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From Patrice CADET <>
Subject Re: Trying to javadoc more than one package
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 06:55:17 GMT
David Shepherd wrote:

> I'm having trouble using the javadoc task to doc more than one package.
> The docs say to use a space separated list of packages ending in a
> wildcard.
> I've tried <javadoc packagenames="* com.package.two.*"
> ...
> but I get [javadoc] javadoc: No packages or classes specified.
> It works if I javadoc one package at a time but then of course the
> second overwrites the first.
> Anyone got this working - please let me know.
> I'm using nightly build 2000-09-06.


    I was faced with the same problem few days ago. I don't find the best
    So as to generate javadoc for packages, I use an independent file
which contains all the package name. The syntax of this file is :

    And the corresponding task in the built. xml is :
            <javodoc packagenames="@packagedescriptionFile" ...../>*

    That all folk!

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