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From James Bucanek <>
Subject Re: Stupid Windows question
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 19:39:26 GMT
At 2:01 PM -0500 1/2/01, Bill Burton wrote:
>Hello James,
>You could try using what is known as "Download Extensions."  This allows
>one jar file to reference jars elsewhere, normally using a relative
>Rebuild MyAntTool.jar adding a manifest entry something like this:
>   Class-Path: ant.jar jaxp.jar parser.jar optional.jar
>Now, as long as MyAntTool.jar and all these jars listed in the Class-Path
>directive are located in the same directory, MyAntTool.jar will be able to
>find them as necessary.  For more information, see

This would work if the ant.jar (etc.) jars were together with my 
application, but I really wanted that kind of stuff to be installed 
as common resources on the workstation, independent of my tool or any 
of my projects.  Well, I can see advantages and disadvantages to both 
ways, and this would certainly make some things easier.  Thanks for 
the tip.

>However, there are other problems invoking Ant with the -jar option:
>1. Ant needs the property ant.home set to the installation directory of
>Ant.  Since you're using a 1.3 JVM this may not be a requirement but I'm
>not sure.

I've never set the ant.home property, nor does it appear that Ant 
sets it internally either.  What does Ant use the ant.home property 
for?  Remember that I'm using the released Ant 1.2, so maybe ant.home 
is new feature.

>2. Ant needs to be able to find the SDK's tools.jar.  This is normally
>done by setting the JAVA_HOME variable to point to the JDK/SDK directory
>before running ant.bat.

I assume that ant needs access to the tools.jar archive for things 
like javac?  Well, my Ant tool isn't using any of the Java tools at 
the moment, so I can probably safely ignore this for the time being.

James Bucanek

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