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From Klaus Alfert <>
Subject Ant and LaTeX
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 06:25:04 GMT
Hi Folks,

I like using ANT and as I use also LaTeX in our projects, I hacked a
small LaTeX-Target together. It works for easy things and is my first
attempt to write an extension to ANT. You can download it at

It runs (and is tested) with ANT 1.2, Java 1.3.0 and teTeX 1.0 on
Linux. I assume that there is currently a dependency on Java 1.3.0 as
I have a an exec call in java.lang.Runtime which does not exist in
1.2.2. The next step in my plan is to understand the various
Exec-Classes in org.apache.ant.taskdefs to make anttex at least
independent from the JVM version. So, I'm interested in any feedback,
suggestions for a better code structures, other features, etc. 

Have fun,
Klaus Alfert                
Software Technology                   +49+231+755-4812
CS Department, University Dortmund

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