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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Still trying to figure out Ant's time issues
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2000 23:44:18 GMT
At 01:26  9/9/00 -0700, you wrote:
>So I feel I need to ask again -- could it be the way I'm doing my
>build.xml file that's slowing things down? 

yep - probably - unless of course it is filesystem (is it mounted on NFS or
Samba ????)

>If it could be my build.xml file, then could anyone offer me any pointers
>how to better deal with what I need to do?  I realize Barrie Treloar
>thinks I should be able to just say "javac *.java", but I don't happen to
>have that ideal of a situation. I have build-order issues -- I need to get
>certain files built up-front, 

The question is why ? Build order should never be a problem unles built
files are incompatable or use incompatible classpaths. Is this the case ?
Otherwise there *should* be no such thing as ordering as the compiler will
take care of it.

>I realize that in the larger scheme of things, waiting 1 minute isn't that
>big of a deal -- but when you're dealing with something that you know can
>get done in 4 seconds (and when you're waiting on a computer to complete
>something), 1 minute seems awfully slow.

I get irritated at the startup time of java add that to my 3 second compile
and I am spitting fire :P - can't imagine waiting for 1 min builds :(



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