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From "John Cleary" <>
Subject perhaps silly question RE Project.setProperty()
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 06:01:59 GMT
Hi there,

I'm trying to write my own task that creates a string and then places it in
a property that will be readable from build.xml

The code snippet that I have in my execute() that plays with the properties

	if (project.getProperty(destPropertyName) == null) {
		project.setProperty(destPropertyName, result.toString());
	} else {
		log("Override ignored for " + destPropertyName);

The xml snippet from build.xml is

	<target name="prepareClasspath" depends="cvsCheckout">
	  	<pathAssemble file="${projectInfoFile}" basePropertyName="lib"
	  		baseDirectory="${libDir}" seperator=":" destPropertyName="jclibs"/>
	  	<echo message="classpath: ${jclibs}" />
	  	<property name="jclibs" value="${jclibs}:${srcDir}" />

When I print out ${jclibs} in the xml, it doesn't have a value.

I've tried playing with setUserProperty as well, but that didn't seem to
make any difference..

Argghhhh, any ideas?


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