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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Conditional chmod
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 13:29:19 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Martin Cooper []
> You ask why it isn't ignored on Windows? Actually, I've been
> wondering why
> it *is* ignored.

I would say this is because there has been no need and no one has
submitted a patch to make it make sense. If you want to make it work, we
would definitely consider a contribution that makes chmod make sense
under windows. If you don't like the current name, then a contribution
that provides a new taskname could be considered too.

> Certainly, Windows doesn't support the same file modes that some other
> systems do, but how do I set or clear the read-only attribute
> on files under
> Windows? How about the archive attribute? Is there a Windows
> equivalent to
> the Unix chmod within Ant that I'm not aware of?

We'd be happy to have you write one.

> Of course, calling the task 'chmod' in the first place does indicate a
> strong bias towards a certain OS on the part of the Ant
> developers,

I think you should be careful about assuming anyone's biases from the
set of tasks that exist in ant. In fact ant was originally authored on a
Windows machine. For a long time it could not be bootstrapped under Unix
( Many
of the currently active committers do not use Unix machines, routinely.
I do most of my development on NT. I think the original author, Duncan,
prefers a Mac.

> which
> seems more than a little inappropriate in a tool which
> purports to be OS
> independent...

I wasn't involved at the time, but I am pretty sure the chmod task was
added to perform a particular task for tomcat and other nightly builds.
At one stage chmod would even crash on Windows systems but that has been
fixed long ago.

Ant is the product of its contributions from everyone who is willing to
submit code. I hope it is not the result of the biases of the
committers. We have our individual biases for sure. Well I have anyway,
I can't really speak for the others :-). Anyway I don't think they show
up in ant too much.


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