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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Conditional chmod
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 16:42:31 GMT
>>>>> "SW" == Siberski, Wolf <> writes:

 SW> If chmod is really a Unix task only, it should IMHO be moved to

It is a "command line tool chmod is available"-only task 8-).

If you can give a good heuristic how to recognize that there is a
chmod command on a platform that is either a Mac (not MacOS X) or uses
a ; as PATH separator, we can make the check smarter.

We also have a cvs task in the core package which is a "command line
tool cvs is available"-only task.

 SW> Only tasks which work on all supported platforms should be in the
 SW> core taskdefs package.

Ant 2.0 will have a very different notion of what is core and what is
optional, actually most everything is going to be a non-core task (my
personal opinion would be that everything that is not needed to
bootstrap Ant is optional).

Until then we shouldn't start moving tasks either way. The only task
you cannot get from the binary distribution ATM is the starteam task -
and this is only true because nobody contributed the class files,
neither Conor nor myself could build this task on our machines.


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