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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Problem with build files in several directories
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:30:38 GMT
Hi Marc,

>>>>> "MG" == Marc Gemis <> writes:

 MG> <mkdir> works fine 

 MG> however, <available> still thinks it is in the Project directory
 MG> (instead of 1.0).  <ant> has the same problem.

Problem was not really a sub build issue. If you went to your
project's main directory and issued

ant -buildfile 1.0/one.xml

you would have seen the same effect. <available> didn't resolve
relative filenames according to the projects basedir but to the
working directory of the java process.

Should be fixed now - in CVS.

It is well possible that other tasks fail to resolve files correctly
as well - they will be fixed when problems are reported or anybody
finds the time to write a complete test harness.

 MG> (iff I have the antfile described as above <ant
 MG> antfile="1.0/one.xml" /> nor <ant antfile="one.xml" dir="1.0" />
 MG> seems to work)

As it stands right now (CVS) you need to define dir _and_ antfile. dir
is going to be resolved relative to the current project's basedir and
antfile relative to dir.


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