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From Stuart Roebuck>
Subject Re: Conditional chmod
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 19:15:24 GMT

On Thursday, November 2, 2000, at 04:42 PM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> >>>>> "SW" == Siberski, Wolf <> writes: 
>  SW> If chmod is really a Unix task only, it should IMHO be moved to 
>  SW> 
> It is a "command line tool chmod is available"-only task 8-). 
> If you can give a good heuristic how to recognize that there is a 
> chmod command on a platform that is either a Mac (not MacOS X) or uses 
> a ; as PATH separator, we can make the check smarter. 

Would there be any interest in sticking a standardised platform check heuristic into the abstract
Task?  That way it might seem worth while to even do what you've suggested - though you were
probably joking.

> We also have a cvs task in the core package which is a "command line 
> tool cvs is available"-only task. 
>  SW> Only tasks which work on all supported platforms should be in the 
>  SW> core taskdefs package. 
> Ant 2.0 will have a very different notion of what is core and what is 
> optional, actually most everything is going to be a non-core task (my 
> personal opinion would be that everything that is not needed to 
> bootstrap Ant is optional). 

Although I agree with the idea of making as much plug-in as possible, I also think that Ant
needs to have a 'Standard Edition' (for lack of a better term) which contains a standard set
of tasks not too dissimilar from the current set.  I think folk are going to use Ant if they
can just load it and run it in 'most' situations.  Perhaps the solutions there is to have
a core only build with no tasks, a standard edition with a standard set, and a bloated edition
with every extra task that anyone has contributed!  Beyond that folk who know how to can move
tasks in and out of their copy as they want.

> Until then we shouldn't start moving tasks either way. The only task 
> you cannot get from the binary distribution ATM is the starteam task - 
> and this is only true because nobody contributed the class files, 
> neither Conor nor myself could build this task on our machines. 

On a slightly connected but otherwise unconnected point...Is there anyplace to put my rejected
:-( telnet task.  Given that I'd been waiting for months in the hope of having time to write
it or find that someone else who had, it seems a shame if it can't be available to others,
even if it's only out on a limb in some lesser-known tasks category.  Surely I'm not the only
person who likes being able to build and upload a website by using ant to automate the building,
diffing, ftping of a patch file and executing a patch file on a remote server. I think its
wonderful - but I'm biased! :-)


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