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From "Ashutosh Das" <>
Subject Calling a module multiple times with different property values
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 21:07:38 GMT

I am a new user of ant and I am trying to build a script to build my ejb based project.

I have created a target called "ejb" that builds a particular ejb from two properties ${}
& ${ejb.loc}.

It works fine if I invoke the ant build target from command line and pass it the values for
the two properties, 

Now I want to have another target "build_all" that could change the property values and invoke
<ant ... target="ejb" > again and again to build the all the ejbs, but I find that I
cannot change the property value even in the target that has set the property in the first

The ANT documentation does not specify whether properties set in a target can be changed by
the same target. It just says that properties set by the parent project or user can not be

My questions

    1. Is my usage scenario completely wrong and I should be using a different Pattern to
handle this situation - if so what

Without a way to call a target multiple times with different property values, would be a big
limiting factor specially for building projects that have to build ejbs or some such components
where a set of functionality has to be invoked again and again.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely Ashutosh

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