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From "Jay Glanville" <>
Subject What is the best way to set up a class path variable?
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:15:03 GMT
Basically, my project has two or three targets that have a common classpath.
What is the best way to set up a property/variable so that it's common to

I've thought of one or two:
- statically create a property outside of all targets.  e.g.: <property
name="my.classpath" value="path/one;path/two;...;path/ten" />
- statically create the property inside of a common target.  e.g.:
  <target name="initialize">
    <property name="my.classpath" value="path/one;path/two;...;path/ten" />
and have all targets call this one (e.g.: <target name="main"

Is there other ways to do this (other then setting up properties from
resources or files)?  Which is the best way to do this?

Jay Dickon Glanville
P066 - SiteManager Development
613-765-1144 (ESN 395-1144)
MS: 045/55/A05

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