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From "Peter C. Brown" <>
Subject Re: Using ANT
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 20:02:40 GMT
On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Ralph Spaulding wrote:

> Hi there.  I'm a new user,and I'm having some problems.
> I tried using the ANT FAQ but the link seems to be broken on the Apache web site.
> I could not find an archive of this mailing list anywhere, so I guess I'll just have
to post.
> I did also browse the code a bit, and it looks like this is a valid problem...
> My problem is that ant always builds all my code, every time. I have
> destdir set to the the top of my package hierarchy so that when javac
> runs it puts the class files in the proper directories.  That seems to
> work fine.  The problem is that when ant builds the list of source
> files to compile it does not search the lower level directories to see
> if it can find the class files there.  It only looks directly in
> destdir for the classes.  This is obviously not quite the desired
> behavior.
> How have people worked around this problem?
> I'd like it to just recompile the java files that are newer than the class files :-(.
> Thanks,
> Ralph Spaulding

this definitely qualifies for the faq...too bad the link is kaput...the
standard answer (which worked for me) is to make sure that your source
tree matches your package structure, and that srcdir points to the top of
your source tree, e.g., x.y.MyClass should be in mysrc/x/y/
and srcdir should be mysrc

hope that helps,

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