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From Ringo De Smet <>
Subject Re: subject line vote
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:28:30 GMT
> 1) Is unnecessary as there are several ways to filter in almost any
> MUA that don't require rewriting the subject line.

I agree completely.

> 4) leads to
> [ant-user] SV: [ant-user] AW: [ant-user] Re: original subject
> because no mailing list managment software is smart enough to cope
> with all ways MUAs say they reply to something ("Re:" is the RFC
> choice but each nationalized version of MS products has its own
> prefix - with different capitalization depending on version or users
> taste or the phase of the moon ...)

I dislike all the added stuff to subject lines. My mail filter is set 
on 'To:/CC:' in KMail. When I have my 
message list of the Ant mail folder, I know every message in there has 
Ant as the subject. Why add [ant-uer] to the subject line. This wastes 
precious space in the subject column of the message list.

My vote:


**  Ringo De Smet         Ringo.DeSmet AT  **

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