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From "Jay Glanville" <>
Subject RE: Any way to log information other then through the command lin e?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 13:42:35 GMT
This may be a little too much overhead for a relatively simple thing, but
I'll certainly give it a try first.  (Perhaps I should give it a try, and
THEN express an opinion. ;-)  )

This leads me to another question: is there any way to add a listener
through the make file as opposed to the command line?  (can you tell that
I'm a little opposed to anything functionality that is available on the
command line that isn't available internally?)  

I've quickly read the "Build Events" section, but the section is very small
and not very descriptive.  For example: what exactly do you mean by "create
an ant Project object"?  Where do I create it?  In order to create it, do I
need to write myself a new task, where the execute() method creates an
instance of Project, and then adds my listener?  Sorry, but I think I need
that "Ant for Morons" manual.

Thanks for the speedy replies.


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From: Conor MacNeill []
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Subject: RE: Any way to log information other then through the command


You can write your own listener to capture information from a specific task
and then add that listener to ant. Read the section on "Build Events" in the
ant documentation. If you have any questions, give me a yell.


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> From: Jay Glanville []
> Sent: Monday, 14 August 2000 23:13
> To: Ant-User (text)
> Subject: Any way to log information other then through the command line?
> Is there any way to capture logging information, or task output, through a
> way other then the command line option?
> For example, I want to run the javac task.  I want to capture the
> output of
> this build target in a file -- JUST the javac task, not the ant
> output.  The
> reason for this is because I then want to do something within
> this target to
> that output.  The actions to be performed on this information
> could be many.
> For example, e-mail the compiler log to a loadbuilder (in the case of an
> automated loadbuild process).  Or, to move the log file to an HTML area,
> showing the status of various loadbuild projects.
> I personally see this to be a useful thing for all tasks, but most useful
> for things like the build (javac) and run (java) tasks.
> Is this available?  Is this a future intention?
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