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From Daniel Pono Takamori <>
Subject Jenkins labels and large queue
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:08:05 GMT
Ambari Devs,
It appears your PR job in Jenkins has had some 20 odd jobs in queue
due to pinning your job to the 'hadoop' label.  I'm unsure why you've
tied your job to that label but I've changed it to the more generic
'ubuntu'.  The Hadoop nodes are dedicated to main Hadoop projects and
since we've lost some build capacity we need those nodes for the long
standing jobs otherwise the queue grows to unmanageable levels.
We are looking into getting more capacity to alleviate these problems
and will keep you updated.  It might also be worth looking into a way
to get your jobs to run in parallel when applicable, since having 20
PRs need to run serially isn't that convenient.

-Pono on behalf of Infrastructure

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