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From Joel Riedesel <>
Subject Re: newbie - dependency question
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:26:16 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >>>>> "JR" == Joel Riedesel <> writes:
>  JR> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>  >>  What you could do is build a separate dir structure for each
>  >> build you want to add. Something like src/module_a/,
>  >> src/module_a/.
>  JR> Ouch.  That just feels really kludgy to me.
> Sure, it is.
>  JR> One other tidbit.  One wants to be able to have a quick compile
>  JR> and test for their module when working on it.  One shouldn't have
>  JR> to deal with the entire project when just working on a module.
> Well you don't have to. Other than scanning the directories of the
> other modules and excluding everything you don't need - which doesn't
> even need to be done explicitly.
> So if I get all this right: if Ant would scan com/jnana/alert but not
> bother with com/jnana/dialog (given you are working on
> com/jnana/alert), you'd be happy. Right?

That might do it.  I'm just concerned that the .class files then
get put in the right place as well... (which they should if the right
src/dest roots are setup.

(It currently takes it about 1.1 minutes to scan my source tree!)



Joel Riedesel
Jnana Technologies Corporation

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