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From "Doroszlai, Attila" <>
Subject Re: IDE setup required on branch-feature-AMBARI-14714
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2018 21:43:36 GMT

Your concern is valid, however please consider:

 * The way FreeBuilder is invoked by Maven/Eclipse/IDEA is not a
custom plugin.  Annotation processing is a standard part of the Java
compiler.  Eclipse or IntelliJ cannot simply stop supporting it.

 * We do have the code generated by FreeBuilder.  Ambari can decide at
any time to stop using FreeBuilder, and keep the code generated so
far. (3rd item)

 * Ambari depends way deeper on Guice for example, which is also a
3rd-party library.  Yes, maybe the code would compile after removing
all the Guice-specific code, but it would not work without manually
passing all the instances that are now injected.


By boilerplate I mean:

 * proper equals/hashCode/toString implementations for simple data
objects (eg. *Request classes in Ambari)
 * code duplication when you want almost identical instances eg. for
unit tests
 * unnecessary code when you don't need all properties of some object
for the test, but have to specify them anyway
 * unless you create chained constructors for the previous case

All these cases can be implemented more easily, in more readable and
less fragile ways using FreeBuilder (and some other similar


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