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From Christian Fabre <>
Subject Re: Dynamic binding of properties
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 09:35:12 GMT
| > > One thought is to associate a priority value with
| > > each property and only allow it to be changed at the same or higher
| > > priority. That introduces mutability with precedence.
| > Personally I think it
| > > is the way to go.
| This is a good idea but is it the best idea?  Its apparent that Ant is
| slowly evolving into its own little programming language with global
| variables, methods, etc.  Maybe a better idea would be the introduction of
| target / project scope.  Final, static, instance vars, and even parameters.
| It just seems like this method (although more difficult) will lead itself to
| easier and more fluent evolution of Ant in the long run.

I subscribe to this comment.

Numbered priorities will probably lead to undebugable build files. Who
needs 256 priorities - lowest range of number I can think of - anyway?

I'd certainly prefer something simple like target and project scoping, with
a debug mode printing out when variables are actually overridden.

| My 2 Cents,
| Mike

This comments is not worth more than two cents as I am not an ANT user...


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