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From David Weller <>
Subject RE: Ant and IDL compilers ?
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 19:59:35 GMT
Allow me to also throw a hat in the ring on this one, but for a different
reason:  We have a utility that builds Entity Beans from a definition file
(basically, one .def file generates 5 java files and 3 XML ejb files).  What
would be REALLY nice is a way to do a timestamp compare on a file and make
decisions based on it.

And now that I'm yakking away about Ant, where do we make "official"
suggestions for Ant modifications?

--- Bruce Cohen <> wrote:
> I was thinking something along the lines of a
> custom task which would be told (in build.xml)
> the name of the idl file, and the name of any
> one of the many java files produced by execution
> of idl2java.
> So the task would compare the timestamp on the
> idl file to the java file and run idl2java if the
> idl file is more recent.

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