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From Dino Valente <>
Subject Re: Usage of ant built-in task
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 17:39:14 GMT
You should follow the discussion with the title :"including other
antfiles". We are discussing this very issue (I have raised this issue
before and I'm doing this again since I believe it is very important area
to figure out.)


At 12:17 PM 8/10/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I am trying to use ANT to replace traditional makefile.  The example
>build.xml files that I have run across (from ant and xalan) show how to
>build a project from it's entirety (from  the top level.)  However what I
>would like to do is have a build.xml in each subdirectory in the source tree
>so that I can build a specific subcomponent when desired.  I sort of figured
>that the <ant ...> task would be the way to go but I have a usage that meets
>my needs.
>Specifically I would like to be able to have a top-level build.xml file
>invoke the sub-level build.xml files for the appropriate target.  I would
>like to not have the top-level build.xml file be required to specify each
>target (sort of a generic target which will propagate downwards.)
>Also I would like to be able to give a list of files in each subdirectory to
>be built rather than simply building all *.java files.
>I am confident that ANT can handle my needs, but unfortunately my thinking
>is muddied by decades of Makefiles and I'm having a hard time shifting that
>20 cents.

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