes
     new 3d76388  fixing AIRAVATA-1219 and AIRAVATA-1220
     new a169a28  Update createProject for API changes. CLI arguments for getAllUserProjects.
     new 37dea65  Update cloneExperiment for API changes. CLI argument for getAllUserExperiments.
     new e9c0b4d  Adding validationResult object.
     new 63764cb  Add CLI arguments for user and experiment name.
     new 23628a6  adding generated code for experiment validation
     new a0c369a  adding validation classes
     new 6edddf2  adding gssissh enum
     new 38f12a0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f9f173c  adding validation fail exception
     new 0317c4a  adding id to all the job submission protocols and data movement protocols - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 5cded24  (Airavata-1239) Adding a commandline sample for updating an existing project.
     new 692bc6b  Removing unnecessary require_once
     new 2608266  (Airavata-1188) Tweaking this a little to just return the project ID
     new b9eb7a9  adding db tables for app catalog - computationResource
     new 5632de3  fixing validateExperiment
     new 6f7d824  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3188867  Add project ID as required command line parameters.
     new 63ff50c  adding model classes for app catalog - AIRAVATA-1236
     new 6cb07ad  (Airvata-1197) Small change to make more command-line friendly
     new 400fa45  Cleaning this up a little bit. Removing dual calls to GetAPIversion() and replacing HTML breaks with shell return lines.
     new 1fe6d45  Making this a little friendlier by outputing the Experiment's ID as well as its name.
     new a6773c8  Moving the Experiment ID to the end so that it is easy to paste it into another script.
     new 3049a0b  adding the changes to the app catalog models and functions
     new 23c1184  generating code
     new 8973b88  Relatively comprehensive API tester added for stress testing; Updated variable names in getAllUserProjects.php for clarity.
     new 2b87aa2  updated the timeout
     new 100562d  merged the changes
     new a4093164 Removing obsolete PHP clients.
     new 054093f  fixing AIRAVATA-1242
     new 44ebc62  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ddf262d  fixing AIRAVATA-1244
     new 24519d3  fixing AIRAVATA-1243
     new dab6152  update airavata log level to INFO instead of DEBUG
     new 6bb880a  fixing AIRAVATA-1230
     new 2710f6e  adding new validator
     new af312c3  adding gridftp model
     new e25c541  adding the app catalog handler
     new 029cfac  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fef7c4a  generated code for gridftp model
     new 1bb816a  adding new functions to the handler
     new 1793672  update outputs for local provider. AIRAVATA-1185
     new ee50805  fixing AIRAVATA-1184
     new 61dd0fc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4f2ca03  fixing erronieus check
     new c272669  fixing issue airavata-1185
     new 4792e81  Code cleanup. AIRAVATA-1185
     new 1fd52a1  updated lib
     new dd0ba0d  Adding a little README for the client examples to explain the sequence.
     new 68dff5d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 76d9108  Fixing airavata-1229
     new b04cbe9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 009ee0d  Changing gfac framework to coop with new gfac service
     new 2ce716c  adding gfac thrift service module
     new 452419f  fixing monitoring error
     new 0193ff9  Added updateProject, updateExperiment calls in tester.
     new c00a71a  Added clone experiment in tester.
     new 7592a61  (Airavata-1250) Adding a configuration php file and updating php clients to use it.
     new 222a14d  (Airavata-1250) Adding a configuration php file and updating php clients to use it.
     new 427056b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6f1ed7f  fixing AIRAVATA-1249
     new 59b9906  simple comment.
     new 94c1fb2  Fixing hpc monitoring issue
     new b9b8c25  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a365830  fixing AIRAVATA-1257, AIRAVATA-1258
     new 0f914f2  changed updateProject and updateExperiment syntax.
     new 43a3761  change updateProject to have project ID
     new fd9e7f4  changes to orchestrator thrift service
     new 6208eee  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fb0e725  updated for new functions
     new 169818f  project function changed
     new 050fd1d  Removing Get Airavata Version
     new 126ee28  Fixing bug in GetAPIVersion
     new 693fe55  enabliing validation in default settngs.
     new bf7bd51  airavata-1229
     new 2c6cced  Adding the client php to required
     new fdf34dc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6c10f6e  fixing a minor issue with exception throwing during validation.
     new fe507e4  fixing orchestrator test
     new ce10da7  fixing AIRAVATA-1264
     new b7ae234  adding ValidatorException handling to createlaunchexperiment
     new fc9d762  removing redundant validatorResult class
     new f06e75f  Changing the case of GetAPIVersion to make it conistant with remaining method names.
     new 249a390  implement GridPushMonitorHandler
     new bb1cecb  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c6f4cea  return ids
     new 1a5f1a2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1d76b48  generated code
     new 0ff2415  Quick update for consistency with other clients.
     new 928e37b  updating the catalog handler after the tests
     new 2c24439  introducing a namespace for php app catalog models
     new 507686a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fb7f491  adding hostname as alias by default
     new 3c19939  removing registry start in app catalog
     new f0f9ac9  fixing var name type
     new 593d5a7  adding the listing compute resource sample
     new 25bac69  updated timeout
     new baa69e8  increasing min threads for the thread pool - AIRAVATA-1266
     new b240462  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 123cf87  Changing the API operation case
     new 124e286  AIRAVATA-1264
     new effb4d7  adding php samples to list application interfaces and add compute resource descriptions
     new 93e6a37  adding php samples to list application interfaces and add compute resource descriptions
     new 650e545  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 25cafc0  (Airavata-1260) Making suggested modification.
     new d233abd  Configuration was not updated. AIRAVATA-1269
     new 3eac761  fixing gsissh protocol data retrieving issue
     new 7e022ef  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3bcac35  Changed the configurations to ini files as discussed in AIRAVATA-1250
     new 719142d  removing threading in launchExperiment
     new 2ce9c12  adding new samples for app catalog
     new 65b084f  introducing app catalog server/port configs and using the ini file to load server/port
     new d33b96e  not reusing client
     new 059d16b  adding app catalog model classes & updating app catalog service class
     new 353b736  refactoring to use specified resource job manager than hard coding slurm
     new d8ef967  handling the scenario which the host descriptor does not exist
     new 9564e89  inserted name and organization
     new 3dafb00  Launch need to be update before launching as there are other stauts updated at GFAC level. AIRAVATA-1273
     new e1f5140  changing compute resource name + changing names
     new 2884bda  did some expception handling to debug AIRAVATA-1275.
     new 1a8a19f  Sample to test same application on multiple hosts and fix to make it work. AIRAVATA-1276
     new 6ff2f69  Added valiation of experimentid. AIRAVATA-1222
     new 277b467  Adding a timestamp to avoid duplicate names
     new d918468  adding search by application id - AIRAVATA-1278
     new 36a0b8c  fixing AIRAVATA-1280
     new 5153d0c  fixing AIRAVATA-1281
     new 11b1b9a  fixing gfac service implementation
     new 4b51e7f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 92ddf3e  Added check if the host and appliation name is not set in registry.
     new b3f7b25  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c06bd90  fixing outputMessageContext issue
     new 1dd6486  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 233f796  fixing AIRAVATA-1279
     new a9c337d  removing database scripts from airavata-api-server
     new 3c5774b  fixing status update issue in trunk
     new d87023a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7100e38  Adding WRF descriptor on trestles
     new a6de79b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ac038ce  Changing the WRF Sample to use 64 cores
     new 867778b  fixing the name with WRF sample
     new d8bd3d1  updated library
     new 3e08f21  Added WRF sample and fixed outut handling
     new c072a39  fixed the merge
     new 79ea2f1  fixng output handling for uri types
     new e3b0bf2  Fixed output movement and output location updating. AIRAVATA-1284
     new 0fadb08  fixing AIRAVATA-1285
     new bf5f8c3  adding proper entity manager closing and exception handling - AIRAVATA-1285
     new 8b5f272  adding more fixes for AIRAVATA-1285
     new ace68a6  removing unnecessary properties from OpenJPA configuration
     new 33fafe0  Cleanup the output handling to register outputs. AIRAVATA-1284
     new c83330e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 125098d  fixing AIRAVATA-1235
     new 47f6ed3  fixing AIRAVATA-1204
     new 013a815  fixing AIRAVATA-1288
     new a728ab5  making JPA cache limit configurable from server properties
     new 18fb76e  AIRAVATA-1283 - Added support for hostname in all servers.
     new 3f89830  Add search experiment scripts.
     new 6abdb5f  adding the new sql script in new module
     new b9cd25b  adding the jpa-app-catalog to the main module
     new 015176b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.12
     new 49f3b11  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2bcadf5  fixing AIRAVATA-1297
     new 48cd362  adding app catalog data models
     new 87f6fbd  fixed scheduling info
     new 1a73058  Fixed AIRAVATA-1299.
     new 41a2c86  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e088226  updating the sample for the changes in the thrift API
     new f92e9a7  fixing build error in the app catalog
     new bc20a06  Fixed the compliation error. Case was wrong.
     new 6458260  Made changes to SCP connection creator and add third-party transfer.AIRAVATA-1300
     new 362da4e  committing the initial version of zk work with resubmitting all the failed jobs to the available gfac cluster nodes
     new e44da0d  revert versions
     new c35e21a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.12
     new 3029ff4  Updating release notes
     new 5f18454  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2233d42  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of airavata-0.12
     new 054cc52  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2eb31e0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.12
     new f723d49  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e86504a  more zk related changes
     new 3481653  Merge branch 'zk-work'
     new d56dd44  adding new type of handler
     new 4c34a51  fixing build error
     new 5c7acf3  initial changes to make credential store as a seperate webapp
     new 4d9b92e  adding missing classes for credential store
     new 4217a17  adding security model to build
     new d7c7116  move the orchestrator submitter to embedded mode
     new a1bb763  More fixed for BetterGFacImpl
     new 9526ceb  updating database scripts in credential store
     new 236c04a  Adding more features to zk implementation
     new b62e67d  compute host description
     new 59ffdfd  updating taskdetails and orchestrator service
     new 29f94c3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f9ceaeb  Removing the unused import.
     new 3456236  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c6d78a4  updating to use new thrift file for computeresources + fixing some typos
     new b9c9d24  generated code for updated TaskDetails model and Orchestrator service
     new 441bf76  adding the launchTask method
     new c05fd14  Committing the version 1.0 of Zookeeper implementation
     new 109b679  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5e81196  Adding more recoverable Handlers
     new 90c47de  adding compute resource related data models - AIRAVATA-1236
     new 6da674f  Making GSISSH Input handler recoverable
     new 3a84ee8  Making GSISSHOutputProvider a RecoverableHandler
     new 5662d5c  Sync'ing with new app catalog models.
     new fdb3daa  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dde984a  Sync'ing with new app catalog models.
     new bb958aa  Sync'ing with new app catalog models.
     new ffb186f  Adding comments to descriptions.
     new bed0745  adding the resource interface
     new e7bb565  adding app-catalog openJPA models - AIRAVATA-1236
     new 37df1e0  adding app-catalog resource layer implementation for compute resource
     new e31265c + introducing integration tests
     new f0aae9f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a886c0c  updating app-catalog constants - AIRAVATA-1302
     new 91e2c0a  Adding host alias resource initial resource class
     new 407c9ba  adding app deployement related resource classes - AIRAVATA-1302
     new 07bb535  adding the credential store token to launchTask function
     new 20d1d7d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8d51973  adding ochestrator service - generated code
     new e565ae4  updating the thrift services to pass the credential store token to the orchestrator cpi
     new 33a6d8b  Adding credential store support for gsi-ssh plugins
     new 2e36ba4  adding more resource classes - AIRAVATA-1302
     new 69be6c7  removing the app-catalog jpa module and adding resources
     new da5d2f3  updating the resource layer
     new 9c4a19f  adding more resource layer classes
     new f048c8a  adding more app catalog resource classes
     new 856b557  adding missing app catalog resource layer classes
     new 9dcb8ba  adding resource utils - AIRAVATA-1302
     new 3868d50  adding resources with serializable - AIRAVATA-1302
     new 77970e0  allowing app catalog db to start when app catalog thrift server starts - AIRAVATA-1303
     new 8ebb254  adding generated code for app-catalog
     new c97832e  Unifying multiple mysql-connector-java versions.
     new c84bc06  Removing duplicate pom dependencies
     new 3d5b9a6  app-catalog CPI - AIRAVATA-1228
     new df55c5b  Removing third-party repositories
     new 8994fc8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 41dd801  fixing build
     new eaf09bd  moving unicore repo into bes provider. This should be removed soon.
     new ac8bbf0  fixing a bulid error
     new abd7f19  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 227c78d  Generated data models of app catalog
     new a1bf439  a meta thrift model to include all app catalog related data models
     new e0f21e4  updating app catalog data models
     new 6843720  updating app catalog data model namespaces
     new 45b3c4b  generated data models with modified namespaces
     new 373d1dd  adding app catalog CPI - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 8b8dca6  adding app catalog cpi implementation -  AIRAVATA-1228
     new ce12798  using service names to disambiguate
     new 6f0b74c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c1718d6  app catlog cpi impl - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 673c0fc  updating the workflownodedetails with type
     new 7147020  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 515eb10  updating generated source for workflownodedetails node type
     new 2d0ebed  app catalog cpi implementation for compute resource - AIRAVATA-1228
     new f36f43a  Integrating credential store to airavata to job submission and file transfer and directory creation
     new 462b241  updating db to incooperate node type
     new 98b738e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 31c84b6  updating workflownodedetails constructor
     new 2fe5d9e  Making AdvancedInputHandle recoverable
     new 3a2c052  app catalog cpi impl for application interface - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 45a73f4  temporarly adding the unicore maven repo to fix the build.
     new 506593c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3c2b11c  app-catalog cpi for app-deployment - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 76607a2  adding test case to save basic compute resource and retrieve it - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 0aec0da  preparing merge of Airavata-PHP-Client-Samples into airavata repo
     new 9800cd3  removing conflicting license
     new 7034f50  Merging airavata php clients from github
     new c09963a  moving php command line samples and pointing to airavata sdk - AIRAVATA-1274
     new 465ca53  Pointing libs to airavata SDK - AIRAVATA-1274
     new 01f648a  Pointing libs to airavata SDK - AIRAVATA-1274
     new 4d338df  Moving samples into SDK directory for packaging - AIRAVATA-1274
     new 409c986  Fixing PHP Client Packaging to properly unpack and include the required files - AIRAVATA-1274
     new 6a30776  using unicore-client from maven central
     new 535ed32  Initial API Methods for deployment and Interfaces - AIRAVATA-1296
     new f03e6ec  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a2a2714  implementing AiravataServerHandler to call app catalog cpi - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 8456e5b  adding test class to compute resource - AIRAVATA-1305
     new 81e2b9f  fixing additional comma in db script
     new a30f8ae  removing seperate app-catalog thrift server start up from destribution
     new a460074  adding test class to appInterface - AIRAVATA-1305
     new 7265490  Bumping apache parent pom and maven compiler plugin versions as discussed in AIRAVATA-1306. Assuming lazy consensus, revert if disagree.
     new 54d02d4  adding test class for app-deployment - AIRAVATA-1305
     new 85348ae
     new c60ba81  adding generated code - AIRAVATA-1309
     new ab566e1  adding more test functions - AIRAVATA-1305
     new bd9c12d  adding app catalog data model util classes
     new 07c3f78  fixing typo in appInterface thrift file
     new 720be04  AIRAVATA-1309
     new 1fc2413  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1ae4201  update method name change
     new 169e6f9  Updating ComputeResource Namespace to align with application descrrptions - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 0a00253  Updating ComputeResource Namespace to align with application descrrptions - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 15c8630  Initial draft of the gateway profile - AIRAVATA-1318
     new ca1662b  modified the connection class and added send timeout (thanks to supun)
     new 2262500  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f0f3bf1  Gateway Profile updates - AIRAVATA-1318
     new efca3d6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 527900b  Adding a prefered batch Queue
     new 4d109fd  adding jpa models and resources for gateway profile - AIRAVATA-1318
     new 2338739  Updating Compute Resource to better handle decrsiption of multiple protocols - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 52cedac  Updating Local Host details - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 59a7443  Committed generated classes for thrift models - AIRAVATA-1203
     new a7ce476  gateway profile cpi impl - AIRAVATA-1318
     new cc191f9  Changing the name to more precise.
     new c4268c1  Missing generated types
     new 2c32d42  adding jpa class gen project
     new b103e79  removing entries of missing modules
     new e5688a7  Updating ComputeResources descriptions - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 429505a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8288ee0  AIRAVATA-1236
     new 2e04f68  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d650ddb  Adding comments to thrift models
     new c42adb4  AIRAVATA-1236
     new 30388a1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ae1fe88  AIRAVATA-1236
     new 046e2fa  AIRAVATA-1236
     new b085e96  AIRAVATA-1236
     new 097d955
     new c18872c  adding an id for the resource job manager
     new fd5288a  adding an id for the resource job manager
     new 08245f2  Updating the thrift files documenttaion - AIRAVATA-1228
     new b0062bb  adding the updated CPI
     new 6a84bdb
     new fa71e06  adding no arg constructor
     new 268dd34  Removing the legacy api file
     new 2909ae9 + updating jpaclass gen to include the empty constructor for PK class + update the document creator to add localhost apps
     new b12dac5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e13ea82  adding module dependency for app-catalog-cpi
     new 9d5f017  Fixing a typo
     new 4ccab01  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a9cdafd  updating method name
     new 53d62d1  API Method placeholders for compute resource - AIRAVATA-1228
     new fe4ac34  Removing the unused registry service poc.
     new 1091586  Adding parallelism type to deployment - AIRAVATA-1203
     new 5ba1bb7  Adding the missing enum generated class
     new b60c43e  updating code to have the parallelism parameter
     new ec20d1e  updated document creator
     new 192fc8b  updating the script table create order and duplicating for tests
     new fb09b38  adding the util class
     new 989ee45  test
     new ac050e7  test
     new cb1c4bf  test
     new c853ffd  test
     new 152acbf  Adding job manager and data movement API functions - AIRAVATA-1296
     new 8808aaa  implementing the service functions
     new f7008b9  Adding update methods to change priorities - AIRAVATA-1296
     new e085880  Disambiguating GatewayProfile from GatewayResourceProfile. App Catalog deals with later, while admin API will have to deal with former - AIRAVATA-1228
     new 5328757  Gateway Profile API Funcations - AIRAVATA-1296
     new 2d5d054  API Methods required by PHP Gateway - AIRAVATA-1296
     new e36c042  updating to use the api instead of the cpi functions
     new 8e5f057  implementing some of the api functions + updating integration tests
     new c290a04  Adding the Airavata API Dependency
     new 0d4a7d1  Adding the missing gateway profile CPI methods
     new 964b6af  adding ssh key storing and retrieving in credential store
     new a022bba  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 25f4f5f  implementing mission gateway profile cpi impl
     new 2c54484  GFac is integrated to use app catalog ..but internally fills in legacy models to minimize changes - AIRAVATA-1309
     new 66a672b  adding new class to keep ssh credentials from credential store
     new b2c2204  Merge branch 'master' of
     new beb7471  adding default type to parallalism
     new 2f3ece5  update to save the resource job manager + update hte api funtion impls
     new b71499c  update to save the resource job manager + update hte api funtion impls etc.
     new f582645  adding test classes to compute resource
     new a509e5a  fixing compilation error in OrchestartorServerHandler
     new fa44d62  adding module load cmd table
     new afe4141  Using the correct setter in orchestrator handler
     new 0fde9bc  Adding missing API list interface functions
     new c7a3300  adding getall resource and getAllIds method
     new 9a7ee5b  implementing getAll in server handler
     new 07e6009  refactoring the bettergfacimpl
     new d9df541  module load comands
     new a167caf  updating ot use the new document creator
     new 38c629e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a1b5882  setting is empty
     new 2511edf  adding the return statement for empty case
     new f96ff89  fixing typo
     new 0b88173  bull chk
     new d76cf9e  setting isempty parameter
     new 4d2805f  adding methods to remove datamovement interface and jobsubmission interface
     new 7295d10  using the gateway name as the gateway id
     new 8ac30e2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 55d3aee  updating a typo
     new 58686d1  Adding missing Application interface description
     new d52e8f7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 43ee9ea  adding description to app interface
     new d630771  bug fixes and typos
     new ea35177  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b70474c  updating computeresourceprofile creation step
     new 3630458  adding test class for gateway profile
     new 9c5d4bf  fixing issues in document creator
     new 76fb56d  Changing SSHHosts to also have HPCApptypes and adding appdesc to appcontext
     new cf945f0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d1d3fae  Updating PHP Samples - AIRAVATA-1274
     new 40198cc  fixing issues
     new bdad5c6  updating to use the app id
     new 5d6cb29  adding getting list of all gateway profiles
     new a34c0d9  retrieve gateway id from the gateway name and use that to retrieve the preferences for the computeResource
     new e53cba9  Updating port to gw111
     new 962389c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d953a3f  updating to use the existing gateway id
     new a33dd2a  making experiment input value clob
     new f8f280f  updating to increase the retries + refactor test code
     new ea73b0b  reintroduce integration tests
     new 6ed8348  updating the warn message
     new e53dd34  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5c00a8c  chking if zk exists
     new c6bf090  using app id instead of app name
     new de2f7ce  disabling orchestrator unit tests until adding the zk support for them
     new b26219f  test method to getAllComputeResources
     new 8dc8057  removing isEmpty field from modules
     new 4639e38  removing isEmpty field from modules
     new d0a8c44  fixing thrift conversions issues and gatewayresourceprofile selecting issue
     new fe2fec5  fixing thrift conversions issues and gatewayresourceprofile selecting issue
     new 98f60f3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8318768  removing isSet filed from OutputDataType
     new 6d0d4f1  Fixing a simple echo job on trestles
     new 7661ac6  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 36393ac  adding bigred doc add function
     new 28fd065  updating parameters for launch sample
     new 3b9fae4  Updating sample names to match API names
     new dfb744d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 58e8fb9  udpating the integration test to split the return string from document creator class to extract the app id
     new bfaf817  more fixes in client code
     new 407dbbc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a125a6b  Committing update interface sample
     new 7e2c4f0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 417a310  fixing issue with update app interface
     new 2bd6d33  creating the server start file in bin location
     new 4244103  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b61f6a0  Update to PHP Client samples. Will commit the re-organization into features next
     new 607dd92  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1725ccb  update app deployment
     new e796062  Adding CPP namespaces to address - AIRAVATA-1334
     new 4a8e957  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8577cea  introducing new workflow thrift files
     new fa6e188  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 57c4e99  fixing clob issue
     new 850c4a3  adding generated thrift workflow files
     new 6d62eda  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b04478b  adding the workflow service implementation
     new 40d6a85  updated thrift generated file
     new 533129f  check for empty experiment names
     new fcbbc7e  fixing bigred2 support related issues
     new 53edab4  updating app-catalog cpi to get all compute resource map - AIRAVATA-1335
     new 5e5ee1b  added a thread sleep to wait until the job started
     new e2ebec1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bee9068  Changing the success message - AIRAVATA-1337
     new 567437a  Using the simpler CPI method to fetch resource names
     new 210ebad  Changing the  getAvailableAppInterfaceComputeResources to return name and id resolving AIRAVATA-1335
     new afdba81  allow search projects for partial strings - AIRAVATA-1333
     new 78cd7b3  allow search with * - AIRAVATA-1333
     new 7d72e22  update the log messages
     new f891b7d  Added c++ client samples for integrattion of airavata with any other application's c++ interface
     new 4925c2e  adding echo BR job support
     new 8ea2f0e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 85a2c4a  return empty list instead of null
     new e5dbd05  updating the artifact id of php client sdk
     new 2c96813  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6c52e86  test
     new 3c4c584  using the parameterized gateway id
     new eeefbc2  get gateway from serversettings
     new ea7c19b  fixed create and launch experiment
     new 672d146  more php samples
     new 743d9cf  Fixing wrf stampede issue
     new 8b3b254  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 12fd04e  changing wrf stampede
     new 5a43021  fixing wrf on stampede
     new 00b8aaf  removed unnecessary files, updated ini file
     new 81ad6ea  removed backup files
     new ff8f14c  Changed port in ini file to 9930
     new b6392ef  Samples application as discussed in - AIRAVATA-1344
     new 3e151ce  Application Interface Examples -  AIRAVATA-1344
     new c37054b  fixing tests in orchestrator and fixing NPE for AIRAVATA-1342
     new 1c5b22a  Fix AIRAVATA-1342 for status
     new d805912  checking for NPE for inputs and outputs
     new 2beace3  checking for NPE for inputs and outputs
     new 90569d8  fix AIRAVATA-1346
     new c3ca7af  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d813b8b  fixing the intermediate experiment status null issue
     new f21be55  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 383373e  removing the unwanted thread sleep
     new f903d84  Updating Registration Clients
     new 8a62989  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 40c5db4  fixing NPE
     new da56dcb  adding amber docs
     new 50c7475  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f13b4eb  file download for SSHOutputHandler
     new 4e19256  updating the app deployment filtering function + refactoring the error message logs
     new d64741c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0714710  using the input parameter name instead of arguemnt
     new add6eee  adding amber support
     new 95d35ad  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8121d46  updating to create output objects manually when experiment does not create the output parameters
     new 7a378a6  Merge branch 'master' of
     new beb139e  application name used instead of app deploy description for app desc
     new fcfbec3  Updating trestles description
     new 8117f63  removed thread sleep.AIRAVATA-1346
     new 21ffc69  cahnging pbs template
     new eed477b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8d116e9  updating to use the correct host id
     new 3e6c815  updating xbaya gui to the new airavata
     new feb3044  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 606388e  cpucount fix
     new 1416f2f  making ssh async
     new 498c5c5  Updating job submission text
     new d55cc6c  fix in monitoring
     new 5d68f7b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new dfe99b8  fixing EXECUTION_UNIT
     new 1c73a84  workflow node status update
     new a6ba188  fixing xslt
     new a563e94  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a8974b7  introducing workflow support in airavata api + other related modules
     new 0095c91  introducing workflow engine cpi
     new 780351d  fixing xslt
     new 4b7689a  fixing xslt
     new bceaed3  renamed client samples to client_samples
     new f0486a2  renamed client samples to client_samples
     new c9af283  removed old directory client samples
     new a0f5419  fixing xslt
     new 69769b8  Merge branch 'master' of into HEAD
     new 53dd791  fixg monitoring issue
     new b991fe3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 779b618  fixg monitoring issue
     new c424c37  fixing workflow serialization and deserialization issues
     new b197a6a  Updating path of applications
     new 731688c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e18f552  Updated application samples
     new b0fde67  fixing monitorng
     new 82f34a4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new feb1d32  modules/gfac/gfac-core/src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/gfac/core/monitor/
     new 80d1b2e  issue with clone and update project
     new 4752d1a  fixing the workflow save and load issues to the registry and the ui dialogs
     new 601d5ad  removing unwanted expeirment status publishing in the gfac
     new fdb54d0  more logs for monitoring and launching out handlers after more unknown states
     new d89835b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1e8331f  cloning experiment issue
     new e019c86  Temporarity disabling integration tests as there are left over processes
     new 92244d6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6a4b162  Updates to PHP Samples
     new 16d2d38  Updating the slurm script within the gsissh resources
     new b0618e4  updated tester script
     new d83a844  Updating Identifiers
     new 1a223e8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new cc0bc99  Fixing the assembly plugin to include directories instead of files
     new f4b384b  disable samples
     new e2f03a1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4b266f2  Updating cpp arifact id
     new 8edd711  updating the test code
     new 565ea4b  modules/gfac/gfac-ssh/src/test/java/org/apache/airavata/core/gfac/services/impl/
     new 92838e4  moving about status listener classes out of hte gfac
     new 9a7299f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new cd29e74  adding app-catalog tests back
     new 6151527  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a66dbe4  Adding missing ASF V2 license headers
     new c893539  Adding missing ASF V2 license headers
     new d63455a  Adding missing ASF V2 license headers
     new 0643c3a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.13
     new d5b1b2d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 16cd757  Merge branch 'master' of into workflow-support
     new d9d3546  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 10103a4  removing app catalog database from previous registry
     new 342d8e9  adding host id to generating application deployment id
     new 915eda2  updating versions and fixing merge issues with the master
     new b69cf69  fixing parameter derivation issue
     new 4ea83c8  revert last change
     new 81a21c5  Merge branch 'workflow-support' of
     new 88269c4  fixing hard coded hostid for br2 create experiment
     new c61d438  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e6126da  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4ae0104  adding new field for jobDetails object
     new dd7e6c7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2e28d53  updating the pom version
     new f569390  updating pom version
     new 5a22a35  fixing monitoring to monitor with job name too
     new 03eccea  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0f10016  Adding samples for ultrascan application.
     new e61a290  Compile problem in test.
     new d9f4dc0  fixing monitoring related issues with start monitoring with jobName rather using jobID
     new 1a2411d  fixing bigred 2 monitoring issues
     new aef99c0  adding zk in embedded mode
     new 3bf8e23  Fixed AIRAVATA-1367 for SGE. Its defined as UGE
     new 5398ba7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d498c7b  Cleaned up the imports.
     new f5a7376  commenting out credential store test class due to build failures
     new f65c5a8  fixing saveComputeResource method
     new 7d07911  fixing test cases with embedded zk integration
     new 744ef76  adding cloud submission details to computeResourceModel.
     new 0fc00b4  adding new job submission
     new 3f21634  adding new submission protocl
     new 40c4477  distributing updators and updating interpreter
     new d9e82a3  adding workflow related implemetation to app-catalog
     new 7536fb6  adding missing interface
     new c29a6a9  Fixed AIRAVATA-1371 and AIRAVATA-1367.
     new d6ffefa  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f29d7e6  Fixed compilation problem.. need to investagte how to include job notification if job id is not created for experiment data. There is a null pointer coming.
     new 1fe3d1d  adding initial messaging framework changes
     new 785394d  updating branch to use new status change events
     new dcc647e  update airavata to use new events
     new 722de6d  fixing build issue in tests
     new 8a8a02b  Merge branch 'master' into messaging_framework
     new c1d7cf7  added return type check based on the ssh command. it will ignore if a working message any other error or warning message is returned.
     new 9e6c04b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 23924b9  Removed the not check. I added command specific contains. AIRAVATA-1382
     new 3a0d21f  Fix AIRAVATA-1382 (stdout is returning a warning) and AIRAVATA-1372 (ArithmeticException: / by zero)
     new ff009a1  have to remove not condition
     new 3721954  Tested the null conditon and command check.
     new f37dad8  Added new method to get monitor command and create client without zookeeper.
     new 34e0b87  Create working directory was called twice.
     new 538e37f  passed the install path to get the command only
     new b19a8e0  changing the server instance to localhost instead of gw127
     new 1c55448  ading initial version of terminate experiment
     new 404913a  adding created time and update time to app catalog
     new a429677  more implementation for job cancel
     new d62a957  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c44ec63  Corrected and formatted php messages prompted at command line
     new 010b85f  Resolving conflict in .ini file
     new c21f1d1  fixing test failure in app catalog
     new bb8e448  created time and update time for app catalog and update API version to 0.14
     new 6b519e2  Updated Xbaya to enable execution of a single application through thrift api
     new 3cab2d6  fixing AIRAVATA-1360
     new 011f019  implementing cancel experiment method
     new d0fcdb1  fixing compilation failures in the build
     new bedf7c0  Updated Xbaya to enable execution of a single application through thrift api
     new eb9bda8  more improvements to experiment cancel feature
     new 414f2b9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9c1f44d  fixing AIRAVATA-1361
     new 5a750b3  fixing AIRAVATA-1353
     new 7420d8c  Updated cancel command. AIRAVATA-1402
     new 83cb4bf  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4056bb9  Added a menu item for executing applications, restored previous workflow launching menu action, made composing workflows for executing single applciations optional
     new 91dc82d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4fbe57d  fixing stampede job cancel issue
     new 3a927d8  more improvements for job cancel
     new 5bdb49d  fixing
     new 6305d3a  fixing AIRAVATA-1404 and AIRAVATA-1405
     new aa4cd2c  fixing AIRAVATA-1409
     new b153282  Update data tranfer details.AIRAVATA-1410
     new 5557902  Merge branch 'master' of
     new abdaa8b  throwing exception when launch fail in orchestrator and make the experiment status fail
     new bf9b277  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9ee9dd2  Fixed AIRAVATA-1413 to load the output location
     new 21cae7e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 56b5375  changing the cancel job status properly.
     new 963f42d  autoreconnect=true
     new 208e9f4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f72637f  retiring previous registry API - AIRAVATA-1234
     new 98f4110  adding more to AIRAVATA-1234
     new 84cabd3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5901e08  Using register sample instead of document creator - AIRAVATA-1415
     new 36d0b76  Make the RegiserSample methods to be instance instead of static - AIRAVATA-1415
     new b3775ec  Updated the client with new parameters.
     new 6c4471a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new acac1b0  fixing expired connection issue in pull monitoring
     new fb98560  fixing a compilation failure
     new e8e6949  possible fix to AIRAVATA-1418, need to test
     new 6821ce1  fixing AIRAVATA-1418
     new 6c500f2  Allow usee to send the file URL to move the files. AIRAVATA-1419
     new 4adcce9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ce09a50  fixing
     new 9e713ab  To make remote file trasfer work.AIRAVATA-1419
     new 0cc27df  Fixed naming the stdout/error with experimentid and date. AIRAVATA-1421
     new 360a5be  adding info log
     new 3f28978  Adding more logs
     new 1718264  removing duplicated logs
     new 0231873  more logs and proper error message when output is empty
     new 36e93a6  Fixed gfac instance list init issue when call Orchestrator with initial GFac instants list
     new 93e37db  Merge remote-tracking branch 'airavata-github/pr/4'
     new ca51044  (Airavata-1425) Adding a tools directory and a GSISSH command line tool for testing GSISSH libraries.
     new 787cb3b  clean up repo
     new ea5da33  Remove unnecessary tar
     new 39798cb  Merged pull request send by Nadeem for fix AIRAVATA-1389
     new 6b9d3c5  Merge branch 'Fix_AIRAVATA-1389'
     new 16cd6e1  (Airavata-1425) Adding to do verbose logging.
     new b46fffe  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f15a9d7  (Airavata-1425) Small updates to the gsissh client tool.
     new 2936cea  Explaining how to set the classpath
     new 92ad9f1  fixing a issue with comparing two hosts, this will enable running one command per host for a given user to get status
     new 68e81ef  adding push monitoring to find the job complete and fixing issue with output stream reading
     new 78ad2ef  GFac pull monitor Write job count to zookeeper
     new d004df1  Merge branch 'master' into StoreGFacsJobCount
     new 45f0d68  Optimized zookeeper update code, only update if job count is differ from exist job count
     new e45607a  removing temporarilly
     new 2207ece  fixing the templates
     new 9c23aa8  Optimized zookeeper job count update process to update job addition and job deletion steps
     new d1d8759  Merge branch 'master' into StoreGFacsJobCount
     new 59d6675  removing logic when unknown state came during monitoring
     new 87c0ee2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8eb65c6  Fixed AIRAVATA-1430 to parse stderr.
     new ed5f886  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 05b9be7  Fixed AIRAVATA-1435.
     new 2e109fa  fixing AIRAVATA-1434
     new 8abc4d3  adding a throttleResources flag as described in - AIRAVATA-1438
     new e257af7  publish messages to rabbitmq
     new 1e79c24  Added a check to fix AIRAVATA-1439.
     new 014c123  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ee1df1b  fix AIRAVATA-1439.
     new b8bb82c  Improvement to zk usage in orchestrator
     new 288fb82  adding rabbit mq
     new 17e8fd3  fixing error condition
     new d7bb140  adding more clear logs during startup and failures
     new 5df1c04  fixing erroneous condition
     new 024fc5d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2a55d83  Fixing zk reconnection issue, this will be useful during debugging
     new c653895  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a7581e7  adding pull request
     new 9dac178  fixing synchronization issue with monitoring queue and zk reconnection issues
     new c625126  cleanup schemas
     new 7542f69  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 003832c  removing unwanted sleep
     new e887232  fixing monitrong issue with large number of jobs
     new 69ada18  increasing the failed count and completely rely on amqp monitoring
     new 9661423  releasing finished jobs in separate threads rather invoking output handlers one by one in a single thread. if output transfer takes longer time monitring will be delayed
     new 5305b30  reverting CreateLaunchExperiment
     new 716b85f  modifying logs to get a better view of monitoring
     new 822bbe8  modifying logs to get a better view of monitoring
     new b8deb9e  modifying logs to get a better view of monitoring
     new 450d249  fixing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException during malformed qstat output
     new e5c4d33  reverting CreateLaunchExperiment
     new 5996b5c  Adding threadpool for running output handlers- AIRAVATA-1450
     new 6a11b29  Fixed with current flags. With Application catalog intergration we will be able to provide a better fix. AIRAVATA-1449
     new cc0f8ec  Revert last commit to CreateLauncherExperiment class
     new 412f1e7  Adding broker url
     new dac39e0  Fixed RabbitMQ calling for SGE. AIRAVATA-1451
     new d6e8b19  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5ea8f2c  Changes to push error. AIRAVATA-1452
     new bdd025e  fixing threadPool implementation to used during input handler execution
     new 75fd7e4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c366ade  reverting the commit to remove integration test from the build
     new 3f89868  fixing zk error due to complete jobs is not properly handled
     new 21c9a92  fixing a bug in completed job handling
     new 88d8638  new message thrift object
     new 1c00c54  Fix AIRAVATA-1452 for error messages.
     new 0df74e9  merged the changes
     new aba775e  adding an exception
     new 7ed2e34  adding an exception
     new 61214db  adding code to send the events through rabbitmq
     new cc71bac  updating publish method in listeners
     new aaba6d6  Fixing more issues with push monitoring
     new 72f3524  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7a4f202  updated pom to use jglobus 2.1.0 and added bes related handlers
     new 2b73d47  updated bes and gram code
     new fa52958  jglobus version update
     new 7c803ce  stdout/error was not avaiable so retry 3 times. AIRAVATA-1449
     new 45e0185  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bf8f3d0  Fixed AIRAVATA-1453 to retry 3 times
     new 255dd9e  removing recursively calling publish
     new 5c389b9  Close ssh session. AIRAVATA-1456
     new 1090843  move the cluster connection out. AIRAVATA-1456
     new be767f1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 94f5bcb  Coonection is closed in output handler. AIRAVATA-1456
     new 9018dc8  Re-using gsi/ssh connections without creating them everytime for a given user/host/port
     new 71de39d  Moved to a static connection map. This is better as we will use one ssh connection for all the jobs. AIRAVATA-1456
     new b78e04e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4917ce2  Optimize scp connection for client data movement. AIRAVATA-1456
     new ffe8b9f  fixing src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/gfac/monitor/impl/push/amqp/
     new 5528503  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ec87ecb  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9372890  adding retry during failures
     new 3800bc1  fixing job Id not properly extracted, this will be usedin cancel
     new 44dc03b  avoiding unknown status
     new 2bbeb7a  removing thread-pool and adding sleep before reconnect
     new 1e6a7ba  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3cca77d  fixing issue with file exist operation in monitoring
     new af6b9d5  adding the monitoring object back to the queue when exception is thrown
     new c682529  resetting the failed count when the job is not yet finished
     new 9258b90  fixing more amqp related issues
     new a256f35  fixing more monitoring issues
     new 595be55  Added airavata logger implementation and Fixed AIRAVATA-1462
     new 075744e  Resoleved merge conflicts
     new 881d169  set zookeeper and globus log level to INFO
     new 3c5fd4b  removing retry in job submission
     new 06b79c3  removing retry in job submission
     new 3615898  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6673430  handling another errornoues scenario
     new 10139ba  fixing the command comparision in standarderror and make the job submission fail
     new c2b9158  fixing error while adding error details
     new b810ee5  fixing a file transfer error
     new 18f7092  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 73856bd  fixing a file transfer error
     new 1ef608c  fixing issue with not updating fialed status when output handlers fail
     new cbfeb2c  To retry output finding 3 times and handle multile output case.
     new 2b0b6a2  fixing duplicate task status
     new 42fee53  removing session.disconnect during error because we maintain session in static level
     new 6509334  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 552f9b1  remove channel.disconnect()
     new 60de539  more logs
     new dbb1c97  adding workflow related data models
     new 282362f  merging messaging_framework changes with master - AIRAVATA-1442
     new 00e2420  Added ultrascan application under OGCE account.
     new 57adb55  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 42219ba  stabilizing the code to handle large load
     new d70b9d3  Removed airavata-client-api dependency from other modules
     new ede9523  Removed airavata-client-api dependency from other modules
     new 896d345  Merge branch 'master' into workflowEngineImprovement
     new a9a370d  Fixed workflow interpreter to work with multiple app
     new 7de0871  merging changes
     new a4c186c  handling the jcraft concurrency issue in airavata level
     new 3b63a28  removing unnecessary static map in scp input/output hadnlers
     new 532233f  removing unnecessary static map in scp input/output hadnlers
     new cc87222  removing unnecessary static map in scp input/output hadnlers
     new 9b5a4fe  removing unnecessary static map in scp input/output hadnlers
     new f84eeea  fixing a listdirectory checkup due to fast amqp message recieve
     new b6ca98a  Extended multiple apps support to trestles , stampede and bigred2 compute resources
     new 3fa5c50  src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/gfac/gsissh/handler/
     new fd81a3d  src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/gfac/gsissh/handler/
     new ad02735  src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/gfac/gsissh/handler/
     new 8b978c6  rabbit mq consumer
     new 61fa9e5  Used node Id instead of node name to get the default inputs
     new 8cfe4f9  Merge branch 'master' into workflowEngineImprovement
     new 42bc8de  Fixed AIRAVATA-1465 to read user information.
     new 7781079  rervering the changes in 42bc8defb to fix the funcationality
     new 2fa6af6  Fix AIRAVATA-1465 and NPE.
     new 3989e08  fixing synchronizing issue with the monitoring queueu
     new 7496f50  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e7be1f4  closing the thrift transport connection during gfac invocation
     new 6e1aa3e  closing thrift client connections
     new 166ea52  return type to message in consumer
     new a82045d  adding more to the message consumer
     new e515651  removing mysql credential store properties and update consumer
     new 11002b7  adding message context as the new module
     new ccebc44  changing from fanout to direct
     new c39d0fc  adding the capability to register multiple consumers for the same channel
     new 007c143  Integrated XBaya mointoring panel and execution node highlight
     new 1e520bc  Merge branch 'master' into RabbitMQMessageMonitoring
     new 9aeed4d  Cleanup airavata server property, removed unused files and other property cleanup. AIRAVATA-1472
     new 7e498ac  adding more changes to messaging and changing xbaya to fit messaging
     new 6e49e37  Missed one place. AIRAVATA-1472
     new ce7fad1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 51f456d  monitoring experiment statuses and wfnode statuses
     new 0c981d6  adding reconnect code to ariavata-server
     new 589c71c  To start specific servers. Stop stops all the services at this point, need fix. AIRAVATA-1471
     new 82da3d2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 50101e9  removing uncontroled thread creation
     new 62ba471  Fire TaskOutputChangeEvent in GSISSHOutputHandler
     new 7c2af98  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8d18255  fixing AIRAVATA-1467
     new 3b2ea90  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d4bf1e9  Set default faules to dialogs and remove unused code parts, used id instead of experimentId to stopListen call
     new 60937d3  Merged RabbitMQMessageMonitoring branch
     new 97e94d9  set status update time at consumer
     new cb94631  checking whether channel is opne
     new 1da5054  unicore provider using appcatalog and exposed through thrift
     new 19f9ae7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6c6c746  more unicore changes
     new 1c95b2d  remaining database files AIRAVATA-1473
     new 83471ba  removed the need for wsdl2java, now stubs are already compiled
     new 66de222  adding missing messaging-core dependency
     new 98f0319  fixing db startup issue in the build
     new 4e47079  missing app-catalog tables
     new ff380e0  To resolve build error. AIRAVATA-1473
     new 9bcef2c  Adding phasta to sample applications
     new cbd947c  added unicore client dependency and removed the unicore repository [AIRAVATA-1473]
     new adb9b95  adding gateway id to messaging events
     new 6cf4f87  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1acec7b  making gfac threadpool configurable and reducing the size to 50
     new 100a35a  fixing airavata-server thread creation
     new 58528ae  updated unicore security context, now it uses MyProxyLogon instead of jglobus
     new 18c14f7  properly handle listing files
     new a302441  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5b0dfd8  fixing job status of being active always
     new 9e750d8  fixing the listDirectory logic in sshoutputhandler
     new 9ae7c6e  updated credential store with the latest oa4mp-client libs, versioned 1.1.3 (still it needs a quick review by the component developers) - excluded the use of bc-prov-146 on all places - adjusted some code for the sake of compilation
     new ce4b324  publushing created state and launched state
     new 6e42be7  Added parse and toJSON methods to read and write xwf file with JSON
     new 1d83a48  fixing AIRAVATA-1479
     new 723b2e9  renamed .xwf file prefix to .awf and fixed issue with QName type
     new e5131ad  fixing the thread creation in airavata-api
     new fc25c72  adding the missing class
     new b95e920  change data type to list instead of Set - AIRAVATA-1477
     new 47e8214  fixing AIRAVATA-1487
     new 6e0ea93  Merged ReplaceXMLWithJSON branch and resolve merge conflicts
     new 3b330c0  Removed mislead experiment launched status update and replace it with completed state
     new 478d9e5  committing intital gfac app catalog integration
     new 0cacb10  Changing gfac-core to use app catalog
     new b376951  fixing input/outhandler - AIRAVATA-1488
     new 8b82bee  fixing AIRAVATA-1494
     new a15be7c  Added monitor mode enum to computeResourceModel.thrift and changed ComputerResourcePreference's preferred JobSubmission and DataMovement protocols types to their enums
     new 99e47f1  fixing AIRAVATA-1488
     new a728bf2  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a3cef49  fixing typos in Airavata API and generate code for AIRAVATA-1471
     new 306464c  missing generate code for AIRAVATA-1471
     new 1e992d9  Updated JobExecutionContext with thrift data model types
     new add6b58  Removed MonitorMode from JobResourceManager and added it to SSHJobSubmission struct, changed MonitorModes enum values
     new 0db9cad  fixing errorneous id set
     new 14bd941  adding util methods to get job submission
     new f29dfbe  Removed legacy descriptions from MonitorID, GSISSH provider and utils and AMQPMonitor classes
     new 04f09e7  adding BES provider changes
     new ad2b1d3  Ingegrated appCatalog thrift model with GSISSH input and output handlers and inprove job execution context
     new bb4fe12  Merge branch 'gfac_appcatalog_int' of into gfac_appcatalog_int
     new 2dd94e6  Integrated appCatalog for ssh and gsi modules, commented out old test classes, need to fix this
     new 08fff2c  fixing problem with aliases, ipaddresses and batchques
     new 9cf6d0d  adding delete queue method
     new f415e99  Fixing credentail renewal issue. AIRAVATA-1497
     new 3fbf952  fixing issue with job submission commands
     new ede66ed  adding workflow related changes back to airavata api
     new 91f5de5  adding API method to getAllModules
     new 83ecde9  Integrated appCatalog model to GFac local and hpc monitor modules, commented out test calsses
     new e9ee22b  adding EC2 provider changes
     new 8abe8dc  committing intital gfac app catalog integration
     new a1e0ec8  Changing gfac-core to use app catalog
     new 96a673f  Added monitor mode enum to computeResourceModel.thrift and changed ComputerResourcePreference's preferred JobSubmission and DataMovement protocols types to their enums
     new 73e21be  Updated JobExecutionContext with thrift data model types
     new e28919c  Removed MonitorMode from JobResourceManager and added it to SSHJobSubmission struct, changed MonitorModes enum values
     new 5136157  adding util methods to get job submission
     new eb626fa  Removed legacy descriptions from MonitorID, GSISSH provider and utils and AMQPMonitor classes
     new 3f953e0  adding BES provider changes
     new 5a28f74  Ingegrated appCatalog thrift model with GSISSH input and output handlers and inprove job execution context
     new d94e8c9  Integrated appCatalog for ssh and gsi modules, commented out old test classes, need to fix this
     new 3e584f8  Integrated appCatalog model to GFac local and hpc monitor modules, commented out test calsses
     new d856d24  adding EC2 provider changes
     new fa666b3  merging
     new 7b8d984  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gfac_appcatalog_int' into gfac_appcatalog_int
     new 755273e  Merging changes
     new ce1354e  fixing build issues in branch
     new 3eea1a3  Changed job submission and data movement protocol to their enums instead of String which will cause to NPE with null values
     new a133fa8  re-arrange server and clint code to create seperate distributions. AIRAVATA-1471
     new 44c72f4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d8176e8  Fixed NPE of scheduler and changed gfac-config.xml
     new 38bc592  fixing NPE
     new 9e6f748  Merged the changes. AIRAVATA-1471
     new 95354ea  Fixed NPE of security context and replaced ActualParameter objects  with DataObjectType obejects
     new f7c25ca  Fixed AIRAVATA-1495.
     new 198de99  Removed DataObjectType thift struct from experimentModel and replace it with Input and Output DataObjectType define in applicationInterfaceModel thrift file
     new d7f35e1  Removed local test class
     new 0b95d3b  Removed old thrift model classes from repo
     new f9fdf53  updating with app catalog input output objects
     new 428b240  Added STdOUT and STDERR types to DataType enum
     new 088e80f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gfac_appcatalog_int' into gfac_appcatalog_int
     new b52499e  Gfac - Removed AcutalParameter objects and replace Input and Output DataObjectTypes
     new a3351b7  Merged master branch
     new 82127c7  OrchestratorSimpleClient- Replace DataObjectType with Input and Output DataObjectType
     new 4b27ce8  Replaced DataObjectType with Input and Output DataObjectType
     new f09c742  XBaya - Replaced DataObjectType with Input and OutputDataObjectType
     new c383cf3  fixing issue with scp
     new e541329  fixing class cast exception occured due to ActualParameter instance
     new 86c2a9d  fixing issue with monitoring, because topmost object is not removed when everything is empty, unwanted iteration
     new b1226d5  Removed workflow server settings. AIRAVATA-1471
     new f712ec1  fixing bigred2 auth error
     new 8cbb2d1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 91721d4  Fixed Xbaya GUI. AIRAVATA-1510
     new ffcaea3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 62f0036  adding missing job parameters at createJobDescriptor
     new 4286c8c  Commit. AIRAVATA-1510
     new 225b674  fixing schedular class to get correct execution mode
     new 0b867da  fixing experiment output not set properly
     new 97b384b  fixing error in monitorign.
     new febd0c4  fixed simple experiment run [AIRAVATA-1473]
     new 5413e67  Merge branch 'master' of
     new af73c44  fixig concurrent modification exctpio in monitoring
     new f7de359  fixig concurrent modification exctpio in monitoring
     new 3693892  merging gfac app catalog integration branch with master - AIRAVATA-1511
     new 65ad586  merge changes of master - AIRAVATA-1511
     new c36ab24  AIRAVATA-1511
     new 831dbdc  fixing NPE
     new ce62a61  Fixed GSISSH for amber and few issues arise with create launcher sample
     new dfa2f22  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d3d04cd  fixing issues in SSH job submission with app catalog - AIRAVATA-1511
     new afb1cde  fixing issues in ssh job submission
     new e1af264  Adding getAllApplicationDescriptions methods and fixing a type in model
     new a40f49c  fixing amber in br2
     new 30798f8  fixing local job submission
     new c871568  set app catalog test port to 20000
     new 7a352c4  FIXED-  appcatalog setter always set to null in JEC if we call with null value
     new a0afbd8  removing gfac-schema from pom
     new 405d31d  removing gfac-config from pom and fixing build issues
     new f882044  fixing ultrascan jobs with app catalog changes
     new a02c575  Provide correct project name when creating amber experiment on Stampede compute resource
     new c8bf7f1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2330ad8  Class cast exception in AdvancedSCPOutputHandler
     new 3eacfb8  Added create experiment methods for gromacs, expressos, lammps, nwchem, trinity, and autodock on stampede
     new d3aff43  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c4f3c66  Added xbaya distribution. AIRAVATA-1471
     new aee6aad  Changed filtering to submission and security protocol base
     new 6d7890d  Merging changes from safekeeping branch to master
     new 778f3da  Removed unused gfac-config.xml file from repo and changed test gfac-config.xml according to the new improvement
     new f847579  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f348ef4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a838b66  - more testing
     new 5c139f2  Set experiment output data type when launching workflow via XBaya
     new b4a34fa  Removed duplicate ssh username property as ansible give problem.
     new be21587  Clean up the distribution creation. Now we need not to change distribution poms or assembly xml files if you add new jars to your project. GFAC distribution can be modifited easily to create different GFAC flavers. AIRAVATA-1471
     new eec2000  Removed extra files and added server jar.AIRAVATA-1471
     new 791001f  removing existing prepand commands, append commands before updating
     new e853fa2  get experiment outputs from app catalog
     new e2e9d2c  fixing issues in advancedInput and output handlers
     new ab23ac9  br2 amber output data handling
     new dc1898d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new afc05ea  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 897d765  the provider is compilable
     new af13650  Added add , echo , multiply and subtract script files and add RegisterSampleData sample java class
     new 195f8d7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new cf18c7d  Resolved compilation error comes with dc1898dfe054 commit
     new 12cdde0  Commented out gfac bes, gram and hadoop dependencies from server and gfac-server distribution poms
     new 4a79ee6  Fixed - LocalProvider use parameter names instead parameter values
     new b305777  Fixed - Opening new workflow issues
     new 7857e9a  Fixed - use task input and output instead of experiment input and output in BetterGfacImpl
     new 7f4faeb  Added xbay-gui to default build profile and commented jar sign xbaya profiles
     new d831b8f  updating jglobus version
     new 6f89736  To remove dependency of ncsa BouncyCastle.
     new 4697904  Removed meta data and visibility fields from inputconfiguration window
     new 28a235e  modified provider sources to use appcatalog types
     new 576c87d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ca2f23b  Add an new property to inputnode keep application arugument and improve xbay gui to support that
     new a61b37f  Preserve argument order and application arguments
     new 5d56aa7  Fixed - AIRAVATA-1542, remove metadata and app info deprecated details from input configuration dialog
     new b6d9a5e  Fixing AIRAVATA-1540
     new f4a32fd  fixed data staging issues, supporting local stageins to remote job working directory, use of delegation tokens while job runs
     new 09668d3  Updated RegisterSampleData class and remove test debug lines from local provider
     new 0c6301a  Merge branch 'gridChem_support', this will add input order preserving and application argument support to the gfac local provider
     new d35226d  adding improvements to input and output data types - AIRAVATA-1544
     new 6644942  working mpi example
     new 5b118f8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5a1b225  Revert "Merge branch 'master' of"
     new 63a561c  Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'master' of"", Reverting msmemon's merge commits and revert commit of that merge commit
     new bfaac64  Added missing thrift generated classes , this will fix the build issue
     new db45699  Added dataType to the task details, Added LocalInHandler and GaussianHandler , updated gfac-congif.xml to run Gaussian application
     new d314cdb  update README, INSTALL - AIRAVATA-1370
     new 158617d  Fixing Release Note
     new 45432ca  Adding license headers
     new c2ce725  Adding license headers
     new 201a05e  Show data type in input and output confiuration dialogs, and refactored the both code
     new d6ee953  removed legacy xml dependencies and some more conflicting with bes
     new 11c9f53  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.14
     new 326c9f4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e2cc8a4  Added GSISSJ input order preserving implementation and smaple application registeration for montex and gaussian
     new a913610  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 842004e  adding gamess and update airavata data models
     new cf7290a  adding max memory to batch queue
     new 9fbb426  Updaged GaussianHandler and GSISSHProvider classes to support new API improvments
     new 4269997  Fixed compilation issue
     new 04054a7  Integrated Tinker Monte and gaussian applications with airavata
     new 557aa68  fixing data type
     new c29d404  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 61d0c73  Handled output inclusive and exclusive properties in gsissh provider and modified games and nwchem appliation registration code
     new 99fdd58  adding prejobcommands and postjobcommands
     new 7328287  Added prejOb commands and post job commands to the pbs and slurm scripts
     new 4dda3f3  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of airavata-0.14
     new c6953df  fixing xbaya issues
     new 7e8b48b  update README
     new 1817176  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.14
     new 429d23f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 98c9a34  refactoring airavata code
     new 8ff835f  treating STDOUT and STDERR as outputs
     new 46be455  post job commands error
     new e54313c  merge 0.14 branch with master
     new 97ad96b  adding relative path when job creation, save file uri to data transfer details
     new f8b6adb  changing validity type and addedToCMD to boolean
     new dc22b7b  adding application argument and search query to outputdata object
     new 7a3f11b  adding application argument of output when creating pbs script
     new 8561d4f  output with relative paths
     new e96d446  errorneous break
     new 0a85dfe  fixing throwing exception when stdout is empty
     new dba25a4  database script issues
     new e8eef3b  update fail count in monitor, post job command saving error
     new 3c48771  Added new output handlers. AIRAVATA-1551
     new 47ea033  making clone experiment work
     new ab59a15  To fix output and stdout/error paths in job context.AIRAVATA-1551
     new 12bf4c5  Added properties for job notification. AIRAVATA-1553
     new ea6de37  adding getAllGatewayProfiles
     new 32fff94  removing previous airavata client API - AIRAVATA-1371
     new 714c204  adding RabbitMQDatacat Support Beans, to be tested
     new 2654424  Revert "removing previous airavata client API - AIRAVATA-1371"
     new 6e5e336  Revert "Revert "removing previous airavata client API - AIRAVATA-1371""
     new 18f338c  Revert "adding RabbitMQDatacat Support Beans, to be tested"
     new b81daaf  Fix to pass the gateway name from request. AIRAVATA-1554
     new 0b70b69  To get gatewayid based on security token. AIRAVATA-1554
     new cab1571  retiring ws-messenger and remove dependency of workflow tracking - AIRAVATA-1556, AIRAVATA-1557
     new 42f77ed  retiring workflow tracking schema - AIRAVATA-1557
     new 3ad5205  fixing removing compute resource preference
     new d7e2abb  Added simple workflow module to the repository, defined basic APIs
     new f339c2e  fixing AIRAVATA-1555
     new fb661cf  adding credential store cpi - AIRAVATA-1560
     new e32c1a9  adding SSL thrift server for credential store - AIRAVATA-1561
     new 0b8dcd3  Fixed the error in SLURM script creation. AIRAVATA-1562
     new 92888e5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7a6fbdb  adding useremails to experiment and task models - AIRAVATA-1563
     new 1ec5380  adding useremails to experiment and task models - AIRAVATA-1563
     new fc2da55  minor error in post job command model
     new c916087  Added email notification in PBS scripts. AIRAVATA-1553
     new 4a86387  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 991babd  adding email addresses when create task from cloning experiment
     new b1c6824  empty experiment object set
     new d448fd5  empty experiment object set
     new f568594  empty experiment object set
     new 7f89880  adding credential store server handler - AIRAVATA-1561
     new c6fe0de  implementing credential store server handler - AIRAVATA-1561
     new d05cbdc  Merge branch 'master' into simpleWorkflowEngine
     new f70d074  stop starting credential store service by default - AIRAVATA-1561
     new 09876ee  stop starting credential store service by default - AIRAVATA-1561
     new 30aefc4  updated distribution pom for bes
     new 88d27d9  implementing passive gfac submitter using rabbbitmq
     new 4ec9dc3  fixing AIRAVATA-1561
     new d262e9f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e680397  test certificate credential - AIRAVATA-1561
     new b338f4a  Partially implemented DAG processing
     new 5bd8b86  Adding class to repo
     new c90662f  renamed link package to edge
     new 0149c1a  adding consumers to gfac without leader election
     new b6bf782  wrapping up working version of queue based communication between orchestrator and gfac
     new 0422094  adding rabbitMQ java client - AIRAVATA-1574
     new e3ce93e  Implement Airavata default parser to next iteration.
     new 9445b7a  Handle ouptprt of application nodes and workflowOutputNodes
     new 155c3c7  reverting changes done to distribution pom - 30aefc46bedcc06516d992a1b3da196f3bf21289
     new 263522a  Modified Test cases
     new 9fcf226  Remove workflow engine class from the module
     new a486b67  adding curator leader election logic
     new b622683  performance test for messaging framework - AIRAVATA-1577
     new d9ae024  fixing compilation issue
     new 60788ef  initial version of passive job submission
     new 840e627  implementing queue submission without curator
     new 308291f  Added Apache license header and update AiravataDefaultParser test
     new 0bc98a3  Make test machine independent
     new 0ae7e83  Merge branch 'master' into simpleWorkflowEngine
     new 1a5daae  Refactor renamed, isSatisfy method to isReady
     new 20d6817  Refactored Port's isSatisfy api method to isReady
     new 33d2e27  fixing AIRAVATA-1584
     new 27f6f1b  Added temporary pulisher to publish task status change events and outputchange events, Refactored workflow interpreter code and improved it to lauch and iterate the workflow
     new 55319c9  Implemented execution logic of the workflow data model
     new 8835097  Fixed AIRAVATA-1571, and refactored the code
     new 6bfb956  Renamed the wrong package name
     new 41ea946  Fixed AIRAVATA-1590
     new 249b440  Merged queue-gfac-rabbitmq
     new 32f10d1  removing stat collecting
     new ffbb1b9  merging with master
     new 97ff3b7  Refactor renamed RabbitMQListener class and fixed rename issue with RabbitMQStatusConsumer class
     new 3504410  hard coded security protocol - AIRAVATA-1584
     new 9a6eaaa  Fixed the disribution and tested the SSH protocol communication to different machines. AIRAVATA-1585 AIRAVATA-1595
     new 1231c01  adding support to proper acking for messages
     new 93ed077  merging wth master
     new c6c9354  adding LSF support to airavata
     new d25441a  Fixed AIRAVATA-1591 ,AIRAVATA-1592 , AIRAVATA-1593
     new 67ca5b1  updated server pom: enabled bes, removed stax conflicts in the orchestrator; after this commit other providers must be tested
     new 8b2a6b0  Fixed AIRAVATA-1611
     new 2e2868f  adding gateway id to experiment catalog - AIRAVATA-1604
     new a216a73  Adding LSF to supported job managers, addressing - AIRAVATA-1600
     new ed6d1af  Fixing a typo in output parser name - AIRAVATA-1600
     new 658e5e9  adding CRUD operations to gateway - AIRAVATA-1608, AIRAVATA-1604
     new ad44956  Fixed AIRAVATA-1612, Enable to plug different workflow parser implementation through file.
     new 366ada0  Added small code snippet to run load test via XBaya.
     new 25cf3c9  adding getIntermediateOutput method to API
     new 3df0250  Adding a resource user name to compute resource preference - AIRAVATA-1617
     new f9f63a0  API Methods to manage credentials - AIRAVATA-1616
     new 33b403f  Stubs for credential store api methods - AIRAVATA-1616
     new 050ea84  Fixing the stub build error - AIRAVATA-1616
     new 672d13e  gateway notion to app catalog - AIRAVATA-1605
     new c66cc84  using uuid as the password - AIRAVATA-1614
     new 0f2c6ff  Adding gatewayId to relavent API methods to ensure multi-tentant scenarious will work - AIRAVATA-1607
     new c073c6a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8be5988  Adding gatewayId to relavent API methods to ensure multi-tentant scenarious will work - AIRAVATA-1607
     new b1f0b00  Updating API calls to use gatewayId - AIRAVATA-1607
     new 7c5f1c8  updating CPI s to have the gateway id - AIRAVATA-1607 AIRAVATA-1608
     new 71db390  Fixed AIRAVATA-1619. and removed WorkflowUtil class.
     new 917adad  Fixed AIRAVATA-1618, and optimized the imports.
     new c69d322  pass gateway id when initialize registry - AIRAVATA-1608
     new 38e7309  gateway id to cpi - AIRAVATA-1608
     new a18b747  fixing compilation issue
     new 66de372  Removing the stale WS Messenger - AIRAVATA-1556
     new 58c58cf  Reorganizing credential store to create a light weight stubs artifact - AIRAVATA-1621
     new b25e0a5  Reorganizing duplicate generated classed and instead using the  stubs artifact - AIRAVATA-1621
     new 9d960f7  Change to GATEWAY_ID in credential store DOA
     new 7c10349  adding chassisName for compute resource scheduling
     new ac574c9  adding chessis number to database and test issue in CS
     new e9468ca  adding test class to save ssh credentials
     new 52f1e75  Moving credential store client to stubs module.
     new 9385c4e  change persistent_data to experiment_catalog
     new 8c84eee  Moving credential store client to stubs module.
     new 9d80cf2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 44d89ee  Removed sys out from the WirterTask.
     new 774b092  Fixed AIRAVATA-1620.
     new 5ff650f  adding lsf support with tests
     new 565b5a3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 04cecb4  fixing monitoring issues with LSF
     new fd557d8  fixing AIRAVATA-1626
     new fcbda21  more fixed to support LSF
     new 34b06cc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ad8e482  Show error message when there is no compute resources found.
     new 8d3b137  introducing support of myproxy and server generated identity mechanisms, work is still under  development
     new 7883eb9  generated thrift files
     new 7ef8800  continuation of authentication mode implementation
     new 56efa8e  fixing compilation isssue, bug in getAvailableAppInterfaceComputeResources(), fixing AIRAVATA-1226, AIRAVATA-1626
     new 4000b82  fixing bug in clone experiment - AIRAVATA-1626
     new b746118  Fixed AIRAVATA-1596
     new 10c5abf  Fixed AIRAVATA-1597
     new c2bacf2  fixing more issues with LSF
     new 13b480d  fixing LSF issues
     new 674db3c  using login username inside gfac
     new f31637e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6da7a74  fixing a bug in ssh credential registration client
     new a2181e4  Simple null check
     new 757e8a3  Fixing the sample for Unicore change.AIRAVATA-1596
     new 990d72a  fixing AIRAVATA-1630
     new 9700459  Fixed new workflow interpreter termination issue.
     new 48192d9  fixed typo
     new 73858d1  fixing AIRAVATA-1630
     new a4fb489  moved userdn part to the more dynamic userconfiguration model
     new 5d7a034  Fixed AIRAVATA-1631.
     new be1c6a0  Missed a condition. AIRAVATA-1631
     new 5749f12  Fixing. AIRAVATA-1631
     new d09957b  Fixed AIRAVATA-1633.
     new f708304  fixing AIRAVATA-1634
     new 7d57c09  Changed according to AIRAVATA-1634 in clone fix. AIRAVATA-1631
     new 73f371d  fixing AIRAVATA-1638
     new 48be39f  merging with master
     new 0db33d2  Mereged master branch
     new c05d5e6  insert only if the default gateway and user does not exist
     new 29a0e4b  Merge branch 'master' into new-workflow-design
     new d3f67fd  Used user provide gateway id instead of default gateway Id
     new cb6c4cc  adding more fixes to worker based submission
     new 2b45c6d  Reade gateway Id from credential token and identify the experiment execution type
     new be6aecd  removed synchronized block in Orchestrator Server handler
     new 5310bb4  deleting delivery token
     new 3eb9163  Merge branch 'queue-gfac-rabbitmq'
     new aa27ce1  changing default mode to passive
     new c090519  Adding python and re-arranging the script - AIRAVATA-1641
     new 97c7a73  Adding python generated code - AIRAVATA-1642
     new 4ff23f4  Adding assembly plugin and package python libs - AIRAVATA-1642
     new b27dc19  Adding basic sample to test Airavata Server Connection - AIRAVATA-1643
     new 7d787b8  Fixed sample issue with invalid gateway id
     new 5e5630d  Added token field to workflow launch window to provide valid token when launching an experiment.
     new 80d9df5  - added support of self generating certs if a proper ca cert and key is provided (would be good to shift to oauth2 in future for individual gateway users), the classic myproxy sequence also works - minor unicore security context api changes
     new 1014cd9  Merge new-workfow-design
     new 509f203  Renamed simple-workflow module to workflow and created a new workflow-core module which will keep all the core code
     new 4031e50  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 220e041  Merge branch 'new-workflow-design'
     new a6c483c  Use default gateway Id if credential reader fail to retrieve the gateway id using token.
     new f25af64  adding initial version for test framework - AIRAVATA-1652
     new a8cf35f  making worker queue configurable to durable and non-durable
     new f5a2eac  adding gateways, ssh credentials, projects and compute resources - AIRAVATA-1652
     new e0df621  Create and launch sample now independent; better file output handling; some bits of us3 and juropa testing
     new dbe9c8c  Fixed the job name issue. AIRAVATA-1640
     new 17b8740  Fixed AIRAVATA-1594 - Save workflow inputs and outputs. Renamed workflow-core artifact id to airavata-workflow-core
     new aff5d92  adding app catalog related functions - AIRAVATA-1652
     new d798cab  fixing AIRAVATA-1567
     new d892369  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7812dca  experiment execution for AIRAVATA-1652
     new 1f9ac84  Adding main classes - AIRAVATA-1652
     new 26cf7ed  fixed a bug in app catalog mysql script
     new 9a0024a  adding extra logs to do more testing
     new ac9dc30  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 764a239  fixing gfac status updating with worker queuest
     new a51a7ca  Fixing rabbitmq reconnect issue
     new 732da59  Fixed AIRAVATA-1647.
     new fb6e3b6  Added Email based monitoring classes
     new b368cb0  Merge branch 'master' into emailMonitoring
     new 8feb5d0  removing unnessaray fture list
     new 4d478d8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d61d33e  passing options as arguments AIRAVATA-1652
     new 9a34ebc  Move email based monitoring to bfac-core as it introduce cyclic dependency if it was in gfac-hpc-monitor
     new 28043f5  Updating Airavata to use Java 8 - AIRAVATA-1658
     new 7515c46  Removing unused dependencies - AIRAVATA-1658
     new cd6f1d9  Make email notification type to ALL  in SLURM and abe in PBS xslt files, improved email parsers.
     new 526aa77  more fixes to test framework - AIRAVATA-1652
     new 97bd7a7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b110ff2  Add a property to enable and disable email base monitoring
     new 9f1fa2d  Added Lonestar email parser and refactored parser code
     new 05bb24d  adding more changes to test framework AIRAVATA-1652
     new 1670050  completing initial test framework - AIRAVATA-1652
     new 2265395  completing initial test framework - AIRAVATA-1652
     new 95fae20  Merge branch 'master' into emailMonitoring
     new 6a55b19  fixing AIRAVATA-1662
     new 1d862a4  fixing AIRAVATA-1663
     new 6ffc3ee  Add new gfac email monitor module to gfac monitor module and Intorduced gfac-hpc-monitor module to keep all hoc-monitor code
     new 5e77e4b  Merge branch 'master' into emailMonitoring
     new bf0fddb  Added email based monitoring implementation to gsissh provider
     new 66ac6b9  Modified computer resource.thrift file to support email based monitoring.
     new fdb3fc9  adding more customizations to test framework - AIRAVATA-1656
     new 50672a7  Fixed AIRAVATA-1665
     new fc20882  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 042e25c  Merge branch 'master' into emailMonitoring
     new 93d4421  AIRAVATA-1666 - Added compute resource level email based monitoring check.
     new f987a73  Checks for null monitor mode in ssh job submission
     new 3cdea29  AIRAVATA-1667 - Modified both mysql and derby sql script files and introduced email monitor property table. Add part of new email monitor property resource implementation.
     new f1d300e  adding email monitor property to app catalog
     new e89ba3d  Email property model class
     new 97d31b4  generating code to have token id in terminate - AIRAVATA-1661
     new 71a94a0  code generation for AIRAVATA-1661
     new 11c01c6  AIRAVATA-1667 - Resource doesn't save password to registry.
     new 4f95a79  Fixed AIRAVATA-1666
     new c5c83ea  To fix Airavata-1661.
     new a4daa52  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2dbd798  fixing out handlers not invoking issue
     new 2b935a4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a773a28  fix a typo in database script
     new 7f89109  fixing issue with threadpool
     new be901aa  fixing errors in threads
     new ea88999  avoid creating duplicate taska
     new 0f97741  generating code for messaging
     new 395c9d3  generating code for cancel job in gfac
     new c92fbd3  fixing exception handling
     new 5e7d3ef  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 73c8337  Fix Airavata-1661 for job cancel
     new 98f2186  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ae15740  movig to cachedTP
     new 90aa639  Fixed AIRAVATA-1670 , error job notifications handle
     new 2dde0d3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1742c49  Fixeded Airavata-1661.
     new 8a7913f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2710f99  Temporarily commenting integration tests to test Jenkins builds
     new 4e3fde8  save detailed error when saving error details, convert to json - AIRAVATA-1672, AIRAVATA-1656
     new e01f24f  Removed all non support operations from the XBaya UI
     new 49e5201  Check gateway exist before retrieve application interfaces.
     new 06e4f1d  Fixed typo in log message.
     new 49deda5  handling error scenarios from test framework and save entire error to registry - AIRAVATA-1672, AIRAVATA-1656
     new 395c790  handling error cases from test framework - AIRAVATA-1656
     new bd275a9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c8a17de  missing error savings - AIRAVATA-1672
     new cf82465  test framework result file formating - AIRAVATA-1656
     new cc0a8f9  Invoked out handle workers in failure state too.
     new 5be53c7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5747ec0  Fixed - AIRAVATA-1680
     new 76d4e3e  configure zookeeper error logs in log4j properties - AIRAVATA-1660
     new 190217b  configure zookeeper error logs in log4j properties - AIRAVATA-1660
     new cff0bf2  Fixed - AIRAVATA-1461
     new cd9f581  Fixed - AIRAVATA-1683
     new a5b7c59  Fixed - AIRAVATA-1684 with ReceivedDateTerm
     new 37e0f4a  Added db script modifications needed for fix AIRAVATA-1683
     new 4a043be  improving zk implementation
     new 0f8269d  fixing validation - AIRAVATA-1682
     new 9cadde8  fixing AIRAVATA-1687
     new 35e0af8  Fixed AIRAVATA-1686
     new bbb43ff  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6409f07  fixing the recovery for SSHProvider
     new ab070e1  committing changes
     new 5b192c9  fixing the build
     new d89f3f6  removing legacy zk code
     new 4f89c67  fixing pbs script generation and update app catalog registration
     new f76a4a0  adding ultrascan application to test framework
     new 52a6fda  Added job notify email to job detail object
     new 7751220  fix issue with job detail email list set
     new c22f21d  identify Resource job monitor type by sender email address
     new be018e4  Added Bigred2 admin email address as PBS Resource Manager Type in email monitoring.
     new 73da33a  Added alamo and goden
     new bf0f8ef  removing extra scpace when adding email addresses and test framework changes to ultrascan application
     new 92442cc  fixing an issue with passive mode
     new 02aa95b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ccdf5c4  Added jobName as monitor id in email search in case compute resource return null for jobId
     new a665aa5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 264bbeb  fixing the email monitoring to use cachedthreadpool
     new c1c85bb  Make message unread if there any issue with message.
     new 96f04f4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4f505cd  Added log messages for emaill notifications runs
     new a6d876e  Added more log info to email based monitoring class
     new 672244e  fixing zk code
     new b419e5b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b47e4a9  fixing issue with output handler invoation
     new e8b31a3  fixing relaunching issue
     new d08415a  more error handling
     new 8baaa0c  fixing error during recovery
     new 851aa62  fixing the variable name
     new cb600a1  Adding searchWithPagination support for the RegistryCPI and RegistryImpl
     new be997dd  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7e3478e  removing mistakenly commited log file
     new 2f319c1  fixing zookeeper issues with max connections
     new cc40cf3  Added [EJM] prefix to email based monitor logs.
     new e7e23bf  Update Began state to match with ACTIVE job state in SLURM email monitor parser
     new 4117cbc  enable disable caching from properties file
     new 9f6e30e  Adding more support to the registry for paginated result retrieval of project and experiment data. Renamed all *searchWithPagination methods to search* with method overloading
     new 0a3d857  Changing Airavata API to support paginated result retrieval of Project and Experiment data
     new c6ee5ce  Adding registry script files as resources in airavata-api-server module for testing
     new 7bf5fc1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0b572c2  updating AiravataServerHandlerTest
     new f0a2fde  Fixed SGE Template for support email based monitoring.
     new 316c788  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 19d8e49  validation queue name with trim
     new ab2efea  Added UGE Email parser to email monitoring
     new 6bf56d3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8ad2e03  Handled Lonestart different email sender address
     new ee139ae  Removed Email Parser Object creation in every request and add exit status check in UGE Email parser
     new 71c83a1  Don't need to retrieve emails from email server if job monitor map is empty , this will reduce starvation between gfac instances for emails.
     new 1fba5f9  add log message to print num of jobs in job monitor map
     new 2527fe8  fixing NPE at recover
     new e8a6a6e  Added check for zookeper object null. AIRAVATA-1661
     new 135607c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6e94c35  Removing use of duplicate database scripts in tests
     new 464e955  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e5f16f2  Added comet email to use SLURM parser.
     new bcc5f58  fixing zookeeper wait with a timeout
     new b90498f  fixing zookeeper connection closing issues
     new 478b397  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8ef2782  fixing more in out handlers
     new fc1cffb  fixing NPE
     new 1e040e4  fixing zk client connection closing
     new 6c06aaa  more improvements to zk implementation
     new 2f06d27  Adding more python samples - AIRAVATA-1643
     new 7c1c632  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5d940d3  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8a0dd49  fixing java version on install
     new 20bf020  removing deprecated ws messenger form readme
     new 5cc8b43  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1e2f784  Improving Batch Queue Validations
     new 742edee  Fixed nullpointer with the JSDL genarator.
     new 7023991  removed gfac-ec2, gfac-gram and gfac-hadoop modules from source.
     new 34a8401  Script to download raabitmq
     new 4819dbb  refactored , submitJob and relaunch methods logic with states.
     new a3487e7  Refactored GFacHandler and GFacProvider inheritance, merged Recoverable interface with its correspond normal interface.
     new fd6e0a0  Simplified StandardOutReader.
     new 4de74c6  Try to read input stream first time and then read until jsh channel is closed.
     new e4be39e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7b8e933  keeping only the passive mode from orchestrator
     new 43c313f  adding token id to submit and cancel methods
     new 06bf62b  updating pom.xml with new developer information
     new b643ea5  updating experiment status to EXECUTING when gfac act upon it
     new e9a451d  ack when cancelled
     new 4a978d4  saving data in zookeeper when terminate
     new badaa73  verify the job in remote resource after submit, if both failed then mark experiment as failed and exit.
     new cdf9799  cosmetic changes to job id check loop
     new d2afa76  Fixed JobDetails saving issue.
     new 9a8a14b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 113b75f  zookeeper clean up after status updated
     new 258e06e  Added monitor method to GfacProvider interface and implement monitor job method in BetterGfacImpl
     new 09db4ec  Fixed GfacExperimentState conflict issue.
     new e0ce541  adding generated gfac internal states
     new 747d766  moving code
     new 6f8fa3e  renaming PluginState to HandlerState
     new 1b84883  fixed the enum
     new a893d86  Using assembly components to modularize assembly dependencies -
     new d076fa8  To fix AIRAVATA-1476 for unicore provider and added rabbitmq messaging.
     new 483e927  validating experiment id when cancelling
     new febe2f9  Removing the deprecated gfac schemas from the repo - AIRAVATA-1699
     new 4f4c799  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d210872  Refactor Cancel job request and remove RPC job submitter class.
     new 34cd927  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 382b6c0  Cleaning up Xbaya use of legacy LEAD code - AIRAVATA-1700
     new 624dd41  removing unused workflow execution context - AIRAVATA-1699
     new ea93cc1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ec9b6fe  check iscancelled from registry experiment status
     new 0f5ec6f  Refactored code and Fixed Job statues update method in GfacUtils
     new 7d391f1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 246d55b  Fixed Compilation error
     new 4a38f81  Remove operation node in zookeeper for each experiment.
     new b96366f  Save JobDetails in saveJobStatus method to fix NPE.
     new a6a80d5  Fixed job name output length issue in JobId verify process.
     new aa7af1b  Fixed NPE throws from reInvoked Output Handler method.
     new 16b58b8  Added missing break statements to recover method
     new 2fe26fb  error state from experiment status updater
     new 563c624  Added Experiment state transition validate method to Experiment Registry
     new 4737235  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6117c29  adding another status to gfac
     new 43e15cb  no message
     new 4b048e1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c38b3b6  Intermediate commit of new modular distribution assemblies  - AIRAVATA-1471
     new 449eb75  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c29aa94  Implemented JobSubmitted recover steps.
     new 420a51a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2bf83dd  Don't need to check Gfac node in zookeeper before publish Terminate request to work queue.
     new 6fb6644  Fixed the file transfer issues. AIRAVATA-1476
     new fea3325  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 0140ce7  cancel when provider invoked
     new 0141475  cancel when provider invoked
     new 8c85778  Fix Experiment never goes to Cancelled state.
     new e6d66d0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6b7a84c  After submit to compute resource, use JobId to verify if job id is not null.
     new 5ee2559  disable update to failed and cancel experiments
     new cc19eed  Simplified jobStatus parsing logic with Regex matching.
     new acf30c0  Handled NPE thrown by savePluginData method.
     new 86a79b6  Added UGE Configuration class and rename SGE to UGE to resolve name conflicts.
     new 41cb87a  Edited both bfac-server and server bin-assembly.xml to add UGETemplate.xslt to bin directory.
     new ae129dd  Handled UGE Aborted email and log CommandExecutor command.
     new 7d4da19  SGE -> UGE renamed
     new 55a9346  Implemented UGE output parser to  find jobStatus and JobId using regex
     new 769b905  Handle empty job id issue in SLURM Output parser.
     new d805482  validating node count
     new 8ae827d  Adding null check for message publisher before trying to publishing
     new 0a3ab51  verify job in remote host before cancel operation.
     new c4b8fb2  Fixed state change issue with recovery of relaunch operation.
     new 1874856  handled SLURM cancelled emails.
     new c11b662  Fixed Failed job cancel at abstract cluster level.
     new ad41af7  adding lonestar and comet
     new 7229a4a  cancel job fix
     new 973bf93  removing RegistrySettings classe and its usages
     new 419cd6a  not making experiment status as failed when cancel failed
     new a8a0fce  Save and Ack Cancel deliveryTags.
     new 7c54180  Don't want to clean zookeeper data in experiment canceling state.
     new 1066f00  Check channel is open before send ack to rabbitmq message in case of failure.
     new 9f8e68b  update task status to post processing when job is failed
     new 0af085f  when job failed, output handlers should only download standarad out and standared error
     new 5c3c9bd  initial version of the client sample.
     new d4ccc87  create user and vhost in rabbitmq
     new 111d9b5  Handle cancel reqeust fail in provider instead parse it to GfacServerHandler
     new a74790a  adding prefetched count
     new 83feaec  Fixed : ack cancel delivery tag one time, multiple acks cause to unbind consumer from queue.
     new db9918f  cancelling check
     new c6ac2b1  cancelling check
     new 7211091  Change experiment status to CANCELLED after stop the original experiment process due to cancelling request
     new 86994f6  fixed compilation issue
     new 14a1621  modified Airavata server side to secure the API.
     new addb4be  completing the POC of securing Airavata API with a secure client sample.
     new b62a56a  making the access token to be used configurable.
     new a23a9cc  Removing the legacy server vs client mode - AIRAVATA-1701
     new 9f3d55b  Added experiment Id to status update log messages.
     new c538ebf  fixing cancelled
     new 94a20ab  enabling localhost application from CreateLaunch
     new a26c1e7  getting prefetch count from server properties
     new 4e9aa00  Fixed gordon job verification issue.
     new 9318831  Improved PBS job verification regex.
     new 1ec0920  typo in prefetch count
     new e6c774b  validate cpu count
     new c6081e7  UGE: qstat only show first 10 characters of the jobName, consider this limitation in UGEOutputParser regex.
     new 5002df5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 915ed04  Remove Zookeeper code and dependency from Orchestrator.
     new 4a06178  Integrated Apache curator with Gfac. With this fix every zookeeper call goes through CuratorFramework client.
     new 957fd5f  Make BetterGfacImpl singleton
     new 7ebe118  updating master versions to 0.16
     new 6a5ed6e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 154f008  Unifying different Experiment Search Operations
     new 9f9c2e0  Updating RegistryUseCase test
     new 14fe107  Update
     new a1ba915  Fixed test compilation issue.
     new cd5ad24  Improving the experiment search operation performance.
     new 0d32c22  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5b1ee03  Removing ExperimentSummary entity and using Experiment entity for ExperimentStatus
     new 7e67ca0  Adding searchExperiments methods to the Airavata API
     new 7bc175f  Removing Error Details from ExperimentSummary object and improving the searchExperiments method
     new 8c420de  Fixing duplicate search results issue.
     new 482176c  Adding ExperimentsSearchFields class
     new b67b532  Commenting mysql dependency in airavata-jpa-registry module
     new 4476dfc  some improvements to experiment-catalog
     new ebed378  Fixing AIRAVATA-1412
     new 0c1ff51  updated the master to 0.16 Airavata, and merged the branch sprint1
     new 85f613f  Merge branch 'sprint1_update' into sprint1_updated
     new c8a70e9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7e11e95  Merge branch 'sprint1_updated' into sprint1_update2
     new 1149810  deleting an unused file.
     new 512fa7e  Adding wso2 maven repository to maven repositories
     new 6a6657a  To fix AIRAVATA-1710 error in unicore provider
     new f515c35  Fixing  pagination issue in worker resource
     new 7ab87e5  Adding updated thrift data models (includes Security API changes)
     new 22bcbb4  rename airavata-jpa-registry module to experiment-catalog
     new 22a76f8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7c7bdae  update test class to have empty token
     new 7c95cf757 Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7463558  moved all component interfaces to one place
     new 8d160a7  Changed thrift descriptions directory names  and code generation paths
     new 82773c7  Renamed orchestrator component nested modules and artifact ids
     new 7b80974  Refactored gfac sub modules, merged  gfac-ssh, gfac-gsissh, gfac-local, gfac-monitor and gsissh  modules and create gface-impl, removed implementation from gfac-core to gfac-impl
     new 4d9ed53  To fix AIRAVATA-1711.
     new 19afc7e  Resolve compilation issues in gfac module after module refactoring
     new 7814b55  moved all component interfaces to one place
     new b58a02d  Changed thrift descriptions directory names  and code generation paths
     new 061ea10  Renamed orchestrator component nested modules and artifact ids
     new 8c4ea1f  removing nested distribution modules, this will be replaced by a single module which will use all required packages defined within an assembly
     new 30f9d70  Removing the unused grid-tests profile
     new 33286af  Resolve compilation issues in gfac module after module refactoring
     new de03528  merge changes with master
     new 29cd57f  removed thrift generated client code from gfac-service module and move it to gfac-client module. Refactored module dependency of gfac
     new 8e451b3  adding a parent distribution
     new 6eaaff4  moving resources into src
     new 08e3a87  Fixed test failures and artifact names.
     new b4ede9c  Merge moduleRefactor branch
     new e34df6a  Pull moduleRefactor
     new ec8c620  registry refactoring
     new 2835d09  Resolved ModuleRefactor merge conflicts
     new 13c2e79  Removed gsissh module from tools
     new 5a648a6  adding registry changes
     new 093643a  Merge branch 'moduleRefactor'
     new 4045c09  registry refactoring changes
     new 2f3da01  Refactored gfac core module classes
     new bad2c1c  Rename few interfaces to have generic names which self descriptive
     new 8ebff86  registry refactoring and fixing usages
     new b393df5  bin assembly path issues
     new de84878  Remove axis2 script form distribution and move AbstractSecurityContext to context sub package
     new f837919  more changes to registry refactoring
     new 1ba83f1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 144bb8f  Merge changes have done for release branch to master
     new 63f6a53  fixing distribution and some test classes
     new 80a1dd3  fixing some issues registry
     new c75d406  fixing test failures
     new 6c1eebe  add registry-tools
     new ca297e3  adding missing pom
     new 3224e72  removing unneeded catalog
     new 2c6620f  Adding getExperimentStatistics API method
     new f742ebd  Renaming thrift files to follow the style guide naming convention
     new 314fa63  removing duplicate dependency
     new 6b1f4bd  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 068c18b  Replaced hyphens with underscores for thrift file names
     new a5cb91f  Updating Airavata to use Thrift version 0.9.2 - AIRAVATA-1707
     new 8d16d0e  moved commons-utils to commons module
     new 5a6b647  Refactor commons exceptions
     new 9500724  Simplifying data models in preparation for a stable 1.0 release - AIRAVATA-1014
     new 8a6b891  Adding application interface id
     new 8535ff1  Refactored GfacServerHandler initialization, changed GFac interface , added GfacImpl
     new ce04fb9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2654de0  Implemented gfac worker
     new be5c037  Merge branch 'master' of
     new debeae0  Refactored file.
     new e76851d  Updated thrift model structure.
     new fd26c2b  added job data model
     new c404883  Fixed thrift cyclic reference issue.
     new 51fa27b  generated new data model classes.
     new 7873292  Fixed compilation issue of AiravataServerHandler and comment out Airavata Experiment updater.
     new 8a0e6ce  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 102fb04  added yam config file and parsers.
     new c8bb991  Added missing properties to ProcessModel and thrift gen
     new a90734a  added missgin commit after thrift gen
     new 62ad1c2  Modified ProcessModel  thrift file
     new 59d2f25  Added TaskContext and updated ProcessContext
     new 0924a6e  Added SSHEnvironmentSetupTask
     new b00f20f  fixing some compilation issues
     new 5264b39  adding deployement id and fixing some issues with new models
     new 869df7e  registry related compilation issues
     new e662207  Added Factory , HPCRemoteCluster , SSHUtils and SCPFileTransferTask classes
     new cb4b40c  Added HPCRemoteCluster implementation logic
     new 9226453  Clean gfac-core moduel by deleling deprecated classes
     new d9b2df0  Removed gsi related code
     new a2b6bdf  updated process context and create job descriptor
     new 754bc5c  Updated email based monitoring to work with ProcessContext
     new d05c0a1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2bb805a  job submission task impl
     new e2235af  Added Scp input and output data staging tasks
     new f6d34cc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f715697  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 709eab9  Changing the experiment summary model
     new 5d10a05  Added taskchain creation logic and deleted BetterGfacimpl
     new ae41a3a  Fixed AiravaraZKUtils compilation issues
     new 367ddca  Create modified zookeeper data structure for experiment using curator
     new 749ad93  procees context changes
     new ac3be7a  Handled TerminatTask and send ack to rabbitMQ
     new 2d9ea1f  ssh job submission task impl
     new cc4286b  Fixed compilation issues upto bfac-core modes , fixed tests upto registry-core.  Generated thrift 0.9.2 classes for gfac and orchestrator.
     new a6c7a1f  Resolve merge confilict, used SeverSetting methods instead of constant to get settings
     new a1cffdb  adding local job submission task
     new f366c38  Changing the registry model and resource packages to comply with the new data models
     new c3b4b06  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a5039dc  updating the experiment catalog db scripts
     new 3a00366  modifying the data models to contain all the statuses and errors
     new 066030b  minor modifications for the experiment registry model and resources layer
     new 21de9e0  fixing registry test cases compilation issues
     new cb5d3ae  Fixing minor issues and fixing the registry test cases
     new 7ca8104  fixing add methods in experiment registry class
     new 1968ff4  Fixing Update CPI methods in the experiment registry
     new bce94ae  Fixing get and search CPI methods in the experiment registry class
     new fb30f5d  Removing application id field from experiment table
     new bf7db06  Fixing getIds CPI methods in experiment registry
     new 11a208b  Fixing remove CPI methods in experiment registry
     new 99808c5  Fixing isExists CPI methods in experiment registry
     new f9032d4  ProcessId, TaskId, ErrorId, StatusId are unique. So can be retrieved directly without the parent Id
     new 8d6ba82  Fixing worker resource
     new 65afe6f  Fixing compilation issues in registry-core module
     new 0a90a40  Adding TaskResource test class, fixing compilation issues in other test classes
     new c6cfa32  Changing the reason field in status table to CLOB(derby) and LONGTEXT(mysql)
     new 4ee4b1a  compilation issue in AiravataServerHandler
     new 993f29a  Adding gatewayId to experiment model
     new 56d132d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9ee0df7  changing GATEWAY_EXECUTION_ID to GATEWAY_ID where appropriate
     new aec8f41  messaging data models
     new 0dfd5a4  updating experiment model and experiment summary model
     new ed63a40  Adding taskId to JobModel
     new 9f2c086  adding host id for user configuration
     new e5d861e  messaging classes changes and fixing some compliation issues
     new ec1ba5a  Adding job data model to the registry
     new 726370b  Added part of Process context population logic
     new 013e8c0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 144c1d8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a2dce4f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new df3fbe6  fixing compilation issues
     new ab32233  fixing build issues
     new 67a467d  Added tarLongFileMode configuration and set it to posix fix build issue with distribution
     new 996c79d  Fixed compilation issue with clean build
     new 4b899ba  Use JobManagerCommands provided by user to build JobConfiguration functions
     new 79d0135  Added new task states to identify task life cycle, this will help to decide recovery status
     new adab9dd  Remove previous changes to task state and added to process states
     new a393b735 implemented getProcessType(pc) method in GFacWorker
     new 636a733  orchestrator level changes
     new aa2fab5  Changing the unique key of the  JobModel
     new f200d50  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ed5a172  orchestrator cpi and gfac cpi changes to adapt with process
     new dce0271  Updating fields in process model in registry
     new 6caf478  Finishing some of the todo's in
     new 455b435  added binary subTaskModel to keep task specific data models
     new 7f4f182  Changed registry code to work with subTaskModel thrift binary parameter, implement scp data staging task to work with DataStagingTaskModel
     new 2c94277  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 525e9e4  Use jobmanager commands in slurm job configuraiton
     new 20db90f  orchestrator changes
     new 80589ba  clean up code in orchestrator
     new f1d49fb  issues with experiment catalog mysql script
     new aecf794  correct class paths at
     new 48e23d9  removed state transition validation metode call
     new 953feec  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2dee81b  Fixing experiment catalog warnings
     new cc79236  set default experiment id from model
     new 624b5c6  Added default id to experiment id and project id. updated CreateLauncherExperiment class
     new 1d27a9c  Resolved merge conflicts
     new 82e60f3  fixing NPEs at registry level
     new 343ea0a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new debde7a  Fixed compilation issue with previous commit
     new db94c55  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d4ec47e  fix compilation issue
     new b5b522b  missing gateway id and add create process method at orchestrator
     new 1bc3ce8  Fixing NPEs at registry level
     new 51befd7  Populate process context before access it
     new 25a3895  Added compute resource id to process model and rename launchExperiment method to launchProcess
     new 2346699  Added authentication info
     new e105f94  fixed server setting reading issue
     new ab0bf86  merging the implementation carried on sprint1_update2 with the updated airavata master
     new d88488a  Fixed JSch initialization error with regect HostKey
     new b7cee3e  added gfac config yaml file to distribution and removed gfac config xml file
     new e060b47  configuration lazy loading
     new c4c03f3  Fixed NPE from configuration loading
     new eaf941a  Fixed yaml configuration parsing issues
     new c857f82  Set taskId to task model and return taskId
     new 8225ab5  Implemented basic task execution steps
     new 1f09dc2  Application deployment id is not get saved with process
     new 9648042  Completed process context populate function
     new 5413826  set status update time
     new aa86a7e  Added status publisher to process context
     new e0aa717  fixed amqp publisher issues
     new 01d46f4  Added missing properties of registry save and get operations
     new 551c378  Moved experiment status publisher code from inner class to base class
     new abc42f6  Set jobModel properties
     new cce7be7  Fixed xslt namespace issue
     new 706edf8  Registered job management commands with resource. Fixed issues with Slurm output parser
     new 4c7dcc0  Fixed registry issues with input data object and update runProcessOutflow method
     new 4568832  thirft generation issue
     new dc52449  changing few API methods to adhere to security solution.
     new e0941f4  changed createProject method and added internal private method for isGatewayExist, to avoid chained API calls.
     new e290cfe  Fixed master branch to job submission with local file.
     new b7e914e  Send acknowledgement to processed processes, Handle task status after execute each task and handle failed scenarios.
     new 4fae741  adding security validation on API method calls through interception using the Guice AOP framework.
     new b515bee  Merge branch 'sprint3_pr2' into sprint4_pr1
     new 283e700  finished changing the API methods.
     new 4579e1e  Fix to auto-find thrift exec
     new 57164c7  Generated thrift php code for master
     new 7be309d  fixed all compilation errors in the java client samples after the API changes.
     new 43fd3d7  Merge branch 'sprint4_pr1' into sprint4_pr2
     new 7211c2f  renamed projectID to projectId in resource
     new 796fc3d  Merge branch 'master' of into pr23
     new 075e390  Merge branch 'master' of into pr22
     new 1f7b55d  fixing compiling errors in tests.
     new 44fb3b1  updating the experiment statistics thrift model
     new 67839c0  updating thrift generated files
     new 6ec2a39  Added identity context to store user identity info in thread local.
     new 7ef8368  adding some missing files from previous commit.
     new 86eac5d  Added AdvancedSCPDataStageTask for both input and output data staging with remote client
     new b103e6f  Added AdvancedSCPDataStageTask configuration to gfac-config.yaml
     new 9c02f24  adding XACML based authorization for API calls.
     new 7ae9cc3  Corrected scpTo interface method arguments order
     new 673fbf3  Added processId to intermediate file transfer directory name
     new 1ef5bc3  Modified advanced scp task properties names
     new d3ac7ce  adding XACML based fine grained authorization on API calls.
     new 4226a2d  Updated the secure-client sample to showcase the XACML based authorization on API calls and fixed some issues found when running the sample.
     new 2e815ec  Merge branch 'sprint5_pr1' of
     new c3174f2  removing redundant meta-inf folder
     new 64a49b9  Adding enable/disable compute resource functionality to Airavata master
     new 50e04f1  fixing test failures in AiravataServerHandlerTest
     new 053bb9f  fixing gatewayId not set for ExperimentSummaryModel
     new bd97f80  Adding missing executionId field to ExperimentSummary model
     new dc61c67  removing non paginated versions of API methods for project and experiment retrieval, from Airavata API
     new eb4a737  adding Authz token as a parameter for Airavata credential store API methods
     new f903d60  Update experiment status according to the process status changes
     new a68eb18  Show most recent experiment state to client
     new 0fbb6a8  user correct version class
     new 51332d3  Fixed compilation issue
     new c365260  updated the default-xacml-policy with a new rule for admin-read-only role, finished identifying including all admin methods in the policy and updated the sample client to demonstrate the latest updates to the authorization policy.
     new 59f4acd  added PAP client in Airavata Server, which publishes and enables the default XACML authorization policy in the XACML authorization server, at the airavata server startup - if the security is enabled.
     new 4f6e8c5  HPCRemoteCluster throw exceptions with message and original exception
     new 2777476  Adding the Authorization caching implementation. This completes the security solution implementation in the Airavata source code.
     new f080ac2  Completion of the security solution in Airavata - adding some missing files from the previous commit and fixing issues found while testing.
     new 36922c9  Re-created the pull request with conflicts with the master resolved.
     new 9224359  Fixing AIRAVATA-1797 , process redelivery handling
     new decad8c  Added processId to job model
     new bf56b43  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b98f659  Save jobModel with processId and recovery in monitoring state
     new 1de2228  Fixed process recovery, fixed job status update and retrieval issues.
     new e4f149a  adding credential store tables back to sql script
     new c8b7bb1  integrate credential store with scp handlers
     new 4ba83cc  adding credential store changes to 0.16 - AIRAVATA-1795
     new 3d3999a  fixing test failures in the build
     new fdcf2c9  read intermediat data dir path from airavata properties file
     new 1fbef21  Fixed output data staging issues.
     new 64b7842  adding missing entity manager close statements
     new 9534a81  initial fork-ssh implementation
     new 869a625  NPE check at yamlConfiguration
     new 2b1c87f  Fixed SSH Fork job submission issues.
     new 4d70d3c  updating bin assembly
     new 1f065a3  fixing AIRAVATA-1808
     new 22d9b82  fixing getExperimentStatistics issue in registry
     new 555b0ad  fixing getExperimentStatistics issue in registry
     new dded7ac  Merging TLS code into master branch - AIRAVATA-1800
     new 99abcaf  Updage apiserver property constants to match with file configurations
     new d8761f0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 284ce42  adding addSSHForkJobSubmissionDetails API method
     new 114fa73  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1be29cb  updating to get the login user name
     new c7fb728  Moved airavata.log file to $AIRAVATA_HOME/logs directory and redirect stdout and stderr to /dev/null in daemon mode instead of airavata-server.out
     new 55aa6df  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6938f90  fixing priority order logic and NPE in monitor - AIRAVATA-1820
     new 6623967  Implemented process cancel, AIRAVATA-1798
     new c292fe6  removing the getAPIVersion method from Airavata API
     new 75c4cf4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d11dda1  removing the getAPIVersion method from Airavata API
     new 0fec594  fixed test failures
     new 3580a96  fixed test failures
     new 1ea272a  fixed test failures
     new 42cd60d  update outputs to database
     new 420a031  fixing error when getting tasks
     new e0483f3  Experiment cancel request, Orchestrator side implementation and refactored zookeeper node paths. AIRAVATA-1798
     new be9af52  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a8eff3e  Removed malformed java class
     new 2640e89  Readded class to repo
     new 3a2d694  removing the file to address a git issue
     new 47f161b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 26ef3e4  Adding missing constant variables
     new 640e1e3  Fixed zookeeper path issue with delivery tag acknowledgement
     new c46e21d  adding stdout, stderr and exit code for job model
     new 60e657d  Added JobSubmissionOutput pojo class to keep output of jobsubmission command with jobId
     new 39a0365  check unclosed entity managers
     new 12a4800  Fixed cancel zookeeper node path issue
     new 2c4044c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9e53560  Job stdout and stderr are not saved when there is a stderr msg
     new dad1204  update outputs to database
     new 4ba16d6  fixing error when getting tasks
     new e1356b7  Experiment cancel request, Orchestrator side implementation and refactored zookeeper node paths. AIRAVATA-1798
     new 99c07d7  changing the default xacml policy role names
     new 8ba6817  Removed malformed java class
     new 43628ad  Readded class to repo
     new 1675d74  Adding missing constant variables
     new 0cb9f31  Fixed zookeeper path issue with delivery tag acknowledgement
     new 88afef1  adding stdout, stderr and exit code for job model
     new 840ae1a  Added JobSubmissionOutput pojo class to keep output of jobsubmission command with jobId
     new 4e57f5b  check unclosed entity managers
     new 21c1cdb  Fixed cancel zookeeper node path issue
     new 87b72f9  Job stdout and stderr are not saved when there is a stderr msg
     new c139ece  adding Authz Token to getAPIVersion method
     new bea823b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 02f697f  adding certificate to security manager client_truststore.jks
     new 28b8457  adding missing gatewayRegistry initialization
     new bb47856  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 940f117  Changing stdout and stderr to sentense case
     new 342065e  Adding the missing table annotaion
     new 5b1259c  unifying the column names
     new 07e93be  Removing the git merge files
     new 3f890f9  Adding getJobDetails implementation based on new models.
     new 26f1039  saving errors
     new b9015cd  Adding getJobStatus implementation based on new models.
     new 4e558e1  save job model when job id is not equal to null
     new bd94e0d  fixing NPE
     new d631596  set error id
     new b86393e  fixing bugs in process error saving
     new 4fa1242  fixing more issues with saving error details
     new ddc76d6  Depcreating unused credential store web-app - AIRAVATA-1829
     new ab71e6c  Create temp script file in local data dir instead of AIRAVATA_HOME/bin dir
     new b0c793f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 95cc3c4  Save complete and queue job status in email job monitor
     new 84c1ae5  Moved temp job sumission script to process local data directory
     new 369b353  Fixed typo
     new dec07e4  fixing saving duplicate statuses
     new 8ea1f0a  set status id when retrieving jpa resource object
     new 7ad88f7  Fixed packet corrupt issue with jsch by creating new session if previous one is not in connected state. Increased jobId verification call by 10, trim job command before use
     new 7c498d0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d44ef59  Added STARTED state to process and changed code accordingly
     new d2b176c  saving stdout and stderr
     new 828e503  Fixed issues with recovery messages
     new 5256d97  lower handling period
     new 5568da3  remove handover waiting period
     new 0d83737  add cd workingdir to job submission command
     new b2f86f6  update process model with outputs
     new b1fd3a0  fixing issues with PBS parser
     new a65c01e  job submitter command for resources
     new c87eb42  fixing NPE s in recovery and process state update when output staging fail
     new c86e550  Move data staging task to failed if staging file name is null
     new 3d0dd11  fixing NPE at AdvancedSCPHandler
     new 719d1a7  make process fail if task fails
     new 270ff23  Check output or input value is valid before do actual file staging
     new e2132b6  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 303630d  fixing some fixmes
     new ea0fb52  fixing possible JPA issues with entity manager
     new af8a84c  Fixec email monitoring issue
     new 8139a8d  Fixed merge conflict
     new ad95ca4  Fixed email monitoring issues
     new 1302c30  Improved status changed logs
     new 8b5b886  fixing test suite to match with new data model changes
     new 9ce24a5  changing integration tests to work with new data models
     new 44e5ed1  Fixed issues with experiment cancel
     new ba8538d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d6b735b  test framework to work with master
     new 28ccb9f  set process status to processcontext in cancel operation
     new d59c3d7  SendAck and remove process context if process is interrupted by cancel.
     new 7d00027  Implement job delete on cancel request
     new dbb1a0f  trigger output flow on cancel ,it will move to process to cancel
     new 40a4dae  Handle cancel job operation in Queue state
     new 690a019  Move job status to cancel in job cancel by gfac engine
     new 8191574  Before cancel get the job status and then cancel if status is valid
     new d8cbbb1  JPA issues and enabling gordon mpi jobs
     new 9b1d836  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 40ffc3b  disable caching for app catalog and enable shared caching for experiment catalog
     new c119db5  app catalog changes
     new 50fabc3  Adding data movement preferences
     new 07da736  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d84783d  data storage preference related changes to app catalog
     new 7cecac8  Check ouptutName for null while saving processoutput to database
     new a2823bc  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3216381  fixing jpa issue
     new d862341  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b3acdc4  commit missing generated file
     new 83d1dfd  added a log to check the orchestrator status consumer events
     new 8f5997e  fixing jpa issue
     new 232bcb2  commit missing generated file
     new 43c0ac5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5b4cfc9  jpa issues
     new e3ec7fe  Create only one EntityManageFactor in runtime
     new a0dc590  experiment created status update time
     new 4cf30ee  experiment created status update time
     new 25b8522  Updated JSch jar to latest 0.1.50 -> 0.1.53
     new bb43bfd  fixing JPA issues
     new dea8392  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c6869bc  Added jsch 0.1.53 to distribution pom.xml
     new a045061  Fixed duplicate job submission in recovery if job submission task failed to complete task
     new 0665ee4  Get latest status if status has same update time
     new 9fcd441  Local data copy if both source and destination are same and username aslso the same
     new 4d07c01  Removed unused Task implementaions
     new 808ff55  Set sub task mode destination and source with correct URI string
     new 7275b3d  adding static working dir
     new ae20875  set working directory according to staticWorkingdir
     new 625cbfd  fixed issue with rsync overs ssh
     new bd65714  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 638d7f7  Fixed 3rd party file transfer , AIRAVATA-1851
     new 1b6dffe  Refactored 3rd party scp code
     new 302a58e  fixing static-working-dir not storing issue
     new 51ed550  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ec75efb  rabbitmq channel closed issue
     new e66c52b  get rid of token id from launch experiment method and use token from compute resource preference
     new c558597  changing method name and adding cs token at the gateway profile level
     new 07adb3b  if resource specific token not specified use gateway profile token
     new 6b06c4e  Added EnvironmentSetupTaskModel to task model
     new 6293069  generated thrift classes for tasks and orchestrator
     new cb21871  add envSetup sub model
     new af29522  Adding Task model changes
     new 930a222  Adding thrift model changes
     new 4db5d4f  adding delete experiment to Airavata API
     new c5778f4  adding CCM and CRAY_MPI for gausian
     new 14b7bcf  adding task creation at orchestrartor level
     new 24b83d8  Merge branch 'orchestratorTaskBreakdown' of into orchestratorTaskBreakdown
     new 10d593c  AutoScheduling gfac side changes
     new 41b3700  Set Job submission protocol and monitoring mode to jobsubmission task model
     new 9a99ad4  fixing compilation issues
     new f532a9d  Added max wall time to Job submission task
     new e7cbd9f  Saved taskDag in process model and added monitor task after job submissiontask
     new 9e3d84b  Use walltime provided by job submission task model if available
     new ae19d7c  parse taskDag string and create taskList
     new 4293dc4  fixing AIRAVATA-1836
     new 533faee  adding resource host id to the experiment summary model
     new 72366a9  increasing the size of command to 1000 chars in POSTJOB_COMMAND
     new 496eff4  adding delete experiment to Airavata API
     new 84bf621  adding CCM and CRAY_MPI for gausian
     new c3dd6f0  fixing AIRAVATA-1836
     new 83c7e0d  adding resource host id to the experiment summary model
     new bfa0afb  undoing the previous commit
     new 9057115  generated thrift classes for tasks and orchestrator
     new 3398ec1  merge with master
     new 4d9973e  merge with master
     new 05da530  adding output data staging task
     new a1d999c  increasing description lengths in App Interface and Module
     new a2cd71e  adding order DESC on creation time when retrieving experiment statistics
     new 69c268a  compute resource id is not set when creating process model
     new d071d8e  fixing task type set wrongly
     new 80ac14c  get remote data location till we have data storage preferences saved
     new 88a611d  output data staging task
     new f4c6424  output data location
     new 83592fb  set input data object and output data object
     new 53e3d4c  make task-dag as CLOB
     new 138c994  fixing input staging and output staging task creation
     new 30a9184  adding order to pre,post,env,module ld commands
     new 4cd7738  commenting the enhancer plugin
     new 6c43cc1  changing db field name for order variable
     new 1f9a39c  adding order field to CommandObject thrift model
     new 426b015  adding CommandObject class
     new 72fb57b  Saved correct task status in correct place in order to fix recovery issues
     new b57a501  Completed process recovery
     new 44ac0a2  adding PROJECT_ID to experiment search fields enum
     new 5748db7  fixing registry bug
     new 4db026e  fixing wrong job status pick
     new d96f35a  fixing build errors
     new 3de33ac  adding conditions to PBS script for BR2
     new ed4637c  adding lammps br2
     new e61cb8b  adding gateway profile when server starts
     new b442e0c  changing primary key of job model and job status
     new b001b18  removing process id from job status
     new 6fc864e  validation removed when auto scheduling set
     new 2d6ee02  validating and update process model with max walltime
     new d139f69  Fixed issue with input destination construction
     new 85885d9  Merge branch 'orchestratorTaskBreakdown' of into orchestratorTaskBreakdown
     new ef332fc  merge task breakdown branch with master
     new be08320  Fixed bug in max wall time setting
     new 98f077e  Moved job model to taskContext from Processcontext
     new 5eb3c26  Revert "Moved job model to taskContext from Processcontext"
     new 8ce513c  adding data storage host id to gateway profile
     new b4e3c33  adding output streaming to app catalog
     new 687d812  check monitor mode before create monitoring task
     new 85fb6b6  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 140d9bd  Fixed issues with SSH Fork
     new 08cdad2  Deleted unused classes
     new c62f74a  Added LocalRemoteCluster implementation and LocalCommandOutput reader
     new dc1be31  Added Local batch job submission support and renamed task implementtions to have generic names
     new f070531  Change comment in gfac-config to match new class renamings
     new eb425a5  Move Email based monitor to quite mode if no jobs in monitor map
     new 2df93cc  Added LOCAL_FROK enum to jobsubmission protocols
     new b00b8b2  Return correct Remote cluster for LOCAL_FORK jobsubmission
     new dd32d06  initial stage changes on data streaming
     new 832b146  Use datamovement remote cluster in datamovement tasks
     new 091fcdc  Adding data storage model inline with compute resource models
     new 5b9a48d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 37e94a0  data streaming task
     new 539fba4  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new c96f66b  Using the tables from compute resoueces
     new cbb4c74  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 5277ec4  adding generated code for data storage resource
     new a9520e0  adding task type for intermediate outputs
     new 7b1888f  Fixed issues with streaming datamodel
     new 69ecb68  moved stream outptu logic after jobsubmission
     new 30d230c  Fixed NPE from output data streaming logic
     new 6aaea39  fixed taskcontext issue
     new b27fb33  generated java models
     new 47b0700  generating code for all
     new f1014d5  adding php stubs for app catalog and data models
     new f6d9651  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 0a0f5ba  generated php for storage resource
     new e2799d4  adding api methods for storage resources
     new 96687a6  adding empty implementations to fix the build
     new a6de539  adding implimenttaions for storage resource
     new ee33072  adding getDetailedExperimentTree method
     new 4f7af6a  adding api changes to get detailed experiment tree
     new ef5756d  fixing compilation failure
     new c116140  adding missing files
     new 13b50f7  adding data storage interfaces
     new e25f6fb  adding models
     new 77841a4  fixing wrong column name
     new 4c0978b  adding data storage interface
     new ca89eae  moving data movement structs to common thrift file
     new 9943dbf  set process cancel property when cancel watcher triger
     new 9e4dccf  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new bb5be4b  Only allow terminate operation for running experiments.
     new 0de9433  adding storageId to experiment and process
     new 5e636cb  using storage preferences and resources in gfac
     new 42f071c  make passphrase as optional
     new c135fbf  updating libraries
     new 497178d  Fixed issues with cancel experiment operation
     new a6b1785  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 7664336  removing host name from GF
     new 3d16cbc  Fixed consumer unbind issue with cancel operation and Complete cancel operation support for new changes
     new 086fbba  Comment out StorageResourceDescription configuration set steps as it throw exception, need to fix this
     new fbc558d  fixing NPE s in job status method
     new 9bfdc52  adding data manager code to develop branch
     new 6242aca  making replica locations a separate entity
     new 0d9a612  credential store related changes, BES changes
     new 9bf53d2  adding local/scp data transfer capability to data manager
     new 5870ed4  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new bd1cc2f  resource can have multiple data files
     new 242a403  fixing test failures
     new fc277b0  Merge develop branch to master and regernerated all thrift source files
     new 62aee20  adding gatewayID to user table
     new 777af19  fixing test failures
     new cea3e00  fixing syntax error
     new 451a7db  fixing syntax error
     new f3ef897  fixing syntax error
     new 4dd4482  fixing syntax error
     new e147346  fixing test failures
     new c46d5dc  adding gateway resource profile when creating calling addGateway()
     new 17d1b4f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6a9a125  Adding getkeys by gateway api methods - AIRAVATA-1874
     new 72dee68  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e52b5b6  Adding getkeys by gateway api methods - AIRAVATA-1874
     new e32f941  adding serial hash
     new e8adfe1  fixing issues with gateway registering and credential store token retrieving
     new 52ccf87  BESProvider code
     new c1989e7  fixing issues with Credential object
     new 61201b1  adding delete sshcredential method
     new ed3d892  adding metadata support for resources
     new 61fa8b5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7f77750  adding replica catalog methods to the API
     new 74973e9  changing the default key size to 2048
     new 87df389  adding the missing ReplicaLocationCategory and ReplicaPersistentType generated model classes
     new a933ba9  adding data movements when retrieving data storage resources
     new 080f7ae  adding missing files
     new a30e5ea  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 55a1053  fixing storage resource data movement interface issues
     new 305bc04  fixing creation time and modified time issue
     new d3a5a5e  adding gatewayId to the replica catalog
     new 94f9af2  fixing issues with storage resource
     new 32274f5  fixing test failure
     new 7a0c97a  moved stream outptu logic after jobsubmission
     new a5ae2f2  Fixed NPE from output data streaming logic
     new f28ea2a  fixed taskcontext issue
     new fda09ef  generating code for all
     new 3912e28  adding implimenttaions for storage resource
     new 7412c9a  merging with remote master
     new 6c78a0c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9709417  fixing compilation failure
     new b8a0335  fixing compilation failure
     new 7277498  adding priority order for storage interface
     new 156976b  Modified slurm parser regex patern to match new slurm header and fixed bug in email monitor
     new 150aa80  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bd457c2  Read login user name from gateway computer resouce preferences
     new 8f820e5  fixing bug with storage preference saving
     new f1c4c97  use compute resource preference and storeage preference instead of property file to read ssh keys and username
     new c09cc86  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 89d879e  Handle empty credential token
     new 0a2b24c  Fixed npe with credential token
     new 9ef67cd  Throw a gfac exception if storage preference is not available
     new 6c5e995  Organizing thrift files into directories - AIRAVATA-1882
     new 0dc7e84  AIRAVATA-1857 fixing project not updating issue
     new 098c230  making cosmetic changes to the data manager module
     new 60295a5  adding add gateway docs
     new 7de199d  Adding docs for update
     new 501f30b  Minor changes to existing API method descriptions
     new ee1d26c  Minor changes to existing API method descriptions
     new 8eb545e  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new 50cdfce  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new a059fbb  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new ae5dab4  changing the replica catalog data model
     new 77a7e77  adding data storage interface
     new 1f03378  moving data movement structs to common thrift file
     new b9baeeb  using storage preferences and resources in gfac
     new 2d35514  .DS_Store banished!
     new 13667e7  adding thrift generate files
     new 5d80c91  adding thrift generated files
     new d3d5c97  adding the initial version of the data catalog
     new 387a8f6  updating thrift generated files
     new 15d8293  integrating data manager with data catalog
     new e02286b  trying thrift 0.93 as discussed in - AIRAVATA-1883
     new 81b5485  fixing merge issues
     new 20f19e8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new a513dcd  Updating to thrift 0.93 as discussed in - AIRAVATA-1883
     new 7ea88a2  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new 9462bd1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4c8d396  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new d898724  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new 648a0cb  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods
     new 3aa2e09  Adding descriptions to thirft API methods - Experiment related methods
     new 389268f  Adding descriptions to app catalog thirft API methods
     new efa66f9  Adding descriptions to app catalog thirft API methods
     new 80d2027  Tests are failing with new thrift generated code, need to fix. Committing with build wokring without tetss
     new 5d0bee5  fixing some of the test failures
     new 36da4ee  changes to the replicaLocation data model
     new 6572a82  adding data mover code to data manager
     new 1837eea  fixing some date issues
     new fd62b23  changing the mysql script
     new 3d5bf9e  changes to the validUntil time
     new ee8a15e  fixing test failure
     new 7420187  changing the order of groupId
     new 52f18ba  reverting the generated classes to 0.9.2 as the tests did not pass - AIRAVATA-1883
     new f4aafbf  reverting the server version as well
     new b490671  removing duplicate copy of data models
     new 679771b  removing stale clients module
     new 3f0d74a  fixing time issue
     new 75109b6  fail the experiment when storage resources are not set
     new 798bbf0  fixing ID match issue
     new de9fe01  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e3a183e  fixing bugs in data manager
     new d8cb965  fixing JSch Issue
     new 55f8e25  fixing session connect issue
     new 5c6899a  disabling strict host checking in data-manager
     new 3922601  fixing destination path issues
     new 27383f1  SCP data copying working in data manager module
     new f3fa0aa  showing replica count in the DataManager Sample
     new 9ba3f03  adding some log messages for airavata API
     new ff2b729  copy resource with specifying source replicaId
     new 60f479e  adding copy data replica to the airavata API
     new b161ec4  status update time issues
     new da42a96  status update time issues
     new 6e7ce92  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 9559649  changing CPI thrift version also to 0.9.3
     new ea0cf5b  fixing build failure
     new a4b13a3  fixing NPE at sort method
     new 3a8e117  fixing build failure
     new 8afbcbf  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 47949d3  fixing credential delete bug
     new 18a4c31  Handle job cancel with queued jobs
     new f460dba  Adding support to generate gateway client credentials
     new b76af43  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3d83432  adding clientKey and clientSecret to the AuthzToken object
     new b7f7fd3  removing gateway credential API methods from the API
     new 47ae5b3  making access_token optional field
     new 5afc8cf  generating thrift files
     new 4a84e86  retrieving latest status
     new c62f64a  Fixed bug in email based monitor task context status update
     new 2d8e350  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6d09915  fixing error status retrieving
     new c0ebe04  updating database scripts to have updated time with current timestamp
     new 7121dd7  added log info messages to API server handler
     new d2d72e5  selecting distinct projects
     new 7523c1e  Moved job status to failed if job submission command returns non zero exit code
     new 6751a37  merging with remote master
     new 6efba7c  when checking user exists should check with user's gateway id
     new f715026  when checking user exists should check with user's gateway id
     new f9b0d2e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4286bf7  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ebf67da  added log info messages to API server handler
     new 2762670  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 4409f99  Fixed jobId null issue
     new bedf91c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new fde02b8  removing user reference in Project JPA model
     new 8851582  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1d9eaf8  fixing bug in sql script
     new 5e4eb57  fixing bug in sql script
     new 94629e1  fixing bug in sql script
     new fc3f979  fixing bug in sql script
     new 4dc6588  adding log info messages to airavata API
     new bd77541  adding experimentDataDir to user configuration data
     new 531cbdf  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2fe5278  using experiment data directory when copying output data
     new 5ce750d  Fixed AIRAVATA-1888
     new 98fc3f5  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c22a73d  adding missing setExperimentDataDir line
     new d959615  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 51ba071  tasks are created in Orchestrator. So changing the orchestrator
     new 0b75afd  fixing wrong remoteOutputDir issue
     new 6d338d0  Fixing issues with cancelation with recovery
     new 545e753  adding possible fix to same update time
     new 4792eac  Fixed edge case issues with cancel & recovery
     new 843940f  Idetify job submission failures using output parsers
     new c4861b0  storage resource never set when populating process context
     new cae7925  Fixed email match issue with lonestar resource
     new 494857a  update timestamp to miliseconds
     new da4ba5b  relative paths does not work for lonestart
     new e43b6d9  adding full path for stdout and stderr
     new 7c935e7  adding stdout to error message
     new 0664736  updated process status to cancelling with cron job cancelling task
     new 1a30d7f  fixing status issue for experiment
     new 113490e  adding clone application interface function to API
     new 0c51c7a  fixing AIRAVATA-1416
     new f1e1679  fixing concurrent access issue at registry level
     new cda9014  Adding API  method descriptions to App Catalog Airavata Thrift APIs
     new 70358df  Adding API  method descriptions to App Catalog Airavata Thrift APIs
     new 101c8d4  Adding API  method descriptions to App Catalog Airavata Thrift APIs
     new 20fe7b4  publishing experiment statuses
     new 8e421f4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new ea33800  Adding API  method descriptions to App Catalog Airavata Thrift APIs
     new 9ce83af  Adding API  method descriptions to App Catalog Airavata Thrift APIs
     new d527fc5  fixing AIRAVATA-1852
     new d79055a  set correct gateway id
     new 462843a  ignoring empty output files when output staging
     new e2b2951  parsing job output for lonestar
     new fa4c187  validate job submission output for lonestar
     new 819c5e2  throwing experiment not found exception instead of system exception
     new b5d568d  set paths from storage resource before setting the destination path
     new b65079a  Fixed some compilation issues with workflow-core model
     new 1ec4efb  Added workflow data models
     new 97f4ba9  Added generated thrift files
     new 09be4d9  Added application name and applicatoin id to NodeModel struct
     new 494e0d7  Added generated thrift file
     new 9859af3  Changed dag classes to work with thrift workflow data models
     new c451723  adding workflow database scripts
     new 72a6f6a  adding model classes for workflow models
     new 225f462  Removed old xbaya workflow class dependency
     new ad01161  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 2a2782a  adding workflow related resource layer
     new 14a566a  fixing compilation issue
     new d1bb382  Added TestWorkflow and fixed set of compilatin issues
     new d2501c3  adding starting scripts to workflow catalog
     new fb75a2f  changing get all ssh credentials per gateway method
     new e21fae7  adding workflow catalog properties and fixing issues with starting up databases
     new ce79558  Fixed all compilation issues of workflow-core module
     new d8df3d0  fixing app-catalog sql script issue in POSTJOB_COMMAND
     new b4ca1eb  Added Apache License headers and remove deprecated test methods from json workflow parser test class
     new 4c79077  update generated code and fixing compilation issues
     new 2bab218  fixing NPE at launch method
     new 54bb719  fixing NPE at launch method
     new 11ea501  Implemented JsonWorkflowParser and added unit tests
     new b96cb16  remote cluster when changing login username
     new caca2fe  merging develop with master and resolving conflcts
     new 4515718  adding remote cluster when login name changes
     new 685b3c2  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 64a3875  adding deleting storage resource data movements
     new d3cf5bc  fixing storage resource bug
     new 38c2c36  Build runtime model of workflow graph after parse the workflow description
     new 24587f9  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 614f8bb  mysql previous versions does not allow two now() functions
     new 7a345e5  updating the credential-store-mysql.sql
     new 2c2d63d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new fa6b4d8  fixing AIRAVATA-1892
     new ace0782  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 3a9a18a  Removing log message
     new c72a90e  Fixed issues with workflow runtime model build
     new dad110b  adding gateway usage reporting AIRAVATA-1895
     new 4721083  adding gateway usage reporting AIRAVATA-1895
     new 6718650  removing xsede from usage reporting
     new 03cd77a  removing xsede from usage reporting
     new 3ac76fe  adding gateway reporting to app catalog
     new e303bb5  cleaning up airavata-server properties
     new f22acb8  creating credential store database as a seperate when server start up
     new 48e2593  Moving usage reporting gateway id into resource preference
     new b09ce0c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 8e23fad  credential store start up logs and adding xsede job reporting to JobSubmissionTask
     new 55f190c  adding alamo parallelism command
     new e6d6827  merging master with branch
     new 91ef607  commenting out mysql jar
     new d9a1075  adding correct username for gateway usage
     new 4363669  adding parallelism as a seperate enum
     new 55d2fe9  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 4772b99  correcting parallelism typo
     new b537f35  adding gateway instance id to allow gateways to specify group id's
     new f0c730c  adding gateway instance id implementtaions
     new d66d169  adding parallelism type
     new 833de75  adding parallelism types
     new 851117f  adding parallelism table in manifest
     new 630c751  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'
     new e2379f5  Added archive flag to experiment model
     new 44bd69c  Generated thrift code for archive falg
     new 97ea70c  Added registry level code for archive flag
     new 5f29e9f  Added archive flag to process model
     new 75fb3b3  Added Archive Type as another data staging task type
     new 7fbc624  adding working directory archive flag
     new 4e80197  Completed ARchiveTask
     new 0888365  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new cf4f3f5  checking set archive is null
     new a1df4ad  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 471ae44  adding a API methof to verify if user exists within airavata
     new 6c4b50f  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 39483e4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bb3331f  remove tar file from remote resource after successfuly removed from computer resource to storage resource
     new 5965560  Removed archive flag from experiment and use app catalog archive flag
     new f7ea977  Set App interface resource archiveWorkingDir property
     new 4a04fab  Refactored Archive Task
     new 4968ee8  Fixed RemoteDir issue
     new fcace74  merging develop
     new 82d4899  removing unused java endoresed and java home requirements
     new 6ebc2b3  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new c36aa15  change permisson of archive files
     new 887ea09  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new a9a331a  Change archive file permissions to 755
     new 63d742b  changing output data staging according to - AIRAVATA-1909
     new 49e962d  Added monitoring module
     new c11667b  Create new session if previous connection is closed
     new 03ca7c9  Fixed archive task issue with experimentDatadir
     new 10274c1  Added Unicore security context population code
     new 6d692ee  Added logs to capture ssh connection creation and reuse
     new 47409ba  Test ssh session with test channel to verify channel creation is working, if not re initialize a new ssh session
     new 8496ae6  HPCRemoteCluster imple use Factory class in gfac impl to get ssh sessions
     new 6d32024  Add task creation logic for unicore jobs
     new a963d3f  refactoring the datacatalog code
     new 03afa2d  adding logical path to data product
     new ec6e9d0  making security protocol optional
     new d54afbd  changing the default SCP Data Staging task name in gfac-config.yaml
     new cf6304c  excluding mysql from distribution
     new 6c5645d  adding replica catalog related API methods
     new 7e7e3a9  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 2442159  Fixed experiment lauch error with unicore
     new faabd97  changes to the data catalog sample
     new 3748742  resolving replicas at the orchestrator
     new a23cc63  append filename to logical path only when data type is file
     new 5e9bf91  creating parent logical dir when creating replicas
     new 8574272  fixing schema issue
     new 199c301  adding colon to product uri
     new f30e73f  Fixed issues with BES security context
     new 6c483bc  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 464c5b4  setting parent uri for data products
     new 844a9ab  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new a2ff432  fixing typo
     new 04f6f59  renaming data-catalog to replica catalog
     new cf8dc28  changing db script names
     new b2740e7  fixing missing /
     new 18cd83c  fixing child data products JPA issue
     new 02cbb8d  adding API methods to get parent and child products
     new 3357169  adding API methods to get parent and child products
     new 2453195  adding storage resource id to input and outputs
     new 8e4212e  setting replica URIs for experiment outputs
     new fd9b64f  fixing build issue
     new ef4329c  Make unicore works with local files
     new 253dee8  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 5d36493  setting username in process model
     new 6f39725  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 03c0715  fixing typo
     new 1eda8c9  fixing typo
     new 5f484b9  sending full uri instead of value
     new ab262c7  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 7bde79b  Stage in and out jureca inputs and output from storage resoruce
     new eeb1016  Merge branch 'develop'
     new e8b7773  Added host name to unicore output path URI values
     new 3dce244  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 5444ba3  Added info logs to track jureca file movements, initiate security property with every request
     new f0198a4  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 518868a  removing stale dependencies
     new 777e6f1  removing stale dependencies
     new 16ff3fd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 6c301e6  Added Airavata Cloud module to repo
     new e0b674c  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 27e93a0  adding data model parameters to override scheduling - AIRAVATA-1945
     new e5ae01e  Initial implementation for AIRAVATA-1945
     new 9b52485  adding scratch location override  - AIRAVATA-1945
     new 7c30f78  Add both stdout and stderr as failures reason for job
     new cfee70c  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 6b49608  Save job model on error
     new f5e0f22  Trying to fix for the NPE with scratch location
     new 2536b33  temporary revert of scratch location
     new 662728b  Fixed NPE with scratch location
     new fa2c064  removing duplicate file. changing data catalog to replica catalog
     new 232d346  excluding mysql from distribution
     new 975edba  Adding the cloud-provisioning project
     new b5bdad1  closes apache/airavata#31 - merged with develop branch
     new cf575fe  Added cloud provisioning module to build with cloud module
     new d522a27  Removed cloud module from main build
     new 8b9f5c8  Adding floating ip association with instances
     new e1b2005  Merge pull request #1 from apache/develop
     new 4a1e79f  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new ebae1a7  Adding methods to create network, subnet, router, interface
     new 77a5118  Fixed concurrent issue with sessions
     new 7781ff8  Exit from while loop if sucess
     new 47290ad  adding backend functionality for notifications
     new d905749  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 22ae026  adding missing thrift class
     new 38c6423  Retry 3 times if jsch channel issue with execute command
     new 2a30f80  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new bd239d5  Merge pull request #1 from apache/develop
     new 45adf30  Merge pull request #2 from apache/develop
     new de05f6b  Fix indentation issues in code and properties file.
     new 26fd7c3  throw jsch instead of ssh exceptin in ssh make directory api
     new fad2174  Merge branch 'develop'
     new 84913b5  Merge pull request #2 from apache/develop
     new 916a825  fixing notification message bug
     new d721666  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 79a9f1d  Merge branch 'pr13' into develop
     new 60bfc4d  a placeholder for playbooks
     new c65d050  ./modules/configuration/server/src/main/resources/gfac-config.yaml
     new 81e4a39  adding missing break statements
     new ab0541a  updating notification model
     new 72b594a  fixing bug
     new 7747df1  returning boolean for updateNotification
     new 8dafd8f  returning boolean for updateNotification
     new ffd1954  returning boolean for updateNotification
     new f5cf057  returning boolean for updateNotification
     new 59726d7  sorting notifications
     new e93e071  adding identity server tenant and credential for IS in GatewayProfile
     new 63825ce  changing info logs in AiravataServerHandler to debug logs
     new 3bb7f49  adding capability to store and retreive PWD credentials in the Airavata API
     new 421a441  removing gateway credentials
     new c7400a9  fixing portal user not set error
     new 1b6ee7e  Adding gatewayId to authzToken
     new 5f59387  retreiving credentials from GatewayProfile in security manager
     new 3418fda  credential store client initialization retry attempts
     new 0c9e4be  credential store client initialization retry attempts
     new 944ccc8  credential store client initialization retry attempts
     new 12f5b01  credential store client initialization retry attempts
     new 9f44797  fixing bug
     new e3cdfd1  fixing bug
     new 00b1630  fixing bug
     new e101392  removing get all user SSH keys
     new d1a6e55  updating
     new cd243d3  updating default xacml policy
     new 58401a6  getting the subject name from OAuth access token
     new 988293e  getting the subject name from OAuth access token
     new 67b43ce  fixing bug
     new 220cbbd  changing the info logs to debug logs in Security Manager
     new 40c6f40  adding jureca monitoring email
     new 4845de4  adding travis yml file
     new e167947  adding travis config
     new 0f962e7  making a trivial commit to trigger travis
     new a6b27ce  Adding JPA multi threaded enabled property
     new 2c7da5e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 800b96f  adding missing appCatalog initialization
     new 4708005  Merge pull request #3 from apache/develop
     new a69c789  Reuse existing floating IPs if present instead of requesting new every time.
     new 3eca754  Adding a thrift datamodel for the google doc version discussed earlier - AIRAVATA-1016
     new 24ced80  add simstream module to airavata
     new 486d733  fixing basic maven warnings
     new f70a688  Merge branch 'develop' of into pr34
     new 375b531  add simstream module to airavata
     new 0da02d2  Added Xbaya UI
     new 4ed7cf4  removing xbaya target from repo
     new ba2e3b6  closes apache/airavata#38 *merged after rebase*
     new ca49a0c  closes apache/airavata#37 *merged after rebase*
     new 5f5145d  closes apache/airavata#37 *merged after rebase*
     new b0bcba1  closes apache/airavata#38 *merged after rebase*
     new d244ac7  Merge branch 'develop' of into pr38
     new df0df10  Further updates to user model - AIRAVATA-1016
     new 19c514c  resolving the merge conflicts
     new 21fcc27  Adding the user-profile CPI and core implementation
     new 43bef68  setting user id to airavataInternalUserId
     new f23fbd5  adding UserProfileCPIImpl Factory
     new 75a87bb  adding user profile thrift generated files
     new 120d06a  Added missing thrift auto generated user profile model classes
     new a79e690  Adding Email monitoring code provided by Siddharth
     new 361357e  adding initial version of the group manager data models and CPI
     new 36afbe6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new c3ca681  fixing merge conflicts
     new a13ec8a  Added MailConfig pojo and renamed consumer and reciever classes
     new c8edcbf  adding the missing comma
     new 464012b  updating group-manager data models
     new 79c5956  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 1ba2e7d  handling NP issues
     new 1ee72fb  updating API method
     new 8d937db  fixing test failure
     new e0050dd  adding AIRAVATA_INTERNAL_USER_ID to exp catalog users table
     new 9dd7c14  adding get all users in gateway method
     new 69e71fb  removing stale class
     new 10b7b12  adding searchAllAccessible ExperimentCatalogAPI
     new c9ddaeb  removing redundant experiment search API methods
     new 08e9b45  unifying project search API methods
     new cded43e  adding missing class
     new d23d572  fixing build failure
     new 49dfd42  fixing test failure
     new b450b85  fixing test failure
     new b34d8a4  updating xacml policies
     new 4e53f23  testing where experiment id IN clause
     new 233e614  fixing query typo
     new 35d0706  fixing query typo
     new ad6b525  test
     new 7a636a4  test
     new aedabdb  updating the search projects API method
     new b673bcd  Added new script files
     new 8e39083  Added servers script parameter
     new 11558d6  Added meaningful log messages and refactore ServerMain and Airavata Thrift Servers
     new 31f4315  Added all in one server starting feature
     new 5757f12  Added subset server profile to start api-orch and execution subsets
     new 94a9fca  Deleted old script files
     new 5645031  Added URI_COLLECTION Data type
     new b9b43b6  Handled URI_COLLECTION input data type
     new c382ae2  sorting job list based on time
     new d20f77e  handling URI_COLLECTION type when creating process input model
     new 73fee6b  Changed data staging task to work with multiple inputs
     new 0b40482  adding hasOptionalFileInputs to the Application interface
     new 7addfd9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 0bc5513  fixing NPE
     new 70f8579  creating new branch for grouper integration
     new 89e0fdc  adding more files
     new 461f7ec  Refinements to user model - AIRAVATA-1016
     new c3ea76e  bug fix in search experiments and projects
     new 5d1f9e7  fixing resource not found exception
     new 59449b2  fixing id not set issue
     new 2c1dc54  fixing id not set issue
     new 9f57e42  fixing id not set issue
     new 6398132  adding grouper config files to the bin directory
     new 2d398cf  User neet to provide valid component server comand with start script
     new 7cd9457  merge
     new 4260622  code refactoring
     new d2f964b  merge
     new 35466d4  fixing emptyIds bug
     new 52dc070  Add method to get user memberships. Allow the owner of the group to make updates
     new 9ced673  Adding extra fields to create gateway approval workflow
     new f85d41a  WIP
     new 6148dab  fixing get all users error
     new 034de76  adding more fields to the gateway Model
     new 7c6a11d  fixing throw exception issue
     new c772db0  Fixed test failures
     new 1ec186e  Added 0.15 and 0.16 release note
     new 171ee0c  WIP
     new 2cf282d  Refactor 0.16 release note
     new eaf20cc  adding Group Management related API methods
     new 2e7ecb3  adding missing files
     new 714fcae  Updage INSTALL file
     new d3e1499  Adding extra fields to create gateway approval workflow
     new 07c725a  WIP
     new fd5d836  adding more fields to the gateway Model
     new 2a3b348  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 3b09770  Added missing thrift gen classes
     new 1148ffc  Fixed issue with SecureClient
     new d12f590  fixing getAllAccessibleUsers issue
     new 5f9dace  removing main method added for testing
     new 77e661b  adding gateway admin details to workspace model
     new 1fdcf2a  Added missing apache licence header and added maven license plugin to gfac-core
     new bafcebf  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 2c6d1d5  updating registry code to support new fields in the gateway model
     new 620d9fb  Merge branch 'develop' of into grouper-integration
     new d6a8208  adding missing files
     new d001846  modifying grouper based search in AiravataServerHandler
     new ddda60c  fixing bug in registry related to getAllGateways
     new 69631af  Merge branch 'develop' of into grouper-integration
     new d9d0aa5  Javadoc fail on error false to fix release process error
     new 53e143a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release airavata-0.16
     new 1815433  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1e355bb  setting gatewayApproaval status
     new 1bf88d5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 639e891  Merge branch 'develop' of into grouper-integration
     new 1687396  fixing bug
     new 21dee28  merge
     new 936a499  fixing bug
     new 6129998  fixing bug
     new 14bd6d9  returning true for update gateway
     new 4e92050  Merge branch 'develop' of into grouper-integration
     new ab43d4f  adding missing files
     new 1871ba1  fixing clone experiment bug related to sharing
     new defc75b  return empty when accessible number of resources is zero
     new 971947c  creating project in grouper if not it exists
     new c811b57  setting gatewayApproaval status
     new b7768cc  fixing bug
     new 7ced649  fixing bug
     new 5e14554  returning true for update gateway
     new 537098e  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 501d3d8  Fixed test failures with api server
     new 3d5af19  minor fixes
     new 67e1f7b  fixing username mismatch issue
     new b0bccc1  Hacky way to fix CILogon JIT provision in IS
     new 9ce2541  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new e43a5a5  Hacky way to fix CILogon JIT provision in IS
     new c1c3035  disabling fine grained authorization
     new f28a47e  Initial commit
     new 83e98ae  Airavata ansible scripts
     new 76e613a  Updated readme file
     new bbe01a7  Fixed readme issue with roles
     new fdafdcb  Refactor readme
     new 5f7bce6  Refactor readme
     new f50e7ad  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c73f0b0  merge
     new 5025f4f  changing the group manage version
     new 29e666a  rolling back
     new c5b37ac  Added pga role to deploy pga, fix #1
     new cf8be0d  Modify readme and added .gitignore file
     new b311aa0  hacky fix to WSO2 IS issue
     new 22a68cc  Rename setup to evn_setup
     new 1fb4369  Added airavata role tags
     new 414c0e9  Added database role to install mariadb on centos 7 , fix #2
     new 433ae48  Use fqdn instead of ip4 address in hosts file, removed redundent tags from rabbitmq and zookeeper
     new 3e9935f  adding more statuses to GatewayApprovalStatus and declinedReason
     new 79bdeb1  adding missing update lines
     new 2d959e0  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 3aca4e9  Added replacer maven plugin to remove data generated by thrift gen files
     new b08d0e6  Remove data gen from thrift gen classes
     new a3f8d88  Added replacer maven plugin to airavata-api-stub
     new 7850458  Added maven replacer plugin
     new c1df055  Added allocation optional value to computer resource preferences
     new f831fed  reservation, and qos fields to compute resource perferences
     new 9bc25f9  Qos per queue: que1=qos1,que2=qos2,que3=qos3
     new ab6c1de  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new a4716a7  Added qos, reservation registry changes
     new f88859b  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 2d9fd25  adding registry server module
     new 4e9c4f0  updating the server start/stop scripts to acomodate registry server
     new 7666d32  fixing startup script issues relating to reg server
     new 610a8d2  setting placeholders to gateway object to contain oauth client id and client secret
     new 388d90a  fixing wrong database name
     new 876a140  Fixed NPE with reservataion start time and end time
     new 7ce90c5  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 0e14f97  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new c01d7a1  moving registry code from API server to registry server
     new 25ffe34  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 8df73c9  fixing port host confusion in Application settings
     new 4157065  updating the distribution pom
     new a6670f8  Refactored messaging module to remove duplicate code and support multiple subscribers
     new e247b00  Refactored messaging module to remove duplicate code and support multiple subscribers
     new 20b3d25  Merge branch 'messaging-refactor' into develop
     new e759b55  Check reseravation start and end time, refactor createJobDescriptor god method
     new 2df4bb2  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 5521ea6  adding requestCreationTime to gateway object
     new 6f1883b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 3a70c59  adding project and experiment search fix for non initialized users
     new e4cc54d  Refactored messaging module to remove duplicate code and support multiple publishers
     new 12d9efb  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 65c2a96  Removed PublisherFactory class and activity publisher properties from airavata server properties
     new 98cbb40  Removed PublisherFactory class and activity publisher properties from airavata server properties
     new 474ae23  Merge branch 'messaging-refactor' of into messaging-refactor
     new 63696ff  Merge branch 'messaging-refactor' into develop
     new 4e3dc9a  ApiServer publish experiment submit events
     new 1eb3b41  removing registry core and cpi dependencies from Airavata API Server
     new b9b2480  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 54f5c34  Orchestrator consumerls experiment submit events
     new 01716e5  Fixed merge confilcts
     new 79aa486  Fixed NPE with Gateway resources
     new fe87f9c  return empty list when user not existant
     new 7eacf84  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new d19f8c5  return empty list when user not existant
     new a94e0ef  Remove 0.16-SNAPSHOT version string
     new abcdd33  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 1ecff76  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new db9e3b7  Registry java8 PoC
     new f4aeee5  Fixed NPE with rabbitmq broker url
     new 3fcde52  Set update time for experiment launch and cancel events
     new 99d3f4b  merge registry-java8
     new 9f979b5  Fixed messaging publishing issues
     new cfe62c3  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new c6a82a0  undoing registry java8 revert
     new 3f29cfd  Fixed incompatible durable bits
     new b168933  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 18ea6c2  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new bc37334  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 309a9ff  Fixed experiment cancellation issues
     new b284167  Fixed NPE with experiment cancellation
     new 67102da  setting default gateway request cretion time
     new 93ec75b  Deploy wso2is on aws EC2 instance
     new ab13cf6  Add NOTE and updated gitignore file
     new 779cc37  merging develop
     new c18b06c  Added java role and make rabbitmq works with aws
     new 86a3919  Start zookeeper as a systemd service
     new 6e0715b  start mysql on aws ami
     new d0c6957  adding requester username to gateway
     new 0b29a5c  Changed grouper log level to FATAL
     new 4427718  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 7b14e0f  Addition of AMQPWSTunnel as an Airavata module
     new ef310d3  Added qos and reservataion entry to configuration resources
     new 2b6f220  Airavata pga and gfac works perfectly
     new ff2e1ae  Make pga ansible script works with aws centos
     new ff18106  merging jeffs gsoc project
     new 05ea66e  [AIRAVATA-2058] Add a separate profile for jenkins, until AIRAVATA-2057 is addressed and use that profile in jenkins
     new 43d17ae  [AIRAVATA-2058] Add a separate profile for jenkins, until AIRAVATA-2057 is addressed and use that profile in jenkins
     new 1dab79b  Fixed qos issue
     new 3536751  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 415e9b7  making experiment status a list in ExperimentModel
     new bfff64c  fixing the database creation failure
     new ad06b47  adding registry refactoring effort module
     new c450f40  updating the pom.xml to include new module
     new a3950c9  [AIRAVATA-2057] Move the distribution directory to modules to slow down the distribution build
     new 21c3e78  adding missing setter for requesterUsername in gateway registry
     new cc009e3  merging remote
     new 3ce49b9  updating the registry refactoring code
     new 171c042  adding process model classes
     new eee49d3  adding job and task database models
     new b46fd51  making errors and statuses list in Process and Task models
     new dc6012e  Initial commit
     new 7429aa6  Added zookeeper and mesos roles
     new 8868abc  added .gitignore file
     new 2b3dec8  Fixed saving current time as reservation start and endtime
     new 570832d  adding experiment catalog new database models
     new 6b9b441  making skip tests true in refactoring module
     new ea4c2f6  Added Fixed for reservations
     new 729a15f  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 5c9cec8  used pag configure in host file
     new ae54612  making sharing enabling configurable
     new 12383cc  removing registry refactoring module
     new a0c9be8  fixing get job statuses issue
     new 9c02fe0  fixed nonASCII in pbs email content
     new 03db1df  Added mesos master and slave yum install ansible
     new 223ea3a  Fixed security issue
     new 1ae8263  successfully started mesos-master with zookeeper ring
     new d5a9c8a  Updage
     new 21545be  Updated readme to avoid known_host adding prompt
     new 9e6f2b1  Added registry ansible script
     new fec0b37  Update airavata properties file to use new rabbitmq properties
     new 2289aed  fixed AIRAVATA-2096
     new 5dbf84c  update error model, AIRAVATA-2096
     new 96e31a9  update experiment error model, AIRAVATA-2096
     new 875fc27  merge hotfix
     new 475f687  Adding develop branch variables
     new 2ab5a72  Change hostnames in runtime to avoid address bind issue
     new 06ef33f  intitializing credenital store db using JPA models
     new 2d9827c  fixing typo
     new 4d908fb  fixing typo
     new a5156a9  fixing credential store not initializing issue
     new 72f35c1  Update properties
     new f3b8e02  setting default gateway approval status
     new c084683  fixing sharing issue
     new 264f616  fixing gateway intialization issue
     new 83a0bf8  fixing gateway intialization issue
     new 43b3757  fixing gateway intialization issue
     new f513f56  Update configuratios
     new 7071ef1  Imported mesos ansible scripts to airavata repo
     new 514567c  Imported ansible-airavata repo to airavata repo
     new b7a7920  changing ansible ports
     new 59142dd  changing document root
     new 7f983b8  Implement Ansible playbook for OpenStack resource provisioning
     new 8eea17f  [AIRAVATA-2065] Introduce more robust logging mechanism for Airavata
     new e317d77  [AIRAVATA-2126] use formatted log message from ILoggingEvent
     new 81c6ea8  Feature request: User Compute Preference
     new 67a9f64  add net* logger to kafkaAppender
     new c306468  Replaced xslt templates with groovy templates, fixed AIRAVATA-2124
     new 1917d3b  Removed xslt templates and xsd file from repo
     new 33c0251  api method get data sharing enabled
     new d5f825c  setting the column sizes to 100 in Community User table in Credential Store
     new 1f48ce3  Add logback.xml to configure logback logging with TimebasedRollingPolicy.
     new 879f0a7  Shorten columns so primary key is shorter
     new 8f91bde  AIRAVATA-2113. Fixing local provider
     new 04045c4  Added override fields to procssModel
     new 9b66d67  give precedence to userconfiguration data, fixed AIRAVATA-2140
     new c139d65  fixed AIRAVATA-2142
     new a899b52  merged hotfix-AIRAVATA-2142
     new 9f0445f  merging marcus's branch
     new 8469eff  correcting the registry code, testing not yet complete
     new fa5a1e0  updating local to upstream develop
     new 50cf71e  adding final changes
     new 82e5752  implementing airavata sharing manager
     new 2c81c1e  adding getAllAccessible Users method
     new a8b15d8  fixing wrong constant value
     new a4ed488  initializing a sharing domain when creating a new gateway
     new eb0cd63  Adding SSHCredentialSummary model & adding desc field to SSHCredential
     new cab0b77  removing redundant user group creation
     new 3170fef  Making the token field required in SSHCredentialSummary
     new 2c463ca  getUser projects return user accessble projects also when sharing is enabled
     new a4ba60c  fixing wrong Entity Type
     new efed295  removing add and delete method for SSHCredentialSummary, serverhandler implemented got get method
     new 218870c  adding method to get all ssh pub key Summaries
     new fcc44af  implementing DAO and db utils
     new b654836  Implementing API level changes
     new 81d8dee  fixing gatewayId name change issue in AppCatAbstractResource
     new 5aa40b8  Adding SSHCredentialSummary model & adding desc field to SSHCredential
     new 157efab  Making the token field required in SSHCredentialSummary
     new 077fd2c  removing add and delete method for SSHCredentialSummary, serverhandler implemented got get method
     new c4fb532  adding method to get all ssh pub key Summaries
     new 6632b1a  implementing DAO and db utils
     new c31cfa6  Implementing API level changes
     new cc74960  Correcting the create table query which was failing during build
     new d8c17d9  Merge branch 'ssh-cred-model-change' of into ssh-cred-model-change
     new 7c6c562  moving sharing registry initialization to AiravataServerHandler
     new ac76936  Adding getAllSSHKeyForUsersInGateway and removing dates in auto gen files
     new 8e59d80  Adding Airavata Api level changes associated with last commit
     new 1b91dd1  Code cleanup
     new 6250ff1  Approved and merge pull request 52 into develop branch
     new c9e26ec  moving credential-store data model thrift file to data-models directory
     new bff7655  adding search criteria as a new struct
     new 7cb338d  adding first name, last name, email and icon to sharing user profile
     new a8e0333  Approved and merge pull request 54 into develop branch
     new e36c145  adding separate distribution
     new 9101a51  implementing sharing server
     new 1764699  fixing the sharing server start script issue
     new fe76d11  changing the module name
     new 6efb535  removing invalid echo
     new eb62af9  fixing logging issue
     new 4bb7c6d  owner permission is not revokable  or assignable
     new d521922  adding api docs of the sharing registry
     new dd319ce  resolving bug 1: getUserResourceProfile will return null if not found in DB
     new ff48f8c  resolving bug 2 : removeUserComputeResourcePreference is working now
     new e159a03  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into user-compute-bug-resolve
     new 87564d2  adding docs
     new 6718761  updating docs
     new 61a0fc9  adding initial how to use documents
     new b6e07d7  fixing id issues
     new e04785a  adding missing thrift file
     new 8bc2dcc  Added template language to pre and post commands
     new b85d3db  Improved airavata ansible readme
     new 273d074  updating getting started guide and fixing some sharing issues
     new 07097ce  updates for sharing catalog tests
     new 6be0702  WIP
     new a6860dc  fixing full text search issue
     new 2ac72d9  logging all errors at the server handler layer
     new a6e7e4e  fixing group membership retrieval issue
     new 43231ee  changing the default port
     new b96926b  undoing last change
     new 1fcf8c2  adding image describing the core concepts
     new afb9c6c  adding owner id for entity search fields
     new 2dda44b  changing index.html
     new 2f63406  handling dependency issues
     new adf1e62  fixing entity conversion issue
     new 61d7b68  minor update to the doc
     new 08e306e  adding missing include statement
     new c2bf43b  Merge branch 'develop' into pr56
     new fdb5191  Add serialVersionUID for previous version of class
     new 76c9eaf  fixing the clob not getting set issue
     new ccc708b  AIRAVATA-2156 Add isNull field to UserResourceProfile
     new 7dd8516  Merge pull request #1 from apache/develop
     new 48ea4a0  adding token to credential summary model
     new 8422d23  Resolving User storage preference bugs
     new 1d710c9  Merge branch 'develop' into pr65
     new 9890991  Merging PR61 and 65 into 63
     new 08c2766  closes apache/airavata#2 #2 *Won't fix* the samples are now upto date with latest code
     new 0073405  closes apache/airavata#14 the fixes were applied but PR was not closed, closing now
     new e45e07e  closes apache/airavata#15 the fixes were applied but PR was not closed, closing now
     new 3aecdd2  closes apache/airavata#16 the fixes were applied but PR was not closed, closing now
     new 87a5521  closes apache/airavata#17 the fixes were applied but PR was not closed, closing now
     new 908569b  closes apache/airavata#20 we should avoid pushing git ignore to repo and let IDE's ignore these files, closing now
     new ab247b6  thanks doug for this contribution, this commit closes apache/airavata#28
     new bfc193a  closes apache/airavata#28
     new 2baa6d6  closes apache/airavata#28
     new 6368b16  closes apache/airavata#28
     new fc0aeac  closes apache/airavata#39 since this version required airavata users to install aurora command line client, this is superceded by a programming client PR62. Suggested to preseve these commits in the sandbox project
     new 20902ba  closes apache/airavata#41 since this version required airavata users to install aurora command line client, this is superceded by a programming client PR62. Suggested to preseve these commits in the sandbox project
     new 0300c52  adding Airvata API method to initialize ssh keys with Desc, Airavata - 2158
     new b4fd4ff  Refactored RemoteCluster thridparty file transfer method
     new c50470c  Refactored RemoteCluster copyTo, copyFrom and makeDirectory
     new 0f781b2  Adding aurora-client project
     new cdbe5c5  Adding README to aurora client project
     new c2e43fa  Removed the bin directory which contained Thrift generated class files
     new c930348  Added missing apache licence header and added maven license plugin to cloud modlue
     new 4012db2  closes apache/airavata#62 merged the pr manually so closing pr
     new 325d163  Adding thrift gen classes for all sdks and add cloud related types to compute resource model
     new b66fa88  Merge pull request #2 from apache/develop
     new b7bebec  Adding Autodock test job submission
     new 21b1923  Added job submission task and aurora montoring services
     new 58db743  Merge pull request 69
     new 6d51651  Start aurora cloud monitoring service
     new ba9d60d  Update aurora schedulear period to 5 sec
     new 5904cb1  adding node and cpu count preferences to compute resource and application deployment description
     new f396cb8  fixing tokenId not set issue
     new 512d35e  Added CloudJobSubmission to persistence xml
     new e3da091  Merge develop branch
     new 9d2497c  Added create Cloud job submission method to AppCatalogJPAUtils
     new 30aa6f6  Add provider name to cloud job submission
     new 11ff4d8  null check resource job manager in Abstract remote cluster
     new b3d4c7a  Added aurora client to distribution
     new c72417e  Updated aurora monitor task to sleep after a round of status check
     new 6d32613  added missing dependencies to distribution
     new 873d684  update aurora process order and hostname
     new dc3d530  Fixed typo
     new 64f823b  Set jobmodel description
     new e663370  Fixed NPE with cloud monitor mode
     new c64d0f0  Mark process is complete absense of next task id
     new 30f187a  Fixed jobstatus update issue in aurora monitor service :
     new 4a92da4  Fixed jobstatus not found and complete process if not recovery task found
     new bf5d8c7  Deletege cloud environment creation task to common env setup task
     new db027a5  ignoring cloud provisioning tests until they get fixed
     new c6e96ca  Merge pull request #3 from apache/auroraMesosIntegration
     new dbcfd77  Reverted scp refactoring
     new a45294e  Revert scp thrird party refacotring
     new fe6ebe9  Merge with develop
     new 01f8044  Move aurora-scheduler properties to, AND detect leading aurora scheduler
     new 6d5c632  Merge pul request 70
     new ea5fc9b  Simplified json template loading code
     new 4cafd7a  Improved aurora job submission task to use application deployment and delegated datastaging to framework
     new 926a01a  setting the default port as 22
     new 7937d1c  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 593331b  Merge pull request #4 from apache/develop
     new d7d058b  adding new field useUserCRPref to UserConfigurationData model
     new 946143a  Make AuroraThriftClient a synchronized singleton & Reconnect with Aurora scheduler on leader rotation
     new 1ab0102  Refactored code a bit
     new 0717ae3  Merge pull request 71
     new a36adaf  AIRAVATA-2190 Add newExperimentProjectId to cloneExperiment
     new 02021d3  removing groper configurations
     new 56384a1  Airavata ansible scripts
     new e275b7b  AIRAVATA-2190 cloneExperiment: check for project write access
     new 2768cf1  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new cdce06d  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2190-clone-experiment-in-different-project' of into develop lternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:
     new a82e34e  cleaning modules
     new 2b13da9  Fixed sharing registry build issue with pom versions
     new 9f3810e  Replaced cloud job submission command with generated script
     new fe7bc1f  Added cloud script template to distribution
     new aefd913  Fixed NPE with resource job manager
     new 4d9c56e  Renamed AuroraJobSubmission -> AuroraJobSubmissionTask
     new 9ee4022  Add useUserCRPref boolean to processModel
     new b5d7796  adding module to parent pom
     new db8beb6  Merge branch 'cluster-monitoring' into develop
     new 914799c  Implementing cluster status monitoring
     new 2ea1e88  Merge branch 'cluster-monitoring' into develop
     new b8977a7  adding thrift generated file
     new 3660cd8  Give precedence to User CR Pref over Gateway CR Pref
     new b2bded2  Added new Cloud resource job manager type and Renamed AuroraJobSubmission -> AuroraJobSubmissionTask
     new c0665f1  Fixed sharing registry build issue with pom versions
     new e4a6b18  Fixed NPE with resource job manager
     new 2e7fb05  Handle stdout and stderr with aurora job submission
     new 3fa3c3f  fixing AIRAVATA-1517 : When there are no JobManager Commands, Empty records get created upon updating Job Submission Protocols
     new 0fda5a8  AIRAVATA-2207 Add getExperimentByAdmin method
     new 6a73db2  making entity manager thread safe
     new c62df28  fixing JPA issue
     new 073e456  fixing JPA issue
     new 32e0b8b  fixing AIRAVATA-2217 : Sharing service should prevent removing sharing of experiments from the project's owner
     new 53afafa  making method private
     new 93431b1  fixing project id not set when creating experiment
     new 5f3b778  AIRAVATA-2207 Add cloneExperimentByAdmin API method
     new 400e24d  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2207-admins-cant-see-exp-summary' of into develop
     new 177a248  fixing AIRAVATA-2185 : Add OWNER ResourcePermissionType to sharing API
     new c456337  fixing AIRAVATA-2175 : Prevent changing project owner
     new 4139ae9  keep session with login username + protocol + computer resource Id as key
     new f660434  continue..  keep session with login username + protocol + computer resource Id as key
     new 6e5d1c6  User user compute resource preference if user provided
     new 3d98326  Fixed isvalid method logic
     new bff26b6  adding a descriptive log message to cluster status monitoring code
     new 8035df9  resolved save method bug, it now accepts (userId,GatewayID)
     new d41f46b  adding log message to debug.
     new 98465df  removing the temporary log lines
     new ea5d325  changing the permissionId in permission types in sharing catalog
     new 51a2bfe  fixing AIRAVATA-2240 : Creating new repository instances for every sharing catalog request
     new 55fe7ba  fixing AIRAVATA-2240 : Creating new repository instances for every sharing catalog request
     new 3582fef  Init experiment catalog before subscribe to experiment launch
     new a1dba1d  fixing sharing data migrator pom issues
     new 26e832d  fixing AIRAVATA-1868 :  When modified and saved the changes are not applied to application interface
     new 2e05c23  AIRAVATA-2232 Add CredentialOwnerType to credential model
     new d678f4f  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2232-CredentialOwnerType' of into develop
     new 98378b5  adding composite primary key to model class
     new f3c60d0  adding changes to resource class for newly added composite key
     new 1bb8042  writing test case for Airavata-2245 bug resolution
     new 84f756d  making changes to composite primary class, as per comment
     new 9f83606  testing multi-threaded set to false
     new 087fdbd  handling compute resource pref not set for super tenant case
     new 5ba819b  removing security check for getAllNotifications
     new 0cc6ae6  qos and reservertions doesn't get by gateway compute resrouces if login name is given in user compute resource pref
     new e429faa  removing security check for getAllNotifications
     new 4d5b61c  fixing AIRAVATA-2253 : Modifications or new email added for notification are not saved in Experiment
     new 122fb8d  migrating cred data models to airavata datamodel directory
     new c1b696b  introducing summary type, dependencies and code clean up
     new 465f766  AIRAVATA-1792 Filter stats by username, app name, hostname
     new d9a69ae  migrating user-profile service and new registry components to develop branch
     new 49afd99  adding the user-profile migration module to develop branch
     new 7b7bb53  AIRAVATA-1792 Appname/hostname filtering
     new a94a7ca  merge PR #83
     new a6c8c27  AIRAVATA-1792 Thrift docs for new parameters
     new 9eede35  Improved part of pbs groovy template logic
     new 9865e7e  AIRAVATA-2163 Setting type on CredentialSummary
     new 6867673  merging pull request for AIRAVATA-2163
     new a42ccd7  merging pull request for AIRAVATA 1792
     new 8fceeb7  Change total memory 'mem' to 'vmem' and append 'M' to make it MB
     new 1802a04  changing table name
     new ecf26df  update registry-refractoring code to user
     new a9187f2  update registry-refractoring code to user
     new 93a4a66  correcting connection properties varibale in JPAUtils
     new c0779c0  fixing AIRAVATA-2276 SQL escaping error in sharing registry: An error occurred while parsing the query filter
     new 1ad40e3  adding dependencies to registry-refractoring
     new a65a2bd  correcting compliation errors
     new e65ebc1  resolving dependencies
     new dc65b9c  using parameter binding instead of escaping special characters in sharing catalog
     new 53b52dc  AIRAVATA-2282 notification sort: Prevent int overflow
     new b33d72b  fixing deployment issue
     new 2cb5ebc  fixing race condition in sharing registry
     new ce359dc  modules/test-suite/multi-tenanted-airavata/src/main/resources/
     new b46aa6e  modules/test-suite/multi-tenanted-airavata/src/main/resources/test-framework.json
     new cd2abca  Adding test framework prperties
     new 6c4ac5a  code cleanup
     new c072479  file for future reference
     new 4d43fc4  adding pom
     new 1e310f3  changing pom and airavata properties in main distribution
     new 3f1b73b  adding readme
     new 445e149  resolved storage resource precedency inside the process context- fixed AIRAVATA-2252, use credential token part of session caching key- fixes AIRAVATA-2284
     new 8fb9010  throwing ProjectNotFoundException and ExperimentNotFoundExceptions from Registry
     new f40972d  Fixed issue with getting user computer resoruces preference user loing name
     new 5c6b70b  AIRAVATA-2232 Filter by CredentialOwnerType
     new 7e141b0  Fixed input staging issue
     new 6a63e18  Fixed output staging issue AIRAVATA-2290
     new fc8f4a5  Fixed scp direction issue
     new b17134d  Adding to developers list
     new 3ceba9d  Fixed AIRAVATA-2294
     new 4cf37a6  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2282-notification-order' of into develop
     new 5cb06c9  Pass credential expception up and save meaning full error message
     new a33d2d8  Pass credential expception up and save meaning full error message part 2
     new 48469af  Pass credential expception up and save meaning full error message part 3
     new 6fcd394  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2282-notification-order' of
     new c50e3ec  upgrade google guave library to 20.0 version
     new 644bf89  Fixed AIRAVATA-2284, using guave caching with time based eviction
     new 1480cd3  Added logs to track session life cycle
     new 9fc238d  Handled null values with user preferences
     new c4f1141  Handled null values with user preferences part 2
     new f97ec69  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 387d5c6  changing QUEUE_STATUS column lengths
     new 485e710  adding registry server to startup
     new 0108cb2  Fixing a bug in isUserExists api call, the arguments for username and gatewayid are reversed
     new 22efc10  bumping api version
     new aae0711  reverting thrift date addition
     new 306599f  AIRAVATA-2305 Removing duplicate Ansible scripts
     new e0fbde2  AIRAVATA-2305 Airavata deploy scripts
     new 8f6f218  making corrections to user profile service code
     new aa98eee  adding the server property file, which was left out in last commit
     new baaed53  adding dependancy for user-profile service in distribution pom
     new c6ba43b  adding user profile service to server module
     new 69a5855  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 39e2220  renaming classes and including userProfileSerive exception
     new 7aa0e2f  adding user profile client, which was accidently deleted in last commit
     new b642ce9  updating some external dependencies
     new 42b84f9  added OS-sensitive vars for httpd
     new 025faa6  created Debian-specifig dependency include
     new 899781d  RedHat specific depenedency installation include
     new 6512efc  added switch to firewalld install for Debian/Rhel
     new 09c8f51  changed httpd name var to rely on OS
     new 8193c7f  moved OS-specific commands to separate includes
     new 125abd2  removed extra line, spell-corrected enable
     new bb96168  changed to os-dependent httpd conf
     new 193f3b5  changed selinux disable to permissive
     new f31e6a3  added correct dependencies for Debian install
     new 58542a4  working apache2 config
     new 214a068  added working apache2.conf
     new ffdb236  using test virtualbox host
     new dfdad9b  removed user-specific ssh key
     new 0ca9853  added pga back to hosts
     new fa3fb2e  added pga-test host and tag
     new 989cfa3  removed pga-test hosts
     new ee8207e  PGA works on Ubuntu
     new e2b2f86  fixing AIRAVATA-2309 : SHARING table: MySQL complains "Specified key was too long; max key length is 3072 bytes"
     new 8e08042  merging integration test branch
     new 0bde5a6  fixing AIRAVATA-2309
     new 8e87d98  AIRAVATA-1517 : fixing empty parallelism type records creation issue
     new 6fe8556  fixing AIRAVATA-2310 Storage resource does not work with gateway profile level credential store token
     new 3dd731e  Removing the self-module dependency
     new 59c812b  using sharing service instead of library
     new 75527b4  making corrections to user profile service code
     new 2344867  adding the server property file, which was left out in last commit
     new 3e62c28  adding dependancy for user-profile service in distribution pom
     new 890b873  adding user profile service to server module
     new 8df7492  renaming classes and including userProfileSerive exception
     new 32c11f9  adding user profile client, which was accidently deleted in last commit
     new 5df3f81  updating some external dependencies
     new 05e97d6  Moving registry components for user-profile service to respective module
     new 4beadef  AIRAVATA-2305 Changing local deploy to assume already built distribution
     new 7a66275  AIRAVATA-2305 Adding PGA deploy scripts
     new 80dbaba  Merge branch 'userProfileService' of into develop
     new eb2c383  AIRAVATA-2305 Specifying user for non-privileged code deploy
     new f71ef21  setting overriding parameters properly when creating experiment
     new a54f781  adding not operator to sharing registry
     new 8eca75c  updating documentation
     new c4d32f4  removing data models not related to user-profile and intantiating user-profile service
     new 593f2cf  changing package name due to class loading problem
     new 52ae834  fixing gatewayReportingGatewayId wrongly set issue
     new b5ae4dc  Fix for setting usage reporting id.
     new b49aea3  added distro and greater version dependence
     new d43efb5  moving files to new distro/version name
     new 5f65b07  added pga_repo var
     new 56acd6b  adding CANCELLED state for UGEEmailParser code
     new 56263b4  spelling correction on pre-requisites
     new d7764ad  name clarification; remove old commented tasks
     new 6f498a4  AIRAVATA-2316 Configure forward mapping to generate foreign keys
     new 2c5854b  fixing LSFEmail parser
     new 5ba6a6d  fixing LSFEmail parser
     new ef56b7a  adding Done state for LSF email parsing
     new 8d2581a  adding Done state for LSF email parsing
     new 0926abf  reusing the sharing client
     new cfb0610  AIRAVATA-2322 Fail experiment when validation fails
     new a7d5310  rolling back reusing sharing client
     new 3072a73  merge
     new 3f1914c  AIRAVATA-2316 Fixing openjpa version
     new c8326ae  removing entity-type-id from sharing search interface
     new f68f55a  AIRAVATA-2316 Adding user profile properties
     new 84fcd36  adding IIS_READ_ONLY field to Experiment Input/ Process Input and Application Input
     new a7b7fe6  TODO replace plain SQL with prepared statements
     new 4120d75  AIRAVATA-2316 Adding API methods to thrift
     new 54e0f39  AIRAVATA-2316 Updating Thrift generated stubs
     new de26509  AIRAVATA-2316 Initial implementation of user profile API methods
     new a700073  using client pools for thrift clients in API server
     new 589392e  AIRAVATA-2316 Fixing loading user profile, eager fetch emails
     new d4dad6d  Adding a new job monitoring email for Gordon
     new 2f3847b  change Cancel status in UGEEmailParser
     new 527e635  merge remote branch
     new 9526e99  change Cancel status in UGEEmailParser
     new 0bc5f2e  AIRAVATA-2316 Eager fetch all UserProfile associations
     new f07a1dd  fixing test failure
     new 6931cd3  enabling caching in the sharing entity manager
     new deda937  fixing parentEntityId search issue
     new af4a04e  disabling the cache back
     new 1378dbd  fixing duplicate entries from search results
     new 6c367b9  removing duplicates
     new 52fb440  AIRAVATA-2316 Adding authz checks to user profile modification methods
     new bfe1066  AIRAVATA-2316 User Profile API methods added to xacml policy
     new eed4f7d  Merge pull request #1 from machristie/user-profile-service
     new e9f14e2  Triggering branch mirror to github
     new 01943ba  Moving registry components for user-profile service to respective module
     new 9085dfe  removing data models not related to user-profile and intantiating user-profile service
     new e0f63bc  changing package name due to class loading problem
     new 71dcaac  AIRAVATA-2316 Configure forward mapping to generate foreign keys
     new bd1ada5  AIRAVATA-2316 Fixing openjpa version
     new 53193fb  AIRAVATA-2316 Adding user profile properties
     new ebba4c9  AIRAVATA-2316 Adding API methods to thrift
     new 9dd4fdb  AIRAVATA-2316 Updating Thrift generated stubs
     new bce873c  AIRAVATA-2316 Initial implementation of user profile API methods
     new e342063  AIRAVATA-2316 Fixing loading user profile, eager fetch emails
     new 08fd8c4  AIRAVATA-2316 Eager fetch all UserProfile associations
     new ee8d5ee  AIRAVATA-2316 Adding authz checks to user profile modification methods
     new a43d1a9  AIRAVATA-2316 User Profile API methods added to xacml policy
     new b81bad3  resolved conflicts with upstream/user-profile
     new d1ae264  Merge branch 'user-profile-service' of into user-profile
     new 326891f  Adding db-event-manager skeleton, adding corresponding constants in common
     new 2436e7a  code cleanup
     new 0d35422  adding test packge
     new e34722a  adding simple REST service for receiving job statuses
     new 3c453ae  adding Airavata custom email parser
     new 530ee96  Merge pull request #1 from apache/user-profile
     new af39d44  handling race conditions with multip
     new 2d0796f  adding dummy AIRAVATA_CUSTOM resource manager type
     new 7975778  adding dummy command output parser
     new efc2b69  Create airavata-services module with profile-service module
     new 594e851  Define and Generate Profile Service Thrift Stubs
     new ef9f850  Add profile service constants to
     new b9bbb78  Add Profile Service Server to ServerMain
     new fcc06e0  Add User Profile Core to Profile Service
     new f892781  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new cbe1c28  Add ProfileService Server and Client
     new 5af1acc  Update AiravataServerHandler to use ProfileServiceClientFactory for UserProfileService
     new 56fefc9  handling a corner case in email handling from Airavata custom emails
     new a749a7c  fixing minor bug in the condition check
     new 2c30522  updating readme
     new fc07b99  uncommenting actual username and password
     new ce58c98  Write thrift interface for GatewayProfileService and generate stubs
     new 5982619  Add GatewayProfileService thrift handler
     new 4e58ef7  Add profile-service-core project with handlers
     new 732abde  Add gateway-core dependency on profile-service-server
     new 362c7d4  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 7177cac  adding logs to identify file transfer issue
     new bf2d92d  Add GatewayUtils and Gateway entity
     new f9e4b0d  Add implementation for gatewayresource instead of gatewayresourceprofile'
     new 1a619c9  Refactor profile-gateway-core to profile-tenant-core
     new f113d16  add tenantservicehandler to multiplxed profileservice server
     new b774862  handling a corner case in email handling from Airavata custom emails
     new 231e0eb  fixing minor bug in the condition check
     new 889fd07  updating readme
     new bf23eae  uncommenting actual username and password
     new 1306097  adding logs to identify file transfer issue
     new 536cca1  adding isExists methods to sharing service
     new 7da786f  AIRAVATA-2335 Fix Sharing Reg init
     new 741531f  adding isShared field to entity
     new 2071c7c  Merge branch 'pga_update' of into develop
     new 4b54ff6  AIRAVATA-2335 Reorganized inventories; updates for deploying on Jetstream
     new 60a3223  AIRAVATA-2335 Allow localhost db connections
     new 852a4fe  AIRAVATA-2335 Moved pga vars -> defaults to allow overriding
     new 2a41071  AIRAVATA-2335 SEAgrid PGA deployment to Jetstream
     new 3e0a8c4  fix build failure issue
     new c7deb67  add prepersit, preupdate annotations to userprofile entity
     new fd38523  Add profile-service-commons project
     new 5b35224  Refactor profile-user-core code to use profile-user-commons entities and utilities
     new 45bacd6  Add profile-service-commons dependency to profile-tenant-core
     new 2eb3ee7  Rename gatewayservice to tenantservice in thrift interfaces
     new 8e83408  Use abstractrepository to implement tenantprofile business logic
     new 648d8ca  Cleanup old gateway related code. Use new Tenant related code
     new fe0ed74  Refactor JPA configuration for profile-service and add to airavata properties
     new fa0c57b  merging pull request #101
     new f9eb7bc  AIRAVATA-2335 Updating README
     new 9901335  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new e0110cb  GeoGateway PGA deploy; PGA virtual host based conf
     new ebc158d  AIRAVATA-2335 Tested PGA vhost-based config on jetstream
     new c6608d8  adding sharedCount to entity table
     new 505e30c  adding shared count name
     new fc720d4  AIRAVATA-2335 Moving hosts into inventories dir
     new 7beb6a4  changin the data type to long
     new ae139ff  merging remote
     new 520ad04  using BigInt for derby
     new 866178a  using BigInt for derby
     new 5d1b345  using BigInt for derby
     new a135c82  changing the order
     new 0c8c2ae  changing the order
     new 58c3d52  AIRAVATA-2339 Use default key of user resource profile
     new eb7cbc5  adding SQL delta scripts for 0.16-0.17 release migration
     new 7cf48b3  updating the 0.16-0.17 delta scripts
     new ed6cbf6  AIRAVATA-2335 Updating with Anuj's DB info
     new 28b488d  Merge branch 'db-migrate-scripts' of into develop
     new 3d308ab  AIRAVATA-2335 DB password
     new 2eb8f21  AIRAVATA-2335 PGA inventories for testing testdrive, scigap
     new 7126b1f  AIRAVATA-2335 Updating DB names, password
     new 8ac8e9e  AIRAVATA-2335 Settings portal storage resource
     new 7e1d369  adding capability to search based on the shared_count
     new 45edb67  merging remote branch
     new 5d094c4  Merge pull request #2 from apache/user-profile
     new 058cf70  geogateway pga ansible script changes
     new 7915c3d  Add Zookeeper utilities
     new 8d0a13e  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 07ebc2e  create curatorclient factory
     new b4660f6  fix minor issue with publisherzknode data
     new 513f284  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new c9ae218  Add datamodel for event-driven db
     new 38dc897  check is exists before creating
     new 3a0b061  merging remote branch
     new d0b29a5  DB Event constants
     new d850df5  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 86d697b  Change DBEvent Thrift Data Model
     new 641e936  Add method to get dbevent service-queue-name given service-enum
     new fd7f481  ../modules/db-event-manager/src/main/java/org/apache/airavata/db/event/manager/utils/
     new 11cb924  Update db-event-mgr zookeeper utility to save service queue-name
     new 6ec15de  Update to use mysql-db props
     new 2e537fc  Add Apache License to pom files
     new 495c407  Add profile-service-client-sdks project with java-client-sample project
     new 9ee2720  Remove updated date annotation from generated thrift files
     new f4edced  fixing issues in the sharing data migrator
     new 118c7bc  sending owner permission users along with read and write
     new 668b54d  undoing the last commit
     new bfc3a84  setting shared count as long
     new 9d41944  changing the derby script
     new 4fc4983  Added DB Event message handler. Adding nodes to zk based on service discovery message. Sending db event to multiple services based on mapping inside zk. Refined event manager messaging factory.
     new 44abf36  adding owner permission along with read and write
     new 41cc920  AIRAVATA-2339 Attempting to fix data staging with individual account
     new 5a1c864  Add java client sdk for profile-service
     new 4066b6c  AIRAVATA-2335 Making order of CREDENTIALS columns explicit instead of relying on database default ordering
     new f2d0995  Add UserProfile sample in client-sdks
     new 5a92eda  AIRAVATA-2349 Fixing column typo
     new 8c6f18c  AIRAVATA-2347 Getting ExperimentCatalog inited with project's gateway
     new 9b4c968  AIRAVATA-2347 Removing code for old project sharing impl
     new 8ff2912  Add enhancer to pom, update jpa elementcollection
     new 053df2f  AIRAVATA-2347 Removing use of gatewayResource, GATEWAY_WORKER stuff
     new e87cf35  Add airavataInternalUserId to nsfdemographics thrift datamodel
     new ed4452a  Change validUntil datatype to from long to Date
     new 3dfa944  Add: jpa enhancer to pom, Add: adduserprofile sample to java-client-sdk
     new 5911656  add entity-type to thrift datamodel for db-event
     new 6bc536f  checking bounds for experiment statuses when updating an experiment
     new f737e8f  Deleting DB Event Handler
     new 070ff15  Adding DB Event Manager constants
     new 973bcfd  Adding handler for control messages and DV Events
     new eeecac9  Changing queueName to routingKey
     new aa0da78  Adding method description
     new e33946d  Code cleanup
     new 5cc3e36  Add messaging dependecy to sharing service
     new ba8cfc7  Moved enum out of DB Event constants
     new e1e4c3f  Added message handling logic for sharing service
     new 52a2e26  Register sharing service with listed publishers
     new de27617  sort publisher for consistency
     new 0b5c98f  Adding DB Event message type
     new 5faedb4  Send replication-event from addUserProfile
     new 6c06eee  Added new publish method for DB Events
     new 3745340  Changes to consume DB Event publsh menthod
     new 98ebc2c  AIRAVATA-2350 Including GATEWAY_ID in user resource profile keys
     new 2febbe6  Added new publish method description
     new 5faa249  Changed DB_EVENT_QUEUE to DB_EVENT_SERVICE
     new bd3d404  Separated queueName creation and routingKey
     new b65c3d5  Update ProfileServiceUtils and UserProfileServiceHandler
     new 01094fa  Add all userprofile methods to java-client-sdk sample
     new d82e335  Finalize changes for UserProfileSample
     new 7932544  Move DB_EVENT_SERVICE inside DbEventService enum
     new ddf063c  DB Event handler for Sharing service
     new 8a0f275  Temporarily setting autoAck for DB Event subscribers
     new 0524706  Adding Thrift to data model converter for sharing service
     new 5a2f965  Staring sharing service DB Event subscriber
     new 5f9bb1e  Changes to userProfileSample
     new 23a6ed2  Runner for DB Event manager
     new 2b8aef3  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new f7bbec3  Code cleanup
     new fa7d765  Add null check on messagecontext updatedtime, set messagecontext fields to not null
     new d67e608  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new b3aefe5  Code clean up
     new 8c0bccc  Start and Close curator client
     new 8cca4b6  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 027a002  Adding breaks to switch cases
     new 0974ebb  start curatorclient only once
     new 9169309  Correcting DB Event object. Removing redundant code.
     new e8e47f7  Moving routing key separater to Constants
     new cc62d47  Disabling auto ack. Moving publisher subscriber creating after sharing service start
     new a5e907c  Add Apache license to java files
     new 582e25f  Moving sharing registry client creation to a handler constructor
     new c8a2b8e  Add DB Event Handler for RegistryService
     new 833baa9  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 8d30ebe  Register registry-service with publishers and start db-event-handler on startup
     new 28f133d  Refactor GATEWAY to TENANT in DbEventService and EntityType
     new f1e1fc2  Fix compile error after refactor
     new 3d8c343  Publish db-events for CRUD operations in TenantServiceHandler
     new 610d456  Add db-event publishers for UserProfile, Add gatewayId for deleteGateway, Remove date from thrift generated files
     new 8de4e23  Add new addUser method to RegistryService
     new f8e7f13  Pass gatewayId to deleteUserProfile in AiravataServerHandler
     new 2ec0e8f  Minor changes to UserProfileSample and TenantProfileSample
     new 570bc5d  AIRAVATA-2335 Deploy different keystores based on environment
     new de5692c  AIRAVATA-2335 Instead of default of 0, use NOW() for UPDATE_TIME
     new d581d4e  Replicate addUser in Registry
     new 06ec555  Move db-event handlers before registry server start
     new be2c940  Change sql filename to expcatalog-mysql in DatabaseCreator
     new 5100c07  merging master
     new 2ff3d63  Moved publisher subscriber start logic inside thread
     new 394efe6  Addition additional logging to sharing service DB event handler
     new b5b5125  Added TENANT to a constant list of publishers for sharing service
     new 4efff28  Adding gateway creation dependecies in sharing
     new 4ec2823  adding KeyCloak based security manager
     new f0d8331  removing the public method
     new 048a11b  merge remote branch
     new c48a8ff  Fix: hardcoded db-script name, Add: utility method to get filename given a directory path for db-script
     new c231e53  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 030468d  Add new module: services-security
     new c14db59  Stop registry-server if db-event handlers fail to start
     new 5808332  Moving db event service starup logic after server start
     new 45ecfa3  Send ack for db-event message after processing in Registry
     new d1792cc  Moved trnant creation under CREATE case
     new a90e9bb  Adding initial scigap production Ansible inventory
     new bacc2bf  Set domain-id as gateway-id instead of name in SharingRegistry
     new 0e9c08f  Reduce bound for randomly generated ID values in samples
     new 6e5530c  Add code for airavata-services security
     new 7958a0f  updating apache parent pom
     new 71d67f1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d82842d  Updating license headers using license-maven-plugin
     new 83ea630  excluding thrift generated code
     new defbad3  Temporary fix for mysql-selinux issue
     new e440a96  ansible database role: Must be root to run yum install
     new 2e90368  excluding ansible vault from license header
     new 9e1958f  Adding posix mode needed by assembly plugin upgrade
     new 382e3cb  AIRAVATA-2335 Putting real gateway datastore id in testdrive config
     new 30ab06f  fixing issue in updating sharing data models
     new 41b61cf  Add new DuplicateEntryException datamodel
     new 66afcef  Add new DuplicateEntryException datamodel
     new 33388b4  Throw DuplicateEntryException in addUser(), when user exists.
     new 2c16c71  Throw DuplicateEntryException in addGateway(), when gateway exists.
     new 7ba98fa  Manually refactor Supuns changes to getUpdatedObject from develop branch
     new eff24f1  Change DuplicateEntryException catch-block logger to warn instead of error
     new de241d6  Replacing sharing exception with Duplicate entry exception if entity already exists
     new 9a3f195  Handling DuplicateEntryException in sharing DB event handler
     new f17d5f5  Modify SharingRegistryService to throw DuplicateEntryException
     new 0869c47  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new a26520d  Modify RegistryService to throw DuplicateEntryException
     new 63206c9  Adding duplicate entry exception to method signatures
     new e46bc75  Change RegistryServiceDBEventHandler to catch DuplicateEntryException
     new 057e4e1  Merge branch 'user-profile' of into user-profile
     new 5f2160d  Adding data model dependency in sharing registry stub
     new 749a84d  Various fixes for gf{5,6} environment
     new ebd55e9  Remove sysout statement in registerserverhandler
     new ca9f938  Ansible handling of Apache SSL config
     new dc55333  Add api-orch SSL port to firewall config
     new 2e6437a  Added PGA theme checkout, config to ansible role
     new cda1172  temp data store for gf4 for testing; install pga ssh key
     new aa0358c  Add security-check to profile-service apis - user, tenant
     new e597eb5  Add @SecurityCheck annotation to UserProfile and TenantProfile service handlers
     new e572553  Add services-security project dependency in profile-service-server
     new 52dd9bb  Use AuthzToken (empty_token) in ProfileService client samples
     new 5bbecff  Send authztoken to userprofile-service methods within AiravataServerHandler
     new db00041  Merge pull request #1 from apache/develop
     new b156320  Merge pull request #2 from apache/user-profile
     new 5946869  Commit to user-profile after resolving merge conflicts with develop
     new ecdacd4  Resolve merge conflicts after merging ajinkya:user-profile with gourav:user-profile
     new f682cac  Update secutiry-services pom to reflect correct parent
     new 65c71cf  Fix compile error in SharingRegistryServerHandlerTest
     new 837e249  adding ansible playbook for keycloak configuration
     new 4eb4bc3  changing the sharing catalog db scripts
     new 67eed40  Reorganized pga config files into include files
     new 22e9798  Added scigap pga config; for testing using SSL on beta subdomains
     new 7f8272d  scigap prod pga configurations for a iu, phasta, etc.
     new 1bf6e77  More pga configurations for scigap production deployment
     new 6c38ebb  Adding Sharing Registry back to all/api-orch server lists
     new fc9b8f2  Adding to developer list
     new ab6d02d  Adding Ajinkya Dhamnaskar to pom.xml
     new 9578e5c  AIRAVATA-2363 Removing slf4j bindings except logback
     new dca8e14  AIRAVATA-2363 Switch to logback for logging
     new 3a963d7  adding support for standalone/hacluster/sslcerts & tested
     new dc24945  SELinux enabled PGA install
     new dd5e9c1  gf4 user data directory is now at /data/gateway-user-data
     new 82e39d8  Allow user_data_dir to be symlink
     new 8be77fd  Add name including gateway_id to pga play
     new 2afa065  search Data Products By Name in replica catalog
     new 803d5ea  adding searchByName data products in registry catalog
     new 64fb9df  AIRAVATA-2352 Redirect stdout/stderr to log file
     new eadbdba  AIRAVATA-2352 Log error when RabbitMQ client connection is shut down
     new 2923dd2  adding configurable cluster status monitoring option
     new e3009f5  adding configurable cluster status monitoring option
     new 65bb986  adding boiler plate code for iam admin services
     new d365175  AIRAVATA-2371 Derive OpenID Connect config from realm
     new f4c5d67  Merge branch 'keycloak-deployment' of into develop
     new 05d39e5  removing the NULL file
     new e74625d  Upating south dakota ssl cert
     new af6ca9a  Moving log file out of distribution directory
     new 00efec7  Update PGA configs for production
     new 2cf1e9a  Updating database names for scigap production
     new 950309c  Creating log files directory
     new 1794197  Update gateway storage resource id to new one for gf4
     new cad8418  Groovy template updates to match XSLT updates for campus gateways
     new 1565881  Make portal files owned by unprivileged user
     new 2fb19efc fixing bug in project and experiment search when the list is empty
     new f8e55d3  dREG PGA configuration
     new 57cb2ae  Adding mason email address to gfac config
     new c99687f  Ultrascan pga configuration
     new 6791f28  Disabling data sharing for Ultrascan PGA
     new 056ae0a  updating themes for two more gateways
     new b37882a  AIRAVATA-2246 Reorder structs by dependencies
     new b6312d9  updating simvascular ssl certs
     new 4d49798  adding iam-admin-services-core files
     new e0fbdeb  generating thrift classes for is-admin-services
     new 28ab7a4  change in cpi and serverHandler
     new 43c6736  checking sharing is enabled
     new be5ef40  adding user profile service to server module
     new e48a02e  merging upstream
     new 4407f82  Revert "adding user profile service to server module"
     new 94f8748  adding boiler plate code for iam admin services
     new 1a977c0  adding iam-admin-services-core files
     new 2190091  generating thrift classes for is-admin-services
     new ea0f1fa  change in cpi and serverHandler
     new e478ba6  regenrating thrift classes and minor changes
     new 63a797b  resolving conflicts with upstream
     new a907317  making trivial change to test ansible
     new 10d7c02  Adding default vhost config
     new 7a77993  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new b6fb0b9  Fixed bug with copying default.conf virtual host
     new beb3b43  Adding SLURM email address for
     new 8327c29  boiler plate code for keycloak admin client
     new ec35622  adding keycloak userstore migrator
     new 161680d  adding pom file missed out in last commit
     new 7d97f73  removing installCert
     new a97bb13  Disabling dreg gateway in main scigap pga hosting env
     new 686d8e3  pull request review implemented, adding reset pass and find user api's
     new 96bdea2  minor change
     new 24f8b7f  Temporarily disable WSO2 IS SSL verification and API security
     new 45e8f65  Moving dREG gateway to Jetstream; fixed selinux file contexts
     new 269d2ae  AIRAVATA-2371 KeyCloakSecurityManager: getting token endpoint for realm
     new 64b5570  Updating dREG storage resource id to actual Jetstream one
     new 66c2098  Merge branch 'is-admin-services' of into develop
     new 538135f  AIRAVATA-2371 Prefix api method with "/airavata/" namespace
     new 2870924  removing old user profile
     new f523527  using security classes from the services security module in airavata-services
     new 7699ea0  Fixed bug with copying default.conf virtual host
     new 703c853  Updated config for Keycloak
     new f46b19e  AIRAVATA-2371 switching to Keycloak security manager
     new d81d3ad  AIRAVATA-2342 Updated PGA deploy for Keycloak
     new 81a5f2b  AIRAVATA-2371 Updating client truststore with InCommon RSA CA cert
     new 54e640c  fixing compilation failure
     new 57dc767  AIRAVATA-2371 Adding profile service to api-orch, ansible
     new ddb95c1  Add Tenant Profile Thrift Model
     new 9fab627  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new d37c9d2  Use firstName, lastName in KeyCloakImpl
     new 3dae704  adding php namespace
     new 93e1811  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new b5984b0  AIRAVATA-2371 Updating Keycloak package; adding profile service to distribution
     new e6eb0c9  removing mongodb user profile configuration
     new 4b0a9ec  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new 5303a35  AIRAVATA-2371 Fix profile service properties
     new a61aab4  Updating Ultrascan data store resource id and ssh key
     new 868fc55  Removing dREG config for gf4 deploy; it's now on Jetstream
     new 0fcce56  fixing bug in moving checkpoint files
     new 04abb1e  fixing bug in parentPath dir
     new 7027f44  fixing bug in parentPath dir
     new 1108b57  fixing bug in moving checkpoint files
     new 010b133  fixing bug in parentPath dir
     new a76825c  fixing bug in parentPath dir
     new 3a82e02  Copied ssl.conf from mod_ssl v 2.4.6, release 45.el7.centos.4
     new 2265cbe  Disable SSLv3 in all virtual hosts to prevent POODLE attack
     new 0710b1c  Ansible: setting profile service host and port
     new 3f40431  Add generation of PHP Profile Service stubs to script
     new d0f3f5c  Dependency tweaks for the IamAdminServices Keycloak client
     new f5a4e9d  Remove references to userName and instead use userId
     new 317bece  Instructions on how to install ansible in virtual environment
     new b1ed4ca  Add fname, lname, mname, prefix, suffix to userprofileentity
     new 31a6705  Fix walltime calculation for LSF
     new 44f9493  Merge branch 'lsf-walltime' into develop
     new 9ef0820  LSF job id parsing checks if there is job id before parsing
     new 7b48f15  Fix LSF walltime calculation when taken from JobSubmissionTaskModel
     new a1c3e83  Merge branch 'lsf-walltime' into develop
     new 8310de5  Merge branch 'lsf-walltime'
     new 5f8d5c6  Updating test keycloak integration deployment
     new e1a9ab4  AIRAVATA-2371 Updating to new name of authz.cache.manager.class
     new e65d9d7  adding nanoconfinement to gateway deployment
     new 940e0ba  Replicate gateway information if APPROVED in addGateway()
     new 58ea1bf  AIRAVATA-2342 Simplifying resetUserPassword interface
     new 56bc4be  making database level changes for supporting custom node/cpu/walltime configurations
     new e988672  updating the resource layer to support new custom node/cpu/walltime configurations
     new 9f57e1f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop
     new aa68a44  Removing older reference to usr-profile-stubs
     new 1cfda99  Removing airavata-commons refrence from itself
     new 78a3caf  Renaming user-profile-stubs to profile-service-stubs
     new 8462205  Changes related to profile-service-stubs
     new 706e01d  Code clean up
     new 11f12df  adding few more configurable parameters to the BatchQueue model
     new d71c2aa  merging airavata pull request 110: Airavata build failures
     new f19cc0c  AIRAVATA-2371 Initialize trust store for IamAdminServices
     new f6f2adc  Updated Oracle JDK url
     new 701f36a  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new cb27490  adding new API method to get the group memberships for a user
     new 0a6afd1  adding missing file
     new 0eda7d2  AIRAVATA-2342 Setting up trust store for Keycloak ResteasyClient
     new ff0ccae  AIRAVATA-2342 Cleaning up dependencies for Keycloak client
     new df6cfd7  AIRAVATA-2342 remove UPDATE_PASSWORD required action when reset password
     new 84c2fdc  AIRAVATA-2342 Add profile service port to ansible pga_config.php
     new fa7468a  adding a new Email parser to handle SIU peculiar failed email state
     new 1fab963  adding new resource manager type to handle SIU UGE.
     new a9c4ba1  rename job manager type
     new d8132b7  hacky way to handle SIU Little Dog EMail issue
     new 64ea7ee  hacky way to handle SIU Little Dog EMail issue
     new c076a56  AIRAVATA-2402 changes needed to be able to run MigrationManager
     new 020ecae  AIRAVATA-2402 For testing migration, code to recreate a tenant
     new bd526ad  AIRAVATA-2402 Migrate user roles to Keycloak
     new 7157992  AIRAVATA-2423 Properties file for migration config
     new 1c320eb  AIRAVATA-2423 Configuration of custom role names
     new eeea42e  AIRAVATA-2422 AIRAVATA-2427 Not migrating locked accounts
     new 504f839  Add AiravataInternalGatewayId to GatewayEntity in ProfileService
     new c26f289  AIRAVATA-2431 Allow duplicate emails in Keycloak realm
     new aa15344  Auto generate and set UUID for internal_gateway_id in GatewayEntity
     new 59ca27b  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 98ec4bf  Checking for duplicate gateway request
     new 9a31410  returning meaningful error messages from the sharing service
     new 83102ed  AIRAVATA-2431 Migrating Gateway and IAM Tenant also
     new ff3fc16  AIRAVATA-2431 fixing typo
     new 8341d49  AIRAVATA-2432 Using Docker to run Thrift
     new de45cba  AIRAVATA-2431 Fix creating Keycloak admin user
     new ffbf329  AIRAVATA-2431 Ansible: update PGA for test seagrid
     new 0a59ba0  AIRAVATA-2432 Add --native-thrift to stub gen script
     new f52024f  AIRAVATA-2431 Add admin user to 'admin' role
     new da720e3  AIRAVATA-2431 Fix adding admin user to "admin" role
     new 29718e0  Making required changes
     new b3e0754  Modified to pass paramenters to the query
     new f089bb1  AIRAVATA-2431 Ansible test deploy for user migration
     new c0c585f  AIRAVATA-2408 Updating PHP namespace for profile services
     new 3eb804b  AIRAVATA-2408 Adding simple validation query for profile service
     new b3338ce  Merge branch 'thrift-docker' into develop
     new b1c390c  AIRAVATA-2408 Propogating user profile update to IAM server
     new 7f3a939  AIRAVATA-2408 Fixing authz token claim verification
     new b45fac7  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new da4a570  Moving composer update after permissions update
     new 4e7d7cc  AIRAVATA-2408 Updating Keycloak when user profile added
     new 883c3f4  updating nanoconfinement url
     new e061361  AIRAVATA-2408 Remove user profile service methods from API
     new 7ff7130  AIRAVATA-2376 Add millisecond precision to TIME_OF_STATE_CHANGE
     new 047521f  AIRAVATA-2376 Switch to MariaDB jar in Ansible
     new 251070b  removing script from PBS script
     new 1279779  Dev SciGaP deploy (WIP); updates to Keycloak role
     new 93fa1f7  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2376' into develop
     new 2b7a9a3  AIRAVATA-2376 Switch to MariaDB for Profile Service
     new 35c7cdf  AIRAVATA-2438 Lower case user profile user id/internal id
     new 2075f41  Ansible - keycloak for dev SciGaP deploy
     new 0429d37  Ansible - airavata servers for dev SciGaP deploy
     new 225b09c  MigrationManager: allow connecting to secure Airavata
     new 9a27385  Adding spaces between terms in Tenant Profile queries
     new 8b803d7  Null check query for dup gateway
     new 3b80b59  Assign UUID to gateway when creating
     new 649d579  Bringing client_truststore.jks in Ansible inv. up to date
     new ae2e0e6  Removing unused remote.idp.service.url, using iam.server.url instead
     new 3ed7880  MigrationManager: populate claims map for adding user profile
     new 555eb6b  Setting up Keycloak admin user and gw resource profile
     new 3424248  PGA configs for,
     new b24d60f  Ansible configuration for PGA airavata-profile-service-server
     new 13ed71f  Setting gateway storage resource id for
     new 14bb432  AIRAVATA-2403 Simplifying IamAdminService methods
     new 78f0895  AIRAVATA-2403 Adding user role management methods
     new f0f6b34  ignoring unresolved wildcard files
     new a445590  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into develop
     new 2800689  AIRAVATA-2430 Ansible template/vars for PGA auth options
     new 24b869a  AIRAVATA-2430 Ansible config for external idp logo option
     new a9d2771  AIRAVATA-2405 IamAdminService method to get users in role
     new cd230e2  adding queueSpecific macro support
     new 0479066  AIRAVATA-2405 Fix getUsersWithRole
     new e9b4276  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2376'
     new ec62e68  Adding USD cluster email
     new 11e80b0  removing pbs script comment
     new d8c4f45  Adding PBS email address for LSU cluster
     new 2b92f65  AIRAVATA-2453 0.17->0.18 DB migration scripts
     new cb4565d  Duplicate check query for gateway requests
     new 9792d27  AIRAVATA-2419 Enable security in dev environment
     new de6fcb1  AIRAVATA-2419 Save admin credentials when migrating
     new ec20fe5  Migrated
     new b8449f5  Add logout redirect URL when setting up Keycloak realm
     new 67e8b52  AIRAVATA-2419 Adding getAllAccessibleUsers to role permissions
     new 32e47de  [AIRAVATA-2421] Clear EntityMangerFactory cache when creating EntityManager
     new 0d93a45  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new f1f3712  [AIRAVATA-2421] Add null check before clearing EntityManagerFactory cache
     new aadaa25  handling multiple file transfers for wildcards
     new 51005a1  merge
     new 0f643e4  AIRAVATA-2419 Add getAllApplicationDeployments to gateway-user role
     new 30a0132  AIRAVATA-2419 Add *ByAdmin methods to admin-read-only role
     new fa89244  AIRAVATA-2419 Add user resource profile methods to permissions
     new 2e667f2  fixing issue in widlcard output file transfer
     new 867135d  merge
     new 94508b6  more logging for debugging
     new 2a00dd2  AIRAVATA-2419 Add sharing resource methods to permissions
     new a860fd9  WIP
     new 66d98bc  adding user profile client, which was accidently deleted in last commit
     new 324a9f7  merge
     new 4691113  AIRAVATA-2470 TenantProfileService look up gateway by internal id
     new c48982d  AIRAVATA-2470 Returning all of requester's gateways
     new 48995ea  Updated production SciGaP deployment for Keycloak migration
     new 042ecf7  Removing cinetvtech
     new 601a65d  Updating production scigap hosts
     new 1ecce70  Updating production client_truststore.jks
     new fc09a35  Updating client id/secret from Keycloak
     new 70fd7b1  Updating production pga configs for beta deploys
     new 037a8d1  Adding dependency needed for SELinux management
     new 6c2d7c5  fixing issue in creating new process and experiment outputs
     new d955465  merging origin
     new 165538f  Set email verified for admin account
     new 5ab0dc9  using gateway level credential store token for storage resource
     new 47f57e7  merging origin branch
     new 295d50e  Updated gateway data store id for beta sites
     new 160f70e  Allow admin-read-only to call getGateway
     new b7e06da  AIRAVATA-2471 AIRAVATA-2419 Allow users to generate ssh key for profile
     new 4e4a639  AIRAVATA-2471 AIRAVATA-2419 Allow users to get credential summaries
     new 774b4c9  AIRAVATA-2471 AIRAVATA-2419 Allow users to delete ssh keys
     new 9ba8954  Keep Ultrascan PGA on 0.17 branch for now
     new 8e05950  Updating Keycloak client id/secret
     new d3bc3b6  [AIRAVATA-2421] Clear the EntityManager cache
     new a0c6b89  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new ee6e3da  Some updates to pga configs
     new f169bb1  Production scigap url updates, pga configs
     new 217fa0f  Updating storage resource id
     new cd34c55  Updating pga config for Ultrascan, still on 0.17
     new b062491  all owners are treated as equal
     new 7af2047  all owners are treated as equal
     new d49fcd7  removing last commit: all owners are treated as equal
     new 983225c  removing last commit: all owners are treated as equal
     new 704ba66  fixing untaring issue in archive task
     new b5a597e  AIRAVATA-2453 lowercasing USER_GROUP.GROUP_ID also
     new 6c46dfe  Merge branch 'keycloak-prod-migration' into develop
     new a8e99e8  Adding CILogon to scigap
     new 45bbc25  AIRAVATA-2405 Search only most recent users for role
     new 226cd3f  AIRAVATA-2405 getUsersWithRole debug logging
     new 86713ee  AIRAVATA-2405 getUsersWithRole test
     new 5d4d105  AIRAVATA-2405 loading all users in batches
     new 5baf04d  Adding SIU theme
     new 101a687  adding accord and nanoshape gateways
     new d03c724  Ci Logon integration
     new e72ddf0  Adding DBEventManagerRunner to server start
     new 33a601f  Start DB Event Manager before other servers
     new 1463341  May not get Gateway CREATE event so add DOMAIN on UPDATE if not exists
     new aff5156  Sharing DOMAIN has DOMAIN_ID that is the same as GATEWAY_ID
     new 2aab0ea  Updating Accord admin username
     new 03d6918  Setting SSH keys for Accord, Nano Shape gateway storage
     new c8ee09c  Using parameter binding to handle single quote in proj/exp names
     new 1492fdc  Putting Utah PGA on develop branch for Keycloak/CILogon integration
     new 75edff6  Georgia Tech Ansible Script
     new 632b76a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new f43c761  Georgia Tech Ansible Script
     new 461fdbb  Ansible: Georgia Tech ssh key
     new 89e7e7f  Parameter binding for sharing registry queries
     new fa868f5  UAB and NMSU Gateway Ansible Scripts
     new 8df51da  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
     new a0a66dc  new-mexico-state and alabama-birmingham ssh keys
     new fe6e9a2  orderby clause in experiment search
     new edd1dbb  merge
     new 7307b31  orderby clause in experiment search
     new f386e38  fixing bug in sharing registry
     new e7e7771  updating some of the group management API methods in AiravataServerHandler
     new 1f35ede  UAB and NMSU Gateway Ansible Script updates
     new d49f252  PICKSC PGA scripts
     new 36edde6  Switching branch before merge to master
     new 6d6973d  adding sharing php and python thrift generated code to language specific sdks
     new ad013e0  adding TLS mutual verification support for Sharing Service
     new 21a7505  Merge branch 'prep-master-merge'
     new 0f03a85  Switching branch before merge to master
     new fe2bc6e  Adding sharing.tls.enabled to ansible scripts
     new a0d83fe  Open firewall for sharing registry port
     new 67f6fad  Added Diana's email to admin emails
     new 0d9d152  adding comment to the sharing reg. tls enabled configuration
     new 92efa1b  setting domainid from domain name
     new c171c67  sharing server require client auth
     new 84e8eef  fixing AIRAVATA-2506: Treating airavataInternalUserId as the userId for sharing registry service
     new 8e77566  AIRAVATA-2505 Upgrade Airavata to Thrift 0.10.0
     new b279904  AIRAVATA-2507 Change access token, sso idle session timeouts
     new a7573b2  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2507' into develop
     new ccd2518  Update Ansible deploy for dREG gateway (Keycloak migration)
     new b182ca1  fixing minor issues in local fork job submission
     new efa619b  fixing bug in initializing user profile in the sharing db event handler
     new 1a5cf4e  adding more log messages to SCPThirdparty file transfer method to track down failures
     new 2f471d1  Added WVState University gateway directory
     new 862c25b  Added IU Geology Survey Group gateway directory vara.yml
     new 5ad4734  Added IU Geology Survey Group gateway directory vault.yml
     new 8f57d7c  Changes to the vars.yml, added the key for data storage access
     new 4b1c437  Changes to the vars.yml, added the key for data storage access
     new d537890  Changes to the vars.yml, added the key for data storage access
     new 6488090  UAB CILogon config
     new c3262a0  adding INPUTS_ALL to the groovy map
     new bb3d478  setting export commands to the Groovy context
     new 34e1c0e  removing extra export
     new 2512037  Added Antony's email and sgrc mailing list for notifications
     new fd8f207  Added Antony's email and sgrc mailing list for notifications
     new 0822efc  Added Antony's email and sgrc mailing list for notifications
     new 4f1122d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b0beb30  New NCSA Gateway vars.yml
     new ba7dcd3  New NCSA Gateway vault.yml
     new e74f781  Added new NCSA Gateway
     new 8f358c4  Add CILogon to SimVascular and NCSA-Industry
     new ce376aa  Add template inventory directory, updated README and cleaned up inventories
     new f2e5f0d  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 16d5920  Added Alison's email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 5d49548  Added Anita's email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new d31d1cc  Added SGRC group email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 0ad3fdd  Added SGRC group email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 19f120c  Added SGRC group email and Sai's email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 6859974  Added SGRC group email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 8041bf8  Added SGRC group email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 8d38de8  Added SGRC group email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new 1005e87  Added SGRC group email and Cameron's email for admin notifications at user account creation
     new aaf4749  Added SGRC group email or admin notifications at user account creation
     new 666bcdf  AIRAVATA-2505 merging thrift 0.10.0 upgrade branch
     new 817b637  Updated iugeosurvey pga config with theme
     new 73cf9e1  Adding CILogon config for NMSU
     new 6c0786f  Fix IU Gateway CILogon Keycloak hint
     new e0b64eb  Change label of CILogon auth option from "CILogon" => "IU CAS"
     new 52d9238  AIRAVATA-2508 Set admin password in Keycloak, gateway profile
     new 1c39e2e  AIRAVATA-2500 Initial interfaces, APIs for account provisioning
     new 77baac4  AIRAVATA-2500 Implement SSHAccountProvisionerFactory
     new 2a90139  AIRAVATA-2500 Update thrift API and regenerated
     new 3d161b8  AIRAVATA-2500 SSHAccountManager: install SSH key and verify
     new 8c748c6  AIRAVATA-2500 Add creation of scratch location
     new 0d1e90f  AIRAVATA-2500 Finish implementing SSHAccountManager
     new 8f2f135  AIRAVATA-2500 Implement doesUserHaveSSHAccount and setup SSH account methods in API
     new 722aabd  AIRAVATA-2500: generated Thrift stub code
     new ac2823a  AIRAVATA-2500 Persist SSH account provisioner and config
     new 469a7e7  AIRAVATA-2500 Thrift stub generation
     new 643d35b  AIRAVATA-2500 Implement API method to get provisioner metadata
     new 3184c23  AIRAVATA-2500 Thrift stub code generation
     new 31f3906  AIRAVATA-2500 SSHAccountManager bug fixes
     new 71d33ea  AIRAVATA-2500 Added additional info field for SSH Account Provisioners
     new fab1900  AIRAVATA-2500 Thrift stub code generation
     new 1c2ab27  AIRAVATA-2500 Partial Implementation
     new 7437112  Integrate IULdapSSHAccountProvisioner with fixes
     new 66689a8  AIRAVATA-2500 Improved error handling, error messages
     new 2425187  AIRAVATA-2500 Javadoc for SSHAccountProvisioner interfaces
     new 42059ec  AIRAVATA-2500 Disallow overwriting LDAP SSH key
     new 8f68bc1  AIRAVATA-2500 Adding try/catch around doesUserHaveSSHAccount
     new 596eb5b  AIRAVATA-2500 Fix bug deriving ssh hostname
     new 20fc3fd  AIRAVATA-2500 Add 'validated' flag to UserComputeResourcePreference
     new e5dcade  AIRAVATA-2500 Thrift stub code generation
     new 29fedaf  AIRAVATA-2500 fixing order of arguments
     new ba4982c  AIRAVATA-2500 data migration for new validated flag
     new 50d7bb6  AIRAVATA-2500 Returning/using username of cluster account
     new ebdf897  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2500' into develop
     new db2a682  adding a place holder for allocation manager
     new de6faa3  AIRAVATA-2500 Add new methods to API security
     new 430001c  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2500' into develop
     new a27a829  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2508' into develop
     new 124558d  AIRAVATA-2517 Keycloak MySQL conn. validation
     new 95cb204  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2517-keycloak-mysql-connections' into develop
     new 5c12e94  AIRAVATA-2517 Applying Keycloak MySQL config to HA too
     new 784d3de  Adding new Kentucky gateway
     new b8aaabc  Merge branches 'AIRAVATA-2507' and 'AIRAVATA-2508'
     new 8223d51  AIRAVATA-2521 Custom gateway level max values for Simvascular
     new 1a6606f  AIRAVATA-2558 Fix paging for getUserProjects
     new 72cfc64  Adding new Kentucky gateway
     new 4a2b956  Adding new Kentucky gateway
     new 7b0cc0b  Ignore backup files (from emacs, etc.)
     new 5f04191  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 970dc68  Log exception with stacktrace when API server fails to start
     new 5bf7fce  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 857b99b  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 8c8ad8b  fixed the auth client secret typo
     new 15a8d36  New Ultrascan gateway with production SciGaP
     new e016b85  Added new Ultrascan gateway with production SciGaP
     new 7ca2145  Added new Ultrascan gateway with production SciGaP
     new f392b8d  Added Nathon's mail to admin emails
     new 6aa1195  Added CILogon to kentucky gateway
     new eb44aac  Fixed a typo in added CILogon to kentucky gateway
     new e1bd58f  generating profile service stubs with dashboard customization attributes
     new 4988f92  generating profile service stubs with dashboard customization attributes
     new f26ea4c  Adding new JPA entity for custom dashboard
     new 8679ab5  Reverting services related to custom dashboard
     new ac23b72  Reverting services related to custom dashboard
     new a68ff57  Initial API server framework
     new 4d51329  Generated PHP SDK client changes
     new 8579f2a  Workaround PasswordCredential being a subclass of SSHCredential
     new 23a1bf7  Merge branch 'credential-store-get-summaries' into develop
     new c3644ef  Implementing Experiment and Application creation APIs
     new 44553b9  Change repo urls to github
     new 96840a7  Merge branch 'master' into develop
     new 9935b6b  Fix compile error
     new be02824  Merge branch 'credential-store-get-summaries' into develop
     new 98afe91  Implemented Orchestrator to accept messages from launch queue and create tasks and processes for experiments
     new 90f67ff  changing Xbaya to pga
     new c4a3a05  Adding task microservices for each task type
     new e96bced  Adding task microservices for each task type - v2
     new f800a63  Support to async task execution to avoid task being executed by the kafka consumer thread
     new 04f88bc  Publishing events of a task to a single partition to achieve ordered delivery
     new 14a62f9  Implementing the event sink to perisit task states to the database
     new 56bb2fa  Compute resource operations to decouple the communication between tasks and compute resources
     new fa3a242  Restructuring modules and fixing docker builds
     new 4268067  Exposing port 8080 of api-server container
     new da921e9  Adding kubernetes scripts to deploy microservices on kubernetes
     new 549ae48  Adding API server endpoint to accept process status
     new 4e27cb5  Adding get all method to API server resources
     new e1e09b8  Web console initial commit
     new 2d18e15  Adding Experiment and App Interface creation functionality to Web Console
     new e1d73b5  Adding Experiment detail pages
     new 95fb8d4  Added task event view console
     new 4f19f5c  Adding setup page to configure API Server endpoint
     new 9b8c097  Fixing bugs in task execution processes
     new cb4438f  Uploading experiment outputs to Data Store
     new 421fd4a  Docker file to build console docker image
     new 7b16ba6  Externalizing db username and password
     new 67de113  Minor improvements
     new 6b8c79d  Added a new test gateway with develop airavata server for SGA class student project
     new 737c290  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 2a3302c  Added a new test gateway with develop airavata server for SGA class student project
     new 70076aa  Adding dependency management
     new 35ef652  Adding license headers
     new 3077522  Updated readme
     new 88acdf1  Merge pull request #135 from DImuthuUpe/master
     new b7159b0  Revert "Container Based Task Execution Workflow for Airavata"
     new f1fc62d  Merge pull request #136 from apache/revert-135-master
     new 5e7e5c5  AIRAVATA-2500 Trim public key before storing in LDAP
     new 6885a26  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2500' into develop
     new cb0b5ef  Change text on CILogon button for dev seagrid
     new b73cf69  Merge pull request #130 from sachinkariyattin/develop
     new 2269b50  Adding README for profile service
     new 3451a63  AIRAVATA-2581 Rename python package `apache.airavata` => `airavata`
     new 084227b  Updated README
     new 249111f  Fixing typo
     new eec7b76  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2517-keycloak-mysql-connections'
     new 0ba2ddb  Disable sharing in new ultrascan portal
     new b74c1c5  AIRAVATA-2590 Only add processPerNode if there is a jobSubmitterCommand
     new c663745  Initial commit for the pull request
     new 2c55c4b  generating thrift stubs for Owner and Admin models
     new 07d4d8e  generating thrift stubs for Owner and Admin models
     new c04861f  Adding repository classes and entities
     new 6dfa6f2  Adding repository classes and entities
     new 8cc934f  Adding handler method definitions
     new 03dbe9c  Adding repository methods
     new 342cc26  Adding transferGroupOwnership method
     new 35cd0f5  Deleting the temp read me
     new 2f84474  Fixing owner entity
     new bc8d76f  Renaming models
     new 027af88  Merge pull request #141 from sachinkariyattin/group_roles
     new 3e21d49  Merge pull request #137 from sachinkariyattin/profile_service_readme
     new 2a7f51d  Deleting GroupOwner model
     new 3908471  changing monitoring email
     new 8aa2c45  Adding gfac.yml playbook for updating gfac only
     new 84ddb3a  AIRAVATA-2608 Fix Zookeeper download url
     new ccb09a9  AIRAVATA-2608 totalSizeCap of 1GB on airavata log files
     new bae2f2f  AIRAVATA-2608 Keep at most 30 archived log files
     new 27ea5d5  Google Analytics ID in ansible pga_config.php template
     new d802360  Added SIU big dog email and jetstream email in to the  production config
     new 27cde9d  Fixing workflow_catalog typo
     new 0e35b48  changing ultrascan gateway to point to production stack
     new 236455f  temporarly adding dev ultrascan to point to gw153 airavata, this will soon be removed.
     new bc5d4c8  Initial commit for the pull request
     new 206abb8  Generating thrift stubs for group manager
     new 8810c04  Adding API methods GroupManagerServiceHandler
     new 5f65d4c  Using autztoken to get gateway ID
     new ab467ac  Reverted dependency on api-server, added ThriftClientPool class for profile service
     new ea0eb0d  Removing hardcoded project version from pom
     new fa2afd8  Removing API methods from AiravataServerHandler and correcting build errors
     new e759204  Reverting README changes created for intital pull request
     new 5e36ed3  Reverting README changes created for intital pull request
     new a7f24b6  Adding SecurityCheck annotation
     new f51745f  Using regular client instead of ThriftClientPool
     new 0fb711c  Adding tests for group roles
     new 4ec92a7  Adding GroupManager client sample
     new 6cee9a2  Merge branch 'google-analytics-ansible'
     new edf1783  Merge branch 'google-analytics-ansible' into develop
     new b5d2d37  Remove local state from SCPDataStageTask
     new dedbfc9  AIRAVATA-2571 Set emailVerified=true when user is enabled
     new 7a9164f  AIRAVATA-2571 Use `state` field to indicate if Keycloak user is enabled
     new 41d371b  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2571-email-verified' into develop
     new 87d323c  Log error when failing to execute groovy template
     new d70f9af  Updating email addresses in gfac-config.yaml
     new c43640f  Adding Searching SRA gateway
     new 274da25  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 807e1e7  Adding Searching SRA gateway record to the file
     new acf3a49  Added the public key generated by the gateway to the data store
     new 1d69f66  Added google analytics traching ID for USD gateway
     new 625732d  Added google analytics tracking ID for testdrive gateway
     new e9d64b8  Added google analytics tracking ID for dREG sequencing gateway
     new 8632150  changing dev email address to devjobs
     new a73ba7b  changing dev email address to devjobs
     new 15cc7fe  added SSC gateway URL
     new 1044189  added SSC gateway details
     new bcdd119  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2571-email-verified'
     new 44dd8f1  added Rodeo VM details
     new bd4c6d8  airavata PGA gateway installation parameters updated
     new 5aec2a8  added google analytics ID
     new 80da347  added google analytics ID
     new 08f09bc  added google analytics ID for SIU gateway
     new 5a33b09  added google analytics ID for SimVascular gateway
     new ac7330b  added google analytics ID for SimCCS gateway
     new e101d43  added google analytics ID for IU Cyber gateway
     new c13c0c2  AIRAVATA-2608 Upgrade logback to latest
     new 6c1478c  Fixing AIRAVATA-2621
     new dc6ea56  Fixing AIRAVATA-2624 Sampede2 cluster SSH connectivity issue
     new 61b9684  Validating port value before overriding
     new 766cbd8  AIRAVATA-2645 Add profile services to Python thrift stubs
     new 0d77ff5  AIRAVATA-2645 Generate Python thrift stubs
     new f13c17f  Fixing AIRAVATA-2621
     new 0237909  Fixing AIRAVATA-2624 Sampede2 cluster SSH connectivity issue
     new 53888e1  Validating port value before overriding
     new 0f25c2f  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2621-bugfix' into develop
     new 298fadf  Added Stampede2 email for job monitoring
     new 4a3ba81  Added Searching SRA Jetstream cluster email for job monitoring
     new a24cf52  AIRAVATA-2594 Allow gateway-users to call getGatewayResourceProfile
     new 964aaab  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2500' into develop
     new f4814b8  Implemented getAllGroupsUserBelongs
     new bc22d0d  Set ownerId when creating group
     new 6f4ae17  Fix for setting ownerId on new group
     new 3ecbd3a  Merge pull request #163 from sachinkariyattin/develop
     new 649bb66  Removed dependencies
     new 179ad80  Fix unit test to read escaped keystore file path
     new aff441a  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 4f4cbd6  Added new methods to registry api
     new 0e58134  Changes to pom and exceptions
     new feff039  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 211691d  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2590-uge_groovy-template-fixes' into develop
     new 1692d9b  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2590-uge_groovy-template-fixes'
     new 6a600d0  Fixing Airavata-2143 : Experiments with overridden resource allocation details tries to use qos and reservation from community user
     new 49c5b5b  Providing high priority for process level queue name
     new a44fa60  Merge pull request #166 from DImuthuUpe/AIRAVATA-2143
     new f5aaf33  Changes to throw Runtimeexception
     new ccfecab  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 3aee824  Merge pull request #164 from sachinkariyattin/develop
     new a049148  lastUpdateTime is required on TaskModel
     new a123fc0  AIRAVATA-2663 Include root cause when throwing new exception
     new 4c80791  AIRAVATA-2664 Thrift client not thread safe; new one for each request
     new 14ae202  AIRAVATA-2663 Fix NPE in createProcesses
     new 73d52c9  AIRAVATA-2667 Throw error if JobModel not found
     new 5091d6f  AIRAVATA-2667 Remove global Registry service client in ProcessContext
     new b26717b  AIRAVATA-2667 Add isJobExist method to Registry API
     new 0e2918a  IRAVATA-2668 Using addExperimentProcessOutputs to update outputs
     new 715bcae  AIRAVATA-2665 Allow admin-read-only for getAllCredentialSummaryForGateway
     new 665bed8  FIxing maven warnings
     new 7477deb  Travis: clone full repo for git-describe to work
     new 1f39ac6  derbynet needed in compile scope (CredentialStoreInitUtil)
     new 210cf43  Added GSU cluster email for monitoring.
     new a09ed5e  Added USD SLURM cluster email for monitoring.
     new e271719  Regenerate GroupManagerService Python stubs
     new 5e793c5  AIRAVATA-2672 Start Zookeeper as unprivileged user
     new 9991e44  AIRAVATA-2672 Setting Zookeeper log directory
     new e67ed30  Merge branch 'AIRAVATA-2672' into develop
     new 8d4a65e  Ansible changes for Airavata Standalone Server
     new bf6ef8b  fixing database transaction issue in creating password credential and improving ansible scripts
     new 4da2c5f  fixing minor issues
     new 86a2908  Removing TestApplication
     new 4f429ef  Updating cloning url to original airavata repo
     new 5f1e81f  Reverting back to https urls
     new 3a2e1be  Adding missing placeholder
     new d6fa1cf  Removing admin email value
     new 7eae3f9  Moving default gateway initialization code to api server
     new 9f06e0f  Minor improvement
     new 1f5066a  Reverting back to http urls as ansible does not trust mariadb ssl certificates
     new 882722c  Merge branch 'ansible-standalone' of into DImuthuUpe-ansible-standalone
     new 37b06e2  Merge branch 'DImuthuUpe-ansible-standalone' into develop
     new a544455  Use 'become' to open port 22 in firewall
     new 49ff096  Remove registry client from credential store
     new 04724f0  Merge branch 'DImuthuUpe-ansible-standalone' into develop
     new 3c3345d  Setting default pga_git_branch
     new cce75c8  Merge branch 'DImuthuUpe-ansible-standalone' into develop
     new 3be90c6  Use 'become' to open http/https ports
     new 2ec3902  Merge branch 'DImuthuUpe-ansible-standalone'
     new c9a1b06  Initial helix migration
     new ef94a5a  Building groovy map
     new 5144f67  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop
     new 508b895  Improving exception handling of GfacServerHandler
     new b6c2e13  Merge pull request #175 from DImuthuUpe/develop
     new 4338008  Fixing incorrect assignment
     new 85c222b  Merge pull request #177 from DImuthuUpe/develop
     new b199bc2  Stabalizing DefaultJobSubmission Task
     new 7124801  Removing some unnecessary RuntimeExceptions
     new cb54e4d  Fixing env setup task
     new 7350b25  Implementing DataStaging tasks
     new 573dbab  Fixing bugs in pre workflow
     new 4e1c1b0  Standalone email monitor initial implementation
     new 42ff5f4  Implementing post workflow
     new ca45564  Configuring pre workflow manager to read from rabbitmq launch queue
     new 1c3a5d4  Improving status publishing
     new f51f1f1  Thread safe entity manager factory
     new 71075e0  Logging improvements
     new 782b0e8  Refactoring
     new 39a011e  Adding Dimuthu's details to the pom
     new 35847f9  Adding tilaks to Airavata pom.xml
     new e864db3  Adding deployment module to helix workflows
     new a726a98  Moving helix-spectator module to airavata-helix module
     new 0053413  Moving helix-spectator module to airavata-helix module
     new 71b294e  Refactoring
     new 0164795  Adding license headers
     new 4e63595  Fixing travis build
     new 59f4e58  Adding Sachin Kariyattin to Airavata pom.xml
     new bc0016f  Adding output file details to experiment output
     new ab8435b  Restructuring property files
     new 07e8984  Merge branch 'develop' into helix-integration
     new a03b8e5  Merge branch 'helix-integration' into develop
     new 2c5f4c5  Listen line is resulting in duplicate with main httpd.conf
     new 880e208  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into develop
     new ce6478e  Adding archival helix task
     new 1cb80a0  Registering archival helix task in global participant
     new 1e090ff  Implementing workflow level cancellation
     new 5f182f0  Implementing job level cancellation
     new 72bece3  Adding realtime job monitoring capability to monitoring framework
     new 797027c  Adding job id as the key of kafka message entity to make sure all message types for a particular job go to same partition
     new 7b20506  Deleting status node before updating it
     new 91f4fef  Giving higher priority for files in config dir
     new f25b2a8  Creating distribution for job monitors
     new 403656f  Refactoring helix task distribution
     new 865d7a4  Updating the Helix module to use Slf4j logging
     new 42176a7  Updating helix distribution to use logback
     new df058b5  Supporting kafka logging for helix tasks
     new ccf7e01  Migrating job-monitors to use logback logging
     new ac53d8a  Fixing logging configuration of daemon scripts
     new 1a97414  Deleting temporary files created in Data staging tasks
     new 8f7dc3d  Adding consistent job submission, fixing zookeeper connection issues and logging improvements
     new bf3943a  Publishing process status as Executing once the workflow is launched
     new 55747ca  Printing the description of fetched credential
     new a697180  Refactoring SSHAgentAdaptor
     new 33bf5bd  Using one RabbitMQ Channel for one thread
     new c86a4ea  Refactoring PreWorkflowManager
     new b10c672  Making Status publisher global to all Tasks
     new 2dc41b7  Using Clients instead of CPIs in Helix Tasks
     new d042fd3  Synch commit support for kafka job monitor queue
     new 03e0ec7  Moving ThriftClientPool to airavata-commons module as it is generic tool that can be used beyond API Server
     new 7211467  Using the correct API to save experiment outputs
     new bac92d0  Printing the experiment id when submitting a post workflow
     new 721a55a  Detecting zero byte files and ignoring data staging
     new 623a87d  Loading email config file from ApplicationSettings utility
     new 66750af  Handling Failed jobs
     new 9d84826  Adding file exists api to adaptor
     new e45108a  Checking the existence of output file before transferring
     new 7bb426a  Checking the archive transfer status in ArchivingTask
     new 06f8435  Checking full file path in validating file existence in SSHAgentAdaptor
     new 2839c44  Simplifying helix distribution configs
     new 0f07123  Failing input data staging if the file size is 0
     new 01e0e70  Updating Helix core version 0.6.7 -> 0.8.0
     new 8adb34e  Removing duplicate dependencies and dependency conflicts
     new 4cfca65  Using JobSubmission protocol as Adaptor protocol
     new 1ce6d3f  Improving error handling and adding error codes to easily track issues
     new f912d39  In an experiment cancel request, marking the experiment is cancelled once the job is cancelled, completed or failed
     new 1b950bd  Graceful job cancellation if the Default Job Submission failed in middle
     new 98b7d16  Making the Experiment as cancelled irrespective of the Job status.
     new e26b66c  Handling externally cancelled Jobs
     new 5fa0cec  Minor logging improvement
     new 4836bdf  Fixing the bug in wildcard supporting of OutputDataStaging Task
     new a2acaac  Adding sshj adaptor and replacing jsch adaptor for SSH communication
     new d447052  Adaptor caching support
     new 2d2f5ee  Updating bouncycastle version
     new 9b9a2c0  Initial commit of scigap staging inventory
     new f070159  Don't give gfac db access if no gfac in hosts
     new fe28ca9  Remove GFac config from api-orch template
     new 42bd72f  Merge pull request #189 from DImuthuUpe/rabbitmq-publisher-improvements
     new c0e3978  Filtering deployments that are only related to the compute resource of process
     new 68999eb  Staging PGA Ansible config
     new 8c7ba31  Updating Shutdown Hook Implementation for Helix Participant
     new cc699a4  Use IP address (internal network) from API server to database
     new e9baeec  kafka ansible implementation
     new dc035b1  helix-integration ansible changes
     new 0f66b45  Merge pull request #192 from Lahiru-J/develop
     new 5867892  Merge branch 'develop' into staging
     new 021ff94  Merge branch 'develop' into staging
     new 9999156  Simplifying email job monitor properties
     new 15e8958  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new aea2b55  Fixing possible NPE when publishing process status
     new 796ecbb  Returning empty list in getSubmethods of AuthKeyboardInteractive
     new ad72e82  Fixing ansible scripts to deploy staging helix distribution
     new 0f2a1e5  Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
     new 5f58b1b  Fixing NPE when creating an Optional from null object
     new d132bf2  Adding Requested Modifications to Shutdown Hook Implementation for Helix Participant
     new e67ffd8  Merge pull request #195 from yasgun/develop
     new 7a182e1  Forcefully making the job state as Cancelled once an Experiment cancellation is triggered
     new e38fb06  helix setup service scripts
     new 15c3987  Fetching the original task id which submitted the job when cancelling
     new a3f1f47  Merge pull request #197 from Lahiru-J/develop
     new 0bcf435  Closing ssh session before getting the status code
     new da4503d  Updating helix version from 0.8.0 -> 0.8.1
     new 6ef6c03  AIRAVATA-2757 Set default charset for profile_service
     new 5cf113d  Ansible: staging PGA instances inventory
     new 20cb5ce  Ignore realtime monitoring commands on failure
     new e91c302  Adding user resource profile to Task Context
     new 9703d13  Adding missing emails in email monitor config
     new cccdbf3  Fixing the bug of scratch location having a trailing file separator
     new 6d8082e  Setting user level compute resource preferences
     new 341d3d9  Adding missing emails to email job monitor ansible distribution
     new 39d81aa  Merge pull request #194 from DImuthuUpe/develop
     new f5aeb4b  Merge branch 'develop' into staging
     new 87b6b2f  Minor logging improvement
     new d5c2bdf  Directing the stdout of curl monitoring commands to /dev/null
     new 10749a7  Fixing broken helix download links
     new 1d32f81  Updating Task Framework to support User Defined Workflow implementation
     new 78a6fa9  Adding queue operator to handle Airavata task queues
     new f3a316f  Updating Queue Operator to become stateless, while adding additional logging, and performing variable name changes
     new 3a7f7f1  Updated JavaDocs and added operator level validations
     new b2395fe  Fixed the issue with participant re-enabling when coming back to the cluster after a graceful shutdown
     new befba32  Added additional logs and exception handling for Helix Participant
     new f04ac5f  Merge pull request #200 from yasgun/develop
     new abf24ff  Ansibles for testing environment
     new aa897d8  Fixing the bug of rabbitmq consumer threads being killed for unhandled exceptions
     new a645e51  Improving batch queue validator logic
     new 99d500a  Adding recursive directory creation method to adaptors
     new 6df7cbc  Logging improvements
     new 321b79e  Logging improvements
     new 0461052  Adding monitor logic to identify and remove stale ssh connections in the pool and reducing default sessions per connection to 1
     new 5d667d4  Manually disconnecting stale connections
     new 2de372e  Setting default maximum sessions for a ssh connection to 1
     new bb68c49  Setting max connection idle time to 10 minutes
     new 93bfe76  Minor log level changes
     new 2bbfd8c  Merge branch 'develop' into staging
     new c905ef5  Optimizing task retry logic
     new 6c6cfdc  Fixing NPE when fetching the curator client
     new b4c3bab  Adding missing emails to email monitor
     new c1b12e5  Adding missing path separator for retry counter
     new b64f33b  implementation of DataParsingTask, CatalogEntry, and CatalogUtil
     new 1447321  Catalog Graph implementation with Dijkstra shortest path algorithm
     new e0486d4  Parser workflow manager and parser request implementation
     new 4ff6b34  distribution of parser workflow manager
     new 9b40364  changed the way of getting shortest path entries considering application and multiple operations
     new 8a4eb0a  avoid source vertex self loops
     new 2af9090  Merge pull request #206 from Lahiru-J/staging
     new e0554fe  Fixing issues in task retry nodes
     new 25a63e5  Accepting 0 byte files at output data staging
     new 46fde14  Fixing the bug of task retry when the retry count is 1
     new 6844273  Updating helix version
     new dcb34e8  Fixing retry count not applying issue
     new e2aedc5  Adding missing error log
     new b4a57f7  Deleting intermediary monitoring nodes
     new 521b36a  Manually cleaning up stale workflows
     new 591f997  Minor logging improvements
     new 3c1717d  Changing controller log levels
     new f6f16ec  Minor logging improvements
     new dd79ce2  Retrying for job id in realtime monitor
     new 6227c37  Fixing a minor bug in monitoring paths
     new 422d866  Minor logging improvement
     new d7ad156  Minor logging improvement
     new 353e64b  Fixing the bug of second retry count being 1
     new 73942aa  Removing unwanted zookeeper path creation inside orchestrator
     new 656b3bf  Adding prefix to monitoring paths
     new 5c81823  Setting zookeeper auto purge configurations
     new 0ad3b1b  Adding mistakenly removed status subscriber
     new 3e879e4  Fixing the bug of workflow cancellation being failed when they are deleted by the cleanup agent
     new e642e7f  Using MonitoringUtil to monitor paths
     new bb7d3ca  Temporary removing cleaning up command in CancellationCompletingTask
     new 23631de  Removing task failure when a job cancellation is failed
     new 3f68a88  Creating cancellation workflow even though relevant workflows are not available
     new f9db782  Skipping Failed workflows in cleanup agent
     new a14e473  Stopping helix daemons before replacing binaries
     new f3100aa  Refactoring post workflow manager
     new eb919bc  Temporary stopping cleanup agent
     new 274c73f  Task retrying if the context load failed
     new 15a605e  Setting an expiry time of 30 minutes for jobs and workflows
     new 5aecd2f  Adding ls5 email to email monitoring config
     new fa75599  Updating php stubs
     new 8b10120  Adding NON_CRITICAL_FAIL status for job states
     new 4f166fa  Optimizing cleanup in MonitoringUtil
     new a337eef  Making testing pga branch from master -> staging
     new 1532e5e  Making testing pga branch from master -> staging
     new 616ff18  fixing the issue in iam server url of testing ansibles
     new e3b77ae  Platform monitor initial version
     new 2f94413  Adding email notifier
     new cb3168b  Refactoring platform monitor module
     new 0758b75  Creating distribution and ansibles for platform monitor
     new ae25487  Changing pga branch master -> staging in staging environment
     new 7bc9208  Adding platform monitor dependency to distribution
     new 2d9ae11  Externalizing monitor intervals
     new b2b080c  Removing occupied zookeeper connections in Participant Monitor
     new d341aef  Fixing a typo
     new 8ec3f54  Making workflow operator a global variable
     new f57cc7e  Validating job status before putting into the queue
     new e6fe205  Adding curator jars for email monitor distribution
     new 96cb11b  Adding task-core jars for email monitor distribution
     new b7b0842  Adding an expiration time for email monitoring
     new e105c7c  Adding logs to experiment create and launch
     new 2154128  Avoiding multiple initializations of WorkflowOperator in participant monitor
     new d172f91  Removing stale modules
     new ec22e48  Adding missing Host Scheduler
     new ea882da  Trying to remove empty
     new 0fbe1b1  Adding maven enhancer for registry models
     new 4f490eb  Merge branch 'staging' of into staging
     new 78a2216  Bringing db-event-manager back
     new 711c2d7  Improving workflow cancellation logic
     new a6ef239  Validating jobs for process
     new 3c783ac  Overriding default allocation project number

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