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From Chris Riccomini <>
Subject 1.9.0 test branch has been cut
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2017 19:45:59 GMT
Hey all,

I've cut a 1.9.0 test branch.

Here are the tickets that are being tracked on 1.9.0.

ISSUE ID     |DESCRIPTION                                       |MERGED
AIRFLOW-1608 |GCP Dataflow hook missing pending job state       |1
AIRFLOW-1606 |DAG.sync_to_db is static, but takes a DAG as first|1
AIRFLOW-1605 |Fix log source of local loggers                   |0
AIRFLOW-1602 |Use LoggingMixin for the DAG class                |1
AIRFLOW-1597 |Add GameWisp as Airflow user                      |1
AIRFLOW-1594 |Installing via pip copies test files into python l|1
AIRFLOW-1593 |Expose load_string in WasbHook                    |1
AIRFLOW-1586 |MySQL to GCS to BigQuery fails for tables with dat|1
AIRFLOW-1584 |Remove the insecure /headers endpoints            |1
AIRFLOW-1582 |Improve logging structure of Airflow              |1
AIRFLOW-1580 |Error in string formatter when throwing an excepti|1
AIRFLOW-1579 |Allow jagged rows in BQ Hook.                     |1
AIRFLOW-1577 |Add token support to DatabricksHook               |1
AIRFLOW-1573 |Remove `thrift < 0.10.0` requirement              |1
AIRFLOW-1568 |Add datastore import/export operator              |1
AIRFLOW-1567 |Clean up ML Engine operators                      |1
AIRFLOW-1564 |Default logging filename contains a colon         |1
AIRFLOW-1556 |BigQueryBaseCursor should support SQL parameters  |1
AIRFLOW-1546 | add Zymergen to org list in README               |1
AIRFLOW-1535 |Add support for Dataproc serviceAccountScopes in D|1
AIRFLOW-1529 |Support quoted newlines in Google BigQuery load jo|1
AIRFLOW-1522 |Increase size of val column for variable table in |1
AIRFLOW-1521 |Template fields definition for bigquery_table_dele|1
AIRFLOW-1507 |Make src, dst and bucket parameters as templated i|1
AIRFLOW-1505 |Document when Jinja substitution occurs           |1
AIRFLOW-1504 |Log Cluster Name on Dataproc Operator When Execute|1
AIRFLOW-1499ss|Eliminate duplicate and unneeded code             |0
AIRFLOW-1493 |Fix race condition with airflow run               |1
AIRFLOW-1492 |Add metric for task success/failure               |1
AIRFLOW-1489 |Docs: Typo in BigQueryCheckOperator               |1
AIRFLOW-1478 |Chart -> Owner column should be sortable          |1
AIRFLOW-1476 |Add INSTALL file for source releases              |1
AIRFLOW-1474 |Add dag_id regex for 'airflow clear' CLI command  |1
AIRFLOW-1459 |integration rst doc is broken in github view      |1
AIRFLOW-1438 |Scheduler batch queries should have a limit       |1
AIRFLOW-1437 |BigQueryTableDeleteOperator should define deletion|1
AIRFLOW-1402 |Cleanup SafeConfigParser DeprecationWarning       |1
AIRFLOW-1401 |Standardize GCP project, region, and zone argument|1
AIRFLOW-1394 |Add quote_character parameter to GoogleCloudStorag|1
AIRFLOW-1389 |BigQueryOperator should support `createDisposition|1
AIRFLOW-1384 |Add ARGO/CaDC                                     |1
AIRFLOW-1359 |Provide GoogleCloudML operator for model evaluatio|1
AIRFLOW-1352 |Revert bad logging Handler                        |0
AIRFLOW-1350 |Add "query_uri" parameter for Google DataProc oper|1
AIRFLOW-1345 |Don't commit on each loop                         |1
AIRFLOW-1344 |Builds failing on Python 3.5 with AttributeError  |1
AIRFLOW-1343 |Add airflow default label to the dataproc operator|1
AIRFLOW-1338 |gcp_dataflow_hook is incompatible with the recent |1
AIRFLOW-1337 |Customize log format via config file              |1
AIRFLOW-1335 |Use buffered logger                               |1

If you have stuff you want to get in, please set it with a fix version of

Please begin testing, stabilizing, and reporting bugs now! :)


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