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From Dino Valente <>
Subject RE: Including other antfiles
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 17:25:17 GMT
At 09:40 AM 8/10/00 +0200, you wrote:
>> This ability to include other ant files is really crucial in
>> order for me
>> to use ant. Othersize, I will be typing in the same stuff for all my
>> projects (I have 20 projects). People have suggested to use
>> the following
>> method:
>> <project name="fooproject" basedir=".">
>>       <ant antfile="X" dir=" ... " target="TargetX.B">
>> 		<property name="name" value="foo" />
>> 	</ant>
>> </project>
>I'm trying to understand this ...
>Is this from a subproject build file ?

No. from the main project build file.
>> where X is the general file.
>Does this mean, that X is a toplevel buildfile that contains targets for
>all subprojects ?

Other way around. X is a general template file.

>> This doesn't work for me since
>> you would have
>> to define all the rules again the build file and propagate
>> the action to
>> the general build file (e.g I have separate rules for building the jar
>> file, cleaning the .class files and generating javadocs).
>> Maintanence is a
>> nightmare.
>> Ant is a very good product. I was hooked. However, I was very
>> disappointed
>> on its ability to not handle complex projects. Basically, I wanted the
>> ability build each project separately
>Yes, I want this too !
>> and the ability to build all my
>> projects in an efficient way.
>>  With make, it is a no brainer except for
>> compiling java files.
>and there doesn't seem to be any other solution yet.
>cons,bake and other alternative make tools don't support Java
>very well.
>> This is why I like ant so much is that
>> it takes care
>> of this aspect for me. I was also disappointed on how Ant
>> handles property
>> values (you can only set it once and can never override
>> them).
>Can someone enligthen us why it is designed in this way ?
>What I want is to set for example the compile options for all projects in
>one place and
>only override them in projects that have special requirements to do so.
>I can't see how that would work with ant.

They had this originally but changed it for 1.1. Check other emails for the
"official" response.

>> I'm still
>> hoping someone will post an example that will convince me
>> that Ant is the
>> answer to my problem (so far no one has).

This hasn't happen yet :-(

>> dino

The general reaction has been: Ant is not make and if you want it then
implement it yourself which is fair enough. I'm just hoping (& wishing)
that the main ant developers see this as an area of improvement. I'm
already working 12-14 hour days. I wish I had time to do external development.


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