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From Nathan Fiedler <>
Subject how to use javadoc task
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 07:24:05 GMT
I've got code in /home/nfiedler/java/com/bluemarsh/jswat that I want to run
javadoc on, using Ant. So I try something like:

< javadoc sourcepath="/home/nfiedler/java" destdir="apidist"

This is apparently the only way I can get javadoc to work from within Ant. This
has two problems.

1. Using /home/nfiedler/java as the sourcepath means that the javadoc task
   tries to read the java files in that directory, which is not my intention.
   I only want to document the code in /home/nfiedler/java/com/bluemarsh/jswat.
2. Using /home/nfiedler/java is not portable and is unacceptable to me. I would
   much prefer using a reasonable argument such as "." when running Ant from

My thinking is the sourcepath attribute to javadoc should be made optional.
Without the -sourcepath option javadoc will still find the packages by using the
classpath environment variable. That would be the ideal solution for me.


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