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From Dino Valente <>
Subject Re: Including other antfiles
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:31:34 GMT
At 10:45 AM 8/11/00 +0200, you wrote:
>>>>>> "DV" == Dino Valente <> writes:
> DV> They had this originally but changed it for 1.1. Check other
> DV> emails for the "official" response.
> DV> The general reaction has been: Ant is not make and if you want it
> DV> then implement it yourself
>I hope this two sentences are not related or I'd like to see which one
>came through as the "official" response. And don't take this as an
>official response either, just talking for myself - didn't think I'd
>ever need a disclaimer like this.

When I see a number of Ant developers posting to the user group with the
same response I gather it is official since you have the most say on the
direction of ant.

>You will usually earn a response like this if you want to add
>procedural logic, loops, switch and so on. The same holds true for
>XSLT like template matching.

However, after discussing the issue a lot and narrowing down what is really
useful we can arrive to a satisfactory conclusion (eg the include
discussion). Even issues such as loops, switch etc shouldn't be dismissed
right away. For example loops: In the most programming form, loops seems
too makish and constrary to Ant's direction. However, one could argue that
we don't really want a loop per sue, but we want the ability to traverse a
list of values and execute the same task for each value defined in the
list. Ant (like it or not) is a replacement for make to compile java

>I don't want to get deeper into this because this is not something
>that has been different at some point, so you cannot be talking about
>these issues.
>One of the biggest problems seems to be that people switching from
>make to Ant try to use Ant much the same way they've been using
>make. But Ant uses a very different approach and using Ant to build a
>project out of tens of sub projects controlled by a master file (but
>they still can be built individually) doesn't fit very well into Ant's
>view of the world.

Yet, with the simple ability to include build files and fixing the property
issue we are now able to achieve this very nicely with Ant.

>What has been different, was the handling of properties - and I agree
>that this makes using sub builds a lot more difficult than they need to
>I posted a summary titled "Why properties became immutable" on ant-dev
>shortly after I realized how much confusion the change has caused -
>personally I hardly realized the change.
>I don't want to bore everybody by reposting this article, send an
>email to to get it or
> to get the whole thread with
>some added opinions and minor corrections.
>There are chances that most of this stuff is going to change
>(properties and ${} evaluated at runtime, only a subset of the parent
>project's properties override those of sub projects) - just don't hold
>your breath.

It is great that we can discuss these issues and contribute towards the
direction of Ant. Please, be patient with people like me who persist a
little bit on issues you don't quite agree with. Force us (as you have) to
narrow down the problem and (hopefully) convince the Ant community that the
feature is needed.


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