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From Jarek Potiuk <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Moving stuff from CWiki to Github ?
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2020 09:59:43 GMT
Question. Should we move over Airflow 2.0 Status and other "permanent"
information to Github Wiki? See here for example:

The discussion originated by Kamil creating an issue for Airflow 2.0 -
which was essentially overriding the page we had in
and adding more "status" information in This was more of a
"meta" issue as it has a lot of unrelated issues / projects mentioned
- the only common thing for those was that it was "Airflow 2.0". But
we already have "Milestone 2.0" and CWIKI page.

My proposal was that since we have 2.0 Milestone already we should use
this one to mark issues for 2.0 and in order to keep
Roadmap/Plans/Status we can use Github's Wiki instead. IMHO it is much
better as it does not allow comments - which is good IMHO. For this
jind of "permanent" pages, comments and discussion should happen for
the individual issues not for the page itself  (especially when you do
not have in-line comments).

And this page should always be "current" - with the old roadmap in
CWIKI and the issue 10085 when you add comments, you quickly lose
track whether the comments are more important than the overview, and
how accurate the "overview" is.  When you just edit the wiki - you
always do it deliberately - because you want to update status rather
than make a comment or discuss,

So I created this as copy of the issue: so that we can
compare it - can you please compare it with and voice your opinion
what's better?

I think it's also a great opportunity to archive a lot of the old and
not up-to-date from the old Wiki and migrate it to GitHub. We could
move AIPs to Github issues (as needed) - AIPS are fine for
discussion/issues/comments, but when they got implemented we could
move it over to wiki as "Implemented" status for history.

Let me know what you think.

BTW. PLEASE do NOT comment on that #10085 issue (it's now locked and
closed). I accidentally (shame on me) notified all Apache Committers.
Happened twice today (also for someone else) so I opened a ticket to
Infra to restrict that (If only possible) because it's all too easy to
notify everyone @Apache). If you comment there 3K+ people get

But feel free to upvote the infra ticket:


Jarek Potiuk
Polidea | Principal Software Engineer

M: +48 660 796 129

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