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From Klaus Alfert <>
Subject Re: Ant and LaTeX
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 15:33:05 GMT
>>>>> "S" == Stefan Bodewig <> writes:

>>>>> "PD" == Peter Donald <> writes:
PD> It needs to be able to run on a 1.1 vm if you want it to be
PD> chucked into CVS.

S> But the good news is that will
S> hide the RuntimeExec call for you and use the 1.3 version if you
S> happen to be running on JDK 1.3.

I have seen it in the API but I have to figure out how it works. It
take quite a lot of time to understand how to use the delete task, but
with this knowledge it should be easier. I will give it try at the

My problem was that I want to change the directory before tex is
called. The easiest way was just to use the new API  - I just didn't
recognize that this call is not the older API. 

Klaus Alfert                
Software Technology                   +49+231+755-4812
CS Department, University Dortmund

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