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From "Doug Reed" <>
Subject using unjar with all caps packages
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 04:02:26 GMT
We're in the process of moving our build system into ant and an interesting
has come up. Hopefully, others have seen this. For some reason, one of our
third party
vendors has decided on an all caps package name. Like, COM.whatever instead
of com.whatever.
Our old build system could cope with this, and we just imported this stuff
as is. Ant is
converting the all caps COM to lowercase, and this is breaking our existing
Doing a straight jar -xvf on this jar file preserves the capitalization, so
it seems to be
an ant related issue. I've leafed through the docs and didn't see a mention
of this.
I've considered mucking with the Ant code to see what's going on and
changing our source that
imports this stuff. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get Ant to
preserve the capitalization
of this package through configuration?

Doug Reed

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