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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Any way to log information other then through the command lin e?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 13:54:25 GMT

> This may be a little too much overhead for a relatively simple thing, but
> I'll certainly give it a try first.  (Perhaps I should give it a try, and
> THEN express an opinion. ;-)  )

OK, just pipe output through grep and filter out [javac] lines.

> This leads me to another question: is there any way to add a listener
> through the make file as opposed to the command line?  (can you tell that
> I'm a little opposed to anything functionality that is available on the
> command line that isn't available internally?)

There is no way to do this now. The main problem is that the listeners need
to be setup prior to starting the build since they generally want to see the
"Build Start" event. The command line is the most appropriate place for that
to happen. It would be possible to define a task that added a listener to
the project but that listener must cope with missing at least some events.

> I've quickly read the "Build Events" section, but the section is
> very small
> and not very descriptive.  For example: what exactly do you mean
> by "create
> an ant Project object"?

OK, I wrote it, so I'll take that on the chin. I wrote this section mainly
for people who would be integrating ant with an IDE. Typically, rather than
running ant through the operating system shell, such an integration would
create an ant Project object directly and subscribe to its build events.

The second section shows how to add the listener from the command line. This
will add a listener to the ant Project object (no need to create one). There
are two listeners in the ant source tree. and

You could use these as a template for your javac filtering listener.

> Where do I create it?  In order to
> create it, do I
> need to write myself a new task, where the execute() method creates an
> instance of Project, and then adds my listener?  Sorry, but I think I need
> that "Ant for Morons" manual.

No, I need to rewrite and expand that section.

> Thanks for the speedy replies.

No problems, but I'll be in bed soon :-)


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