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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Ant and Win98
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 09:35:54 GMT
At 12:15  16/9/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I apologise in advance if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find a FAQ
>message/site or an archive to look through...
>I'm trying to work with Ant on Win98, and have come across two problems.
>1) It seems that I have to do a line-end edit on the Ant batch files to get
>them to work under Win98. I have to do a global search/replace to replace
>each LF with CR-LF. Given that batch files are Windows-specific, I would
>have expected that the batch files in the Ant distribution would be usable
>without editing. Is this a "distribution" bug, or am I doing something

distribution bug. It means who ever built the distribution built it on unix
and there is no conversion task setup for bat files. Doh !. It is fine in
CVS as long as you download on the same style of machine as you use it on :P

>2) It seems that I have to set my environment variables to use the (horribly
>ugly) short names of the various home directories, such as ANT_HOME.
>Otherwise, constructs such as the 'for' loop (in ant.bat) fail, because they
>apparently do not handle long path names. Again, am I doing something wrong,
>or is this just the way it is?

Just the way it is unfortunately. There are different solutions for NT etc
but to keep win98 compatability you have to do that.



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