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From Attila Magyar <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] add FreeBuilder to Ambari
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2018 15:55:51 GMT
I lean towards -1 a bit. It looks to me that this tool solves a not too difficult problem but
solves it in a not too ideal way. And it’s hard to predict what will be the implications
of using this in the long run. 
Builders can be generated by IntelliJ or written by hand quite easily. Although this will
add some extra code, but the complexity of that code is very low and hand written builders
are easier to customize.
If there was built in language support for this then I would use it, but I wouldn’t add
a 3rd party dependency with all of its potential liabilities for solving an otherwise easy

On 3/6/18, 3:52 PM, "Jonathan Hurley" <> wrote:

    0 - I am indifferent as well, but I remain cautious about integrating 3rd party build
assistants into our ecosystem. Unlike using a library, this is something that is required
for our IDEs to be compatible with. A change to an IDE or even JDK version could potentially
cause the JAR to no longer work and for those IDEs to be non-functional until its fixed. At
the end of the day, it's a helper that boilerplates some stuff for us, making our lives a
little easier (which is good), but the tight coupling might not be.
    I'd be curious to see what others feel about this approach.
    > On Mar 6, 2018, at 9:27 AM, Nate Cole <> wrote:
    > 0  - I’m indifferent to this, but would like to understand the need.  Is this to
gain convenience for equals(), hashCode(), toString() and the like or does Ambari face a real
problem that this is addressing?
    > On 3/3/18, 7:17 AM, "Balazs Bence Sari" <> wrote:
    >    +1
    >    On 3/2/18, 17:57, "Doroszlai, Attila" <> wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> I'd like to start a vote on adding the FreeBuilder library to Ambari.
    >> FreeBuilder is an annotation processor that generates (at compile
    >> time) immutable value objects and their builders from interfaces or
    >> abstract classes annotated with @FreeBuilder.  If you are interested
    >> in the details, please check the website at
    >>  Their concise
    >> readme has examples and explanations.
    >> The reason for the vote thread is that a quick, one-time setup is
    >> needed for IDEs for those working on ambari-server.
    >> * IDEA: find the directory "ambari-server > target >
    >> generated-sources > annotations" in the Project pane, right-click it,
    >> and select Mark Directory as > Generated Sources Root.
    >> * Eclipse: instructions are at
    >> * NetBeans: non-FreeBuilder-specific tutorial:
    >> If the vote passes, I will add setup instructions to the Ambari wiki.
    >> Please vote:
    >> [ ] +1, add FreeBuilder to Ambari
    >> [ ] -1, keep FreeBuilder out of Ambari
    >> Thanks for your time.
    >> -Attila

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