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From Nate Cole <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Remove Groovy Shell and Groovy Client Modules from Ambari
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2018 13:21:44 GMT
+1 to remove

On 2/26/18, 11:38 AM, "Robert Levas" <> wrote:

    It appears that we have a few orphaned modules in the Ambari source code.  I am currently
concerned with the following modules:
    -  Groovy Shell (ambari-shell/ambari-groovy-shell) [last updated 9 months ago*]
    -  Groovy Client (ambari-client/groovy_client) [last updated 2 years ago]
    -  Python Shell (ambari-shell/ambari-python-shell) [last updated 4 years ago*]
    -  Python Client (ambari-client/python_client)  [last updated 2 years ago]
    *Note, there have been some recent updates to some of these modules, but I believe that
the changes were not related to keeping the modules up-to-date,
    Since these are basically orphaned and outdated, I propose to remove them from the source
tree as of Ambari 2.6.2.
    Please vote on this. I will keep the vote open until the end of the week to ensure the
team gets a chance to review this.
      [ ] +1, Remove ambari-shell and ambari-client modules
      [ ] -1, Keep ambari-shell and ambari-client modules

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