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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Creating a list of files for a task
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 08:22:49 GMT
>>>>> "MD" == Mike Deibler <> writes:

 MD> Hello, I have a build target that runs java on a class file.  One
 MD> of the parameters to the class file is a listing of certain files
 MD> in a directory structure.  For example:

 MD> java Maker dir1/ dir1/ dir2/ dirN/

You can't do this in Ant 1.1 but the next version of Ant will have a
functionality like this. Using current CVS and the undocumented execon
task this will look like

<execon executable="java" parallel="yes">
  <arg value="-classpath" />
  <arg value="${classpath}" />
  <arg value="Maker" />
  <fileset dir="dir1">
    <patternset id=".in">
      <include name="**/*.in">
  <fileset dir="dir2">
    <patternsetref refid=".in" />

which could be shortened to a single fileset if you don't need
different patterns for the different directories and all dirs share a
common root.

I'm just throwing out a couple of new concepts without explaining
them, I know. I hope you can grasp the idea from the snippet above -
the syntax may change before we get to a release though.


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