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From (Martin Cooper)
Subject Ant and Win98
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 07:15:30 GMT
I apologise in advance if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find a FAQ
message/site or an archive to look through...

I'm trying to work with Ant on Win98, and have come across two problems.

1) It seems that I have to do a line-end edit on the Ant batch files to get
them to work under Win98. I have to do a global search/replace to replace
each LF with CR-LF. Given that batch files are Windows-specific, I would
have expected that the batch files in the Ant distribution would be usable
without editing. Is this a "distribution" bug, or am I doing something

2) It seems that I have to set my environment variables to use the (horribly
ugly) short names of the various home directories, such as ANT_HOME.
Otherwise, constructs such as the 'for' loop (in ant.bat) fail, because they
apparently do not handle long path names. Again, am I doing something wrong,
or is this just the way it is?


Martin Cooper
Tumbleweed Communications

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