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From Bruce Cohen <>
Subject RE: Ant and IDL compilers ?
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 19:39:34 GMT
I was thinking something along the lines of a
custom task which would be told (in build.xml)
the name of the idl file, and the name of any
one of the many java files produced by execution
of idl2java.
So the task would compare the timestamp on the
idl file to the java file and run idl2java if the
idl file is more recent.

Another thing I've seen done (with make files)
is to compare the timestamp on the idl file to
an empty dummy file which gets created ('touch')
after idl2java is run.  This keeps the build
system from having to know anything about the
names of the .java files generated by idl2java


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From: "Bemowski, Paul A" <>
To: "''" <>
Sent: August 8, 2000 4:31:16 PM GMT
Subject: RE: Ant and IDL compilers  ?

Whether you exec it, or use a custom task to do it in process, you have to
compile everything every time.  The only way around it is to parse into the
idl and know the output format of the idl2java command.  A file like foo.idl
could generate hundreds of .java files with nothing to do with the word foo.

With java and rmi for instance you know that cranked
thru javac and rmic will produce CustomerService_Stub.class, and you can
check for the existence and timestamp of the CustomerService_Stub.class.
You did all that just by file naming conventions.  Unless they are self
imposed, idl has no such restrictions, so there is no way to deal with it
without parsing into foo.idl to find out what it should be generating.


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From: Bruce Cohen []
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: Ant and IDL compilers ?

For those of you using exec to call 'idl2java', How do you
determine if the source is out of date with
respect to the IDL file?  Or are you always generating
source even if its not out of date?


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From: (Michael Haertjens)
Sent: August 8, 2000 1:48:41 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Ant and IDL compilers  ?

Markus Kohler wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone working with Ant and an (Corba)IDL compiler ?
> What is your approach to call the idl compiler ?
> Regards,
> Markus

Using an exec command:

<target name="idl2java" depends="init, generate_idl">
command="idl2java -root_dir ${catalyst.home} -no_tie -no_examples
-package=com.modusoperandi.catalyst.server.Person ${basedir}/*.idl"

Hope this helps

Michael Haertjens
Dreamer, Shaper, Singer, Maker.

Systems Engineer

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