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From Chris Stillwell <>
Subject Trying to dynamically build a list of package names
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 15:17:31 GMT
I am trying to dynamically build a list of package names to subsequently
feed into a javadoc task.
Here is the task I am trying so far:

  <target name="pkglist">
    <apply executable="echo" type="dir" dest="." output="pkglist.out" >
      <fileset dir="$src" excludes="**/SCCS" includes="com/wcom/nw/**"/>
      <mapper type="identity"/>
    <replace file="dirlist.out" token="${src}/" value=""/>
    <replace file="dirlist.out" token="/" value="."/>

This works pretty well with the exception that it includes higher level
directory names that I would like excluded because they are empty and cause
javadoc to terminate.
Example output:

com.wcom.nw                     <-- empty
com.wcom.nw.core                <-- empty
com.wcom.nw.core.log               <-- empty

Any ideas on how to eliminate these empty directories or is there a better
approach that I haven't thought about?



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