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From Jeremy Mawson <>
Subject Re: Javac task does not find dependant classes
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Whoops, rogue classes.

*Slaps himself in shame*

Forget I ever said anything.

At 16:31 21/08/00, you wrote:
>Nope, Ant version 1.2alpha compiled on August 18 2000 does exactly the same
>thing. Any help?
>At 10:18 21/08/00, I wrote:
>>I am using Ant nightly build from 10 August.
>>In my project I call are a number of javac tasks successfully. When I get
>>to one particular javac task (which has over 1000 classes to compile) it
>>falls over because one particular class being compiled calls a constructor
>>from within a third party library (in zip format) and the compiler believes
>>that this particular constructor is unknown.
>>Here comes the weird part. The zip file *is* in the classpath. The
>>signature of the constructor *is* correct. The class *does* compile from
>>the command line with the same environment. I tried modifying the
>>classpath:  I shuffled the zip to the *front* of the classpath. I tried
>>unzipping the library into the classpath. I tried cutting and pasting the
>>classpath from my command line environment. Nothing has worked -- yet!
>>I understand there have been changes to how the javac task hadles large
>>batches of classes since 10-Aug, so I am about to try the latest build.
>>However, if anyone else has advice for me I'll be glad to hear it.
>>Here's the relevant ant call (slightly obfuscated):
>>	<property name="CLASSPATH"            
>>	    value="
>>	        ${JAVALIBS_BUILD_DIR}/;
>>			...
>>	 />
>>	 ...
>>    <target name="compileCore">
>>		<mkdir dir="${CLASSES_BUILD_DIR}/something" />
>>		<javac
>>		   srcdir="${BUILD_DIR}"
>>		   destdir="${CLASSES_BUILD_DIR}"
>>		   excludes="**/exclude01*/, **/, **/" />
>>    </target>

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