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From Chris Patti <>
Subject Version question
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 16:25:29 GMT
Hi guys;

My organization is seriously thinking about using Ant as our new build system.

I'm still by far in the R&D phase, and am concerned that if I use the 
currently released version that by the time we deploy the architecture will 
have changed significantly (e.g. watching the mail about the new task 
system etc)

Should I be playing with a development release? PLEASE note 'play' I won't 
be deploying this or using it in production at all, so I can cope with bugs 

If so what should I grab and from where?

Thanks very much.

(P.S. I realize to a certain extent that "If you have to ask, use the 
released version" but it's too important to risk guessing :)
(P.P.S. WRT my earlier post about jmake, I was wrong, jmake also does 
dependency checking so I guess I'll just have to exec it fron Ant)

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