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From Markus Holmberg <>
Subject Re: Anyone successfully used multiple antcalls in the same target?
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 06:27:51 GMT
On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 01:06:24PM -0800, Diane Holt wrote:
> I have several targets that use multiple <antcall> tasks -- they set
> params to pass to a "generic" target that does the actual work (eg., I
> have a target for building parsers, which basically does the same thing,
> just with different values for things like the directory the java should
> execute in and the .jj file it should work on, etc.). All of the
> <antcall>'s in my "parsers" target run (if they didn't, only the first one
> of my parsers would get built :)

OK good! At least there is hope now :).

> Maybe you only think it's just doing the first <antcall>, since in your
> example, all your <antcall>'s are identical (or was that just to save you
> typing in your mail)? What does your target "foo" do?

The example I sent to the mailing list was just something I made up
since my real target had too many other details, but I could post the
real stuff. What I'm doing is that I'm using a java target to do some
XSLT translation (haven't got around to use the xslt target yet) and I'm
passing a parameter to tell the target the name of the template to

I actually tried putting echo tasks between every antcall, and they
stopped displaying the messages after the first antcall.

I will look into this again, and see if I can get any further. If not, I
will repost with more details.

Something struck my mind; since java tasks are run inside ant's own JVM,
what happens if the java code being executed contains System.exit()?
Will that terminate ant too?

Regards, Markus.


Markus Holmberg         |       Give me Unix or give me a typewriter.      |

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